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With the power of the Golden Carp, Yi Yun felt his Yuan Qi overflowing in abundance. His flames of vitality that appeared burned like a sun that emitted unlimited power. These energies were so potent that they augmented the sword in Yi Yun's hand.


The sword singed as it vibrated violently as though it could not withstand the terrifying energy imbued into it. At the same time, a black wheel appeared out of thin air behind Yi Yun. It was none other than the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. The law of Major Destruction was a supreme law when used for attacking. Coupled with the Golden Carp's augmentation, it could decimate anything in its path.


Yi Yun's sword collided with Cang Wu's Ghost Slayer. The gray waves that lingered around Ghost Slayer were utterly disintegrated by the Major Destruction laws!

The art of Slicing was similar to the Major Destruction laws, but Destruction was a complete annihilation that erased the very existence of objects. As for the art of Slicing, all it did was strangle a person and at most dice them to pieces.

It was not that Cang Wu's art of Slicing lacked strength, but that Yi Yun's Major Destruction laws were one of the two supreme Great Dao in the Universe. It was completely incomparable!


Cang Wu was greatly startled. He never expected that his Slicing laws would disintegrate instantly upon clashing with Yi Yun’s blade.

As he saw the black wheel crashing down on him, annihilating the s.p.a.ce around him—destroying any form of energy upon contact—he felt that it resembled the legendary black holes. They could wipe out everything!

"Poison Demon!" Cang Wu bellowed.

As he retreated rapidly, a green bottle flew out from his body. He smacked the bottle abruptly and it released a green smoke. It was ma.s.sive and resembled the smoke of the battlefield. The smoke manifested into a grotesque green face. It bared its teeth and claws as though it came from a devilish world.

This was a treasure Cang Wu had obtained from an ancient mystic realm. The bottle had been sealed since a time long forgotten. It was ownerless and sealed within it was a highly poisonous smoke. Such a smoke could corrode Yuan Qi, life, and even the soul! Back when Cang Wu first obtained it, he was unsure of its characteristics and nearly died from it.

The only thing that the poisonous fumes could not corrode was the green bottle. After being sealed for such a long period of time, the smoke gained a small amount of sentience. Many divine objects could gain sentience. The smoke had produced a grotesque devil that Cang Wu called Poison Demon.

Cang Wu was not the owner of Poison Demon; all he did was sign a contract with Poison Demon. He brought Poison Demon out of the ancient ruin, and every time he used Poison Demon, Cang Wu had to pay a corresponding price. Because of this, Cang Wu would not open the bottle until it was absolutely necessary.

"Oh? This is…"

When Yi Yun saw the smoke baring its fangs and claws, his heart chilled. What was this thing? He could sense life from the toxic smoke. For it to produce life was a testament to its toxicity.

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

As the poisonous smoke flew over, s.p.a.ce itself was nearly corroded. Although it could be said that the s.p.a.ce within the pocket world was not stable, Yi Yun still found it alarming that the poison was so toxic that it could corrode s.p.a.ce. If the toxic smoke was much larger, it could even corrode an entire pocket world.

Cang Wu was overjoyed as he watched the toxic smoke slowly envelop Yi Yun.

"Die, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I'll corrode you into a skeleton!" Cang Wu said ferociously. He clenched his right fist, causing the toxic smoke to engulf Yi Yun.


With a thought, the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed flew out.

Immense Heretical G.o.d flames emanated out, manifesting into a pet.i.te and adorable girl. Ling Xie'er looked at the devil that covered half the sky with its flailing claws and bared fangs. She showed no signs of panic as she immediately moved her tiny hands, gathering the black flames to her side.

Their bodies were completely disproportionate in size. The devil roared as it came biting at Ling Xie'er.

The toxic smoke was a divine item that had gained sentience but so was Ling Xie'er. She was born out of the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, sealed in a worldly array in the Sun Burial Sandsea for hundreds of millions of years.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

The toxic smoke and Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed clashed. Large amounts of black flames blanketed the pocket world. When the toxic smoke was incinerated by the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, it let out sizzling sounds as portions of the toxic smoke were burned into nothingness. The moment the toxic smoke's devil bit down on the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, it let out a tragic cry. Its entire mouth had been burned.

What sort of fire was this!?

It was alarmed. It was a manifestation of worldly laws that had existed for hundreds of millions of years. A fire seed that was in the form of a young girl should have been swallowed by it easily. However, it never expected the flames to be so horrifying. They burned right through the toxic smoke and reached its actual body.

Painful! It was too painful! The pain struck at its very soul. It felt that its powers were rapidly vanishing, making it panic. It roared, realizing it was not Ling Xie'er's match, and tried to escape. However, Cang Wu held the bottle where it could hide. It wouldn't get far.


Cang Wu was alarmed. He seldom conjured the toxic smoke but when he did use it, his opponents would usually be corroded to the point of flesh and blood just falling off their bones. Following that, even their bones would disintegrate. But today, Yi Yun, a Dao Palace realm junior, had conjured black flames that easily burned through the toxic smoke.

