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The highest priority for warriors was the breakthrough in cultivation realms. Things like beautification and youth retention were nothing compared to the allure of reaching the Divine Lord or G.o.dly Monarch realms.

Therefore, vital potential was what cultivators needed most for cultivation. The reason why young geniuses were so highly valued was their immense vital potential. They had endless possibilities ahead of them but once their potential dried up, their cultivation levels would stop progressing. Many old freaks were trapped in the same realm for millions of years and eventually stopped progressing altogether.

No one knew how much potential they had. Nor did they know how much further they could progress. Under these circ.u.mstances, the food from Brightheart Veranda, despite how tiny the harm it did to one’s vital potential, was intolerable to any warrior.

Instantly, Princess Redjoy's expression was drained of its color. She had eaten Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds numerous times to satisfy her cravings. But when she heard Yi Yun's explanation, she felt her heart turn cold.

She had already begun to believe Yi Yun back when he restored the pills from the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds. Now, if what he said was true, she had to wonder how much of her vital potential she had lost.

And it wasn’t only Princess Redjoy. Many of her friends had visited Brightheart Veranda from time to time. They broke out into chaos when they heard Yi Yun's explanation.

"Alchemist Zhang, is this true?"

"So this Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds is actually prepared using a failed pill recipe? It has truly cheated to earn undeserved fame!"

People gave voice to their outrage, causing the situation to go out of control.

Warriors had zero tolerance for anything that could damage their future cultivation levels.

"Punk, you speak only slander!" Alchemist Zhang roared angrily. The situation had exceeded his expectations. His eyes were red as veins began protruding out of his forehead like he was a crazy beast.

He stared at Yi Yun, yearning to swallow him whole!

The pill recipe that the Pillheart Sect had obtained was indeed not worth much. However, after some repackaging by business-minded people, it became a tool to earn money for the Pillheart Sect. However, they never expected their scheme to be exposed by Yi Yun. How did the punk know of it?

He originally believed that Yi Yun was working under orders from someone or that another expert was targeting the Pillheart Sect. But after seeing Yi Yun's alchemical techniques that even left him baffled, how could he have been working under orders?

"Slander? Hehe, why don't you continue what you were saying? Are you thinking of a way to resort to sophistry? I can give you time. Take your time and think of something good. By the way, do you need me to make the ingredients used in the pill recipe known to the public? If I were to hand the pill recipe to other alchemists and produce a few completed pills, those alchemists could naturally provide their knowledgeable opinions!"

Yi Yun had to stifle a smile as he said this while looking the enraged Alchemist Zhang in the eye.

"You…" Alchemist Zhang had just thought of something to say before he choked on his words. Yi Yun had struck the nail on its head. If Yi Yun knew the original pill recipe and could refine the pills himself, it would be pointless to continue quibbling. After all, the evidence was still in Yi Yun's hand. The pills were genuine and all would come to light once they were a.n.a.lyzed.

Alchemist Zhang fell silent. Manager Su was pale as well for she did not know what to say. She knew nothing about alchemy and was unable to interject at all.

Upon seeing Manager Su and Princess Redjoy's expressions, Jing Yuesha gaped slightly. The situation had reversed so quickly that she suddenly felt like she was in a dream.

How did Yi Yun know so much? He even knew of an ancient, uncommon recipe. Besides, he had only taken a look and sniffed the dish; yet, he was able to determine exactly what the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds was composed of. His powers of discernment were stunning.

At that moment, Yi Yun continued, "I can actually make public one part of the recipe. Of the most interest are two ingredients that make up the composition of these pills. All of you might find them fascinating, especially Miss Redjoy."

Yi Yun turned to look at Princess Redjoy as the corners of his mouth curled into a smile. This smile looked sinister to Princess Redjoy in every possible way.

"What mystery act are you pulling off now!?" Princess Redjoy said in disgust. Although she now hated the Brightheart Veranda to death, her impression of Yi Yun, who had just ruined the Brightheart Veranda for her, was still terrible!

"Miss Redjoy, I helped you by exposing the way the Brightheart Veranda has been scamming you. I'm even speaking so nicely to you. So why does your mouth stink? Did you just eat…" When he said that, he stopped. However, his words made the imaginations of people go wild. There was a girl from Clear Lunar Island that could not stifle her laughter. Yi Yun had spoken too crudely but they felt vindicated when he used that tone against the lofty Princess Redjoy who led a charmed life.

"Cough. I'm sorry. I should be a bit more refined in my words. Oh right. The two ingredients are Faeces Vespertilionis and Faeces Trogopterori… Might I ask how many times Miss Redjoy has eaten Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds?"

What the h.e.l.l?

Princess Redjoy was baffled by Yi Yun's question. She did not know alchemy, so how could she know what the two medicinal drugs he just mentioned were?

Princess Redjoy was not the only one. Many of the young people present had not heard of the two drugs, which was evident from their baffled expressions. However, when the middle-aged man in the python robe heard it, his mouth twitched slightly as his expression turned odd.

"Third Uncle, what's the matter with those two drugs?" Princess Redjoy asked when she saw the change in the middle-aged man's expression.

However, the middle-aged man only gave a silent, stern look to Alchemist Zhang. Alchemist Zhang had a livid expression and did not respond.

At that moment, Yi Yun spoke. "Miss Redjoy, you can always ask me if you do not know anything. I will describe both the Faeces Vespertilionis and Faeces Trogopterori in detail. Faeces Vespertilionis is the essence that comes from brewing an ancient Fey's feces. The specific ancient Fey used is known as the Vespertilio Demonic Bat. Basically, it looks like a gigantic bat."

"Ancient Fey feces is hard to come by. After all, ancient Fey tend to reside in ancient wilderness. Even a Divine Lord has to be careful when entering. If they aren't careful, they might lose their lives. Imagine, getting a Divine Lord to risk their lives to collect ancient Fey feces. How valuable would that be!?"

"As for the Faeces Trogopterori, it is similar to the Faeces Vespertilionis. It too is the essence obtained from brewing an ancient Fey's feces. However, the ancient Fey that s.h.i.ts it out is known as the Divine Trogopterpri Rat. You can tell from its name that it resembles a gigantic rat. Collecting its feces is even more difficult. Divine Trogopterpri Rat reside underground and their feces are buried deep under the wilderness and lakes. It's impossibly difficult to find them."

"These two items can indeed be used as medicinal drugs. After distilling them with a mystic technique, they become odorless and tasteless. It wouldn't even be hard to make them have an alluring fragrance. But that is just a matter of personal taste. I would definitely not use such an unorthodox medicinal drug. However, Miss Redjoy, you seem to enjoy eating it more. You must have eaten quite a lot of it over the years, I suppose?"

When Yi Yun said those words, Princess Redjoy turned petrified. She looked again at the middle-aged man and Alchemist Zhang's expressions, and her intuition told her that what Yi Yun had said was likely true!

The essence brewed from the feces of ancient Fey? Instantly, Princess Redjoy felt her stomach churn and she felt like puking!

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