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When the crowd landed on the sacred land, they immediately sensed an extremely rich fire-elemental Yuan Qi. It was where the Earth fire gathered, with flames spewing out as though they were alive!

Soon, people realized that there were array patterns engraved on the sacred land. The Patriarch had used a worldly array to isolate the land they were in.

A world that was already sealed, now further isolated by a ma.s.sive array, truly made for an impermeable and una.s.sailable realm.

This was also evidence that today’s events were of the utmost importance to the Patriarch!

"It's finally beginning. I've been waiting so long for this," the red-dressed boy said in an excited tone.

As he spoke, he took out an interspatial ring and produced a hand seal. Large numbers of natural treasures began flying out of the interspatial ring!

They were all sealed in jade boxes.

"Open all of them."

On the patriarch's instruction, the Myriad G.o.d Sect Master and the old woman opened the jade boxes one after another.

Only then did people realize that the treasures that the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had kept hidden far exceeded the ones from his earlier list. In fact, a lot of them were ten or even tens of times more valuable than the ones he tasked them with searching for!

The red-dressed boy carefully held up a small jar of milky white liquid. Yi Yun's eyelids twitched when he saw it.

"Dragon Bone Milk?"

Yi Yun knew it from the divine alchemist's notes. The milky liquid was the result of the melting of dragon bones over hundreds of millions of years. These dragon bones were obtained from the remains of a dragon's corpse, which was buried in a dark netherworld and corroded by the rich Yin gases present.

The liquid only took on this milky form through numerous fortuitous coincidences, so it was an extremely rare item. In addition, after obtaining the Dragon Bone Milk, one still had to be careful of the Yin poison it contained due to the long time spent in a dark netherworld that was rich with Yin gases. A typical warrior would instantly lose their vitality upon consuming the Dragon Bone Milk and would be reduced to a desiccated and cold corpse. There were special ways to remove the Yin poison but very few people knew of the method. Even the divine alchemist only knew of the method because he had chanced upon it in an ancient ruin.

Did the red-dressed boy actually know the method of handling Dragon Bolk Milk?

Yi Yun was astonished. Since he had taken out the Dragon Bone Milk, he definitely had the means to refine it. It would be foolish to hope that an old monster like him would make such a stupid mistake and poison himself to death.

No one else recognized the Dragon Bone Milk. But one knowledgeable Elder did recognize the next worldly spiritual item the red-dressed boy took out.

It was an azure-colored fruit about the size of a fist. It was crystalline and looked like it was carved out of beautiful jade. It effused an alluring fragrance.

"This is… a fruit born from the Nine Revolutions Azure Tree? Legend has it that Nine Revolutions Azure Trees can live for billions of years. Such divine trees appear at the beginning of the universe and grow extremely slowly. In the beginning, they will only be tiny seeds that take root in ordinary soil, sprout, and initially grow an inch a year. However, they can live for an extremely long period of time and can grow to become towering divine trees after ten thousand years. At a million years old, the divine trees' crowns will resemble hundred-thousand-foot mountains. The tree trunk would be like a column that holds up the sky. After a billion years, their root networks would penetrate the planets they take root in, going deep into the planet's core where it would extract Earth fire. Eventually, they will span entire solar systems and, when the trees' crowns reach into the cosmos, they will even extract the essence of the celestial bodies!"

There were Elders that exclaimed such things. The azure-colored fruit was born from the Nine Revolutions Azure Tree. It was fascinating that such a gigantic tree would produce such small fruits. However, the fruit contained large amounts of highly compressed Nine Revolutions Azure Tree essence despite its small size.

In it was large amounts of vital Yuan Qi, and the greatest effect it had was to extend one's longevity!

After all, the Nine Revolutions Azure Tree could live for billions of years!

Rumor had it that they could provide immense vitality to the consumer, allowing them to regain their youth. Even Divine Lord experts who had their life potential repeatedly catalyzed would have their lives extended by ten to twenty thousand years after consuming the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit. Its value was even higher when refined into pills!

The Nine Revolutions Azure Tree fruit's single effect of extending one's lifespan was enough for people to vie for it violently.

No one expected the red-dressed boy to have obtained one. If he had the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit, he should have consumed it a long time ago. Why did he hold on to it all this time? After all, the effect of extending one's lifespan was something many old monsters dreamed of.

After the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit, the red-dressed boy took out another crystalline fruit. It was the same size as the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit and was similar in shape. However, it's color was different. The Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit was, naturally, azure-colored but this fruit was red. The two fruits appeared to be a pair.

"The fruit of the Dragon Blood Tree!"

