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Jing Yuesha had no idea what Yi Yun was planning. So it surprised her when Yi Yun actually began to shop in Cloud Pool City.

Yi Yun went to various stores and looked at the merchandise very carefully. Every time, Yi Yun did not find anything of interest. All he did was shake his head gently.

Jing Yuesha could not help but ask, "Sect Master Yi, what do you want to buy?"

"I'm just browsing. Also… just call me Yi Yun." Yi Yun laughed. He was deliberately teasing Jing Yuesha in the past. Now, he felt a little sorry for his actions.

"Okay…" Jing Yuesha nodded. "Young Master Yi, Master just said that if you do not leave tonight, it will be difficult to escape when you want to…"

"I know. Thank you for speaking up for me, Miss Yuesha," Yi Yun said solemnly as he looked at Jing Yuesha. His sudden choice of words left Jing Yuesha a little embarra.s.sed.

"Not that it did anything. Besides… it was all because of me that you quarreled with Princess Redjoy and exposed that recipe, making you a target of the Pillheart Sect…"

Yi Yun shook his head. "It has nothing to do with the pill recipe. I was bound to reveal my wealth when partic.i.p.ating in the auction. The Pillheart Sect was only looking for an excuse. In fact, when the auction began, I went in fully expecting such an outcome."

As Yi Yun spoke, he suddenly felt a minute fluctuation in the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. It spread out and was gathering towards a particular direction.

Yi Yun turned to look in that direction. What he saw made him frown slightly.

He saw a gigantic cauldron flying slowly over from the horizon.

The cauldron flew very slowly but it carried an immense might. It made the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi throughout all of Cloud Pool City fluctuate slightly.

Yi Yun clearly recognized a familiar emblem carved on the cauldron. He had seen it before on Su Muyan and company's chests.

It was the Pillheart Sect!

The cauldron was clearly a mobile abode in the form of a cauldron. And those within the cauldron were no doubt experts from the Pillheart Sect.

"How are they so fast?"

Upon seeing the cauldron, Jing Yuesha was stunned. She naturally recognized the emblem. Her master had surmised that more experts from the Pillheart Sect would rush over, but that it would take them at least a day. It was unexpected that the Pillheart Sect reacted so swiftly.

Yi Yun said, "The Heavenly South Peaks Meet is about to begin. Perhaps the members of the Pillheart Sect were already on the way here. Of course, they might have come early because of me."

Yi Yun was very aware of the value of the divine alchemist's heritage. To the Pillheart Sect, it was something it had to acquire at all costs.


The cauldron landed on a mountain range outside the city. Its ma.s.sive three feet crushed countless boulders and even the void trembled as a result.

Cloud Pool City's warriors naturally noticed the Pillheart Sect's cauldron. Although many large factions were partic.i.p.ating in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, most experts would choose to keep low profiles while entering Cloud Pool City. Few would be like Pillheart Sect, smashing down onto a mountain in plain view of Cloud Pool City with a ma.s.sive cauldron.

"What an ostentatious display by the Pillheart Sect. I heard from my sect Elders that there was a fellow named Yi Yun at the auction who offended Su Boyang. That Yi Yun also has some long-lost heritage of the Pillheart Sect. Could this cauldron be here for Yi Yun?"

Warriors all around the city were discussing the matter. There were many partic.i.p.ants at the auction so the news had long spread.

"It's not that simple. Hehe. Look at that Yi Yun's cultivation level. He's not worth the Pillheart Sect's efforts. The Pillheart Sect has raised such a rumpus not for Yi Yun but to scare all the other parties that might be eyeing Yi Yun. From the looks of it, the heritage that Yi Yun holds in hand is very important to the Pillheart Sect," said an elder. People found what he said to make sense.

However, even if this was not known, no faction would have dared to s.n.a.t.c.h Yi Yun from the Pillheart Sect's proverbial jaws anyway.

After all, the Pillheart Sect was a faction that went beyond the constraints of the Heavenly South Great World. It had many branches in other Great Worlds. Even the Outcloud Empire and Divine Empire of Thunder did not dare touch the Pillheart Sect.

"Young Master Yi, what can you do now?"

The Pillheart Sect was standing guard outside the city. It was now impossible for Yi Yun to exit the city. Jing Yuesha began to believe that Yi Yun was in danger even if he stayed inside Cloud Pool City. Perhaps, the Pillheart Sect would ignore Cloud Pool City's rules and capture him once the Heavenly South Peaks Meet was over.

"Miss Yuesha, I plan on returning to the tavern. You should return and rest too," said Yi Yun. The auction had taken up most of the day, so it was likely that Su Boyang had already called in the Pillheart Sect before it was over.


Jing Yuesha did not finish her sentence. She was at a loss for words. It was already late into the night and since Yi Yun was planning on returning to the tavern, it was unbecoming of her to follow him.

"Alright then." Jing Yuesha could only nod her head awkwardly.

With the Heavenly South Peaks Meet beginning, the Cloud Pool City's taverns were mostly booked. Yi Yun and company had failed to find a tavern that could take them all in, so they found separate lodgings. Yi Yun stayed in Perilla Tavern which was a distance away from the tavern the Clear Lunar Island group stayed at.

Perilla Tavern was considered a mediocre tavern in Cloud Pool City. Typically, large factions that partic.i.p.ated in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet would place a lot of emphasis on their reputation. They would reserve high-cla.s.s inns well ahead of time and so did not need to even enter such taverns. They felt it would be undignified, but Yi Yun did not care about such things.

Yi Yun returned to Perilla Tavern alone and sat on the bed to meditate.

He spent more than forty hours meditating. More than two days and two nights had pa.s.sed, and they pa.s.sed by peacefully.

During these two days, Jing Yuesha would pa.s.s by Perilla Tavern, hoping to find Yi Yun. But when she came to the tavern, she learned that Yi Yun had placed a 'do not disturb' sign with the tavern's owner. Jing Yuesha could only leave.

She felt it wasn't right to knock on his door. Warriors spent most of their time meditating in cultivation. Knocking on the door suddenly would be rude. Furthermore, she would have nothing to say to Yi Yun if she did see him.

And so it was, when the sun set on the third night. The meditating Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes and pushed open the window. Like a light dove, he flew out of Perilla Tavern.

Cloud Pool City did not have curfews and the city gates were never closed. People could leave the city at night but not enter.

Yi Yun was dressed in black and he kept his aura converged. Under the night sky, he appeared to fuse with the darkness itself. He was pretty much indistinguishable.

After Yi Yun made it out of the city, he began flying towards a valley.

The night was cold, with freezing winds inundating him. Yi Yun's clothes fluttered but he remained calm. He was fast and, from afar, he could see faint shadows a distance away. They instantly vanished, seeming to melt into the world.

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