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After the verbal altercation, both Prince Boundless Heaven and the Pillheart Sect disciples were feeling unhappy. However, no matter how unhappy they were, they could not take action during the auction. Everything had to wait till after the auction. All they could do was bear with it and enter the auction venue first.

The auction at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet was always a grand event. In fact, it was the real reason why so many old freaks were interested in the meet. Compared to watching juniors fight, an auction was naturally of greater value to them. Perhaps they might be able to find a divine treasure they wanted.

The organizers of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's auction only took an entrance fee. There were no commissions taken for the exchange. This also made the wealthy old freaks more willing to produce their most precious treasures for exchange.

Yi Yun entered the pavilion, which was an abode artifact. Its interior was a wide independent s.p.a.ce.

There was actually not an auction platform in the middle of the s.p.a.ce. Instead, there was a circular table that stretched twenty to thirty meters in diameter. Twelve seats surrounded the table.

As the table was huge, the seats were distributed far apart from each other.

At that moment, King Yi had already walked to his own seat of honor with Master Su. Given their status, no one had any qualms with them sitting in seats of honor.

After King Yi, there were a few mighty figures from the Heavenly South Great World and the surrounding worlds. They took their seats.

"That's Divine Empire of Thunder's Imperial Perceptor!"

Upon seeing a white-haired man appear, someone in the crowd exclaimed softly.

The white-haired man looked very young, perhaps in his thirties. His gaze was firm and he had a tiny lightning mark at his glabella. It was not a tattoo but the result of the special cultivation technique that the Divine Empire of Thunder cultivated in. When one mastered the cultivation technique, they could use the laws they mastered to condense the mark that looked like a lightning bolt.

The Imperial Perceptor of the Divine Empire of Thunder held a status that was in no way inferior to King Yi’s. He naturally took a seat of honor.

However, the Divine Empire of Thunder and Outcloud Empire had been opposing factions for a long time. Therefore, King Yi ignored him after exchanging the expected pleasantries.

Gradually, more mighty figures took their seats, occupying more than half the twelve seats of honor.

Surrounding the seats of honor were nearly a hundred seats that were one grade inferior. They were in the first row and Yi Yun's group consisted of the top factions in the Calm Sea. Therefore, even though they were foreigners, they sat in the first row. Prince Boundless Heaven and Princess Redjoy also sat in the first row.

Coincidentally, the seat Yi Yun chose was slightly ten meters away from Prince Boundless Heaven.

Prince Boundless Heaven looked at Yi Yun with a sneer. He naturally heard the conversations of the Pillheart Sect disciples about how they would target him. He couldn’t wait for Yi Yun to suffer once the auction was over.

He was glad to see this outcome. He would not need to dirty his hands to see Yi Yun tortured into a tragic state. If Yi Yun did not end up reduced to a terrible state, he did not mind fanning the flames. As a prince of the Heavenly South Great World's Outcloud Empire, he refused to believe that he could not take Yi Yun to task.

Slowly, everyone that was partic.i.p.ating in the auction arrived and took their seats.

At that moment, an elder walked out slowly, accompanied by a voluptuous woman.

Upon seeing the elder, King Yi and the Divine Empire of Thunder's Imperial Perceptor stood up to pay their respects. The elder chuckled and said, "Since everyone is here, let's begin. According to past rules, I will be the one presiding over this auction."

The elder's master was the true founder of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Legend said that the earliest Heavenly South Peaks Meets were organized by the elder's master. Later, the elder inherited his master's mantle and continued to run the Heavenly South Peaks Meet.

The elder's surname was Mu so people addressed him Elder Mu. He did not belong to any faction of the Heavenly South Great World and was a reclusive individual.

Although Elder Mu was unaffiliated, he was very powerful. He was held in high esteem in the Heavenly South Great World and even figures like King Yi treated him with great respect.

"Dear friends, all of you come from the Heavenly South Great World or the surroundings worlds. I'm honored that all of you chose to grace this Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Although my master and I were considered the founders of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, this meet's growth to its present state has little to do with me when it comes to the preparations and organization."

"Warriors of my generation spend most of our time in seclusive cultivation. This Heavenly South Peaks Meet gives us a chance to gather together and help each other obtain the things we need. We can discuss martial arts and the Dao. It is a really rare opportunity. Although I no longer organize the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, as one of the founders of it, I wish that everyone will abide by the meet's rules. If anyone were to violate the rules, don't blame me for losing decorum with them," Elder Mu said with a chuckle.

His words were immediately echoed by many warriors. Many of the major factions present might be in conflict with each other but they made it a point to appear cordial on the surface.

"Then, let's begin now. I'll break the ice by taking out a few trinkets I chanced upon while traveling the Sinkhole in recent years. They’re not very valuable but they would prove pretty useful if they land in the hands of someone who needs them. Feel free to take a look."

As Elder Mu spoke, a woman behind him took out three rectangular jade boxes from her interspatial ring. She opened the boxes one after another and revealed the divine treasures within. They were an emerald-green Fey pill, a jade-like crystalline fruit, and a foot-long Fey bone.

"I wouldn't introduce the items. All of you have the ability to discern what they are, I’m sure. They aren't anything impressive. It's up to you if you want to to use Spirit Jade or items to exchange for them."

Yi Yun remained silent after taking a glance at the three treasures.

"What are these items?" Jing Yuesha could not help but ask.

"The Fey pill of an Emerald-eyed Flower Snake, a fruit born of the Black Jade Flower, and a finger bone of a Ground Demon Ape. The Fey pill and the finger bone were harvested prematurely from the Emerald-eyed Flower Snake and Ground Demon Ape. As for the Black Jade Flower, the fruit was taken when it was completely ripe. It’s the most valuable among the three."

Yi Yun very calmly informed her of the origins of the three items. This description left Clear Lunar Island Lord and Ren Yunzong stunned. They were also very knowledgeable people. They were able to identify the three items but definitely not as quickly as Yi Yun. He had even managed to date the items.

Just Yi Yun's knowledge alone was impressive.

"Are they very precious?" asked Jing Yuesha.

"Not really!" Yi Yun shook his head. Those things were sufficiently precious to ordinary warriors but when it came to Yi Yun, who was accustomed to seeing rare treasures, he did not think too much of them.

In fact, Yi Yun knew that it was common for auctions to put the more valuable items on offer towards the end. The first items taken out were definitely inferior to the last ones taken out.

Yi Yun glanced at Elder Mu and saw the old man's sparkling eyes and composed expression. He suddenly suspected that the old man had something big for sale later. The three items on display now were only appetizers.

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