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Among the Cloud Pool City's various mountain ranges, Netherdoor Gorge had the deepest canyon.

The canyon reached deep into a ten-thousand-meter mountain like it was the result of a mighty figure's slice of a sword. The canyon was thousands of meters deep. In the deepest depths, the towering canyon walls cast a shroud so dark it hid even starlight and moonlight. It was pitch black.

It was truly a great place to rob and murder someone. Yi Yun had this thought when he arrived at the canyon.

"The Yin aura is quite heavy…"

As he had such a thought, he slowly turned his head. He looked towards the ends of the canyon and in the dark sky, more than ten figures slowly appeared. They were silent as they flew over like ghosts.

Just seconds later, these figures landed on the ground a little more than hundred feet away from Yi Yun.

The person leading the group was Su Boyang!

There was a middle-aged man and a woman with an excellent figure standing beside Su Boyang.

Yi Yun could sense stronger auras from the middle-aged duo. Although the way they were standing seemed to place Su Boyang as the leader, Yi Yun knew that their strength was higher than Su Boyang's!

Yi Yun knew that not every alchemist was adept at combat. Alchemical research took up time and effort, and if the Pillheart Sect wanted to stand firm in the Sinkhole, it required martial force. Since that was the case, the Pillheart Sect would naturally have Elders that did not know alchemy but placed all their efforts into raising their combat strength. The duo in front of him was likely an example of that.

Behind the middle-aged duo were a few youths. Su Muyan was one of them.

At that moment, Su Muyan was looking at Yi Yun with a delighted smile.

"You chose this place to be your tomb? This area has heavy Yin auras, what a perfect place for eternal slumber!"

Su Muyan resented Yi Yun for causing Manager Su to be severely punished by the sect. In addition, he was completely overwhelmed by Yi Yun's wealth at the auction. He felt like he was a clown that came forward only to be made into a fool. He already hated Yi Yun deeply and this night would be his chance for revenge.

"You mean to escape Cloud Pool City under the cover of night? How naive you are. You didn't even realize that Master Uncle Boyang had already placed a tracing mark on you. Your every action is at our fingertips. Even if you were to leave through a teleportation array, we can tear through a spatial pa.s.sage to capture you! Martial Uncle Boyang, why don't you leave him to me? You don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut. All you need to do is watch over the area and prevent other factions from taking advantage of the situation."

After Su Muyan, some of the youths looked at Yi Yun, eager to take action. They could not stand Yi Yun's arrogant demeanor and wanted to see him crippled.

Su Boyang exhaled slightly. This operation was of great importance and if the heritage Yi Yun obtained was truly related to that person, they might even be able to use Yi Yun to find the valuable cauldron. In that case, he would be recognized for rendering great meritorious service and might even be made the next sect master of the Pillheart Sect.

Su Boyang had planned on taking action himself to ensure things went smoothly. But as he was flying, he constantly surveyed his surroundings. There was indeed no faction that was foolish enough to try and s.n.a.t.c.h Yi Yun from the Pillheart Sect.

As such, he could let the juniors kill Yi Yun. It would sate their aspirations and help them build greater confidence.

"Elder w.a.n.g, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is tricky. Keep watch. If his strength is superior to Martial Nephew Muyan’s, use the Purpledark Sand to maim one of his hands or legs. This will prevent any unforeseen circ.u.mstances."

Su Boyang did not use a Yuan Qi voice transmission and instead said it right in front of Yi Yun.

"Of course!" The middle-aged man licked his lips. His skin was dark, and in the dark of night, all that could be seen were his two rows of teeth. "I have set up an array here, ensuring that there's no way he can escape. It's as simple as letting Martial Nephew Muyan catch a rat in a hole."

As the middle-aged man spoke, he waved his hand and more than ten array flags flew out of his interspatial ring into every direction of the canyon.

The woman beside them took action as well. With a seductive laugh, she took out a black ghost banner. "Martial Nephew Muyan, don't you harm that kid's soul sea. It's best you leave some breath in him. All you need to do is cripple his dantian and meridians. In a while, I plan on storing his soul in the ghost banner and slowly searching it. Searching a living soul gives more intact memories."

The woman was gorgeous but there was a faint red ghostly pattern on her face. She was adept at the art of ghost control and soul mystic techniques. She was particularly skilled in extracting souls and refining marrows, as well as reading memories.

This was the reason why the Pillheart Sect sent her. They wanted to uncover the source of Yi Yun's heritage. If the ruin he found the heritage in still remained, they could have experts from the sect search for it. In the eyes of the Pillheart Sect, Yi Yun was a walking treasure trove.

"Don't worry!" Su Muyan laughed. He took out a long spear from his interspatial ring and beside him, two young Pillheart Sect junior disciples formed a triangular formation with him.


