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Chapter 1174: Vanquishing Demons

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

"Senior, please wait." Yi Yun followed the white-dressed female."Senior, can you tell me what this place is? And what is buried here? To be honest, a friend of mine has been possessed by one of these ghost faces. Now, no matter what she does, she can't make any progress in her cultivation. Furthermore, the ghost was even eating away at her vitality. I want to know how the curse can be resolved."

Yi Yun sensed that the white-dressed female was about to leave. He immediately asked all the questions on his mind because he felt that if he didn't, he would lose his chance.

"Oh? You are here to save a friend?" The white-dressed female came to a slight pause as she asked.

"That is one reason. There’s also the curiosity of figuring out what is happening here." Yi Yun said honestly.

The white-dressed female fell silent for a long while before speaking."History changes erratically. Time is enough to wipe away many things. This land you are currently in, it used to be a city built by the slaves of an ancient race. Your people call this ancient race the Ancestor G.o.ds."

"Ancestor G.o.ds?" Yi Yun's heart stirred."What do they look like?"

"Their bodies appear to be built from bronze. Their heights range from fifty kilometers to even five hundred or five thousand kilometers. They can crush the lands and squash the stars."


Yi Yun realized that the bronze giants he had seen before were Ancestor G.o.ds.

Back in the Azure Wood Great World, one of them had been sealed away for hundreds of millions of years. It was an extremely frail bronze giant, but it could easily steamroll Felicitous Rain Lord, as well as several other powerful Divine Lords. That scene remained etched in Yi Yun’s memories.

In fact, back in the lower realm a long time ago, Yi Yun had visited the Pure Yang Sword Palace a second time. There he heard the Sword Spirit mention the Ancestor G.o.ds.

The Sword Spirit told of the formation of the Universe where the 12 Empyrean Heavens reside, and how the Heavenly Dao and the Ancestor G.o.ds were born out of the Chaos. Their history in the 12 Empyrean Heavens was too dense to wrap up in a short tale.

And the Tian Yuan world was one of the vessels that sealed the Ancestor G.o.ds' King of the G.o.ds.

"Servants of the bronze giant… Then, these sleeping human faces are the bronze giant's servants? Why can they live so long? If they awaken, will it cause a disaster?"

Inside, Yi Yun reeled. He was shocked to discover such a ruin under the Myriad Divine Territory. If the tens of thousands of servants were to be released, would they cause a ma.s.sacre in the Myriad Divine Territory?

The white-dressed female shook her head and said,"These servants aren't as powerful as you think. They are only low-ranking servants who constructed the cities and mausoleums for the Ancestor G.o.ds. The reason why they can live so long is that they have abandoned their physical bodies, living on as spiritual ent.i.ties. Then, they seal their spiritual bodies in blood ice, freezing their existence in that state."

"The reason why your friend cannot cultivate is that the demonic servant possessing her is draining her Yuan Qi in an attempt to replace her."

"These demonic servants aren't that terrifying. You can deal with them alone. Even if the tens of thousands of demonic servants buried here were to escape, they would not cause too much of a stir. Someone would definitely appear and deal with them."

"If you wish to help your friend, do it yourself. Consider it a form of experiential training…"

When the white-dressed female said that, her body gradually transformed into streams of light that vanished.

"Senior!" Yi Yun was taken aback as he watched the streams of light vanish. He felt somewhat despondent.

The woman's strength had far exceeded his imagination. She seemed to understand many of the secrets of this world but, unfortunately, she was gone.

"Since the senior said that I can deal with these demonic servants, let me attempt it." Yi Yun calmed his heart as he turned to look at the densely-packed and odd human faces.

Understanding something before having the strength to act on it was not necessarily a good thing. The true shape of the world was something he would naturally understand once he reached a high enough level where he could see everything at a glance.

Before him now were the demonic servants.

Yi Yun slowly walked along the boundary of the huge cemetery as he observed the situation with the ghastly faces.

The white-dressed female had said that the ghastly faces were spiritual bodies that had abandoned their physical bodies. Yi Yun also discovered that the ghastly faces were being sealed by ma.s.sive red ice blocks.

