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"Yuesha, do you two know each other?"

Clear Lunar Island Lord could almost feel the sparks flying out from the stares exchanged between her disciple and Princess Redjoy.

"I know her, alright. Back in a mystic realm, I nearly died because of her machinations," Jing Yuesha clenched her teeth and said hatefully.

Princess Redjoy grunted coldly. "A mystic realm advocates a compet.i.tion of strength with life and death on the line. All I did was steer a little danger towards you. You and I do not know each other. Did you expect me to sacrifice myself to ensure your safety? Why don’t you mention how you s.n.a.t.c.hed something that should have belonged to me?"

"How shameless are you? That thing was ownerless to begin with. How dare you say that it was yours?"

Jing Yuesha and Princess Redjoy were diametrically opposed to each other. In general, it was difficult for two beauties to exist too closely to one another. What's more, there was this feud between the two of them.

Upon seeing this scene, Brightheart Veranda's Manager Su frowned slightly. She would naturally side with Princess Redjoy if Princess Redjoy was caught in a conflict.

One had to know that Princess Redjoy was a beloved daughter of King Yi, who was an important figure in the Outcloud Empire. Cloud Pool City was King Yi's fief. With Brightheart Veranda built in his territory, how could they not show a little preference towards Princess Redjoy?

"What's going on with these people?" Third Manager asked the beautiful attendant.

"Uh…" The attendant was somewhat nervous as she felt that Princess Redjoy's unhappiness would be blamed on her. She immediately explained, "Third Manager, these people came to Brightheart Veranda for a meal but there are no available rooms for them. Their VIP level is insufficient to use the rooms upstairs so I had to decline her request. However, this lady wanted me to make an exception; hence, she hasn't left."

When the attendant described her in such a manner, Jing Yuesha's face blushed red.

She tried to be discreet by sending a voice transmission to the attendant, but now the attendant had spoken it out loud. She felt immediately embarra.s.sed.

It would have been fine if it were just the Clear Lunar Island and the Heavenly Pivot Chapter but most critically, there was Princess Redjoy as well.

Indeed, Princess Redjoy laughed seductively. "Hehehehe! So that's the reason. You should have said so earlier. Since your VIP level isn't sufficient and you would like a room so badly, I do not mind letting you scrounge a free meal considering that I have booked all the rooms. Auntie Su, can you add a few more small tables by the corners of the room? Serve them a few dishes."

How could Princess Redjoy pa.s.s up an opportunity to put down her foe?

Just as Princess Redjoy finished her words, the kitchen began to serve the dishes as if to complement her words. In fact, it was already close to the time for Princess Redjoy's banquet and the Brightheart Veranda would usually serve the dishes before inviting the guests to take their seats.

Jing Yuesha was so peeved that she began grinding her teeth. She hated Princess Redjoy to the bone.

The seniors behind her held high statuses in the Calm Sea. When had they suffered such an experience? It was all because of her, and yet she could do nothing about it.

"I'm really sorry. Regarding the reservation of a room, our Brightheart Veranda has clear rules. If your VIP level is insufficient, there’s not much we can do. Princess Redjoy's birthday banquet is beginning very soon. If it's possible, please take your leave. I'm really sorry…"

The woman's tone was polite but she was ordering them to leave. The group was caught in that depressive feeling of coming to a restaurant only to be chased away.

At that moment, even Yi Yun felt sorry for Jing Yuesha’s tragedy. He couldn't watch it pan out any further. He did not have any malicious thoughts towards Jing Yuesha, after all, only thinking of her as an overly-compet.i.tive young lady.

Besides, with their group being chased out, that included Yi Yun. Although it was not in his nature to insist on gaining the upper hand, he was also not one to silently suffer while being bullied.

