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Cleanse my marrow and body?

Princess Redjoy was rather interested in the offer. In a warrior's world, there were many natural herbs that had such effects. Princess Redjoy had cultivated to the Dao Palace realm and had tempered her body. Despite not having attained the legendary Immaculate Body, her body was rather pure and clean. A divine treasure that could aid in cleansing her marrow and body was naturally going to be very expensive.

As Princess Redjoy was thinking over the matter, her expression suddenly changed. She saw a group of people dressed in purple alchemy robes fly onto the mountain peak.

These people had a gecko cinnabar pill cauldron logo embroidered on their chest.

The Pillheart Sect!

Princess Redjoy felt her stomach churn the moment she saw them. Even so, she did not dare to express her feelings in front of the people from the Pillheart Sect. After all, it was considered one of the more important sects at the upcoming exchange meet.

"Is the person walking right in the front Master Su?"

There were murmurs in the crowd.

Yi Yun could not help but look over. He saw a silver-haired elder walking at the front of the Pillheart Sect group. He looked slightly unique as his eyebrows were two feet long and reached to his shoulder.

Although the old man was advanced in his years, he had a youthful complexion that exuded a healthy glow. He was completely opposite from King Yi. King Yi looked young but he exuded a dull and dead aura.

"Who is this Master Su?" Yi Yun asked Jing Yuesha.

Jing Yuesha replied, "Master Su is in command of the Pillheart Sect operations in the Heavenly South Great World. He is also closing in on achieving the t.i.tle of alchemist sage. Countless people request his services, so his status is on par with that of King Yi."

"Oh? Closing in on becoming an alchemist sage?"

Yi Yun remembered Skyfire Sacred Hands. He was from the most powerful alchemy sect in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. However, that sect only produced two alchemist sages in its entire existence.

"This old fellow shares the same surname as that Manager Su. Are they related?"

"That's very common." Jing Yuesha nodded. "The Su family is a big family clan in the Pillheart Sect. That Manager Su only has ordinary talent in cultivation and alchemy. Yet she was given control of the Brightheart Veranda, so she definitely had quite a good background to boost her to that position."

"I see…" Yi Yun nodded. Although the other party held a lofty status, he was only approaching alchemist sage. Compared to a divine alchemist, he was nothing.

Therefore, Yi Yun was not particularly impressed by Master Su.

"Haha, I never expected Master Su to be interested in joining this exchange meet." Upon seeing Master Su walking towards him, King Yi greeted him first. "I have been thinking about Master Su's Youth Regaining Pills these days. Master Su, I wonder if you have the time to refine a few cauldrons for me?" King Yi said with a chuckle.

Although he knew about the Brightheart Veranda debacle, it was a trivial matter not worth mentioning in front of Master Su.

"Since King Yi has made the request, I'll naturally try my best to satisfy you." Master Su said nonchalantly.

When the crowd heard the exchange between King Yi and Master Su, they turned envious and discussed fervently. Youth Regaining Pills were not some run of the mill pill. It was a pill that extended one's longevity with a very low rate of successful refinement. For those whose lives were coming to an end, they were obviously a very precious medicine. It was no surprise that King Yi wanted to keep relations with Master Su cordial.

"Oh? There are pills that aid in extending one's longevity?"

When he heard the crowd's discussions, Yi Yun was taken aback. Pills with such effects were impressive. It was not that the pills themselves were difficult to refine but that there were too few natural treasures that could extend one's life.

For example, there was the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit that Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had put so much effort into finding. Even treasures that were a few grades inferior to that were still almost impossible to find.

Yet from the discussion, it appeared as though the Pillheart Sect was able to refine Youth Regaining Pills on a constant basis. This shocked Yi Yun. After all, such pills were mostly made on request to satisfy old freaks that were in need of having their longevity extended. Only the remaining would they be put on sale.

It said something about the number the Pillheart Sect produced if King Yi was able to just buy them.

"Does this Pillheart Sect have some secret technique to nurture natural treasures that can extend one's longevity?"

Yi Yun pondered over the matter as he watched many warriors greet Master Su. He even saw some of the powerhouses that did not react to King Yi's appearance rush forward to chat with Master Su. After all, even if they had no need to fear King Yi, they were still warriors in need of pills.

"Let's go in. King Yi, please enter."

"Haha, Master Su, after you."

After the two esteemed figures and the other important people at the exchange meet stepped into the immortal pavilion, Prince Boundless Heaven and Princess Redjoy followed suit.

Yi Yun naturally entered as well. At that moment, Prince Boundless Heaven suddenly came to a halt and thought of something. He said to Princess Redjoy, "Hold on."

"What's the matter?" Princess Redjoy replied.

She was taken aback as she saw Prince Boundless Heaven walk in front of Yi Yun and say, "Are you that genius alchemist with the surname Yi? I heard that you have already defeated Alchemist Zhang despite your young age. You used a very ingenious method to restore two pills that had already melted and caused the Brightheart Veranda that was established for tens of thousands of years in Cloud Pool City to close down. You truly live up to the saying of 'heroes coming from youngsters.' I'm very impressed."

Yi Yun and company had been going on without attracting the attention of anyone, but when Prince Boundless Heaven spoke, they drew the gazes of many people.

Especially with the Pillheart Sect entourage having just entered. They were standing just in front of Yi Yun so when they heard Prince Boundless Heaven's words, they turned their heads over.

Even Master Su could not help but take a glance at Yi Yun. However, all he gave was a glance. He ignored Yi Yun shortly after and continued chatting with King Yi.

However, the other Pillheart Sect disciples reacted differently.

"That’s him? The one that restored the pills refined by Zhang Linze and put the Brightheart Veranda out of business!"

Some of the young disciples of the Pillheart Sect stared fiercely at Yi Yun. They did not hide their animosity at all.

This animosity was not only because the Brightheart Veranda was a business of their Pillheart Sect. More importantly, the Brightheart Veranda represented the Pillheart Sect's reputation.

Yi Yun had used his alchemical skills to expose the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds, causing the Brightheart Veranda to collapse. And alchemy was a heritage that the Pillheart Sect was most proud of. How could they tolerate losing in that aspect? Many people were now mocking the Pillheart Sect, saying that they were put to task by a junior that was still wet behind the ears. To these zealous Pillheart Sect geniuses, it was an utmost insult.

"Hmph! Aunt Su was punished by the sect because of this matter. She has been imprisoned for five centuries. She had been searching for natural treasures all these years, hoping to find an opportunity to break through before her vital potential runs out so that her youth can be retained for another ten to twenty thousand years. But now, with this imprisonment, it's impossible for Aunt Su to have a breakthrough. All that awaits her now is the slow process of aging. This punk has cost Aunt Su ten thousand years of her life and youthfulness. How infuriating!" said another Pillheart Sect disciple. He had a close relationship with Manager Su in his childhood. The punishment Manager Su suffered made him hate Yi Yun to the bone.

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