The flame was too terrifying. Cang Wu suddenly remembered that back when Yi Yun was trapped in the Nine Cosmic Grand Astral Incinerating Array by the patriarch, with the astral flames being augmented by numerous experts, Yi Yun appeared unaffected by it. He had even derided them. Could that have had something to do with the flames?

Cang Wu did not have the luxury of time to think it through, for at that moment Yi Yun had torn through the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed and was coming for his life! Poison Demon had been defeated, paving the way for Yi Yun to clash directly with Cang Wu.

Cang Wu retreated rapidly as he took out a red blood banner from his interspatial ring and threw it out. The blood banner coruscated with sanguine light, an indication that it had been fed large quant.i.ties of fresh blood.

Warriors that cultivated in unorthodox techniques would sacrifice large numbers of innocent lives to refine a blood banner or a soul banner. Cang Wu was not one of those warriors, but he had once killed a Supremacy that cultivated in such unorthodox techniques. He later took that Supremacy’s blood banner as his own. Over the years, Cang Wu had killed numerous enemies. He used their flesh and blood as sacrifices to the blood banner.

Now that Yi Yun had torn through Poison Demon with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, there was nothing to stop him. Cang Wu threw out the blood banner, and it transformed into a blood cloud that spanned ten thousand feet in a bid to block Yi Yun's strike.

At that moment, Ling Xie'er was embroiled with Poison Demon and was unable to help Yi Yun. Moments before Yi Yun slammed into the seemingly endless blood cloud, a thunderous shriek emitted from Yi Yun's body. It was as though a True Dragon had awoken in him.

He did not strike out with his sword, but instead took a deep breath. His chest expanded like a balloon as the power of his lifeforce gathered in his dantian. When it reached its limit, Yi Yun suddenly opened his mouth and emitted a bellow that contained all his might!


A dragon's roar transmitted out of Yi Yun's dantian and filled every corner of the pocket world!

This was the Truths of the Ascending Dragon from the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.' It stimulated the Dragon Emperor bloodline within the body and issued out a roar that could shake the world and shatter stars!

Back when Yi Yun digested the Dragon Emperor Relic, he had released a dragon's roar in the Concealed Dragon Cauldron. It caused the surrounding Myriad G.o.d Ridge disciples' blood to surge. The weaker ones like Arched Brows even spat out blood as a result. Following that, it forced open the Concealed Dragon Cauldron’s lid, caused the entire astral fire array to shatter, and cracked many of the personal disciples' dantians!

Back then, Yi Yun's roar had emanated in every direction without any focus. But now, his roar was concentrated with the 'Dragon Emperor Technique,' materializing into golden Words of Truth that blasted straight at Cang Wu!

Yi Yun felt refreshed from that bellow. In his previous battles, he would rely on his laws and sword techniques. Although they were powerful, he had never felt the ardor and zeal that came from a roar that was powered by the full stimulation of his vital potential through the use of his physical body's strength.


Yi Yun’s bellow dissipated the blood cloud that spanned ten thousand feet. The roar did not lose momentum as it continued on towards Cang Wu. Cang Wu felt ma.s.sive reverberations run through his body as his protective Yuan Qi quaked violently like a tumbling kite in a squall. Cang Wu was alarmed. There was such an attack!?

Bouts between warriors were usually a compet.i.tion of laws and moves. Yet, Yi Yun had attacked with a roar. Furthermore, his roar contained such immense power. The roar was not as simple as a sound wave that was formed from the air. No matter how strong a basic sound wave was, it could at best rupture eardrums. However, Yi Yun's roar was a sound wave formed from Yuan Qi. Contained within was the supreme might of a dragon. The roar's powers made Cang Wu's lifeblood quake in a resonating fashion. His organs felt like they were about to explode!

Cang Wu retreated in panic. And at that moment, Yi Yun took another deep breath. His body expanded in a more exaggerated manner than before. His bones, flesh and fascial tissue expanded outwards, as though his entire body had increased twice in size.


As though the world was rent asunder, with the crashing of tidal waves through s.p.a.ce, Yi Yun's voice manifested into something corporeal. There was a faint phantom image of a divine dragon within the sound blast! The dragon was roaring, injected with Yi Yun's surging vital potential! Yi Yun's roar had truly produced a dragon. A divine dragon had flown out of Yi Yun's body, and it charged straight at Cang Wu.

"Chi La!"

With an ear-piercing sound of torn cloth, the blood banner in Cang Wu's hand failed to withstand the shout. It tore apart! The countless blood specters and ghouls that were trapped in the banner were reduced to ash by Yi Yun's bellow. After so long, they were released from the suffering of being confined by the banner.

As he was forced into a corner by the roar, Cang Wu struck out with Ghost Slayer with all his might, causing Ghost Slayer to emanate black waves. He had never experienced such an attack before. All he could do was inject his Yuan Qi into Ghost Slayer and attempt to use his Slicing laws to resist Yi Yun's Truths of the Ascending Dragon.


