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An empire was very different from a sect. A sect could have many family clans propping it up together. But an empire was usually helmed by the royal family.

Warriors had extremely long lifespans. Any warrior that had a lifespan of a million years could populate a ma.s.sive family clan if he wished to. Therefore, the number of people in the Outcloud Empire's royal family was staggering.

Of course, having such a large family meant cruel compet.i.tion.

Any person that was conferred a t.i.tle of n.o.bility in the Outcloud Empire was not to be undermined, much less one that was conferred the t.i.tle of King!

Even Cloud Pool City was a part of King Yi's fief. As such, he was definitely an important figure of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet.

"That is King Yi," someone exclaimed. People saw a middle-aged man step off the turtle, and behind him followed two troops of awe-inspiring golden-armored soldiers. They held halberds and looked very mighty.

"They are the Golden-armored Guard!" exclaimed someone.

The Golden-armored Guard were elites of the Outcloud Empire. They were under the direct jurisdiction of the Outcloud Empire's Emperor but received orders from the various Kings.

An expert like King Yi naturally had no need for the Golden-armored Guard for personal safety. He made them part of his entourage as a symbol of his status.

The middle-aged man was dressed in a four-clawed dragon robe. He landed on the mountain peak with the Golden-armored Guard in tow. He had a tall built as his long hair flowed down his chest. His hands resembled a palm-leaf fan.

Following beside the middle-aged man was a woman dressed in a red palatial gown. She looked twenty and possessed a charming beauty. At that moment, she nestled in the middle-aged man's embrace. Clearly, she was his partner.

The middle-aged man had no intention of abiding by social norms despite facing so many experts. He continued wrapping his arms around the woman's slim waist as though no one was around.

The surrounding crowd did not mind this as they went forward to bow.

"I come from the West Sea's Calabash Island and am the present Island Lord. Greetings, King Yi! I have long heard your famous name. I'm truly blessed to see you today!"

"Greetings, King Yi. I'm Qian Leizi. I met you once ten thousand years ago and age has not seemed to soften your edge after all these years."

The crowd continued to bow and give their compliments. The middle-aged man nodded and unhurriedly allowed them to dispense with the formalities. This scene left the hearts of many juniors stirring.

King Yi was truly a person of paramount importance. Those who were greeting him were esteemed figures, in charge of their various areas. Yet, King Yi continued to hug his beauty in front of these people, accepting the bowing and praise from the crowd in a stoic manner.

Many young juniors could not help but think 'what if I could be such a person in the future' when they took in the bearing of this man.

"So this old man is Princess Redjoy's father. He sure isn't young."

Yi Yun saw King Yi from afar and stroked his chin. Although the old man looked to be middle-aged, Yi Yun could sense an aged aura from him. The man's vital potential had been expended, and this created a stark contrast with the young and lively girl beside him.

The old man was probably half a foot into a coffin; yet, under such circ.u.mstances, he was still able to have Princess Redjoy. As for the concubine beside him, her age was probably not very far from Princess Redjoy’s.

As Yi Yun was pondering over the matter, he saw a group of people fly down from King Yi's royal chariot.

The man and woman that led the convoy were striking. The woman was dressed in red, and was in fact none other than Princess Redjoy.

As for the man, he was dressed in a purple python-robe. He wore a golden headdress, giving him a striking royal bearing!

"It's Prince Boundless Heaven and Princess Redjoy!" said someone.

Prince Boundless Heaven was the great-great-grandson of the reigning Outcloud Emperor. However, the position one had in the royal family's hierarchy was meaningless. Everything depended on talent. Only a person with immense talent could be deemed a prince. If they were weak, they would be eliminated. The children of the royal family that lacked talent would have fates more tragic than any ordinary warrior’s.

Prince Boundless Heaven was the cream of the crop among the princes. And the reigning Outcloud Emperor had yet to designate a crown prince. So although Prince Boundless Heaven was young, he was one of the contenders to be crown prince.

"I never expected Prince Boundless Heaven to arrive with King Yi's entourage. He even came with Princess Redjoy. Previously, there were rumors that Prince Boundless Heaven would marry Princess Redjoy in the future. From the looks of it, it's very possible."

A few gossipy young geniuses immediately made inferences when they saw the two royals.

To contend for crown prince, the princes naturally needed to seek out allies. King Yi was no doubt a powerful ally. If he could be related to King Yi through Princess Redjoy, Prince Boundless Heaven would take a huge stride forward towards the t.i.tle of crown prince.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Prince Boundless Heaven was naturally at the height of his popularity. No one wished to offend a person who would likely become crown prince.

Instantly, the crowd went forward to acquaint themselves with him or greet him.

Yi Yun was watching afar when he suddenly sensed a malicious gaze fall upon him.

He traced it and realized that Princess Redjoy had discovered him in the crowd. The smile on her face had immediately frozen.

Since they last met, Princess Redjoy was quite unhappy despite having the Brightheart Veranda close down. Everything about the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds containing essence of ancient Fey feces was still unknown to ordinary warriors. However, it was already slowly spreading among members of high society. As one of the most outspoken advocates of Brightheart Veranda's dishes, Princess Redjoy was facing unimaginable embarra.s.sment.

In addition, the occasional pa.s.sing thought of having countless ancient Fey feces essence running through her digestive tract made her feel like retching whenever she saw spirit food. She had not eaten for many days.

It was quite obvious what Princess Redjoy was feeling when she saw Yi Yun at the exchange meet.

"Redjoy, who are you looking at?" Prince Boundless Heaven traced her gaze and saw Yi Yun. He had caught wind of Yi Yun as well. He knew him to be a young alchemist and the description of his appearance resembled that of the youth in front of him. It immediately made Prince Boundless Heaven make the connection.

"Is he the one you were previously talking about?" asked Prince Boundless Heaven.

Princess Redjoy did not answer. That itself was a form of tacit agreement.

Prince Boundless Heaven looked at Yi Yun with shimmering eyes. He knew the sequence of events. Not only had Yi Yun exposed the Brightheart Veranda, he had also mocked Princess Redjoy in the process. He deliberately left no way for Redjoy to save face and this was something Prince Boundless Heaven could not tolerate. After all, Redjoy would one day become his woman. How could he allow his woman to be bullied by another man?

"Redjoy, you don't have to take the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds to heart. Be it the world of mortals or warriors, there will always be some impurities that get mixed in with medicine. Don't harp on it."

Princess Redjoy remained silent. She naturally knew the good intentions of Prince Boundless Heaven. She actually felt neutral towards him. She had no choice but to be with him under instructions from her father.

Prince Boundless Heaven added, "Redjoy, it's fine if you feel uncomfortable. At this exchange, I plan on purchasing divine treasures that can cleanse your marrow and body. Take heart, soon all the impurities that might be inside you will vanish."

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