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Chapter 129: Glorious Homecoming

Yi Yun held onto his Yanchi saber and walked forward a few steps and he stood in front of the Patriarch.

Facing Yi Yun, the Patriarch’s body was trembling. He knew that it was extremely difficult for the Jin Long Wei to confer the t.i.tle of Kingdom Knight, so since Yi Yun was conferred the t.i.tle, it was proof that Yi Yun’s strength was extremely terrifying, far beyond his imagination!

As for the near-horned beast mount Yi Yun had, such a well-trained near-horned beast’s price would be something the Patriarch did not dare think of!

The people of the vast wilderness worshiped and feared experts. If not for the difference in stature in the past, the Patriarch would have knelt down before Yi Yun. But now, he was barely keeping his dignity in front of Yi Yun.

“Lian Chengyu&h.e.l.lip; was crippled by me.” Yi Yun said it simply.

The Patriarch’s brain buzzed. He subconsciously wanted rush up to Yi Yun and fight with his life. However, he realized something before making his impulsive move, hence he stopped.

The Patriarch’s body trembled. Behind him, the tribal elders looked at Yi Yun with disbelief and contempt.

As for the commoners, they were all stunned.

Lian Chengyu was crippled by Yi Yun?

Didn’t Lian Chengyu break through to the Purple Blood realm? How could he be defeated by Yi Yun? Yi Yun had only cultivated for a few days, how could that be?

“You are so heartless; to think our Lian tribal clan brought you up, yet you did something so ruthless!” A tribal elder angrily accused Yi Yun. It was as if Yi Yun was someone cruel and unscrupulous.

Yi Yun sneered, “You brought me up? Wrong, it’s us who brought you up! All you tribal elders are the parasites of the Lian tribal clan! It is parasites such as you that treat the people feeding and clothing you as slaves! This world is a life-or-death struggle. Lian Chengyu tried to kill me several times. Why don’t you ask him why he was so heartless? So it is alright for him to kill me, but when I kill him, I’m in the wrong? What a joke!”

Yi Yun’s words shut the tribal elder up.

That’s right, if Yi Yun was a weak and poor kid, Lian Chengyu would have torn Yi Yun to shreds a long time ago.

Suddenly, a tribal elder jumped up in agitation, “You&h.e.l.lip; You must have set up a trap for Chengyu! You can’t be Chengyu’s match. It’s impossible! You must have used some underhanded means, you&h.e.l.lip;”

Before he could finish his words, Liu Tie had already rushed forward and kicked the old man down!

Many of the Lian tribal clan’s elders did not know any martial arts, so they were no match for Liu Tie.

The old man fell and nearly broke all his bones. He lay on the ground groaning.

“F**k, I’ll make your dog eyes go blind! How dare you say Young master Yi had used underhanded means against Lian Chengyu!? Lian Chengyu is sh*t compared to Young master Yi!”

“Do you know how dumb you are? You actually think Young master Yi isn’t strong? Young master Yi stood in the arena to fight Lian Chengyu. Lian Chengyu was like a chicken or dog, he got utterly beaten to pieces. It was not a battle, but Young master Yi’s beating of Lian Chengyu!”

“Not even Lian Chengyu. Even the top genius of the Tao tribal clan, their third young master used the forbidden power of their clan’s ancestral artifact, and he still got beaten terribly! Do you know what the Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact is? I’m sure you have no idea. That sort of power is way beyond your imagination!”

Liu Tie sneered as he looked at the Lian tribal clan’s elders with contempt and haughtiness. His expression was saying they were a bunch of idiots, shouting without knowing anything.

“You dare to say Young master Yi plotted against Lian Chengyu, I can’t even laugh. Wake up you r.e.t.a.r.ds! Your family’s precious baby Lian Chengyu barely reached Yellow rank fifth grade in his a.s.sessment. Do you know what Yellow rank fifth grade is? There’s so many in the vast wilderness, they’re nothing rare at all!”

“But Young master Yi had been a.s.sessed as Mystic rank grade five, it’s an entire rank higher. Do you know what the Mystic rank grade five is!? This a.s.sessment was made by the upper echelon of the Jin Long Wei, and it is absolutely authoritative! What’s the Mystic rank grade five? It means they will become a human lord, destined to become a high n.o.ble!”

