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"Young Master… I…"

Zuoyan Xiaoyu looked at Yi Yun with watery eyes filled with grievance. This was the first day she was serving Yi Yun but she had already made a mistake. Furthermore, it was on such an occasion.

"It's fine."

Yi Yun stood up and helped Zuoyan Xiaoyu up. He looked at a girl dressed in maidservant garb nearby. He knew very well that the maidservant had tripped Zuoyan Xiaoyu. It appeared unintentional but the trip managed to make Zuoyan Xiaoyu lose her balance. Following that, someone had changed the spatial dimension laws, causing Zuoyan Xiaoyu to fall to the ground.

Upon noticing Yi Yun's gaze, the maidservant felt a little apprehensive. However, one look at her master emboldened her. She explained, "It wasn't intentional. She was walking over and happened to slam into my foot."

Yi Yun's gaze fluttered to a lanky youth behind the maidservant.

He was holding a cup of wine with eyes narrowed. He appeared listless but Yi Yun knew that he was the one who used laws to prevent Zuoyan Xiaoyu from maintaining her balance.

Yi Yun looked at a few stewards in the room. All of them remained composed, as though they had not noticed everything that had just happened.

Yi Yun sneered inwardly. There were many people that let things happen if they were not personally affected. When it came to these slippery people, personal disciples were not to be offended. The best action to take was to feign ignorance.

Upon sensing Yi Yun's gaze, the lanky youth met it, his slit-like eyes filled with derision.

"Do you have a grudge against me?"

Yi Yun asked as the lanky youth sneered. He did not answer, as though it was beneath him to even speak to Yi Yun.

At that moment, a laughter came from outside. "Hahaha, is that Junior Brother Yi? How is it? Are you accustomed to living in the Myriad G.o.d Ridge?"

Yi Yun turned around and saw four personal disciples appear at the entrance one after another. They were the ones who previously oversaw the entrance test.

And the person who spoke was the youth with thick brows, Song Bowen.

"We finally rushed here for the banquet after administering the test until sundown. It sure wasn't easy on us." Song Bowen stretched his arms as though he was exhausted.

Behind him, Ji and Junior Sister Jing did not speak. They only glanced at Yi Yun. They had all seen the conflict that had just happened.

The quartet took their seats as Ji sat with the last disciple out of the four. As for Junior Sister Jing, she sat beside a girl. The remaining Song Bowen sat beside the listless lanky youth.

With Song Bowen taking his seat, the lanky youth's maidservant automatically helped Song Bowen to a plate of food.

Yi Yun realized the situation with the scene unfolding. Song Bowen and the lanky youth clearly had a great relationship. They had probably discussed this beforehand.

"Junior Brother Yi, it seems you have attracted the misfortune of staying in Sunken Moon Tower."

Beside Yi Yun, Zhou Bingfeng chuckled through a voice transmission while hugging a charming beauty.

"Why do you say so?" Yi Yun asked indifferently. He seemed particularly unfazed, as though the food that spilled had nothing to do with him.

"Junior Brother Yi, you might not be aware that even the residences of the personal disciples are stratified. Sunken Moon Tower is one of the better places to be. By being the sect master's disciple that stays in Sunken Moon Tower, it is only natural to be targeted."


Yi Yun did not know that Sunken Moon Tower was in such demand. In that case, his treatment was to be expected. In these people's minds, he had stirred the Ascending Dragon Cauldron due to his 'wisdom root.’ He was only lucky to become a personal disciple, he didn’t earn it by his own merit. As such, how could they be convinced of his tenure?

Adding in the conflicts he had with Song Bowen during the test, and it was easy to explain everything that was happening.

And at that moment, Song Bowen feigned surprise as he looked at the food that had splattered on the ground. "Eh? What's going on?"

The lanky youth beside him lifted his eyelids and languidly said, "Nothing much. Some maidservant was clumsy and spilled food all over."

"What sort of maidservant is she? Cutting off her limbs would not be enough to compensate such expensive food! This kind of servant that's as stupid as a pig should be sent away immediately, or at least she would if I had any say. She can't even deliver a meal properly, so why even bother practicing martial arts? What a joke!" Song Bowen said sarcastically.

As a young lady, how could Zuoyan Xiaoyu react to such nasty derision? She froze with a flushed face as tears began streaming down her cheeks. She wasn't able to say a word.

"Xiaoyu, come back," Yi Yun said.

He knew that Song Bowen's words were truly directed at him, a strike at him by reviling others.

"Young Master, I… I…"

As Zuoyan Xiaoyu sobbed, she felt aggrieved but, before she could say a word, Yi Yun had sat her down.

"Just have a seat," Yi Yun said. Although he had only been acquainted with Zuoyan Xiaoyu for less than a day, Yi Yun knew that it was not easy for a girl with a humble background like her to work diligently at climbing up the martial path. Yi Yun could not just sit idly by as she was being bullied, reprimanded, and insulted because of him."