Another Elder recognized it. Dragon Blood Trees had slightly shorter lifespans than Nine Revolutions Azure Trees but they could also exist for more than a hundred million years. The Dragon Blood Tree's original name was the Fey Blood Tree because it ate people and Fey beasts. They would bind Fey beasts with their veins and melt them into a pool of blood, absorbing them with their roots!

Although Fey Blood Trees were valuable, it wasn't difficult for most Elders of the Myriad G.o.d Ridge to obtain one. Due to their long lifespans, Fey Blood Trees were powerful and could hunt wyrms. They would consume the wyrm's blood and bear the fruit known as the Dragon Blood Fruit!

There was no need to elaborate on the price of the fruit. Since it could extend one's lifespan and aid in marrow cleansing, it was priceless!

Following that —

Heaven Devouring Wyrm Horn! Dragonbone Whale Oil! Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm Silk! Nine-winged Golden Dragon Claw!

Although these were also valuable, they were of relatively lower value compared to the first three worldly divine items.

Yi Yun looked at the divine items with a heavy expression. He realized that they could all basically be categorized into two types.

One category was related to dragons!

The other category extended one's lifespan as well as ignited one's vital forces!

The first category was easily explained. The Myriad G.o.d Patriarch wanted to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, so he needed dragon bloodlines.

No person present had a bloodline that was sufficient in awakening the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, including Yi Yun. Although he had the Purple Crystal sealed within him, he did not believe he was able to awaken the dragon soul that slept within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Therefore, the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch needed the divine items to uplift the purity of the dragon bloodline!

As for the second category, the extension of one's lifespan and igniting of one's vital forces was definitely not a priority for young people. It could only be for the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch himself!

Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had lived excessively long but he did not wish to meet his end. He wanted to ignite his vital potential and make another breakthrough!

Once he broke through, he would be able to live a few million years more at the very least.

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun gradually turned disheartened. There was no doubt that he was stuck in a perilous situation today.

The Myriad G.o.d Patriarch took out all the treasures he had, about forty items in total, and left them flying in midair.

Following that, he produced hand seals that resulted in loud rumbles.

The ma.s.sive Ascending Dragon Cauldron crashed down, right into the center of the intersection of the nine gigantic rifts.

Wu Wu Wu Wu!

Lava boiled as Earth fire whistled!

All of the fire in the land had been gathered in the same spot. With the Ascending Dragon Cauldron suppressing it, fire columns that reached hundreds of thousands of feet high spewed out!

The fire columns burned for a long time before they gradually became shorter. However, Yi Yun could tell the fire columns shortening wasn’t a sign of them weakening, but of the flames' essence focusing and coagulating.

When the fire columns were ten feet tall, the flames reached an inconceivable purity. The overwhelming heatwave left everyone appalled!

"It's ready."

The Myriad G.o.d Patriarch nodded. He had spent tens of thousands of years to prepare the ma.s.sive array. Now, everything was going according to his plans.

He beckoned once again and the Ascending Dragon Cauldron replica flew out. It floated above the real Ascending Dragon Cauldron and was consumed by the world's fire!

"M… Master…all of this… this isn’t being prepared for me, is it?"

Feng Yunyang was shocked. Even though he thought highly of himself, the scale at which everything was happening left his confidence shaken.

Could all these divine treasures really be for him? Why did it feel like that was impossible?

Upon hearing Feng Yunyang's question, the red-dressed boy revealed a genial smile. "Of course they are for you. I chose these treasures especially for you."


Feng Yunyang found it hard to believe, but the patriarch had said so. There was no need for his master to deceive him, right?

Upon coming to this conclusion, Feng Yunyang turned excited.

With all these divine treasures cleansing his body, wouldn't his cultivation level soar to incomprehensible heights? When that time came, what was one Yi Yun worth? Even ten or a hundred of him would be easily crushed!

"Thank you, Master! Master, your love for me is something I'll never be able to repay!"

Feng Yunyang knelt down and kowtowed to the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch.

However, this scene left people with mixed thoughts.

Some were envious and jealous of Feng Yunyang. They had already believed that Feng Yunyang was the illegitimate son of the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch. With the patriarch's life coming to an end, and him not being able to produce offspring, he naturally had to nurture his only begotten son.

However, there were others that were stuck on the idea that the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had spent tens of thousands of years preparing all of this. The amount of resources, time, and effort spent was unimaginable. Even if the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch did think so highly of his descendants, was there a need to pay such an incredible price?

Just as Feng Yunyang was giving his thanks, a cold voice suddenly sounded out. "It's truly hard on you, to continue dreaming such an unpragmatic dream. I don’t know if you are truly, hopelessly dumb or if you are still lost in your beautiful dreams. Even though you realize that it's a dream, you refuse to awaken from it."

The voice was filled with rich sarcasm. It made Feng Yunyang agitated.

