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Anyone who realized that they had been eating s.h.i.t would probably cuss. Furthermore, Redjoy was a lofty princess. She was germaphobic as well. Even when she ate pills, she found it impossible to tolerate any that were refined from things like feces, much less wanting it anywhere near her meals!

She only felt the disgust in her stomach grow. She subconsciously covered her mouth as her face turned pale. Her face was twisted into a grimace.

She wished she could pull out her digestive tract and wash it clean for three days and three nights.

Behind Princess Redjoy were many of her friends. They too were regular customers at Brightheart Veranda. They were all of n.o.ble birth and wealthy. Some even came from the royal family.

When it came to status, they were a step above the rest and were naturally proud people. Their patronage of Brightheart Veranda was supposed to be a fashionable and elegant luxury but now, with this revelation, they were close to going mad.

Some of the girls led charmed lives and were placed on a pedestal by others. They could no longer bear it. Some covered their mouths as they ran out to retch.

Only then did they figure out the true meaning behind Yi Yun's playful insult—Why does your mouth stink? Did you just eat s.h.i.t? It wasn't that Yi Yun was cussing Princess Redjoy, but that he was subtly mocking her for having really eaten s.h.i.t.

In the hearts of the crowd, eating s.h.i.t was something that should never actually happen. Even the mentally handicapped or r.e.t.a.r.ds would not eat it. But now, it had happened to them. For years, they had treated eating s.h.i.t like it was fashionable, something that they could brag about.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! I'll kill you!"

Princess Redjoy burst into a rage. The series of events that had just happened struck a nerve. She was already feeling angry from her embarra.s.sment. With the final revelation that she had been eating s.h.i.t, she felt like blowing her top!

She wanted to beat Alchemist Zhang badly but, after weighing their strengths, she knew very well that she was no match for Alchemist Zhang.

She also hated the perpetrator, Yi Yun.

Although Yi Yun had revealed the truth to her, he had mocked her in public. It embarra.s.sed her greatly. She was of royal birth, so how was she to establish herself in the Outcloud Empire in the future?

She could imagine that when people saw her in the future, they would no longer be respectful or ashamed of their own ungainly appearances. Instead, they would say behind her back—"Isn't she that princess who ate s.h.i.t?"

Just the thought of that made Princess Redjoy go berserk.

"What's the matter? Why are you looking at me as though you want to kill me? Don't tell me you want to fight me? I have rescued you from the abyss of s.h.i.t-eating, but not only are you not grateful, you actually want to repay kindness with ingrat.i.tude?" said Yi Yun with a laugh.

He knew that many a time, people lived in their dreams. And once a person jolted them awake and away from their beautiful dreams, that person would incur the wrath of the dreamer.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Princess Redjoy turned green from anger. This darn Yi Yun kept harping on her for eating s.h.i.t. It was striking a raw nerve.

She wished she could rip apart Yi Yun's mouth but she did not dare take action. She was afraid that while fighting Yi Yun, he would constantly talk about eating s.h.i.t. She would suffer a mental breakdown before she could even deliver a few blows!

She did not dare look at Yi Yun anymore. Instead, she looked at Manager Su. This woman had nearly become her G.o.dsister and had treated her kindly in a variety of ways. But now, thinking back to how she was treated, Princess Redjoy felt like vomiting. It felt no different from eating the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds.

Manager Su shuddered when she saw Princess Redjoy staring at her. She was at a loss for an explanation. At that moment, Princess Redjoy said coldly, "Third Uncle, send people to surround this Brightheart Veranda!"

Upon hearing the command, the color in Manager Su's face drained. Thoughts jumbled in her mind but she knew very well that the reputation of Brightheart Veranda was completely destroyed after today!

The Brightheart Veranda might have had the Pillheart Sect backing it, but the moment they got into open conflict with the Cloud Pool City, ignoring who ended up suffering the most, she as the manager would be culpable. When she returned to the sect, she would definitely be punished or even exiled.

"Alchemist… Alchemist Zhang…"

Manager Su was at a loss as she pleaded with Alchemist Zhang. However, he was hardly able to save himself. The pills he had personally refined and melted had been restored by a junior. What was left of his reputation?

The situation was already out of control. Aside from Princess Redjoy, there were also her many friends from l.u.s.trous backgrounds. They wielded all kinds of power in Cloud Pool City, and the news of Brightheart Veranda feeding people s.h.i.t would instantly spread and make it a target of public outrage. To the many young elites present, harming their vital potential was an intolerable offense.

There were already people who had lit voice transmission charms and spread the news. Their statuses guaranteed that they would not suffer this in silence.

"Zhang Linze, even if the Pillheart Sect is backing you, you have to answer for this matter. I do not care about the bit of Spirit Jade I’ve wasted here but I will not abide being treated like a fool."

A young man spoke out. He was of esteemed birth for his father was the Outcloud Empire's National Preceptor. In addition, he had extraordinary talent and his standing was superior to Princess Redjoy’s. He was one of the top guests at Princess Redjoy's birthday celebration.

Alchemist Zhang did not reply. His expression was heavy. He was the person in charge of the businesses outside the Pillheart Sect. How the Brightheart Veranda sold its dishes and how it was managed were his sole responsibility. He had decided to use the ign.o.ble pill recipe for the dishes. That decision ended up being highly lucrative for the Brightheart Veranda and as a result, his standing in the Pillheart Sect had greatly risen. But with this sudden turn of events, he had severely damaged the Pillheart Sect's reputation. It would definitely push the blame on him.

All of this was because of Yi Yun!

He stared at Yi Yun, yearning to rip out his soul and destroy the body, obliterating all traces of his corpse!

But Yi Yun was unfazed by Zhang Linze's murderous glare. He stroked his chin and waved the beautifying pill in his hand and said, "I'll bring this pill with me. Those who want this pill recipe a.n.a.lyzed can follow me."

"Princess Redjoy, although you wished to keep me for your banquet, I really am not interested in the Brightheart Veranda's 'dishes.' I shall not impede your birthday celebration any further. Enjoy your meal and the company. We will be leaving first."

He beckoned for Jing Yuesha and company to leave. At that moment, Jing Yuesha had yet to completely jolt out of her daze. She never expected the situation to develop to this point. She even began to feel pity for Princess Redjoy.

Just the thought of Princess Redjoy eating s.h.i.t and praising it before recommending it to her friends was something Jing Yuesha did not want to continue entertaining.

As someone removed from the matter, she felt tear-inducing embarra.s.sment. It was obvious how the people directly involved in the matter, Princess Redjoy and the genius elites, would feel.

Thankfully, she had never used the VIP card that the Brightheart Veranda had given her. If not, she would also wish to have her stomach pumped.

"Yuesha, let's go," Clear Lunar Island Lord said. There was no reason to continue staying at that point in time.

After being squeezed by Princess Redjoy and then humiliated by Manager Su, then the shocking reveal, she had left Brightheart Veranda without eating a meal. Yet, there was cause to be relieved about that.

Clear Lunar Island Lord gave Yi Yun a thoughtful look. The entire reversal was unimaginable but Yi Yun had accomplished it.

How did the youth know the Brightheart Veranda's ancient recipe? Furthermore, he could tell at a glance. That was definitely not something anyone could accomplish.

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