Just as he was thinking of pulling a prank on Princess Redjoy, he suddenly noticed the dishes being served from Brightheart Veranda's kitchen. Those dishes…

Yi Yun was taken aback. He stared at the dishes intently. He had made a surprising discovery regarding the Brightheart Veranda's dishes…

Meanwhile, the other young geniuses of the Clear Lunar Island and Heavenly Pivot Chapter were infuriated. Those that were invited on this trip were elites that stood head and shoulders above the rest. When had they ever suffered such anger-inducing treatment?

"Your name is Redjoy? You must be partic.i.p.ating in the martial compet.i.tion, right?"

Xia Zijian spoke out. His voice was cold and he sounded domineering.

"Why? Do you want to challenge me? I'm afraid you will be eliminated before you even reach the point of fighting me!"

Princess Redjoy took a disdainful glance at Xia Zijian. She thought nothing of a so-called genius from the Calm Sea.

Xia Zijian held the hilt of his sword with tightly clasped fingers. He had never been discriminated against in such a manner before. "I'm the one who is afraid that you’ll be eliminated before me. Let's do it this way: we fight now to determine who is better!"

Xia Zijian could not tolerate it any further.

"Heh heh, if it wasn't for my birthday celebration today, I would give you a good beating. But since the dishes have already been served, especially the Love Seeking Phoenix In Clouds, one has to eat them in a timely manner. I won't spoil my mood and appet.i.te because of some b.u.mpkins. That would be such a waste of good food."

"I even had the good intention of inviting all of you to sit in the corner so as to broaden your horizons. Even if you couldn't eat, just taking a whiff would be good. The Brightheart Veranda's dishes are nutritious and allow one to retain their youth. They also nourish the soul. Such medicinal food is probably something the likes of you have never even heard of."

Princess Redjoy gave Jing Yuesha a smug look. She had said those words to mock Jing Yuesha, knowing that she could not eat the food even though she wanted to.

As for a person like Xia Zijian, she thought nothing of him. How could she stoop so low as to fight with him?

"Redjoy! It's just a table of food. Do you think I value it so highly!?"

Jing Yuesha clenched her fists tighter and tighter in anger. It was as though she was imagining grabbing Princess Redjoy in her hand and kneading her to a pulp.

Even though Brightheart Veranda's dishes were famous, they were just food. If it were any other time, she would not care if she could or could not eat them. However, Princess Redjoy had used the matter to repeatedly insult her and this infuriated her.

"You don't value it? Then why don't you scram and disappear? It's my birthday celebration today and I have already reserved the whole floor. Letting you stay was an act of my good will and getting you to leave is only common sense. Now, please leave quickly!" Princess Redjoy's long and beautiful brows curved up slightly as she added a sneer.

"By the way, Auntie Su, it's best you do not give your VIP cards to any ordinary riff-raff."

Manager Su gave an embarra.s.sed smile. She knew that Princess Redjoy was provoking her into taking a stance.

She did not wish to offend either party but since Jing Yuesha and company came from the Calm Sea, they would likely leave after the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. It did not matter if she offended them. Besides, Jing Yuesha’s remark had disparaged the Brightheart Veranda. It left her very displeased.

She shook her head gently, approached Jing Yuesha, and said, "Dear customer, this table of medicinal food that our Brightheart Veranda serves has been prepared for tens of thousands of years in the Heavenly South Great World. We have satisfied countless customers, but today this bit of culinary skill has failed to catch your eye. Since you think so little of our food, please return your VIP card."

Jing Yuesha was incensed as she pulled out her VIP card and threw it on the floor. "I don't even want it!"

Although she was infuriated, she could not begin a fight since this was the Heavenly South Great World. All she could do was bear with it.

Upon seeing Jing Yuesha throw the VIP card, Manager Su frowned. She had quite a lofty status in Cloud Pool City, one that had people from high society and the shadowy corners deferring to her. It would have been fine if Jing Yuesha had handed the VIP card back properly but she had thrown it on the ground. She too was infuriated. "Lady, our Brightheart Veranda's VIP card is just like our Brightheart Veranda's reputation. Those who hold such a VIP card are people with status. If they saw that the VIP card they hold is so utterly disregarded, what would they think? If you don't want the card, you can return it nicely. Throwing it on the ground is equivalent to denouncing our reputation. Please, pick it back up."

