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What Old Snake said opened a brand new world for Yi Yun. He learned many things that he had not known previously.

"Senior, in that case, does that mean that there is a corresponding weapon for each of the twelve Dao Ancestors?"

Old Snake nodded and replied, "Not only do each of the twelve Dao Ancestors have a corresponding weapon, they also have twelve corresponding cultivation techniques. These twelve cultivation techniques are known as Great Dao Origins."

"However, since the existence of the last three Dao Ancestors is a mystery in and of itself, no one knows what the final three cultivation techniques and weapons are."

Upon hearing Old Snake's words, Yi Yun drew a cold gasp. He had learned from Huan Chenxue that the famous 'Yang G.o.d Manual,’ 'Nine Nether Sacred Manual,' and other 12 Empyrean Heavens cultivation techniques were actually not created naturally by the Great Dao, but written by people.

These twelve cultivation techniques were especially valued by those at the Divine Lord level and lower, but to figures like Bai Yueyin, they were nothing!

This was why Bai Yueyin only took the pure Yang broken sword after harming Azure Yang Lord, and showed no interest in the remnant pages of the 'Yang G.o.d Manual.’

However, according to Old Snake, the twelve Dao Ancestors' Origins cultivation techniques were different. Once mastered, it was unknown what sort of power one would obtain.

Yi Yun could not help but think of his 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. He owed many of the victories he had won up until now to his cultivation in the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. It allowed him to gain insights into the Dao of Major Destruction. Could the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence also be a Great Dao of Origins?

"Senior, do you know where the twelve Dao Ancestors' corresponding sacred weapons and cultivation techniques are at present?" Yi Yun could not help but ask.

With the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence having such might, wouldn't similar cultivation techniques be just as powerful?

Old Snake shook his head and said, "The majority of them are unknown. Nearly all the Origins cultivation techniques have been lost to time. There are still some traces of the Dao Ancestor sacred weapons, but the few of them that remain in this world are not a complete set. If one were to complete and control the set, they would wield might that could tear the world asunder. Even this Myriad G.o.d Ridge could be directly flattened."

"So they are lost…"

Yi Yun sighed with regret. If only he could take a look at those Origins cultivation techniques. How great would that be?

"I really would like to see them…"

Yi Yun felt his heart itching. The techniques he currently cultivated in were actually nothing impressive, other than the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Yi Yun's expression was caught by Old Snake as he chuckled, "Kid, you want to take a look at the Origins cultivation techniques, don’t you?"

Yi Yun nodded as he asked hopefully, "Senior, I'm truly very curious. Do you have any knowledge regarding these twelve Origins cultivation techniques?"

"Heh! Dream on!" Old Snake swallowed a mouth of meat and picked at his teeth with a bamboo toothpick. "Do you think a mere table of food and a jug or two of Immortal Inebriation is enough to make me tell you about that?"

Upon hearing Old Snake's words, Yi Yun was taken aback. "Senior, do you really know something?"

"I know a little but not much." Old Snake crossed his leg.

Yi Yun poured a cup of alcohol for Old Snake and said with a smile, "Senior, what would you want in exchange for that knowledge? If it is within my means, I will definitely spare no effort."

Yi Yun had always been curious as to why Huan Chenxue had him seek out Old Snake. If Old Snake knew of the locations of the twelve Dao Ancestors' Origins cultivation techniques, and each of them was at the level of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, then learning from him was a matter of great importance.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Old Snake smacked his lips and finished the Immortal Inebriation that Yi Yun had poured for him. He said, "Don't think that just because that la.s.s Chenxue sent you to me that I'll give you any special treatment. Over my many years, I have never lost out in my dealings. Besides, you are lacking in strength and won't be able to help me. Being able to treat me to some alcohol is good enough."

Upon hearing Old Snake's words, Yi Yun choked up. The old fellow was truly impervious. Trying to obtain any help from him was truly not easy. One only needed to look at his disciple, Snake Girl, and her state of affairs to know that the old fellow was not decent.

"Senior, although I'm lacking in strength, how do you know that I'm incapable of doing something if you don't say what it is?"

Old Snake chortled. "You sure are adamant. However, there is one bit of news that I can tell you. Didn't you previously ask me why I'm staying in Myriad G.o.d Ridge?"

Yi Yun's eyes lit up. "Please enlighten me, Senior!"

"Myriad G.o.d Ridge's Ascending Dragon Cauldron may or may not have a remnant soul of Dragon Emperor, but I do know that among the treasures within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron are remnant pages of the 'Dragon Emperor Technique.’ I do not know how the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch learned this information, but why do you think that old fellow seems to have nothing better to do? To run a recruitment drive every other day to recruit a bunch of trash? Getting them to give their blood to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, claiming to be in search of people with a 'wisdom root?’ In truth, what he wants more than anything is the 'Dragon Emperor Technique' sealed inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron."

"So that's the reason.' Yi Yun drew a deep breath of air. He suspected that the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch’s true aim was to seek the treasures from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. But he never expected that one of those treasures was the 'Dragon Emperor Technique!’

Yi Yun had been curious. If the real goal was to obtain the treasures within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, then the people with the 'wisdom root' could simply give up their treasures, be compensated, and be sent away. If the Myriad G.o.d Ridge didn’t care about being ruthless, they could even permanently silence them. So why did they recruit them into the sect and make them into core disciples for nurturing?

There was probably some hidden purpose behind the matter…

"Senior, I would like to know why some people are able to trigger the Ascending Dragon Cauldron while others aren’t?" This was a question Yi Yun was most puzzled about. The ability to trigger the Ascending Dragon Cauldron did not seem to be related to talent at all.

Old Snake said, "Those that can trigger the Ascending Dragon Cauldron have a bloodline of an ancient race. And this ancient race are the descendants of the Dragon Emperor. It once had an ill.u.s.trious history but eventually, due to mysterious circ.u.mstances, the ancient race vanished in the rivers of time. Even now, it's difficult to find records of them."

"The ancient race left behind some collateral bloodlines. And after countless generations, these bloodlines are as thin as they can be. But even so, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron is able to sense these bloodlines, and is triggered when exposed to them."

"So that's the reason." Yi Yun never expected so many secrets within this matter. "From the looks of it, the Dragon Emperor's bloodline is too thin. It is of not much use for their cultivation. What a pity…"

When Old Snake heard Yi Yun's wistful remarks, he shook his head. "It's not completely useless. However, the heritage of the ancient race has been severed. Even those with slightly richer Dragon Emperor bloodlines could still end up becoming average if they cannot find a method to develop their bloodlines."

"Myriad G.o.d Patriarch should know this, but that old man refuses to give up. He wishes to nurture these people and strengthen them to awaken the bloodline that slumbers within their bodies. He hopes that, once awakened, they will trigger the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and give him a pleasant surprise. And yet, the chance of that happening is very slim."

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