At that moment, the middle-aged man threw out an array flag that emitted a dazzling golden beam. The array flags hovered in midair, and the entire canyon was sealed by the array formation, creating an isolated world.

And the middle-aged man did not stop there. He took out a black bead from his interspatial ring and took aim at Yi Yun's calf. If it seemed like Yi Yun would injure Su Muyan, he would throw the black bead out and shatter the bones in Yi Yun's leg.

"Hahahaha!" Su Muyan laughed maniacally as he leaped up. "Do you hate how life isn't fair? Do you think that the likes of you are worthy of my Pillheart Sect's heritage? Die!"

Su Muyan's body spewed golden flames and his spear curled the flames into a swimming golden dragon that plunged straight down for Yi Yun!

But at that instant—


The black bead that the dark-faced middle-aged man was holding suddenly flew out. He was astounded. He did not throw out the black bead at all!

What just happened?

He was snapped out of his daze by a series of explosive sounds. The golden array flags that were floating around the canyon were penetrated by the black bead, making them explode!

"Elder w.a.n.g, what are you doing?"

Elder Su looked at the middle-aged man with a perplexed expression. The middle-aged man was completely dumbfounded. The bead in his hand had destroyed his array flags of its own will? Ignoring how fantastical that sounded, the array he set up was an ancient array he found in ancient ruins. How could it be instantly destroyed?

Was someone secretly taking action? But even a person with a Divine Lord Royal Seal would not be capable of such feats!

Just as Elder Su and the middle-aged man were dumbstruck by the sudden turn of events, Su Muyan, who was focused on his battle, had already charged right at Yi Yun. With the sect Elders protecting him, there was nothing for him to fear. He put his all into attacking, with no thoughts of defense. He thrust it straight at Yi Yun's face!

The golden flames surged, with the power to melt boulders into lava!


With a metallic hum, a hand extended out from the golden flames and grabbed the spear's tip firmly!

The hand appeared to be constructed of hefty divine metal that lodged the spear in place, preventing it from moving!


Su Muyan was completely dumbfounded. He looked at the hand as the golden flames recessed, and he realized the hand belonged to Yi Yun!

The golden flames that enveloped the spear tip did not injure the hand at all. And at that moment, Su Muyan felt a tremendous amount of force coming from the spear. Yi Yun gave the spear a forceful throw, knocking Su Muyan to the ground.


The ground cracked as Su Muyan slammed into the ground. His mind buzzed from the crash.

"Elder w.a.n.g, I…"

Su Muyan never expected Yi Yun to grab his spear with a single hand. And most critically, Elder w.a.n.g did not take action.


Su Muyan felt his chest heat up as an excruciating pain rushed up his nerves. He watched helplessly as his own golden spear suddenly penetrated his chest. It tore straight through his lung.

What stabbed through him was not the spear's tip but the spear's shaft!

With immense strength, a spear's shaft was no different from a spear's tip. In fact, as the shaft was thicker, it caused even greater damage!

The tremendous pain left Su Muyan's face pale. His lung had been seriously injured and he could hardly breathe.

Following that, the spear gradually rose, slowly raising up Su Muyan's broken body.

Yi Yun held the spear by its tip with a single hand as he lifted Su Muyan high into the sky.

He said unhurriedly, "I didn't choose this canyon to be my tomb...but yours."

All of this had happened in an instant. It happened so fast that no one could react in time. Only when Yi Yun said those words did the Pillheart Sect disciples suddenly feel a cold chill.

What had happened!?

"Who destroyed my array!?"

The middle-aged man questioned in a deep voice. An expert must have secretly taken action to accomplish such a feat.

Of course, Yi Yun's strength had far exceeded their imaginations.

They had naturally considered the possibility that Su Muyan was not Yi Yun's match, but they never expected the difference in strength to be so disparate.

At that moment, a short figure appeared behind Yi Yun.

The person was dressed in ordinary clothes. His hair was disheveled and there was an alcohol calabash hanging by his waist. His foundation looked normal and he did not resemble an expert at all.

Upon seeing this person appear, Su Boyang's expression changed. He had previously probed their surroundings repeatedly but did not sense a single person. As an alchemist, Su Boyang was extremely confident in his perception, but he had completely failed to detect the elder's presence.

Even now, he realized his perception could hardly detect the elder standing in front of him!

"Who… who are you?" Su Boyang asked in a deep tone. He was already feeling horrified to his core.

The elder ignored Su Boyang and played with the black bead in his hand before putting it away.

He turned towards Yi Yun and said languidly, "You made such an urgent request for me to come all the way from the Calm Sea, just to deal with these people of little significance?"

Yi Yun and Old Snake had their ways to stay in touch. Before the auction even began, Yi Yun had already called Old Snake.

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