“While demonstrating, Young master Yi managed to shatter teacups three hundred feet away. He even caused Purple Air Comes From The East! Do you know what Purple Air Comes From The East is? Hehe! I’m sure you don’t! That’s a purple mist that filled the skies for hundreds of miles. That was beautiful! When Young master Yi was demonstrating his skills, he was acknowledged by the heaven and earth to produce such a phenomenon! You bunch of r.e.t.a.r.ds, b.u.mpkins who don’t know anything, what the f**k are you shouting for!?” Liu Tie’s words were said with great strength. His voice spread throughout the audience, as if he was the one who had induced Purple Air Comes From The East.

In fact, it was a rewarding to Liu Tie to flaunt his knowledge in front of these unknowledgeable people.

Liu Tie had decided to dedicate himself to protecting Yi Yun’s honor. By serving Yi Yun beside him, this way when Yi Yun got happy, Yi Yun might even bring him out of the vast wilderness!

Yi Yun who was behind Liu Tie was speechless. The teacups he had shattered were just thirty feet away, and his Purple Air Comes From The East was only a few miles at maximum. But Liu Tie had exaggerated it by more than ten times.

But the people of the vast wilderness had no concept for these numbers. They were all stunned by Liu Tie’s words.

These phenomena didn’t need Liu Tie to elaborate. They found it too great and terrifying. Could these phenomena appear from a normal person’s body?

Coupled with the fact that Yi Yun had been made a Kingdom Knight, n.o.body suspected Yi Yun’s strength. He was a dragon amongst the people. He had pa.s.sed a compet.i.tive examination and attained great things. They were small fries who could not even look at Yi Yun anymore!

The tribal elders who hated Yi Yun did not dare speak as they no were no longer qualified.

The people were silent.

After the atmosphere stayed silent for a while, Yi Yun walked into the crowd and scanned the audience.

“Your Young master Lian had tried to kill me several times. He enslaved the population and caused harm to the people. He is guilt-ridden, so no matter what state he ends up in, he deserved it!”

“Lian Chengyu took away your food to exchange for martial arts resources. He bet on his wealth and gave you the promise of bringing you into the city. It was a lie. With Lian Chengyu’s ability, he would need several years to become a Kingdom Knight; by then, you would all have starved to death.”

“Lian Chengyu recruited able-bodied men to refine desolate bones that were toxic. He caused the deaths of the able-bodied men. He also gave them pills that overdrew a person’s vitality, making them die even faster!”

“After that, he pushed all the blame to me. He lied and said that I was possessed and had spread the plague. He instigated the people to lay siege on my sister, and burned down my house!” Yi Yun said it nonchalantly. The people then remembered than half a month ago, Yi Yun had said the same thing during the Lian tribal clan’s selection match.

At that time, not many believed Yi Yun.

Today, Yi Yun had repeated himself, and had virtually not changed anything. But this time, the result was completely different!

No one doubted Yi Yun.

This is what strength could bring!

A person’s word was not determined by how a.s.sured he was when he spoke it, nor was it determined by saying it by swearing, but by their status, position and strength!

Whatever the real king said, it was the rule and the law!

Who couldn’t believe? Who dared to doubt it?

And Yi Yun had reached that position. Did he need to lie to a bunch of ants?

So no one doubted Yi Yun’s words. They all knew they were previously tricked by Lian Chengyu!

Lian Chengyu had treated them as fools, using them as a stepping stone.

The higher Lian Chengyu went, the lower the people were trampled!

Maybe, those who had close relations with Lian Chengyu could have gotten some benefits from Lian Chengyu’s meteoric rise, but for the weak, they were destined to be abandoned!

Upon realizing this, the people were angry and at a loss. Yi Yun’s words were like a loud slap. It took them a while to recover from that hit.

At this time, Yi Yun no longer wanted to deal with these people. He thought of something and scanned the crowd. Very soon, he found who he was looking for.

In the crowd at a corner, a honest and simple looking woman was holding onto a cute twelve-year-old girl.

They were Aunt w.a.n.g and Zhou Xiaoke.

Zhou Xiaoke’s face was red. She wanted to come forward to greet Yi Yun, but she was afraid.

Because the current Yi Yun was completely different from the impression Zhou Xiaoke had of Yi Yun.

He was no longer the amiable Brother Yi Yun in linen clothes. Now, he looked high and mighty, Compared to Yi Yun, Zhou Xiaoke felt shame over her shabby clothes.

But at this time, Yi Yun beckoned Zhou Xiaoke.

“Xiaoke, come over.”

“Ah!” Seeing Yi Yun suddenly wave to her, Zhou Xiaoke was like a frightened rabbit.


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