Manager Su extended her hand when she said that. It was a gesture for Jing Yuesha to pick the card up to hand it back to her. If Jing Yuesha was willing to do so, she could let the matter pa.s.s. If not, her Brightheart Veranda was not one to be easily bullied.

Jing Yuesha nearly blew her top. From her point of view, Manager Su was going overboard with her bullying. She was chasing them away and also taking back the VIP card. She even demanded her to yield in deference?

Jing Yuesha was also one not to take it lying down. She raised her foot and stepped on the VIP card.

"Old woman, do you think we are so easily bullied because we come from afar? You were the one who wanted the VIP card back. If you want me to pick it up, dream on!"

When Jing Yuesha said those words, Jing Yueyin and Jing Yueping were already standing behind her. Their auras were deep and unfathomable like the sea. Their bearing was domineering.

The Calm Sea was small but the Clear Lunar Island was not one to be slighted. Although the Brightheart Veranda had a stronger backer in the Cloud Pool City, the Clear Lunar Island wasn't afraid of them.

Instantly, the mood turned deadly serious. But before anyone could make a move, a group of people appeared at the entrance.

They were dressed in luxurious clothes. Leading them was a middle-aged man dressed in a python robe. He had a deep aura and his gait was firm. Every step of his seemed to make the hearts of others beat in unison. He was an impressive expert.

When the middle-aged man saw the situation, he p.r.i.c.ked up his thick brows and asked, "Redjoy, what's happening?"

Princess Redjoy was delighted to see the middle-aged man. She had invited seniors to her birthday celebration and the middle-aged man was her sixth paternal uncle. He was also an influential official of the Outcloud Empire and held a high rank.

"Third Uncle, you came just in time. Someone is causing trouble here in Brightheart Veranda."

Princess Redjoy struck first to gain the initiative. She pointed straight at Jing Yuesha. "This la.s.s threw the Brightheart Veranda's VIP card on the ground and even stepped on it. Furthermore, because she could not reserve a room due to my birthday celebration, she is making a scene and refuses to leave."

Princess Redjoy's tongue was rather vicious. Jing Yuesha yearned to rush up and rip Redjoy's mouth apart.

"Manager Su, is this la.s.s really causing trouble?" The middle-aged man asked the beautiful woman.

The woman bowed with a coquettish smile, "Lord Cloud, it's not as serious as it sounds. Juniors can be quite aggressive because of their age. It was just a few sharp insults. I only wish for this la.s.s to pick up the VIP card and apologize."

As the woman spoke, she looked at Jing Yuesha.

At this point, the matter had escalated. Jing Yuesha was feeling aggrieved and her eyes were red. Even though the Clear Lunar Island was not afraid of the Brightheart Veranda and the sect's elders supported her, they were there to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly South Great World Meet. As the saying goes, even a mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent, it was not right for her to offend the native factions over a matter of pride, considering how the Clear Lunar Island had just arrived in Cloud Pool City.

Jing Yuesha was irrevocably committed to the matter. She began to feel a tinge of regret. She had been a little rash to stomp her foot on the card…

She did not want to give more trouble to her seniors and only wanted to bear with it. As she looked at the VIP card underneath her feet, her lips turned white from all her biting…

She almost wanted to stretch out her hand to pick it up but at that moment, a foot suddenly appeared and stepped on the VIP card!

Jing Yuesha was momentarily taken aback. The stomp was very full. Back when Jing Yuesha stepped on it, she only stomped the card's side as she lacked the courage to fully do so. But this foot had left a huge footprint on the VIP card.

She looked up at the person who had extended his foot. It was… Yi Yun?

Yi Yun said with a smile, "Martial Niece Yuesha, if you want to step on something, step on it fully. Why stand on ceremony?"

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