Although they had hideous looks, they had no vibrancy in them. It was unknown how long they had been lying in slumber.

"Just watching won’t do. I might as well take action." Yi Yun chose one of the faces on the boundary and pointed the pure Yang broken sword at the ground.

"By sealing themselves inside the blood ice they’ve made themselves into easy targets." Yi Yun thought to himself.

But at that moment, the ghastly face seemed to sense danger, and suddenly opened its eyes!

The area around the ghastly face's eyes were two black holes. Inside seemed to be two regions of endless darkness. Instantly, an ear-piercing shrill resounded in Yi Yun's mind as the ghastly face escaped the blood ice and pounced at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun's pupils constricted. What a fierce demonic ent.i.ty!

His Yuan Qi surged as a blast of killing intent abruptly rose up in him.

At the same time, the ghastly face was right in front of Yi Yun.

The ghastly face was oddly swift. It would catch anyone off guard, especially considering how most people could not see it without the Purple Crystal.

However, what truly surprised Yi Yun was that the face didn’t attack. Despite coming right in front of him, the ghastly face suddenly let out a sharp scream and retreated before could he even slash at it.

From the ghastly face's sharp scream, Yi Yun could sense that it was afraid of something.

Could it be afraid of him? Impossible. If so, it would not have taken the initiative to leap at him.

The ghastly face apprehensively distanced itself from Yi Yun before turning to escape.

"You want to escape?" Yi Yun looked at the ghastly face as he slashed down from afar!

Three-foot Pa.s.sage Sword, Sword of Time!

The sword beam instantly closed the gap between Yi Yun and the ghastly face, brutally striking the face.

Yi Yun's pure Yang sword beam was the bane of evil Yin ent.i.ties. The ghastly face was only a spiritual body so, after it was struck by the sword beam, it instantly melted like ice or snow exposed to fire.

Yi Yun wasted no time in closing the gap. The ghastly face was still attempting to escape, but Yi Yun used spatial dimension laws to create a tiny cage to entrap it.

Upon seeing Yi Yun so close, the fear in the ghastly face turned more p.r.o.nounced. Its spiritual body moved erratically as if it was afraid to even look at Yi Yun.

"Are you afraid of the Purple Crystal?"

Yi Yun recalled that back when he probed the evil spirit within Dong Xiaowan's body, it had also been extremely wary of him. It had nearly killed Dong Xiaowan but, because of him, it entered remission.

As Yi Yun was pondering that idea, he suddenly felt the Azure Wood Divine Tree within his body emit a thick and vibrant aura. It was as if it had seen something and was dancing in joy.

Yi Yun was connected to the Azure Wood Divine Tree through his very soul. He sensed that the Azure Wood Divine Tree yearned for the demonic servant in front of him!

"Could it be…" Yi Yun's heart stirred. He finally knew what the ghastly face was afraid of.

According to the white-dressed female, the ghastly faces were the demonic servants of the bronze giants, also known as the Ancestor G.o.ds. As for the Azure Wood Divine Tree, it was a supreme divine tree that could seal an Ancestor G.o.d.

Back in the Azure Wood Great World, the Azure Wood Divine Tree had suppressed a bronze giant for hundreds of millions of years. Even though it did eventually free itself, it ended up being suppressed once more by the awoken Azure Wood Divine Tree.

Now, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's seed was within him. If the demonic servant's master could be sealed, it was only natural that it would be afraid of suffering the same fate.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree was their nemesis.

Yi Yun looked at the ghastly face in the spatial cage. It was slamming around, stricken with terror. As he sensed the desires of the Azure Wood Divine Tree within his body, he attempted to release the psyche restrictions he placed on the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

Instantly, the phantom of a divine tree appeared behind Yi Yun.


An azure beam of light shot out. It was a green leaf that wrapped itself around the ghastly face as the face issued a lamentable howl. Following that, it exploded, turning into countless dots of lights that were absorbed by the divine tree.

The ghastly face vanished and the Azure Wood Divine Tree's leaf appeared to turn a little lusher…

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