The Slicing laws clashed with the Truths of the Ascending Dragon. The Yuan Qi sound wave was constantly sliced apart, dissipating most of its strength. However, the mighty True Dragon phantom image in the Truths of the Ascending Dragon continued its charge into Cang Wu's body.

Cang Wu's dantian quaked as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He was injured! At the same time, Yi Yun came right in front of Cang Wu with a sword in hand!


Yi Yun thrust out his sword, aimed straight at Cang Wu's heart. He did not give Cang Wu any chance! Cang Wu felt reverberations through his soul when he saw Yi Yun's strike coming at him!

Why? Why was he still able to produce such a powerful strike?

The roar from before was powered by Yi Yun's lifeblood. It had stimulated his vital potential, and the strike he was using now was powered by laws. The two forces did not conflict and so Yi Yun was able to use all his strength for both attacks.

But Cang Wu was different. He had used his Yuan Qi to withstand the Truths of the Ascending Dragon. Having used up all his strength on that strike, he was a spent force and was a lot weaker.

Cang Wu defended with Ghost Slayer, sending gray ripples out. Cang Wu's Slicing laws were still there but much weaker than before. And at the same time, Yi Yun conjured a 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence in the sword. Inside the black spinning wheel, countless G.o.ds and demons appeared from within! As the Slicing laws were greatly weakened by the lack of Yuan Qi, how could it defend against the Universe's Great Dao of Supremacy that was the Major Destruction forces?

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The gray waves were crushed by the spinning 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. Even the sword in Yi Yun's hand shook violently. The power of Major Destruction was so immense that even his own weapon could not withstand it.

Yi Yun sensed the sword's quivering. Although Arched Brows's sword was a treasure that the Song family spent a lot of resources on, it was still unable to withstand Yi Yun's power.

"Hold on a little while. If you withstand the Major Destruction laws, it will be a baptism for your body as a sword. You will undergo a metamorphosis!"

Yi Yun roared as the indomitable strike came thrusting forward. The strike tore through the void, eviscerating everything in its path. Cang Wu no longer had the means to withstand Yi Yun's strike. Powered by a force that could destroy all ent.i.ties, the sword tore through the last bit of Cang Wu's protective Yuan Qi like it was ripping through a portrait. Following that, Cang Wu's chest was penetrated!


The blade pierced his body and came out his back. Cang Wu's body was injected with the powers of Destruction, grinding his heart into dust instantly!

With no heart to hold it in, Cang Wu’s blood sprayed out uncontrollably. Cang Wu was petrified as he looked at the sword jutting out of his chest before looking at Yi Yun again. His face was filled with disbelief. In that moment, time seemed to freeze for Cang Wu.

At death's doorstep, countless memories flashed through Cang Wu's mind. He was extremely ambitious and had endured his time in the Myriad G.o.d Ridge for thousands of years. He was bent on becoming a mighty figure of the Calm Sea and eventually step out of it and into the Sinkhole. He wanted to be a top expert that could influence the Sinkhole!

Just fifteen minutes ago, he had seen the Ascending Dragon Cauldron open for an instant. He believed that he was just an arm's length away from his life’s goal, but he never expected that the decision to enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron would result in his death.

"Is this how it ends for me…"

Through the din of the chaotic Yuan Qi storms, Cang Wu clearly heard the sound of his blood flowing out. The excruciating pain from the empty cavity in his chest where his heart should have been left him suffocated.

Yi Yun's strike had destroyed all of Cang Wu's ambitions with its Major Destruction laws.

Cang Wu felt indignant and pained. However, none of it had any further meaning. Yi Yun sliced up diagonally, slashing open Cang Wu's throat and jaw, and releasing the sword from Cang Wu's body!

The sword was stained with fresh blood. Yi Yun did not look at Cang Wu. Instead, he looked at the sword. It was already filled with cracks. Yi Yun shook his head. "You are still too ordinary."

When Cang Wu heard that, his soul sea flinched. He knew that Yi Yun's words were not meant for him but for the sword. Yi Yun did not even look at him as he died. That was because Yi Yun did not even treat him as a powerful opponent.

This dismissiveness made Cang Wu feel extremely depressed. He had worked hard for thousands of years and yet his death lacked any meaning. He wasn't even shown respect by his opponent.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

At that moment, the sword in Yi Yun's hand shattered, causing remnants of it to fall from the sky.

The sword was ultimately unable to withstand a clash between ent.i.ties at the level of Supremacy. Over time, a weapon could undergo a transformation after being forged by supreme laws. This was why the weapons intrinsic to some mighty figures would be nourished by them for millions of years, eventually becoming a peerless divine weapon.

The scene of the sword shattering, sending out its scattering fragments, was the final thing Cang Wu saw in the world. Most of his organs and meridians had been destroyed by the Major Destruction laws. His flames of vitality were extinguished and what was left of his body plummeted down from the sky, with the sword fragments as companions for his final journey…

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