"Who's the one speaking nonsense!?"

Feng Yunyang leaped up like a cat that had its tail stepped on. His swept his gaze across the crowd before slowly landing it on Yi Yun!

He could tell that the voice from before was Yi Yun's.

Yi Yun only sneered when Feng Yunyang looked at him. With the situation having unfolded this far, life and death depended on one's bets. Since he could no longer evade things getting intense, he stopped caring about having a delicate approach.

"So it's you, the grinding stone!" Feng Yunyang glanced hatefully at Yi Yun. "Do you think you are worthy to speak to me? After being a prisoner for half a year, haven't you come to terms with your present situation? You are only still alive because Master wants you as a sparring beast for me. You are no different from Fey beasts that are reared so that young geniuses can slaughter them during their experiential training. When I finish cleansing my body, it will be the time for your death. I'll chop off your head and use your blood to pave the road to becoming a G.o.dly Monarch!"

"G.o.dly Monarch?" Yi Yun laughed. "How pathetic! I thought you were simply lost in your dreams and unwilling to awaken. Who knew that you are truly just a plain fool? Why don't you p.i.s.s a pool of water to look at yourself in the mirror? What sort of importance do you think you have to enjoy the myriad of resources that old undying fart has provided? To think that trash like you dares to talk about becoming a G.o.dly Monarch. I may be facing adversity right now, but to be in the situation with a fool like you is the truest disgrace!"

"You!" Feng Yunyang had been struck where it hurt. He was incensed, but what Yi Yun pointed out was something even he did not believe in. "Master…"

At that moment, all of Feng Yunyang's hopes were placed on the red-dressed boy. Only his master’s encouragement would put him at ease. "Master, these divine treasures…"

The red-dressed boy gave a faint smile and said with a nod, "They are all prepared for you."

Feng Yunyang heaved a sigh of relief. He had confirmed the statement twice. Only with that could he feel slightly at ease.

"However, why are there herbs that extend one's longevity? I don't seem… to need my longevity extended, right?" Feng Yunyang asked worriedly.

The red-dressed boy said, "The Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit is one of the four main herbs. It is indeed not being prepared for you. The Heaven Devouring Wyrm Horn, the Dragonbone Whale Oil, the Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm Silk, and the Nine-winged Golden Dragon Claw are for you. When the time comes, I will pour the herbs into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and the astral fire will brew it. Then, you can enter the cauldron to cleanse your body."

"I will… enter the cauldron to cleanse my body?" Feng Yunyang was dumbfounded. He took a glance at the burning astral flames in the core of the Nine Dragons Encircling Pearl array and barely managed a smile. "Master, will I be able to withstand that fire?"

"Of course you can." The red-dressed boy continued smiling. "Without such intense flames, it will not be able to brew away the useless flesh from your body. Your bones and blood are needed to mix with the essences of the Heaven Devouring Wyrm Horn, the Dragonbone Whale Oil, the Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm Silk, and the Nine-winged Golden Dragon Claw. Together with the three main ingredients, the Nine Revolution Azure Fruit, the Dragon Bone Milk, and the Dragon Blood Fruit, they will ultimately be refined into the perfect Dragon Emperor Relic."

The red-dressed boy had spoken at an adequate pace but Feng Yunyang felt like he had plummeted into an ice cavern when he heard that.

Instantly, the smile that was hanging across the red-dressed boy's face turned unfamiliar and extremely creepy.

The Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was using… him… for the refinement of a pill!?

The so-called cleansing of his body was actually the ritual of him being brewed and refined with other herbal ingredients! This so-called "preparation" for him was because he was one of the four main ingredients!

"No… No… Master, stop joking. How can I be one of the herbs? I… I…"

Feng Yunyang's face turned pale as his voice quivered. Although he was trying his best to calm himself down, he only became more and more terrified. In his eyes, the boy-like old monster in front of him seemingly transformed into the most terrifying devil in the world that was about to swallow him up!

"My dear disciple, don't think so lowly of yourself. I have traveled to so many places across the Sinkhole and have seen innumerable people. But you, you have the purest dragon race bloodline following through your veins."

The red-dressed boy floated over and gently patted Feng Yunyang on the shoulder. From the beginning, the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch only thought of using the blood from his disciple’s dragon bloodline to trigger the Ascending Dragon Cauldron so that he could obtain the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

But later on, as his preparations became more and more complete, especially after he found a ruin left behind by the ancient dragon race and learned of the existence of a Dragon Emperor Relic, he was no longer satisfied with simply obtaining the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.'

He wanted to refine the Dragon Emperor Relic and consume it, so that it would cleanse his marrow and swap his blood with that of a dragon's bloodline. He could then use his own bloodline to awaken the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and become its true owner!

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