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Although Su Boyang hated Yi Yun to the bone, he did not let his anger get to his head. He knew that the greatest threat came from Old Snake.

By making a feint, Yi Yun would be fish on the chopping block once he killed Old Snake. He could torment him as he wished to seek revenge for Su Muyan.

A two-handed sword appeared out of thin air in Su Boyang's hands. It was five feet long and bathed in flames. Just as he was about to slash at Old Snake, Old Snake threw out the black bead in his hand.

The black bead was part of a concealed weapon used by the dark-faced middle-aged man—Purpledark Sand. It appeared inconspicuous but in fact, the bead was made of Purple Mystic Gold. Just a tiny piece was as heavy as a mountain. Weaker warriors could not even hold it, much less use it, for they would be crushed by its weight.

But in Old Snake's hand, a gentle flick was enough to send the Purpledark Sand tearing through the void like a blazing star towards Su Boyang!


Before the black bead reached him, Su Boyang could already sense tremendous pressure. The blast from the Yuan Qi that struck his face was biting. It felt like he had been slapped in the face.

He was alarmed and did not dare to charge at Old Snake without caution. Instead, he used his sword to block the flying black bead!


The sword clashed with the bead as Su Boyang was sent flying back by the ma.s.sive force. He was unable to put up any resistance.

"Martial Uncle!"

Upon seeing Su Boyang being knocked back, the Pillheart Sect disciples turned worried. If Old Snake defeated Su Boyang, then they might perish there and then.

A young disciple took out a voice transmission charm and secretly crushed it, hoping to transmit the news to the Pillheart Sect—

"Our plans have gone awry. An old undying fart has suddenly appeared to save the b.a.s.t.a.r.d. We are currently in danger. Requesting for backup!"

The young disciple injected his Yuan Qi voice transmission into the charm as it instantly burned, preparing to leap across the void.

But at that moment, a cold beam suddenly appeared, tearing apart the fiery flash!


The entire voice transmission charm exploded, and its fiery flash was ruptured by the Yuan Qi beam. The news naturally failed to transmit.

After the cold beam sank into the rocks, people realized that it was a flying saber.

And the person who had thrown it was Yi Yun!

"You!" The disciple that saw his voice transmission charm destroyed was angered. But he lacked the confidence to face Yi Yun. "Punk, you have guts. But don't think you are invincible!"

There were about seven or eight Pillheart Sect disciples there. These people were inferior in standing when compared to Su Muyan. But in terms of strength, they were not necessarily inferior to him. As a few of them were relatively older, their cultivation levels were approaching the Supremacy realm. With their number advantage, they could easily join forces to acc.u.mulate a fearsome strength.

"I wouldn't go as far as thinking myself invincible, but killing you lot will be easy enough!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he instantly vanished. And, as though he teleported, he appeared in front of the disciple that had tried to send the voice transmission.

Mirage Snow flickered with a blue light as the sword tip struck forward like a dragonfly gently making contact with water. It appeared light but it was extremely fast!


Blood splattered as a b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared out of nowhere. The throat of the disciple that had sent the voice transmission was torn through by Mirage Snow!

"Senior Brother Su Yun!"

Upon seeing Su Yun die instantly, the crowd was alarmed.

But Yi Yun did not stop there. His Mirage Snow became the instrument of a ma.s.sacre!

Ever since he began cultivating in the Dragon Emperor Technique, Yi Yun's speed had improved tremendously. With him condensing a nine-leaf s.p.a.ce-time Dao fruit, he was like a ghost in the void. Although the group wanted to join forces to fight Yi Yun, they could not even locate where he was.


Yi Yun moved to a spot behind a Pillheart Sect disciple and thrust Mirage Snow out. It bore through the back of the disciple, penetrating his heart. He did not even have time to dodge, as his protective Yuan Qi was as thin and weak as paper against Yi Yun's strike!

The sword's piercing through his body marked the tragic death of another Pillheart Sect disciple. It left the remaining ones enraged.

"Everyone, gather together and enter a combat formation! As long as we don’t separate, we can definitely kill that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" the disciple with the highest cultivation level shouted.

His cultivation level was already at the ninth-floor Dao Palace. He had yet to break through to the Supremacy realm all this while, but that was only because he was consolidating his foundation and deliberately repressing his cultivation level.

However, just as he finished his sentence, Death had appeared with its sickle in front of him.

Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon—Golden Carp!


The sword resonated as it was imbued with the raging powers of the Dragon Emperor bloodline, tearing through the disciple's protective Yuan Qi without any resistance.

He was slightly stronger than the others, so he had the reflexes to make a hasty retreat, hoping to fend off Yi Yun's strike. But at that moment, a black wheel appeared out of thin air. Like a ghost, it tore through the ninth-storey Dao Palace disciple's glabella.


The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence directly penetrated the Pillheart Sect disciple’s soul sea. His soul and memories were instantly pulverized by the Major Destruction laws. Instantly, his eyes glazed over and everything in the world distanced itself from him. He was dead.

"Senior Brother Su Qi!"

Upon seeing this scene, there were Pillheart Sect disciples that were on the brink of a mental breakdown. Even Senior Brother Su Qi was killed!

In less than ten seconds, Yi Yun had killed three people. And he had done so cleanly and with ease. Every attack led to death!

Even Su Qi, who was at the ninth-storey Dao Palace realm, could only manage to avoid one attack, and failed to put up any resistance to the second attack.

Yi Yun was just too terrifying.

They had seen Supremacy experts fight before but even many Supremacies did not have strength like Yi Yun’s. They wallowed in despair when facing such an enemy!

"Don't kill me. This has nothing to do with me!"

A young disciple gave a pleaful shout when he saw Yi Yun charge right at him.

Yi Yun sneered and swiped with his sword, cleaving apart his throat, splattering his blood!

"Killers can be killed. By coming here, you made yourself a part of this!" Yi Yun showed no mercy before taking the person's life.

He remembered that this youth had effused killing intent towards him before Old Snake arrived. He had also seen his gloating expression. With the tables turned, Yi Yun naturally wanted him to pay the price for his actions.

"Ah Ah Ah Ah!" "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'll kill you!"

From afar, Su Boyang roared. His hair was already disheveled as he looked like a deranged monster. He had barely managed to block Old Snake's Purpledark Sand and had expended a great deal of Yuan Qi.

But at that moment, he no longer had the time to be appalled by Old Snake's strength. He was concerned about his family juniors being ma.s.sacred by Yi Yun!

They were members of his Su family!

The hunting of Yi Yun was meant to win them meritorious rewards, so Su Boyang naturally brought young disciples from his clan. When he reported this matter to the upper echelons, they would receive tremendous rewards!

Su Boyang had deliberately chosen excellent members of the Su family but at that moment, almost all the Su family members were being wiped out by Yi Yun!

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, since you wanted to kill and rob me of my resources, I'll let you experience the painful feeling of having your descendants die under my sword one after another today!"

Yi Yun laughed sinisterly as he continued heading for the other Su family members.

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