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Chapter 131: This is Bliss

“You&h.e.l.lip; You&h.e.l.lip;” Hearing Yi Yun’s arrogant words, the boy angrily said, “This is the food given by the Jin Long Wei, how can you&h.e.l.lip; how can you&h.e.l.lip;”

Before the boy could finish, Yi Yun had began laughing.

Accompanying him was Sun Jingrui.

Including the several Jin Long Wei warriors, they were all laughing. It was a merciless ridicule.

“This silliness of this kid is the best,” Sun Jingrui said with a smile.

The boy was dazed; he finally realized that what he had said was ridiculous.

Yi Yun held back his laughter and said coldly, “You want food, sure. Take the cow dung thrown into my sister’s house and eat it, then I’ll give you some.”

The children who had accompanied the boy in throwing cow dung had a change in their expression. “Your house is already burned down. The cow dung&h.e.l.lip; the dung has all be burnt!”

A child said.

Yi Yun looked impatiently at the child. “There’s plenty of sh*t in the village, you can easily find it.”

“You&h.e.l.lip; You&h.e.l.lip;” The boy clenched his teeth. He realized that Yi Yun was not going to make life easy for him today!

He never planned to give him any food and even ridiculed him in public!

He was full of resentment and his eyes towards Yi Yun were full of bitterness.

He knew he was no match for Yi Yun. He cursed Yi Yun and cursed Yi Yun’s family.

Yi Yun frowned and remained silent, but Liu Tie jumped forward.

“F**king little son of a b.i.t.c.h, what are you staring at!? I’ll dig out your eyes.” Liu Tie punched the boy in the face until his face was swollen. Then, Liu Tie grabbed his hair and gave him another punch, making his nose bleed.

Liu Tie was ruthless. This child was only slightly older than Tao Yunxiao. Liu Tie was not merciful. Villagers married early, so a fifteen-year-old youth like him would be getting married in a year or two.

Liu Tie relentlessly attacked the boy, causing him to scream in agony, wailing for his parents! The boy’s grandfather, a tribal elder, watched with a livid expression, but he did not dare stop Liu Tie.

Those who wanted to engage in hooliganism would eventually be beaten. Back then, the boy was a bully. He led a bunch of lackeys and was full of triumph. Those who resisted him were surrounded then beaten. They took advantage of many girls, even to a serious extent, but these girls had no way of seeking refuge.

Yi Yun ignored all of this. At this moment, he realized that having some henchmen was not that bad.

Seeing most of the matters having settled, Yi Yun jumped onto the back of the near-horned beast. He said to Liu Tie, “Look after the food. I’ll be back in an hour to distribute it!”

Upon hearing that, Liu Tie was thrilled. This was the first command Yi Yun had given him!

Sometimes, people were cheap. They fought to become a slave. Liu Tie was such a person, and he immediately slapped his chest as a guarantee that he would complete his task.

Yi Yun bade farewell to Sun Jingrui and rode away on the near-horned beast.

His destination was the back mountain. He was going to find Jiang Xiaorou!

For some unknown reason, Yi Yun felt uneasy while he was heading towards the back mountain. This sense of unease made Yi Yun frown&h.e.l.lip;

He held onto the reins and increased his speed!

The near-horned beast kicked off a dust storm and galloped to the Lian tribal clan’s back mountain!

Seeing Yi Yun leave, the people were filled with emotions. Those who had ridiculed Yi Yun and those who had bullied Jiang Xiaorou were extremely worried, and it showed on their faces.

They had hoped that Yi Yun would not remember these things, but it was obvious that Yi Yun remembered every deed!

The shipment of food brought by the Jin Long Wei was not only to save the Lian tribal clan, but it was also used by Yi Yun to settle his debts of grat.i.tude and revenge.

At the Lian tribal clan, back mountain––

The weather in the mountain was colder than in the village. It was deep in the water, so besides the fast flowing East River, all the mountain springs in the Lian tribal clan back mountain had frozen over.

Even among all the fallen leaves, there were still tall, lush evergreen trees covering the blue sky.

On a hidden evergreen tree, there was a small and modest treehouse. Although there was chilly winds blowing outside, it was extremely warm inside the treehouse. This was because of the Chi Lin desolate bone that was constantly exuding a warm fire elemental energy.

Inside the treehouse was a fifteen-year-old girl with bare feet, sitting by the window. Her two small hands were by her sharp chin, as she gazed outside&h.e.l.lip;

It was the sixteenth day&h.e.l.lip;

It had been sixteen days since Yi Yun left. Jiang Xiaorou had been counting each and every day. She did not know what Yi Yun was doing.

These days, Jiang Xiaorou had nothing to do. Yi Yun had exhorted her not to go out, so she had been in the treehouse most of the time.

After all, whether it’s beasts of any kind or the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp members; if Jiang Xiaorou had met them, the situation would turn dangerous.

So all Jiang Xiaorou had been doing all all these days was to watch.

Within the treehouse, she looked at the small piece of sky through the window. She looked at the hundred-year-old ancient trees, and watched the boulders that never changed.

Day after day, Jiang Xiaorou would watch a huge rock grow a layer of frost in the morning, at noon, that frost would turn into vapor and at night, the moonlight would scatter off the rock&h.e.l.lip;

Jiang Xiaorou could only wait, and that’s she did.

