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Upon seeing the situation unfold, all the Elders and personal disciples present were completely confounded. They originally believed that, as the last disciple of the patriarch, Feng Yunyang would have talent that stood at the pinnacle of the Calm Sea, invincible among those at the same realm.

In the battle with the two ambitious personal disciples, Feng Yunyang had easily clinched victory. Many who witnessed it even believed that he had yet to use all his strength. But now, when facing off with Yi Yun, he was defeated in one hit?

Days ago, Yi Yun had fought Song Bowen and defeated him with one hit. Now he had also defeated Feng Yunyang in one hit! There was almost no discernible difference!

So what kind of strength did Yi Yun have? The patriarch might as well have taken Yi Yun in as his last disciple.

"Did you not hear the question I just asked?"

As Yi Yun repeated his question, Mirage Snow's blade constantly sliced into Feng Yunyang's cheeks. The right half of Feng Yunyang's face was frozen and it felt as if he was being repeatedly p.r.i.c.ked by needles.

At that moment, his heart was seized by extreme terror. Amid the biting cold, all he could muster was a stutter. "I… I said…"

"In terms of strength, I am inferior to… Bai Shanhe and… Lin Xintong…"

"Who is Lin Xintong? What background does she have?" Yi Yun asked again.

However, how could Feng Yunyang know the answer? Back in the Seven Desolates continent, he was only a disciple from a tiny sect and not a citizen of the White Lunar Divine Empire. He shook his head, still in a daze. "I… I really do not know. I only know that she is the last disciple of the White Lunar G.o.ddess Empress."

Upon hearing Feng Yunyang's answer, Yi Yun frowned. He was unsatisfied with that answer.

He could not be absolutely certain that the Lin Xintong in question was his wife. However, on careful thought, Yi Yun remembered hearing from Princess White Fox that Lin Xintong had encountered fortuitous events that greatly increased her strength. He knew that Lin Xintong had also arrived in the Sinkhole.

There were as many warriors in the Sinkhole as there were grains of sand in the Ganges river. It was not rare for people to share the same name. However, she was a top genius. The amount of geniuses was drastically less and so the chance of two people sharing the same name was infinitesimal.

"Yi Yun! What are you doing? Are you not going to release Junior Brother Feng Yunyang yet!?"

Seeing how Feng Yunyang's head was about to be completely encased in ice, Cang Wu bellowed.

Yi Yun turned around and looked at Cang Wu. It was a look that nearly made Cang Wu's knees buckle.

Yi Yun was too strange. How was his strength so great? Feng Yunyang was already a four-storey Dao Palace warrior and he had excellent talent. If Yi Yun could so easily defeat him, didn't it mean that he already had strength that approached that of a Supremacy?

This thought left Cang Wu alarmed. If that was the case, wouldn't the sect master want Yi Yun as his last disciple? Could it even be possible that he would one day become the sect master of Myriad G.o.d Ridge?

Cang Wu was not the only one who had such a thought. Many who witnessed the battle shared it. Yi Yun's brutal defeat of Feng Yunyang appeared to be a slight to the patriarch but, according to the tradition of the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch, he would end up being praised for his ability to trample over Feng Yunyang.

Once Yi Yun rose directly to a high position, what sort of fruits did those who had offended him deserve?

Zhang Tianxiang and Song Zhanchen had especially pale faces. If Yi Yun gained power, the question was no longer the kind of fruit. It was possible that their entire family clan would be wiped out from the Myriad G.o.d Ridge! At that moment, Zhang Tianxing and Song Zhanchen were no longer in the right mind to bother about Yi Yun murdering some juniors.

"Junior Brother Yi, it's best you hand Feng Yunyang over to me. He is the patriarch's disciple after all."

Cang Wu knew that he could not suppress Yi Yun, so he mentioned the patriarch to pressure him.

Yi Yun's brows moved slightly. He would not get a satisfactory answer to his question and there was no value in holding Feng Yunyang hostage. Besides, he had no idea what schemes the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had in store. Feng Yunyang was probably of great use to him. There was no reason for Yi Yun to kill Feng Yunyang.

Yi Yun kicked Feng Yunyang, sending his body tumbling away. After a few rolls, he landed in Cang Wu's hands.

Upon touching Feng Yunyang's body, Cang Wu felt like he was touching a block of ice. Cang Wu took a deep breath and retrieved a pill from his interspatial ring to feed Feng Yunyang.

The people present exchanged looks. No one imagined the possibility of Feng Yunyang being instantly defeated by Yi Yun.

"Young Master Yi, please do not take any offense I may have rendered you to heart."

"Young Master Yi has truly opened my eyes today. I thought that Feng Yunyang was a rare genius of this world, but who knew that Young Master Yi is actually a genius freak of nature that bests the Sinkhole?"

Many people said such things in great embarra.s.sment. They were trying their best to redeem whatever impressions Yi Yun had of them.

At that moment, it felt like they had just swallowed a fly. What the heck just happened? A group of high-spirited men had come to Sunken Moon Tower to see it given over to Feng Yunyang but, in a blink of an eye, Feng Yunyang was beaten to a pulp. Now they were implicated by Feng Yunyang’s bad luck.

"Let's go. To the sect master."

Cang Wu was extremely glum. He was a proud person, and he had confidently connived against Yi Yun in various ways. Now, it was impossible for him to say anything good to Yi Yun. All he could do was leave as quickly as possible.

The group of people left with their tails between their legs. Yi Yun naturally continued to stay in Sunken Moon Tower, and no one dared to ask him to move out again.

Fifteen minutes later, in a dark hall, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, with Yuan Qi lingering around it, stood tall in the middle of the hall like a burning black flame.

A red-dressed boy was standing in front of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron facing it. His back was to the door, and behind him was a gray-shirted elder who was none other than the Myriad G.o.d Ridge's sect master.

"Your Lordship, Feng Yunyang has been defeated by Yi Yun. Furthermore, he has had one arm chopped off. The severed arm has been sealed in frost Qi and burnt by black flames. It's not impossible to rejoin his arm, but it would require a great deal of time and natural herbs."

"I know about it," The red-dressed boy said in a deep tone. His voice remained as hoa.r.s.e as ever. "What an incompetent fool. All he has is pa.s.sable talent, and his present strength is only a result of the large number of resources I spent on him. Yet he prides himself on that and thinks too highly of himself. His foolishness is truly unparalleled!"

Upon mentioning Feng Yunyang, the red-dressed boy revealed a look of disgust. Were it not for the huge purpose that disciple of his had, even he would have smacked him to death.

"What do we do with that Yi Yun? He's truly arrogant. Previously, he killed Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen, two personal disciples. Now, he has severely injured Feng Yunyang, completely disparaging our Myriad G.o.d Ridge's rules. If we do not deal with him, he will only go from bad to worse. But at the same time, his talent is the highest I've seen in my life. I'm at a loss for how to deal with him."

When Yi Yun was mentioned, the red-dressed boy showed a rare frown. From his point of view, Yi Yun was like an unfathomable body of water. He did not resemble a young man at all.

"Since this Yi Yun managed to trigger the dragon soul within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, his bloodline must be relatively pure. Leave him be for now. Monitor his every move carefully. I do not want any mishaps to happen at the last moment."

"I have already been monitoring him." The sect master received the order. "I will definitely do my best to ensure that everything goes smoothly."

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