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In the dark canyon, the beautiful woman's soul was completely enveloped by Poison Demon's green flames. It let out sharp, tragic wails.

Poison Demon completely refined her soul and also devoured the Eon Ghost Monarch's soul.

Instantly, Yi Yun sensed Poison Demon's strength rapidly increase. His body became more corporeal, as though it was becoming an actual body.

Poison Demon had been born hundreds of millions of years ago. Yet despite existing for such a long period of time, his growth had been extremely slow. He never experienced such a jump in strength before. The absorption of the ma.s.sive powers of the Eon Ghost Monarch made Poison Demon feel extremely comfortable. He could not help but revel in an intoxicated manner.

"Hahaha, what immense power!"

Poison Demon laughed out loudly. He suddenly thought that, although he had been forced to sign a soul contract, following Yi Yun was not a bad choice. If he were alone, it would have been much harder to find chances to improve his strength so greatly.

"Devour the rest too!" Yi Yun said.

At that moment, the Pillheart Sect group only had three people left. The strongest, the dark-faced middle-aged man and Su Boyang, had already had their meridians maimed by Old Snake. They were unable to put up any resistance, much less the mutilated Su Muyan.

"Thank you, Master!"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's command, Poison Demon cackled maniacally. It was no different from having a feast spread out in front of him. He immediately split its body into three and transformed into three green flames that flew towards the trio.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the Pillheart Sect will definitely skin you alive!"

Su Boyang cursed crazily but his vicious voice was quickly drowned by the annihilative green flames. It transformed into tragic cries following that.

"You…you will…die a horrible death!"

Su Boyang's voice changed but he was still yelling.

"Old Fellow, since you are so good at shouting, I'll let you shout a little longer," Poison Demon said with a chuckle.

At that moment, all three souls were completely in Poison Demon's control. He could torture them as he pleased. If these people chose to perish without a fuss, he would refine them directly.

But since Su Boyan wanted to spew such vindictive words before his death, Poison Demon decided to give him some "special attention," letting him die in much greater pain.

And pain of the soul was much worse than the pain of being dismembered by several times.

Soon, Su Boyang suffered a mental breakdown. His consciousness was dissipated from the excruciating pain, so he could forget about shouting more threats.

"Did you find anything of use?" asked Yi Yun.

"Master, all that’s left is mainly remnant memory fragments. They are not complete. Master, if you would like to know something specific, I'll search for it."

The soul fragments were in disarray but they had been sealed and stored away by Poison Demon. It would take some time to search for and digest them.

"I would like to know the source of the Pillheart Sect's heritage, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's array formation, and an herb called Unwithering Gra.s.s," asked Yi Yun. These questions were what concerned him the most, especially the Unwithering Gra.s.s. Yi Yun was very interested in it.

With Yi Yun's guidance, Poison Demon carefully searched and quickly gave Yi Yun the results. Due to the soul contract, Poison Demon could share the information with Yi Yun with a mere thought.

However, the memories obtained by searching souls were too fragmented. It was impossible to obtain the entire heritage from them. Yi Yun could only determine that the Pillheart Sect's heritage first originated from a ruin the divine alchemist left behind in the Sinkhole years ago.

However, the Pillheart Sect did not completely rely on the divine alchemist's heritage. In the tens of millions of years of the Pillheart Sect’s development, it obtained an increasing amount of heritage. Some of the ancient heritage was even capable of perfecting some of the flaws in the divine alchemist's manuals.

For example, the nurturing of the Unwithering Gra.s.s!

Back then, the divine alchemist did not study Unwithering Gra.s.s in detail. He only decided that such a herb was extremely rare and difficult to grow artificially.

However, the Pillheart Sect had found a method, allowing it to refine Youth Regaining Pills on a large scale. Unfortunately, the Pillheart Sect's pill recipe had a serious flaw, preventing its alchemists from fully utilizing the Unwithering Gra.s.s.

Apart from that, the Pillheart Sect had also sought out manuals that recorded the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's array formation. They had even obtained fragments of the array formation. If Yi Yun obtained the manuals and fragments, he might be able to mend the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.

"This Pillheart Sect really has control over quite a number of old heritages. If I can obtain the Pillheart Sect's heritage and complete it, my alchemical skills would improve again," Yi Yun muttered to himself as he thoughtlessly glanced at Old Snake.

This glance left Old Snake extremely wary.

"Kid, what are you looking at me for? Don't tell me you have your sights set on the Pillheart Sect's stuff and wish for me to be your hatchet man? I'm warning you right now, don’t get too far fetched in your dreams. Although I killed a few Pillheart Sect Elders, who knows how many powerful old monsters the Pillheart Sect has backing it or how strong they are. Even if they can't beat me, I do not want to help. Fighting them would definitely be a waste of my lifespan. Kid, don't you make plans involving me."

Old Snake quickly made sure to establish boundaries with Yi Yun. He was not one to take action without a clear target.

Yi Yun stroked his chin and said leisurely, "Didn't you hear me ask about the Unwithering Gra.s.s? That is the main ingredient for a kind of Longevity Extending Pill. If I can obtain large amounts of Unwithering Gra.s.s, I can refine these Longevity Extending Pills on a large scale. I was planning on giving you like a hundred pills, but since you aren't interested…"

"What? Longevity Extending Pills!?"

Old Snake stared at Yi Yun. If there was one thing that attracted Old Snake's attention the most, it was things that could extend his lifespan and fix his foundation.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the two aspects were the same thing to Old Snake.

"Is there really such a thing? And you could refine it on a large scale? Don't you lie to me!"

Old Snake knew that any pill that involved extending lifespans or fixing foundations was extremely expensive. Due to the rarity of the raw materials, it made it almost impossible to refine them on a large scale.

Yi Yun said, "Large scale is a relative term. Even with Unwithering Gra.s.s, the refinement cost is still very high. Besides, such Longevity Extending Pills are only highly effective in the beginning. The effects diminish later on."

Yi Yun spoke honestly. Any pill would have diminishing effects the more one ate but Old Snake did not consider that a problem at all.

Old Snake clapped his hands. "Kid, tell me. How do I figure in your plans?"

Upon hearing Old Snake's words, Yi Yun rolled his eyes. This old fellow was too predictable.

"Clean up the corpses first. We can discuss it in detail after returning to the city!"

After killing so many people from the Pillheart Sect, Yi Yun did not wish to stay there for long. It would be troublesome if the Pillheart Sect sent reinforcements.


Old Snake immediately released a few fireb.a.l.l.s that burned all the corpses to ash. With a gust of wind, all the ashes scattered, leaving not even a single blood stain behind. As for the signs of battle, he wiped them clean with a few casual blasts from his fist. From the looks of it, Old Snake was very experienced in cleaning up a battle scene.

"Let's go. Time to return to the city."

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