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Chapter 125: Kingdom Knight Conferment

“The young man riding on that behemoth&h.e.l.lip; is he&h.e.l.lip; is he Yi Yun from the Lian tribal clan?” The people of the Tao tribal clan were shocked upon seeing Yi Yun. They had seen him more than once at the selection.

But today, they were not sure.

Although his facial features and shape were right, the difference in disposition was too great!

To ride on a near-horned beast was already very impressive to the people of the vast wilderness. With his splendor and the pretty flying fish robe, these two qualities made it even more shocking. It’s like driving a top-end luxury car in a poor mountain village.

In addition, Yi Yun had an overpowering heroic spirit, and his aura stood out from the crowd. Hence, this shock was played to its limits.

It was like he was a dragon or phoenix amongst the people!

The people of the Tao tribal clan wore similar linen clothes like the people of the Lian tribal clan. Seeing Yi Yun in his majestic attire, they felt ashamed.

The youth of the Tao tribal clan who were jealous of Yi Yun could no longer feel so because the gap between them was now too great.

Their strength was inferior, their talent was inferior, they were older and their looks and dispositions were inferior!

What was there to be jealous about? They were on completely different levels!

The people quickly gave way as Yi Yun went through on the behemoth, many of them looking at Yi Yun with awe.

This was the reverence given to outstanding people.

A person’s aura was extremely important.

People would know from a glance that a person with an aura was extraordinary!

Yi Yun was just like that.

Many teenage girls of the Tao tribal clan blushed upon seeing Yi Yun, with sparkles in their eyes.

The teenage girls of the vast wilderness had no resistance to a strong, cool and handsome youth that had a bright future ahead of him. They were willing to be indentured as his slaves.

In fact, to be indentured as a slave of a Kingdom Knight was not a humiliation to them. In fact, it was an excellent thing.

Some of the girls who were twenty years old hated that they were born a few years earlier. They felt that they had no chance to follow Yi Yun, but there were still some girls who did not give up hope. They still stared at Yi Yun with unblinking eyes, as if they wanted to swallow Yi Yun down their stomachs.

Yi Yun rode on the behemoth for fifteen minutes, pa.s.sing a ten mile long street before reaching the festival square.

The conferment ceremony at the Tao tribal clan was done with great fanfare!

For the ceremony, the Tao tribal clan especially slaughtered a cow, two goats, three pigs, five hunting dogs and ten chickens. These were the five livestocks. Special care was made because these animals were known as the five animals and were an important part of the ritual ceremony.

Even for the Tao tribal clan, it was an expensive affair to slaughter so many animals for the sacrifice.

The Tao tribal clan’s shamans and witches were all on the line, praying at the altar.

This ritual was mostly for Hu Ya. In addition, the Mortal Blood warriors like Tao Yunxiao, the elites nurtured by the Tao tribal clan and some heirs to the small tribes had all pa.s.sed the Kingdom’s selection, and were to be inducted as Jin Long Wei members.

As for the maimed and mentally unsound Lian Chengyu, he could not appear here.

He had lost his qualification in his final battle.

Because of Hu Ya and company, the Tao tribal clan did their very best. It was in a way a ceremony for the Tao tribal clan to bid farewell to the vast wilderness, and their first step into the central plains. Hence, they were not careless with the ceremony.

The Tao tribal clan had at least a hundred thousand people, so the people gathered at the festival square made it very packed!

These people were paying attention to the conferment ceremony. The youths and young men who could stand on that stage were all enviable!

Actually, the people furthest in the back could not see a thing, but they were not willing to leave. Just by standing there, it was a form of witnessing a historic moment.

Of all the partic.i.p.ants that pa.s.sed the selection, only Yi Yun was qualified to ride the near-horned beast.

After Hu Ya and company received their Jin Long Wei’s appointment letters, Yi Yun also received a brocade letter that symbolized his status as a Kingdom Knight.

This brocade letter was a scroll half a foot long.

The scroll was made up of silk. Silk ribbons accompanied it, and the two ends of the scroll were blocks made of sandalwood.

The sandalwood was heavy, but the carving was exquisite. This brocade letter also symbolized his superior ident.i.ty within the Jin Long Wei.

In addition, as a Jin Long Wei elite, Yi Yun received a jade pendant.

This jade pendant was in the form of a flying fish. Only Jin Long Wei elites were given it. The jade was greenish-white, and the dragon-fish drawn on it looked like it was alive. Hanging it by the waist, it gave the finishing touches.

Suddenly, Yi Yun looked like a carefully sculpted piece of jade, giving off a dazzling l.u.s.ter. Not only did he reveal his heroic spirit, he also had a great air of n.o.bility!

No one would have doubted that Yi Yun was an heir of a big family clan.

With the brocade letter in hand and a flying fish jade pendant by his waist, Yi Yun stood in the center of the square. Yi Yun was filled with emotion as tens of thousands of people looked at him with admiration.

It was no wonder numerous elites of the vast wilderness dreamed of obtaining the status as a Kingdom Knight. Such glory would have been the peak of their lives.

