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Under the bright and clear moonlight, the black Great Traversal Spirit Ship shuttled through the night sky. It continued traveling away from the Myriad G.o.d Ridge, but Yi Yun was in no rush to return. His first stop was the Great Traversal Spirit Ship's control room.

The control room was equivalent to the Great Traversal Spirit Ship's heart. Here, the user of the spirit ship could use a bit of their perception to easily control the spirit ship and, at the same time, do whatever they wanted.

"The core array formation is here."

Yi Yun infused his perception into the ship, and indeed, he found a mental imprint within. Typically, owners would leave behind a tiny mental imprint on valuable enchanted artifacts like the Great Traversal Spirit Ship after successfully refining them for themselves.

This mental imprint had been repeatedly tempered and was fortified. It would not be easily removed unless the strength of the remover's soul was much stronger than that of the enchanted treasure's original owner.

Yi Yun inspected the imprint. Unfortunately, Yi Yun was only at the fifth-floor Dao Palace. His strength had improved, but he was cognizant of the fact that there was still a huge rift between him and Song Guangyan, especially in terms of their souls’ strength.

If he wanted to refine away the imprint's strength, it would take a day or two of slowly grinding it away. But if he tried, Song Guangyan would notice that something was amiss and immediately return to the spirit ship.

In fact, the very instant Yi Yun took action, it would be sensed by Song Guangyan.

One had to be fast while wiping out a mental imprint! But Yi Yun alone was incapable of being that fast.


Yi Yun gently called in his mind. At the next moment, a tiny tower flew out of Yi Yun's dantian. Plumes of black flames billowed above the tower as an adorable girl with some baby fat appeared out of the flames.

"Brother Yi Yun, is there something you need from me?"

Ling Xie'er had been sleeping for the past few years. Ever since she awakened and left the ma.s.sive worldly array that bound her, her strength had not only been increasing, but her affinity with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed was getting stronger.

As it was, what Ling Xie'er lacked in combat strength she made up for in her control over the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed. In that aspect, she was much better than Yi Yun. Just this alone afforded her the ability to deal ma.s.sive damage.

Besides… When it came to the strength of the soul, Ling Xie'er, who was born of a natural treasure, was someone that typical warriors could not compare with.

In the Sun Burial Sandsea, she had existed alone in an incorporeal form for hundreds of millions of years. In that time, her soul’s strength had developed much more than Yi Yun's.

"Xie'er, are you able to burn away this mental imprint within fifteen minutes?" Yi Yun asked.

Ling Xie'er took a look at the disk array and nodded. "Sure."

As she spoke, Ling Xie'er walked out of the flames and transformed into a fair and supple-looking girl. She moved her tiny hands and produced seals. The Heretical G.o.d flames fused into her soul, becoming a flame of the soul that could burn through all mental imprints.


The flames ignited over the disk array but produced no heat. However, if a soul manifestation was there, it would have been able to sense the terrifying flames that could rend the world asunder. This was a flame that specialized in immolating souls.

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

The flames in the disk array crackled violently as the phantom face of an elder appeared out of thin air. He was struggling and bellowing as the flames covered him!

He looked at Yi Yun and Ling Xie'er as his face exuded ferociousness.


He said through clenched teeth as though he was trying to use all his strength to transmit everything he saw before he was destroyed. However, Ling Xie'er obviously stopped him from doing so. Her tiny hands moved immediately, commanding the soul flames to form a prison that completely surrounded the elder!


With a loud explosion, the elder's face burned to nothingness amid the flames!

Simultaneously, millions of miles away in a tavern—


A loud explosion boomed as the entire room was blasted to smithereens.

An elder walked out of the room with disheveled hair, his face suffusing an abnormal paleness.

He was none other than Song Guangyan.

Just a moment ago, he sensed that the mental imprint he left on the Great Traversal Spirit Ship had been destroyed!

The time from the moment his mental imprint was attacked until it was completely vanquished was only about thirty seconds. Even the information about the destroyer failed to be transmitted!

This made Song Guangyan's actual body suffer a soul injury. The mental imprint was equivalent to a piece of his soul. So losing his mental imprint was equal to him losing a portion of his very soul. Without the nourishment of heavenly herbs, it would be impossible for him to recover.

"Who was it!?"

Song Guangyan had a hideous look on his face. He had the Great Traversal Spirit Ship in his possession for tens of thousands of years. He had fortified the mental imprint several times, and yet such robustness was destroyed in less than a minute?

This proved that the other party's soul was much stronger than his!

Song Guangyan was already a Divine Lord. That meant that the other party was likely an old monster that had lived for an unmeasurable period of time.

The person's strength probably exceeded his greatly. As such, not only did he not know who the culprit was, but, even if he did know, he was unable to seek revenge. The spirit ship had fallen into the hands of the other person, and it was impossible to recoup it.

He long knew that the deep depths of the Calm Sea were extremely dangerous, but he never imagined that his ship would fall after less than a day of being out at sea. That was just too fast.

"Darn it! Bowen has probably succ.u.mbed to harm."

Song Guangyan's expression was as ugly as it could be. He was feeling the pinch over his spirit ship as well as worry for Song Bowen.

Song Bowen was the only personal disciple that the Song family had in the Myriad G.o.d Ridge. He was the only son. There was also Zhang Wuchen. The Zhang family was the Song family’s ally by marriage, and Wuchen was the only personal disciple they had.

If the two perished, the Song and Zhang family would face the delicate situation of not having a successor. They would need to nurture another excellent junior within a thousand years. If they couldn’t, their positions in the Myriad G.o.d Ridge would plummet.

At that moment, Song Guangyan was in no mood to continue staying in the tavern. He rushed towards the Myriad G.o.d Ridge overnight to immediately hold a family meeting to discuss the important matter.

"Xie'er, you are really awesome!"

Yi Yun was truly astonished by Ling Xie'er's abilities.

Ling Xie'er smiled happily upon being complemented by Yi Yun. She knew that, over the past twenty-plus years, Yi Yun had spent a lot of time and effort to awaken her. To her, Yi Yun was the most important person in her life. Being able to help him naturally delighted her.

"Xie'er, I think we need to find you a mystic technique that focuses on cultivating the soul," Yi Yun said.

He had always known that Ling Xie'er's soul was very powerful since she was an incorporeal soul body. However, he never imagined that after she fused with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, her transformation into a flame that burned at souls would only take less than a minute to burn a mental imprint left by powerful Divine Lords into ashes.

If he focused on nurturing Ling Xie'er's capabilities, wouldn't he be able to catch any enemy by surprise?

Soul attacks were also considered a martial path, but few people could go far using them. After all, the soul had the body protecting it. Annihilating it directly was no easy task.

However, if Ling Xie'er's soul strength was immensely high, it would be able to overwhelm. After all, Ling Xie'er had yet to cultivate in a cultivation technique that focused on the soul! If she cultivated it, she would only become stronger.

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