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Yi Yun was aware of the principle that a man gets into trouble because of his wealth. There was no way he could stand independently in the Heavenly South Great World at his level of strength. If not for Old Snake, someone powerful he could rely on, Yi Yun would have rather forgone the Abyssal Red Lotus Seed than reveal his wealth.

"You called us people of little significance? Good! Very good! I want to see what gives you such courage!"

Su Boyang was enraged upon hearing Old Snake's words. Although the old man instilled him with dread, he did not believe that the joint efforts of the three of them could not put up a fight. And this old man thought absolutely nothing of them. He was way too arrogant.

"Interesting...I, w.a.n.g Chongming, have never been shown such disregard for half my life, be it in my youth or after I became a Divine Lord. Do you think you can defeat me just because you cracked my array?"

As the middle-aged man spoke, he tore the garments from his upper body. Underneath was black, scaled armor that covered his body. With a loud roar, his muscles swelled and the black scales began to spread to his face. At the same time, the blood vessels on the surface of his body began to protrude like earthworms, making him look like a wild beast.

"Oh? It's a half-Fey body. You fused you body with an ancient Fey bloodline?"

Old Snake was somewhat surprised by the middle-aged man's transformation. Ancient Fey bones and blood were not only used for consumption or refinement, they could also be fused with a warrior's body, allowing them to gain a portion of the Ancient Fey's powers.

Such mystic techniques were ancient and rare. However, Old Snake naturally knew of them as he was a descendant of the Soaring Serpent.

Simultaneously, the gorgeous woman with the ghostly patterns on her face rapidly opened a ragged bag, from which black phantasms flew out.

They did not charge at Old Snake, instead they rushed into the woman's body with a roar.

"Wu Wu Wu…"

A ghastly wail emanated from the woman's body as the phantasms began to slowly merge with her. Her once-alluring expression turned ghastly pale like wax paper. At the same time, her hair began to flail as though it was growing crazily like weeds! Her fingernails began to grow long and her voice turned hoa.r.s.e. In a few seconds, her entire form was that of a ferocious poltergeist.

"Eon Ghost Monarch?"

Old Snake recognized the phantasms that flew out of the broken bag. Warriors that cultivated in Ghostly Dao were rare in the martial world. The path was bound to be one of evil as the cultivation of it required constant capturing of souls and rearing of ghosts. Those that were killed by such cultivators would have their souls trapped inside the ghost banner, never to rest in peace.

And it was because of this that such warriors were generally hated. However, the cultivation of Ghostly Dao allowed one to increase their strength at an unnatural rate, especially if one could subjugate a sufficiently powerful Ghost Monarch. That would allow one's strength to soar tremendously.

Some ancient experts might have their souls remain in lands for hundreds of millions of years due to the special conditions of the environment in which they died. If such Eon Ghost Monarchs could be captured and reared, it was possible that the Ghostly Monarch's strength would far exceed that of the rearer by several times!

"Heheheheheh! Not bad! Undying Old Fart, you have quite a discerning eye. I have indeed reared an Eon Ghost Monarch. No matter how powerful you are, there's no way you can fend off the combined efforts of the three of us!"

The woman laughed in an unbridled manner. It no longer sounded as charming as before. Instead, it was an ear-piercing howl.

Just as the woman, the middle-aged man, and Su Boyang formed a triangular formation and were about to attack Old Snake—


A dull thud sounded from behind Old Snake. The trio was alarmed as they looked behind Old Snake.

There, Yi Yun held a spear backward like he was holding a hammer. With Su Muyan still stuck on the spear's shaft, he smashed down on a boulder.

The boulders in the canyon naturally could not withstand Yi Yun's strength. The slam smashed the boulders, sending rubble crumbling, and it fell on Su Muyan's face.

Su Muyan's mouth was filled with blood and foam as he spoke in a staccato manner—

"Martial… Martial Uncle, save… save me…"

"You! What are you doing!?"

Su Boyang widened his eyes in anger. Su Muyan was his Su family junior. He was extremely excellent in both martial and alchemical talent. If not, Su Boyang would not have brought Su Muyan along to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet.

However, at that moment, the excellent genius that the Su family had spent a tremendous amount of resources nurturing was being used as a hammerhead. How could Su Boyang not be angry!?

"My hand slipped so I just smashed down. Continue your fight. Don't mind me."

As Yi Yun spoke, he raised Su Muyan again with his grip on the spear tip.

Su Boyang's face turned blue from anger. "Put him down!"

Yi Yun seemed to falter as he nodded. "Oh, alright…"

With that said, Yi Yun waved his hand downwards.


With another loud boom, another boulder was smashed to smithereens by Su Muyan. Su Muyan's body was covered in blood and sweat. All he wanted at that moment was to die immediately.

"You! Well done! Well done!"

Seeing his nephew being tormented, Su Boyang's voice trembled in anger. Yet despite his anger, there was still Old Snake standing between him and Yi Yun. He did not dare act rashly.

"To have such vicious thoughts at such a young age. You devastate a person who has lost the power to resist. How terrible you would be if you fully matured in strength!"

"Devastate?" Upon hearing Su Boyang's words, Yi Yun laughed. "What do you mean? Are you implying that I should release him and let him recover so he can slice off my limbs and cripple my meridians, robbing me of all my wealth in the process, before finally extracting my soul and refining my marrow?"

"Perhaps only by doing so can I achieve your standard of not being vicious?"

As Yi Yun spoke, he suddenly thrust the spear in his hand.

Su Muyan felt a tremendous force inundate him as his body moved straight for Yi Yun. Yi Yun struck out with a palm and hit Su Muyan in the dantian.


With an explosive sound, Su Muyan's body convulsed as his face turned pale.

That instantaneous pain made him feel like he had plummeted to h.e.l.l. He knew very clearly that his dantian had been shattered by Yi Yun!

All his martial cultivation had been maimed by Yi Yun!

Yi Yun casually threw the spear, sending the half-dead Su Muyan flying out like an arrow as it whistled towards the distant mountain cliff!


The mountain rocks shattered as the spear penetrated deep into the mountain, leaving the spear tip vibrating!

As for Su Muyan, his entire person was pinned to the cliff, his fate unknown.

"Great! Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you maimed my Su family's son, I'll rip you to pieces!"

Su Boyang's eyes were blood red. He could no longer tolerate it as he let out a primal roar. He leapt up and, like a gigantic eagle, dove at Yi Yun.

But at the moment he leaped, he suddenly turned. His target was not Yi Yun but Old Snake!

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