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"Quick flee! Flee separately!"

The remaining Pillheart Sect disciples lost all their fighting spirit when they saw what Yi Yun was capable of. He was not someone they could deal with at all. And the other Pillheart Sect Elders have been pinned by the unfathomable old man. They did not place any hopes on them.

None of them expected that an operation meant to earn merit would end up with them falling into Shura h.e.l.l!

"There's no use trying to escape. All of you shall die today."

Yi Yun naturally would not leave anyone alive, for fear of letting them inform the Pillheart Sect. He struck with the intent to kill them all.

Mirage Snow flew out as cold beams streaked across the night sky.


While a Pillheart Sect disciple was fleeing, his head rolled off as his headless corpse fell forward.

It was a ma.s.sacre. Anyone below the realm of Supremacy posed no challenge to Yi Yun.

"Just three more are left. Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, widen your eyes and watch this. I will not spare a single one!"

Following that, Yi Yun flew towards the remaining three Su family members. Su Boyang's eyes went blood red as he trembled in anger!

"w.a.n.g Chongming! Gui Yunji! Why are the two of you hesitating there? Join me in killing this old fellow! Do you think if this carries on, there will be no need to continue fighting?" Su Boyang roared angrily.

The dark-faced middle-aged man and the coquettish woman did not dare make a move because they were awed by Old Snake's powerful might. Now that all the Su family members were nearly dead, Su Boyang was incensed to the point of vomiting blood!

The middle-aged man and the woman were not members of the Su family but what Su Boyang said wasn't wrong. They would have to fight Old Snake sooner or later. Their brief hesitation was used to determine Old Snake's strength. To them, the number of Su family members that died did not matter when compared to their own lives.


Su Boyang roared maniacally as he wielded his two-handed sword. Dozens of tiny swords flew around his body as they resonated with sword hums!

It was a sword array!

Su Boyang obviously held nothing back against Old Snake. This strike was him at his full strength!

And beside Su Boyang, the middle-aged man and woman had good teamwork too. They attacked simultaneously, catching Old Snake in a pincer formation.

The middle-aged man's black scales had proliferated his entire body. A gigantic black python phantom appeared behind him. He also moved low to the ground like a python.

As for the beautiful woman, a rich ghostly aura emanated from her body. It overwhelmed the area with the wailing of ghosts. Her hands transformed into ghastly claws as they grabbed at Old Snake's throat!

"A sword array, a snake and a ghost. Does your Pillheart Sect not have a uniform heritage?" Old Snake chuckled as he said with utmost composure. His tone sounded slow but it did not seem to take any time for him to say that. It felt like time itself had been split.

Old Snake attacked the next instant. His body seemed to split into three as he headed for the three Pillheart Sect Elders!

From afar, Yi Yun felt a jolt when he saw the instant Old Snake attacked! Old Snake was not really splitting into three. Instead, he had separated the s.p.a.ce in the battleground. He struck out thrice in three different s.p.a.ces. Time seemed to slow down in the face of such astounding speed. But from an outsider's perspective, it looked like Old Snake's three attacks struck simultaneously!

"Do you like to play with snakes? I'm your ancestor if that's the case!"

In the first spatial dimension, Old Snake roared as his blood coursed through his body. After consuming the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit, Old Snake's damaged foundation had been healed to a certain extent. Against the dark-faced middle-aged man, Old Snake ignored everything else as he struck out with a fist!


The punch was imbued with Old Snake's surging lifeblood powers. One could faintly see a ma.s.sive Soaring Serpent roaring.

A Soaring Serpent was a direct descendant of the Dragon Emperor. Among the four sacred beasts, it symbolized Earth of the five elements. The power of its bloodline far exceeded that of the succeeding ancient Fey.

Old Snake's punch was not only indomitable in strength. It also carried a suppression effect that stemmed from bloodlines. At the instant fist met black scale, the python behind the middle-aged man seemed to encounter an extremely horrifying existence. Its strength was halved instantly.


The middle-aged man was alarmed but he could no longer retreat. His strike had met Old Snake's fist directly.


With an explosion, the middle-aged man's body jolted as the python phantom behind him dissipated.

He spewed a mouthful of black blood and flew backward. Countless ribs shattered with the sound of cracking explosions!

They were on completely different levels!