"Oh? So it's Junior Brother Yi's maidservant that spilled the food. Look at me shooting off my mouth. I should have held back. I'm sorry! However, the food in these seventeen vessels was cooked by Martial Aunt Lanqin. The seventeen dishes are a set, and the effects are greatly reduced if any dish is missed out on! Why don't you get that clumsy maidservant of yours to pick the food up off the floor? The ground is swept perfectly clean here so the food isn't dirty. Besides, so what if it's a little dirty, right!?"

The personal disciples sitting near Song Bowen burst out into a rapturous roar of laughter when they heard his words. They had good relationships with him so they naturally backed him.

"Junior Brother Song, how can you say that. If you pick up food that's spilled, wouldn't that make it pigswill? How can Junior Brother Yi eat pigswill?"

"That's right. Junior Brother Song, you need to mind your language."

"All of you are right." Against the crowd's mockery, Yi Yun was not angered at all. Instead, he nodded calmly. "It's true that humans shouldn't eat pigswill."

When Yi Yun said those words without rhyme or reason, it left people somewhat baffled. At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly waved his hand as a dazzling black beam suddenly burst out from his palm!


The black beam was as fast as lightning and, instantly, it reached Song Bowen!

Song Bowen was alarmed. He never expected Yi Yun to suddenly take action. An attack at such a blazing speed left him no time to react!

He retreated hastily but at that moment, the ice-cold killing intent from the black beam seemed to shatter the surrounding s.p.a.ce, causing it to collapse down on him like a ma.s.sive mountain!


Song Bowen bellowed angrily as he forcefully pushed out his palms, forming a wall of light.

At the same time, the lanky youth next to Song Bowen took action as well. Song Bowen was his junior brother, so how could he sit idle?

In a split second, he produced a curved blade from his interspatial ring and slashed down!


With an explosion, the black beam had slammed into Song Bowen's light barrier. A black flame burst forth as the light barrier was burned through!

The inferno did not abate as its flames coursed along Song Bowen's Yuan Qi and reached his arms!

What sort of fire was this!?

Song Bowen's expression was ashen. He had never encountered such a flame before. After all, it was impossible for him to recognize the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed.

The flames burned and consumed everything. Song Bowen felt the surrounding Yuan Qi twisters howling and pressure coming from the rupturing s.p.a.ce. It made his dantian feel like it would explode. His heart could hardly beat.


The contorting flames struck Song Bowen heavily in the chest and engulfed his flesh and burning his meridians!

Song Bowen grunted as he spat out a mouthful of blood before hurtling backward!

And at that moment, the lanky youth's curved blade came cleaving down a little too late. Song Bowen had already succ.u.mbed to heavy injuries as he flew backward. So when his blade slashed into an empty void, it left an extremely ugly expression on the lanky youth's face.

Were there spatial dimension laws?

The lanky youth was appalled. He believed that he could save Song Bowen in time but when he struck out, the flow of time seemed to dramatically slow. Besides, he never expected that an instant, Song Bowen would be injured in such a manner!

And at that moment, Song Bowen, still flying backwards, came to a sudden halt in midair when Yi Yun tapped his finger.

Following that, Yi Yun casually waved his hand and placed it back on the table. Just this action alone caused Song Bowen to be forcefully pulled back!

As if an invisible rope connected Yi Yun's palm to Song Bowen's head, Song Bowen crashed heavily in the middle of the hall when Yi Yun placed his palm down.


Song Bowen fell head first and his nose smashed into the ground. Oddly enough, he fell right onto the pile of food that had splattered to the ground. His face and mouth were completely filled with food. His chest and everything under was burnt to a crisp and he looked as pathetic as could be.

At that moment, Yi Yun said slowly, "I was commending you on your logic a moment ago. Humans shouldn't eat pigswill. So why did you gorge on it without any regard? And from the looks of it, you seem to enjoy it?"

When Yi Yun said those words, silence befell the hall! From the start, Yi Yun’s intention was to beat Song Bowen soundly and throw him onto the pile of food.

From beginning to the end, Song Bowen was like a tiny chick that was helpless against him.

This was an unexpected outcome. Although Song Bowen had yet to be promoted to personal disciple, his strength was not to be doubted. Otherwise, he would not have been thought highly of by Elder Taiqing. Yet he was completely incomparable with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had just entered the Myriad G.o.d Ridge and his entry was only because he had stirred the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. How was he so strong despite not being a proper personal disciple?

Sitting beside Yi Yun, Zhou Bingfeng could not help but clap his hands. "Impressive! Impressive! I thought Junior Brother Yi would suffer today, but I never expected you to be this strong. Is your cultivation level really only at the fourth-floor Dao Palace?"

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