But Yi Yun felt this was not his peak, and just the beginning of his life.

He did not indulge in the glory he had received by being conferred a Kingdom Knight. He knew that his current achievement was nothing. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was not the entire world. And even in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, he was just the lowest rank among n.o.bles. There were great things waiting in this world.

He wanted to explore, to climb and to conquer!

The ceremony lasted for six hours. Yi Yun received his brocade letter under the envious eyes of the Tao tribal clan’s people before returning to the Jin Long Wei camp.

The same night as the conferment ceremony, old man Su was packing his luggage. He was preparing to leave the Tao tribal clan. Yi Yun got wind of the news and felt that he had to bid that old man farewell.

After learning old man Su’s residence from Zhang Tan, Yi Yun knocked on the door politely.

This elegant but small courtyard and the high tower behind the yard was a restricted area of the Tao tribal clan. Without the permission of the Jin Long Wei, no one was to disturb Su Jie and Lin Xintong.

“Come in!”

Old man Su’s lazy voice came from the other side. Yi Yun opened the door and saw old man Su and Lin Xintong sitting in the small courtyard.

Seeing Yi Yun, old man Su was slightly stunned.

Currently, under the bright moonlight, Yi Yun was wearing his flying fish robe, with the flying fish jade pendant by his side, giving off a princely look.

Old man Su did not watch Yi Yun’s Kingdom Knight conferment ceremony, but he never thought that wearing the flying fish robe would have such an effect on Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong was also surprised, her beautiful eyes showing a slight hint of amazement. Lin Xintong had seen many young masters and young elites. They were all elegant and handsome, worthy of being called princely young masters.

But&h.e.l.lip; these young masters lacked that natural flair Yi Yun had. They were not polished from the natural elements.

Artificial hills may be pretty, but they were not as pretty as the naturally formed mountains.

“Keke, you rotten rascal, to think you look all dressed up in that set of clothes!” Old man Su gave a rare bit of praise.

Yi Yun rolled his eyes and could not be bothered to wrangle with old man Su. He just explained his reason for being here, which was to bid old man Su farewell.

Yi Yun did not know where old man Su was going, but he could guess that old man Su was going to do something dangerous. This was because Yi Yun noticed whenever the destination of old man Su was mentioned, Lin Xintong would show worry in her beautiful eyes.

But the old man would just laugh and joke, as if he wasn’t worried about the trip.

Old man Su exhorted Lin Xintong to be careful after he left. He showed her care in every possible way.

But old man Su did not show any favoritism. After exhorting Lin Xintong, he remembered Yi Yun. He patted Yi Yun on the shoulder and spoke a few words of “encouragement” to Yi Yun.

Such as, “To be first in the selection may be quite good, but it’s just a selection with a rotten level of quality.”

“I say, you actually hurt your hand defeating a r.e.t.a.r.d like Tao Yunxiao? And so what if you injured your hand, why did you waste two of my green elixirs! It was such a waste of a treasure!”

“I never expected you to be conferred a Kingdom Knight. It’s not bad to become a n.o.ble. As for this Kingdom Knight t.i.tle&h.e.l.lip; in the capital of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, just throwing a rock on the street will hit a dozen.”

“Although you aren’t that great in quality, but you sure have some good luck, and formed Purple Air Comes From The East that will barely do&h.e.l.lip;”

Old man Su’s words made Yi Yun speechless.

This old man was so wicked. It was like he couldn’t say anything that didn’t cause harm.

But he knew the old man was leaving for an dangerous task, so he did not wrangle with him. He just listened to what the old man had to say, letting it go in one ear and out the other.

When the moon was at its peak, old man Su finally left.

He was in a white robe, riding on a little red horse of unknown origin. Old man Su swore that the little red horse was a Qi Lin breed, but no matter how Yi Yun looked at it, the little red horse looked too funny. Especially with old man Su’s fat a.s.s sitting on it, the little red horse was almost swallowed by old man Su’s a.s.s.

Seeing old man Su’s round figure and his fat belly resting on the horse’s neck, Yi Yun could only feel embarra.s.sed and depressed.

“Go!” Old man Su shouted and the little red horse began galloping. Yi Yun really wondered if that mini-pony could withstand old man Su’s weight.

Under the moonlight, old man Su and his horse traveled towards the vast wilderness.

Looking from afar, Yi Yun felt that this scene would have meant more, if old man Su wasn’t that fat&h.e.l.lip;

On the plains, old man Su was singing a somewhat tragic song.

The sky is filled with dried yellow gra.s.s, with a horse I travel afar.

The winds of meals attack the world, only to enter a dragon’s nest or G.o.d’s realm.

Heaven smiles with smoke arising, the lands confer me as king&h.e.l.lip;

As old man Su sang his heroic song, he carried the ten baked chicken Yi Yun had given him, embarking on his long journey.

Behind, Yi Yun turned speechless again upon hearing it. Where the h.e.l.l did he plagiarize that song from? It didn’t even have the slightest rhythm!


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