"How terrifying…"

The middle-aged man was horrified. At that moment, all he could do was hope that as he was taking the brunt of Old Snake’s strength, his partners would be able to successfully take him down.

However, he never realized that the s.p.a.ce in the battlefield had long been separated.

At the very same moment the middle-aged man flew out, Old Snake was also facing the woman and her ghosts.

Against the ghastly aura, Old Snake roared.

His body was augmented by golden light as though a G.o.d of war had descended into the mortal world.

Combat Sacred Body!

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

Golden light radiated in every direction. Old Snake's body shined like a sun that befell the mortal world. Wherever the light reached, all the menacing ghosts would eviscerate by its brightness, becoming instantly devastated!

"Is an Eon Ghost Monarch really that impressive? Even if you add on the time before its death, it can't compare to how long I have lived. Explode!"

Old Snake struck out with both his fists, clashing with the two ghastly claws the beautiful woman had projected.

This clash was like two burning meteorites crashing into the earth. The ghastly claws dissipated directly while Old Snake's fists did not lose momentum, continuing to the woman's extended arms!


The woman screamed sharply as the bones in her arms shattered. Powerful Yuan Qi coursed up the meridians in her arms and into her torso. Her innards were ground apart as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

She was appalled. Just one strike had left her horrendously injured. If she had not fused with the Eon Ghost Monarch, she would have probably been killed by the two punches.

And what did the old man say? The Eon Ghost Monarch she reared had not existed as long as he had? How… how was that possible?

A series of emotional upheavals flared in her heart. If that was true, what sort of existence had they provoked?

However, she did not get much time to think about it. At that moment, in the third spatial battleground, Old Snake had already begun his attack on Su Boyang.

"You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are actually the weakest of the three!"

Old Snake had combat powers protecting him as his golden light coruscated. It was like armor that made him invulnerable.

He grabbed at Su Boyang's two-handed sword. At the same time, his combat powers acc.u.mulated to an extreme. He easily withstood the attacks from Su Boyang's tiny swords!

Having lost the two-handed sword which was core to the array, the rest of the sword array's strength decreased drastically. There was nothing to be afraid of.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The sound of flying swords striking his protective armor rang out, but Old Snake moved through the inundating rain of swords, rushing in front of Su Boyang.


Su Boyang jolted in fear. He felt that Old Snake was someone he could not withstand at all. It was like a child facing a strongman. He would be repressed in every aspect!

Su Boyang was ultimately an alchemist. In fact, he seldom entered combat, much less fought someone much stronger than himself. His fighting spirit was instantly doused.

"Time to go!"

Old Snake roared as he grabbed Su Boyang's sword tip and punched Su Boyang in the chest.

Su Boyang grunted painfully. He felt like his body had been struck by a billion-pound sledgehammer. His internal organs were ground to mush, and he felt as though his bones were about to fall off.

Old Snake directly s.n.a.t.c.hed Su Boyang's sword away and flipped it around, stabbing the blade into Su Boyang's abdomen!

Old Snake grabbed Su Boyang's two-handed sword and lifted Su Boyang up!

"Join your nephew then!"

Old Snake casually threw him.


The two-handed sword was imbued with Old Snake's combat strength and shot out like a meteor. At an indiscernible speed, Su Boyang and his sword flew towards a cliff!


The sword collided with the mountain as the blade penetrated straight into the mountain, leaving only the sword hilt exposed!

Su Boyang was pinned to the mountain just like that!

Old Snake had deliberately put in just enough strength so that Su Boyang ended up only ten feet away from Su Muyan.

There was a loud sound from the collision with the mountain. Su Muyan, who wasn't far away, noticed it.

Although he had been crippled by Yi Yun, he had yet to die. He opened his eyes with great difficulty and looked beside him.

What he found left him dumbfounded.

"Martial… Martial Uncle…why…why are you also…"

Su Muyan felt reverberations through his heart. While deep in despair, he saw his martial uncle...but he was not there to save him. Instead, he had been pinned there just like him.

At that moment the young and old duo were like fish being hung out to dry. They were hanging off the cliff and the scene was as wretched as it could be.

At that moment, Su Boyang no longer cared about his standing as a martial uncle. He only felt his vital strength rapidly depleting. He would not last much longer…

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