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Jing Yuesha was playing back the series of events in her mind as they left Brightheart Veranda. She could not curb her excitement as she asked, "Yi Yun, how did you know the pill recipe?"

She had already forgotten the many times Yi Yun had made her angry in the past. Yi Yun had just ruthlessly smacked the Brightheart Veranda and Princess Redjoy in the face, vindicating her in the process. She felt great with the way Yi Yun handled the reversal.


Clear Lunar Island Lord glared at her.

Jing Yuesha stuck her tongue out for she knew that she had been impolite. She immediately changed her tone. "Sect Master Yi… How did you know the Pillheart Sect's pill recipe? Will eating the Brightheart Veranda's dishes really affect one's vital potential? How could they be so bold as to scam so many people?"

Although the Brightheart Veranda had the Pillheart Sect backing it, there were a number of customers, such as Princess Redjoy, who had their own powerful backers. When the news spread, countless people would pressure the Brightheart Veranda for an explanation.

Yi Yun smiled. "Actually, the effect is not that serious. The damage to vital potential is very small, but that isn't important. Just a little is enough to ensure that the Brightheart Veranda will be closed down. As for the recipe… I chanced upon it while reading books."

Jing Yuesha immediately gave a disapproving 'tch' in her heart. That was the Pillheart Sect's secret pill recipe. Even if the pill wasn't that great, it was still a secret recipe. How could it be easily found in a random book?

Furthermore, and despite her lack of alchemy knowledge, Jing Yuesha could tell from Alchemist Zhang's reaction that Yi Yun's technique was exquisite. How could he have such a deep understanding of a recipe he happened to chance upon?

However, Jing Yuesha couldn’t force Yi Yun to reveal more. Her eyes began to dart around as though some ideas were running through her head. She felt that she had made a wrong evaluation of Yi Yun. From the looks of it, Yi Yun had some impressive abilities hidden up his sleeve.

"I'll find out sooner or later," thought Jing Yuesha.

"Young Master Yi, you have to be more careful. The Pillheart Sect has deep roots. We have to be wary now that we have offended them," said Clear Lunar Island Lord.

"Yea." Yi Yun nodded. He would be wary even without her advice.

"The exchange meet will be in a few days. Young Master Yi, I believe you will be partic.i.p.ating with me?" invited Clear Lunar Island Lord.

Although the exchange meet’s only real requirement was sufficient wealth, those that partic.i.p.ated in it were mighty powerhouses that helmed large sects or factions. There would even be old freaks that appeared from time to time.

Yi Yun's cultivation level was still limited. If he wanted to trade at the exchange meet, he needed sufficient strength. She wanted to take care of a young man like Yi Yun for he would be like a rabbit jumping into a pack of wolves.

"That couldn't be any better." Yi Yun smiled faintly.

Yi Yun's main goal for coming to the Heavenly South Peaks Meet was for the exchange meet.

He had already made a list of materials he needed. Since the Heavenly South Peaks Meet would gather so many sects, he was bound to obtain a portion of those materials.

Over the next few days, Jing Yuesha would invite Yi Yun for daily tours of the city. They pretty much visited the entire city.

Yet no matter how much Jing Yuesha probed, she failed to obtain any new information from Yi Yun. Yi Yun seemed to return to the Myriad G.o.d Sect Master who infuriated others to death with his words. No matter how Jing Yuesha looked at him, she could not tell that Yi Yun was a skilled alchemist.

During this period, the city was abuzz. People at the sect master level either arrived in the city obstreperously or they came alone with imposing airs.

Many genius sect disciples also appeared, accompanying their masters and seniors.

The curtains of the grand event known as the Heavenly South Peaks Meet gradually lifted.

Amidst the fanfare, there was a bit of trivial news. An old shop that had been established for tens of thousands of years in Cloud Pool City—Brightheart Veranda—incurred the wrath of the ma.s.ses. Many people circled Brightheart Veranda in the days following the incident, until it eventually had to close for good.

There was a lot of talk regarding the matter. People heard that there were problems with the Brightheart Veranda's dishes during Princess Redjoy's birthday celebration, resulting in it shutting down. However, when people asked those who had partic.i.p.ated in the birthday celebration, they gave vague explanations. They refused to mention the problem with the dishes. After all, no one wished to publicize the fact that they had eaten s.h.i.t.

However, as the saying goes, two may keep counsel putting one away. People gradually learned of the reason and they also learned that the person who had exposed the Brightheart Veranda's dish was a mysterious youth. It could even be said that the Brightheart Veranda closed down because of that person.

Brightheart Veranda was a large restaurant with a huge backer in Cloud Pool City; therefore, the person that caused it to close down was a figure people wanted to know more about.

"Sect Master Yi." Clear Lunar Island Lord arrived at Yi Yun's residence and called out to him.

Yi Yun walked out dressed in a simple white robe. His black hair was tied with a jade band that flowed behind him. He had exquisite features with his brows appearing like swords and his eyes as bright as the starry night. His cultivation level was converged so he did not resemble a warrior. Instead, he looked like a fine mortal scion.

And behind him followed Zuoyan Xiaoyu. Ever since Yi Yun decided that she would enjoy the treatment of a core disciple, she had cultivated arduously. Her cultivation had improved and her beauty slowly became more charming. Her skin was milky and she followed behind Yi Yun standing tall and graceful in an adorable and obedient manner.

Jing Yuesha was behind Clear Lunar Island Lord. She was elegant and quiet in a way that made her resemble an untainted fairy from a lunar palace. When she saw Yi Yun, she gave a big bow.

"Sect Master Yi."

Yi Yun looked curiously at Jing Yuesha before he heard Jing Yuesha send him a voice transmission. "Master exhorted me to be more mindful of my words and actions. I had to agree not to take more than a step away from her or she would not bring me."

So that was the reason… Yi Yun gave a silent smile. Jing Yuesha wanted to tag along and had set up an agreement with Clear Lunar Island Lord in order to attend the exchange meet.

Jing Yuesha's voice transmission continued sounding in Yi Yun's ear. "I'm going so as to broaden my horizons. Yi Yun, my master said that although you know some alchemy, you have to hold back a little at the exchange meet. It's best to take a step back for peace in the world. This Heavenly South Great World is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons, and they will all be waiting at the exchange meet."

"I got it." Yi Yun nodded. He knew Clear Lunar Island Lord preferred to keep a low profile and was worried that they would end up suffering, so she had given such exhortations.

"Sect Master Yi, let's set off." Clear Lunar Island Lord said with a smile. She appeared to be unaware of the voice transmission conversation between Yi Yun and Jing Yuesha.

The Cloud Pool City was a megacity of the Heavenly South Great World so it was majestic and ma.s.sive. Humans could spend a few months just walking from one end of the city to the other.

On a mountain peak north of Cloud Pool City, there was a resplendent wonder. The sky was filled with an aurora that faintly hid away immortal buildings and towers.

There was angelic music resounding in the sky as gigantic chariots pulled by spirit beasts flew over. At times, there would be spirit cruisers that had thousands of beautiful maidservants standing on them. Sitting inside the cruisers were shadows with powerful auras.

At that moment, a gigantic turtle descended from the sky as the clouds parted. It landed on a mountain peak. On the back of the turtle were exotic flowers and herbs. They effused an immortal air around as they surrounded a huge palace.

"It's King Yi's royal mount!"

A few figures immediately charged out from the mountain peak and went forward to welcome him.

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