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Yi Yun's action left everyone present dumbstruck.


Manager Su's expression turned cold. She began exuding a stern and oppressive aura. She was able to tolerate Jing Yuesha's act of transgression since she was the one who instigated the matter by requesting the VIP card back. The young lady was publicly embarra.s.sed, so it was understandable if she had stepped on the card in a rash moment.

But Manager Su could not tolerate Yi Yun at all!

The matter had nothing to do with Yi Yun. Manager Su didn't even notice him prior to this moment.

From Manager Su's point of view, Yi Yun was an impetuous fellow that was acting out to impress Jing Yuesha. He probably didn't even know what death meant. Such a person would not even survive a week if he went out on an expedition to perilous lands.

"You must have grown up in a small place like the Calm Sea. It has limited your worldview. You might remain unopposed in the Calm Sea and think yourself invincible. But you truly do not know how immense the world is. There are many people more powerful than you who can easily crush you to death."

Manager Su was clearly infuriated. As she said those words, many men filled with power and strength appeared from Brightheart Veranda's kitchen.

Although these men were dressed in waiter attire, they had powerful auras as though beasts were lurking within their bodies. They were obviously guardians of the Brightheart Veranda.

The situation escalated instantly.

The people from the Clear Lunar Island did not think much of this turn of events but Heavenly Pivot Chapter's Ren Yunzong frowned.

He felt that Yi Yun didn't know any better. By stepping into the limelight, he would only make trouble for himself. If things escalated to fighting, it was unknown how things would develop. It was even possible that he would be barred from partic.i.p.ating in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet.

"By stepping on my Brightheart Veranda's VIP card, you are effectively damaging my Brightheart Veranda's reputation. I want you to leave your leg behind!" Manager Su spoke with an ice-cold voice that felt like a cold winter wind. "Don't blame me for being ruthless. I'm teaching you the lesson that if you lack strength, you have to keep a low profile and bear with things!"

Yi Yun laughed. He did not take Manager Su's threat to heart. He leisurely walked in front of an attendant and stroked his chin as he looked at the dish the attendant was carrying. The attendant was left at a loss when Yi Yun did that.

"What is Sect Master Yi doing?" Jing Yueyin knitted her brows slightly. Ignoring the fact that Yi Yun was bringing trouble on himself, his composed reaction to Manager Su's threat was not something an ordinary junior was capable of.

Yi Yun looked for thirty seconds before saying nonchalantly, "I say, Old Woman, you claim that I'm damaging your Brightheart Veranda's reputation but is your reputation really worth anything? From what I see, your so-called reputation is one of undeserved fame, probably due to cheating. That VIP card is worth even less. I'm afraid I dirtied my soles stepping on it."

Manager Su's expression changed as she angrily shouted, "Take this punk down and chop off his limbs!"

When Manager Su gave the order, the surrounding guardians charged forward! These guardians had undergone long periods of training and were adept at fighting together. The moment they charged forward, they entered formation and, with caught Yi Yun in the center, they began closing in on him.

In response, Yi Yun stretched out his hand and beckoned. The VIP card on the ground flew onto Yi Yun's palm.

With a flick of his right wrist, the VIP card flew straight out!

Yi Yun was skilled in the saber Dao and could easily control 999 Thousand Snow flying sabers with his peerless saber techniques.

At that moment, Yi Yun was using the card as a saber. A black beam flashed past like a fiend from h.e.l.l. It moved so quickly that it streaked across the void, leaving thousands of trajectories in a blink of an eye. The guardians that had rushed over were struck by the black saber beam, causing them to fly backward one after another before collapsing to the ground.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Some of them let out tragic cries. Their wrists and ankles were bleeding. In that split second, the beam had brushed past their limbs, lacerating their tendons!

Yi Yun had gone easy on them. If he wanted to, he could have gone for their throats instead of their limbs, and they’d already be dead. Just thinking of that outcome left the guardians shuddering.

No matter how powerful the Brightheart Veranda was, it was impossible for it to hire Supremacies as guardians. The Brightheart Veranda's guardians were only Dao Palace realm warriors but with their practiced formations, their strength could increase tenfold. They should have been able to easily deal with any Dao Palace realm warrior.

But in front of Yi Yun, they were tossed aside like trash. In a blink of an eye, all of them were on the ground. To add to the insult, Yi Yun had beaten them with a simple VIP card!

Their Brightheart Veranda's VIP card became a weapon in Yi Yun's hands, one that allowed him to easily deal with the Brightheart Veranda's guardians.

This scene clammed up Manager Su's expression. She did not plan on activating Cloud Pool City's residing Elder, believing the guardians could resolve the problem. Who knew that the youth was this powerful?

A genius from the Calm Sea had such strength?

Ignoring the fact that Manager Su was astonished, even Jing Yuesha and Xia Zijian were stunned by Yi Yun's swift performance.

In fact, they did not know the strength of the Brightheart Veranda's guardians but the might Yi Yun showed was enough for them to get a sense of it. Even ignoring that, it was already very impressive to use a VIP card to achieve such a result.

Yi Yun was definitely one who stood atop his peers.

At that moment, Manager Su was holding onto a voice transmission charm. If she crushed it, the Pillheart Sect's Elder backing the Brightheart Veranda would arrive.

"Manager Su, hold your horses!"

At that moment, the middle-aged man in a python robe spoke out. The severing of tendons could be treated. He did not wish for matters to fully escalate during the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. That would be bad for the Outcloud Empire's reputation as well.

The middle-aged man looked at Yi Yun and said, "Young man, you just can't say whatever is on your mind without consequences. Brightheart Veranda is one of the most famous restaurants in all of Cloud Pool City. You are young and, although you are quite strong, you go overboard by declaring the Brightheart Veranda as having cheated to earn undeserved fame."

"I am not going overboard. I'm just speaking the truth." Yi Yun threw the VIP card away casually. After severing the tendons of eight people, the VIP card remained untainted by blood, an evidence of its speed.

Manager Su bellowed angrily, "How dare you to continue your nonsense! My Brightheart Veranda has been established for tens of thousands of years. We have a good reputation among the people. The dish you were studying is the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds, a perfect dish. Not only is it delicious and fresh, it's also an extremely rare delicacy. It gives warriors excellent nourishment and acts exactly like herbal pills, allowing one to retain their youthful looks. How dare you make a baseless claim that such an exquisite dish is used to cheat?"

"Auntie Su, don't bother with him. This punk is only trying to be Jing Yuesha's white knight to attract her attention. He thinks himself impressive with that bit of ability. But he's only at the eighth-storey Dao Palace." Princess Redjoy revealed a mocking smile. Yi Yun was indeed strong but that was nothing in Cloud Pool City. He sure was dumb.

If he had left with his tail between his legs, he would have gotten away with only embarra.s.sment. But now, he had severed the guardian's tendons. He was absolutely in for some suffering.

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