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In the palace within the spirit ship, a girl screamed. It was a heart-wrenching cry.

"This is only the third one. I haven't even stabbed your bone marrow but look at you, your entire body is convulsing. I should let you drink some water. Perhaps, you might end up failing to stop yourself from urinating."

Yan'er cackled delightfully. Many times, women can be more ruthless than men. When it comes to the struggle for power and profit, many women will scheme in all sorts of ways and employ the cruelest of measures.

These situations often occurred in the royal palace's harem, large family clans, and large sects. Such situations gave rise to women with evil thoughts.

"For you to last this long under the Marrow Intrusion Needle, could it be that you are still clinging to hopes that your little loverboy will come rescue you? We are millions of miles from Myriad G.o.d Ridge. Ignoring the fact that your loverboy doesn't know that you are here, but even if he were to know, he won't be able to enter this spirit ship. As for you, I'll turn you into an obedient little b.i.t.c.h in an hour."

"In fact, you might not know this, but before we brought you over, Young Master had even sent a gorgeous and pet.i.te beauty to Yi Yun. Perhaps, he's currently enjoying the pleasures of s.e.x with that beauty so much that he doesn't have the mood to even think about you!"

Yan'er was still envious that Yi Yun had given the food cooked by Elder Lanqin to Zuoyan Xiaoyu and was deliberately trying to provoke her.

Zuoyan Xiaoyu obviously knew that it was impossible for Yi Yun to save her. She did not count on that happening.

She had endured so long because she knew she was definitely doomed today. But even if she was fated to lose her life, she did not want to lose the last shred of dignity she had before dying.

"Yan'er, I got you to investigate this la.s.s's family. Did you find anything?" Zhang Wuchen suddenly asked.

Yan'er giggled when she heard that. "Young Master, how can I forget your instructions? It only took me two days to find out a lot about her. This la.s.s's father died a long time ago. She used her mother's surname and I think her name is Zuoyan Shu…"

When she suddenly heard her mother's name, Zuoyan Xiaoyu's body jolted vigorously. She looked up at Zhang Wuchen. The man on the bed was smiling but the smile looked as hideous to her as it could be!

Zuoyan Xiaoyu's heart was quivering. She believed that suffering all of it alone was enough. At most, she would die with dignity, but she never expected her mother to be implicated!

She had stepped out of a mountain village and into the martial path. Finally, she entered the Myriad G.o.d Ridge. Her initial motivation was to give her mother, who brought her up arduously, a good life. But she never imagined that she would implicate her mother in the end!

"Don't hurt my mother! No! I beg you!"

Zuoyan Xiaoyu knelt on the ground as she underwent a meltdown.

"How could I hurt your mother? You are overthinking things. Climb over here and obediently lick my feet clean. Then, lie down on my bed and beg me to enter your body. If your cries are arousing enough and you serve me well, I'll guarantee you that your mother will live a good life," Zhang Wuchen said smugly.

Everyone had a c.h.i.n.k in their armor. How could Zuoyan Xiaoyu be his match?

"Haha, Brother-in-law, you are impressive. It looks like this la.s.s will submit very soon. How about this: you can take her primordial Yin and, for the first after that, leave it to me. Let me enjoy her too," Song Bowen said with a chuckle.

He might have been worried over Yi Yun before, but now he had thought it through. He decided to indulge in pleasure first before considering anything else. Anyway, the experiential training would last several years. When he was done, his strength would probably increase significantly.

"Of course you can." Zhang Wuchen nodded with a smile before looking back at Zuoyan Xiaoyu.

"What are you waiting for? Aren't you coming over to lick? Do you not care for your mother's survival?" Upon seeing Zuoyan Xiaoyu kneeling on the ground without taking any action, Zhang Wuchen turned impatient.

Yan'er yanked Zuoyan Xiaoyu's ear. "Did you hear the young master's question?"

Yan'er gently held the silver needle as the other maidservant giggled. After many years of serving Zhang Wuchen and living with the machinations that filled Myriad G.o.d Ridge, her mind had turned somewhat twisted. She was eager to see a delicate girl degenerate into a nymphomaniac, just like her.

"Where should I stab next? Your ears look rather pretty. What would happen if I stab this into your ear?"

As Yan'er spoke, the needle slowly approached Zuoyan Xiaoyu's ear.

The mere thought of the pain left people shuddering. However, Zuoyan Xiaoyu did not seem to react at all. She knelt on the ground with her heart completely overwhelmed by despair. Not only was she going to die today, she would also lose all her dignity…

"s.l.u.t! Enjoy this!"

Yan'er thrust the silver needle with all her might in an attempt to rupture Zuoyan Xiaoyu's eardrum but at that moment, she felt her wrist turn cold as though an icy wind had blown across it. Following that, she felt her hand lose its sense of balance!


The needle-wielding hand of Yan'er fell straight to the ground!

Upon seeing this scene, Yan'er was left confounded. She stared in a daze at her wrist that had been reduced to a stump as blood flowed out incessantly.

"My hand! My hand!"

Yan'er screamed sharply as she held her wrist while she broke out into a cold sweat.

"Who is it!?"

Zhang Wuchen was alarmed. He was...o...b..ard the Song family's top spirit ship. Its defensive and concealment array formations were top notch. How could anyone infiltrate the spirit ship and cleave off Yan'er's hand without being noticed?