She sat alone everyday, waiting anxiously. Sometimes, Jiang Xiaorou would have a nightmare, resulting in her to wake up in fright.

It was noon&h.e.l.lip;

A rare warm winter sun shone through the gaps in the woods onto Jiang Xiaorou’s face.

Under the rays of the sun, Jiang Xiaorou’s silky hair shone in faint golden light.

Suddenly, a soft sound rang. A squirrel had come to the treehouse and stopped by the window.

Seeing the furry squirrel, Jiang Xiaorou flashed a rare smile.

This was a little partner she had stumbled upon by chance. Due to excessive hunting, there were very few animals in the Lian tribal clan’s back mountain.

Having a little partner, Jiang Xiaorou was able to overcome her loneliness. She fed the little guy grains and corn. Hence, it often came for food.

Jiang Xiaorou sprinkled some corn and hugged her slender legs with her two lotus-like arms, as she watched the little guy eat.

The little guy ate really quickly. Its cheeks were filled up quickly, but it was very alert. It would raise its head to look at its surroundings from time to time.

Seeing the cute fella, Jiang Xiaorou felt at peace.

“Yun’er’s selection should be over.”

Jiang Xiaorou sighed as she looked out the window. “I wonder what his results are.. Yun’er may have increased greatly in strength lately, but there are so many experts in the Kingdom’s selection. Just around the Tao tribal clan there are a few dozen tribal clans. None of them are smaller than the Lian tribal clan&h.e.l.lip; There is also the Tao tribal clan, which is a giant&h.e.l.lip;”

Jiang Xiaorou was worried for Yi Yun. She was not counting on Yi Yun to pa.s.s the selection and for her to become rich as a result.

But she knew that Lian Chengyu had around 80-90% chance of becoming a Jin Long Wei. If Yi Yun did not become a Jin Long Wei, he would lose the protection of the Jin Long Wei and might be plotted against by Lian Chengyu!

When that happens, Yi Yun would be in danger.

Every time she thought of that, Jiang Xiaorou became very worried.

Although Jiang Xiaorou grew up in the vast wilderness, she did not believe in a G.o.d. But for the past ten days or so, even an atheist like her had been praying for Yi Yun, praying for a miracle, praying Yi Yun would pa.s.s the selection.

Those days were hard to get by.

Just as Jiang Xiaorou began to lose herself in thought, the little rascal that was chewing a piece of corn released its claws on its favorite food. It stood up and alertly looked at its surroundings. It stopped chewing, but its cheeks were still full. However, its small dark eyes were on full alert.

Jiang Xiaorou suddenly wondered. What happened?

She carefully listened and could hear a “rumbling” noise in the background, as if a giant beast was running through the mountains.

The squirrel was frightened and with a “ping”, it had hid behind Jiang Xiaorou’s back. In these few days, the squirrel had begun to trust Jiang Xiaorou.

Jiang Xiaorou stood up. The sound was getting louder and louder, as if the behemoth was nearby.

“Could it be&h.e.l.lip;” Jiang Xiaorou rushed to the window and looked out. She could see several trees in the woods, violently shaking. It was clear that a large beast was nearby.

Jiang Xiaorou held her breath.

About ten seconds later, she finally saw a two-storey tall behemoth pa.s.sing through the layers of forest appearing before her.

She could see a bright youth sitting on the broad shoulders of the behemoth. In the luxuriant forest, the youth was like a star and extremely dashing! His fresh but extraordinary facial features gave Jiang Xiaorou a familiar feeling.

“Yun&h.e.l.lip; Yun’er?” Jiang Xiaorou could not believe that the youth in front of her was Yi Yun!

“Sis Xiaorou!” After being apart for so many days, Yi Yun was full of emotion upon seeing Jiang Xiaorou again. Yi Yun was overjoyed when he saw her safe and sound. He was really afraid that Jiang Xiaorou might have gotten into an accident.

The world’s greatest pain would be when you obtained your ultimate accomplishment, but the person you wanted to share it with was no longer around.

That was an extreme loneliness.

In this world, Yi Yun only had Jiang Xiaorou as his only relative. Only Jiang Xiaorou could share in Yi Yun’s success and joy.

Yi Yun wished that Jiang Xiaorou could see him become a high n.o.ble or even a saint after seeing him become a Kingdom Knight!

For an unknown reason, when Yi Yun was riding on the behemoth through the back mountain, he suddenly had an uneasy feeling. He was worried Jiang Xiaorou had gotten into trouble. Only when he saw her, did he relieve himself of that pressure.

But, Yi Yun still felt uncertain.

He jumped up easily to the treehouse, causing the treehouse to rock to and fro. Without a word, he hugged Jiang Xiaorou tightly.

It was as if the moment he released her, Jiang Xiaorou would disappear.

“Sis Xiaorou, I’m back!’ Yi Yun choked, he did not know why he had that feeling from before.

No matter where that feeling came from, Yi Yun swore that he would protect Jiang Xiaorou for the rest of his life.

Under Yi Yun’s embrace, Jiang Xiaorou was already tearing up, “Yun’er, it’s good you are back. It’s good you are back&h.e.l.lip;”

Hugging Yi Yun, Jiang Xiaorou’s heart was filled with satisfaction.


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