Song Bowen also jumped up from his bed immediately and touched his interspatial ring. But at that moment, Song Bowen felt an intense killing intent lock onto him.

It was as though his head would fall off the moment he moved.

He saw a figure walk out from the corner of the hall's shadows. It was as though the hall led straight to h.e.l.l, and the person was stepping out of h.e.l.l while accompanied by h.e.l.lish infernos.

He was dressed in black and there were gray flames lingering around his body. The flames crackled lightly and seemed calm, but the highly concentrated heat wave seemed to burn through the entire void.

When the person walked into the middle of the hall, everyone held their breaths.

"Young… Young Master…" Zuoyan Xiaoyu, who had been tormented to the point of feeling groggy, saw Yi Yun's face. She refused to believe what was happening. Was she having a dream?

"Yi Yun!?"

Upon discerning the figure, Song Bowen was frightened out of his wits.


Zhang Wuchen found it unbelievable. After seeing Yi Yun, his calm facade dropped and he became immediately fl.u.s.tered.

How could Yi Yun appear in this spirit ship? Before they set off, Yi Yun was still in seclusion. It should have been impossible for him to infiltrate the spirit ship. After all, the spirit ship had Song Bowen's second uncle, Song Guangyan, protecting it.

Song Guangyan was at the Divine Lord realm, and he was the strongest person in the Song family. Even if Yi Yun had secretly snuck onto the spirit ship, it should have been impossible for him to go unnoticed by Song Guangyan's perception.

As for chasing up to the spirit ship and infiltrating it, that was even more impossible!

They had traveled incognito and at very fast speeds. In addition, the spirit ship, Great Traversal Spirit Ship, actually belonged to Song Guangyan. It took him several years of saving to buy it. As he placed great importance on Song Bowen and Zhang Wuchen's safety, he had lent it to them for this journey.

Even if Yi Yun did possess immense ability, it was impossible for him to noiselessly come onboard.

Furthermore, the moment he appeared was too perfect. Song Guangyan had left the spirit ship an hour ago and, without any surprise, Song Guangyan had already pa.s.sed through a teleportation array. He was now millions of miles away and it was impossible for him to come back and save them!

How was Yi Yun capable of this?

"Are you a ghost?" Zhang Wuchen bellowed sharply as his heart was gripped by horror.

"You don't have to be concerned about whether I'm a ghost or not, but it's likely you will become a ghost very soon."

Yi Yun's voice was fierce. He had practiced martial arts for so many years and had offended numerous people. However, few were like Zhang Wuchen. Despite not really provoking Yi Yun, his actions and how much of a scoundrel he was made Yi Yun think of squishing him to death like a fly.


Just as Yi Yun's voice faded, an ancient and immense aura emanated from his body. It enveloped the surroundings into a black domain.

This was Yi Yun's destructive power. He had wrapped everyone in his destruction domain.

"What is it?"

Zhang Wuchen panicked when he saw that he was trapped in the destruction domain. He had never come into contact with such laws.

At that moment, the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed within Yi Yun's body spewed out, lashing out at the surroundings as the heat waves left everyone stifled!

"Don't go thinking I'm afraid of you!" Zhang Wuchen bellowed. He was at the seventh-floor Dao Palace, two subrealms higher than Yi Yun. Furthermore, his strength exceeded Song Bowen, so although he did have some trepidation in fighting Yi Yun, he did believe that he had a chance of putting up a fight.

But just as he finished his declaration—


Yi Yun's figure vanished like a ghost and instantly appeared in front of Zhang Wuchen. He was too fast!


Zhang Wuchen roared as he pulled out a concealed saber and thrust it straight at Yi Yun's throat. But at that moment, the surrounding black domain transmitted indescribable powers that rapidly eroded his Yuan Qi. It instantly dissipated the strength that he had gathered!

Following that, Yi Yun forcefully punched Zhang Wuchen in the abdomen!


With a loud explosion, Zhang Wuchen bent over like a shrimp.


Zhang Wuchen held his abdomen as blood spewed out of his mouth. He was feeling horror and despair. He never felt so helpless before as he realized that, even though he had evaluated Yi Yun's strength to be very high, his evaluations were a far cry from Yi Yun's true strength!

The terrifying destruction laws prevented him from mustering any strength, nor could he gather the strength to resist at all.

Yi Yun extended his hand as his Yuan Qi materialized into a rope that bound Zhang Wuchen. He was held up with his limbs sprawled opened in front of Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked coldly at Zhang Wuchen. "You seem to enjoy women?"

Yi Yun's words seemed to pummel him into an ice cavern. He suddenly felt a strong sense of unease. Could it be…

"Yi Yun… wait… wait!"

Before Zhang Wuchen could even finish his words, Yi Yun had kicked right at the spot between Zhang Wuchen's legs!


With a rapturous sound that sounded like eggs being crushed by a sledgehammer, Zhang Wuchen let out a shrill scream. His family jewels had been obliterated by Yi Yun's kick!

To men, no other pain could be more excruciating than this. However, Zhang Wuchen's body was completely bound. Regardless of how painful his lower body was, he could not hold on to it. At that moment, Zhang Wuchen wished he could immediately die.

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