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Yi Yun was rendered somewhat speechless when he heard the scholarly man flaunt himself. Why were these people who had taken the test as many as seven times qualified to do it again? It was no wonder the test was packed with so many candidates. Many people who failed the first time would come again, but wasn’t that a waste of manpower?

From Yi Yun's point of view, the Myriad G.o.d Ridge's test must have been very stringent. Perhaps, there might be several rounds of selection. Those that failed fell very short of the standards required so, no matter how many times they came, it was pointless.

But very quickly, Yi Yun understood why the Myriad G.o.d Ridge did not mind allowing warriors to partic.i.p.ate in the test numerous times. Anyone who registered needed to pay a registration fee of ten Spirit Jade for a test token. As there were so many people, about seven to eight thousand of these registration tokens would be handed out. According to his calculations, that meant that every test that was held gave the Myriad G.o.d Ridge an income of seventy to eighty thousand Spirit Jade.

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun was somewhat at a loss for words. It was no wonder they held tests with such great ardor. There were large amounts of Spirit Jade to earn, so why not? It was only bad for people who were far off the mark but continued dreaming of entering the Myriad G.o.d Ridge. Who else was to blame if they were unable to see the truth for themselves?

"This line sure is long…"

A line of ten thousand people moved at a turtle's pace despite there being multiple registration points. Every person that registered needed to fill out a form with their particulars; therefore, Yi Yun estimated that it would take a day before it reached his turn.

Warriors had extremely good patience but this did not include Yi Yun. Especially considering the fact that he did not place much importance on this matter. He wasn't truly interested in joining the Myriad G.o.d Ridge, he was only interested in looking for Old Snake.

"Hey, do you need a registration token and particulars form? It's just a hundred Spirit Jade. There's no need to queue."

Amid the noisy environment, Yi Yun heard a voice. When he took a glance, a few shady people were mixed in the crowd, going around and selling the registration tokens.

When Yi Yun saw this, he was tickled. Weren't these scalpers?

In his previous life, at the ticket-selling booths of train stations or popular concerts, there were always scalpers who would sell tickets they had obtained through various means at a high price.

It seemed this world was not an exception to that.

Should I… also buy a scalped ticket?

Just as Yi Yun was pondering over the matter, he noticed Snake Girl watching him warily. The young la.s.s seemed a little dimwitted at times but, whenever it had anything to do with money, she was like an alert mouse. She had a natural sensitivity towards any danger her money purse might suffer.

Yi Yun coughed dryly once and was about to speak.

But at that moment, Yi Yun suddenly heard an old man shout at the top of his lungs, "Great offer for registration tokens! Only ninety-eight! Ninety-eight, folks! You'll only suffer if you can't buy it and you'll be scammed if you don't buy it. Money transaction on the spot and the token will be yours."

When Yi Yun heard the shout, he nearly choked. Even other scalpers who was selling registration tokens were doing it covertly and privately asked examinees if they wanted one. No one was like the old man who seemed to wish he had a loudspeaker.

Yi Yun turned over to take a look and indeed, he saw a few Myriad G.o.d Ridge supervisors sporting extremely ugly expressions. Although earning Spirit Jade was a goal for holding a recruitment test, it was a more covert goal. On the surface, they were doing it as part of the process to select disciples for the Myriad G.o.d Ridge. It was an extremely solemn occasion. With the old fellow yelling like this, the atmosphere became more like a market.

Just as Yi Yun was considering whether or not to try negotiating with the scalper, or if they should spend ninety-eight Spirit Jade to buy a registration token, he noticed that Snake Girl's expression was a little odd.

"Uh… What's wrong?"

"That… That old man that's shouting about the great offer for the registration token… is my master… Old Snake…" Snake Girl said in embarra.s.sment.

She was rendered completely speechless by her master’s actions. After being separated for so many years, she never expected to meet him again in such a manner.

"He's Old Snake?"

Yi Yun blinked his eyes. Although he had guessed that the expert would be somewhat different from others, the present situation left him a little dumbfounded.

Since he had found Old Snake, there was no need for him to partic.i.p.ate in the Myriad G.o.d Ridge's recruitment test. With a thought, he walked to Old Snake.

"Ninety-eight Spirit Jade! Ninety-eight Spirit Jade! Registration token fire sale!" Old Snake was shouting with all his might when he suddenly saw Yi Yun walk over. His old face immediately beamed with a wide smile. He truly resembled a pimp from the brothels.

"How about it, young lad. Do you want to buy a registration token? After buying this registration token of mine, I guarantee you that it will become a golden opportunity, allowing for your meteoric rise. You will enter the sect within a decade, become a Guardian in a century, and an Elder in a millennium!"

"About that…" Yi Yun felt a dark cloud hanging over his head when he heard that. "Senior… I'm not here to buy a registration token. I was instructed by a friend to look for you."

"Friend? What friend?"

When the old man heard that Yi Yun wasn't there to buy a token, he immediately wiped away the smile on his face.

"Senior, can we speak in private?" Yi Yun said as he cupped his fists.

Although the Old Snake in front of him was a little unique, he still gave him the required respect. Regardless of anything, a person introduced by Huan Chenxue must have something special about him.

"Say anything you would like to say here. Don't mess up my business. Right here, right now is the best time to sell registration tokens. Speaking of which… Eh?"

When the old man saw Snake Girl among the crowd, he immediately stared with widened eyes. "La.s.s, what are you doing here!?"

As the old man spoke, he left Yi Yun behind and walked towards Snake Girl. "La.s.s, it's been years since we have met. Your cultivation level has grown. How has it been? Has your robbing business been doing well over the past two years? Maybe now you have some spare cash, and you are here to give your master some alcohol money as a form of filial piety?"

Old Snake had a naturally loud voice. With him deliberately not hiding his voice, many warriors present immediately looked towards Snake Girl.

So the old man was the young girl's master.

At that moment, Snake Girl yearned for a hole in the ground to burrow in. When she first saw the old man, she was quite delighted. After all, she had not seen the old man in years. Although he was flawed in many ways, he had brought her up and taught her many things.

However, this sense of filial affection lasted less than three seconds. Snake Girl wished she could kick the old man away and claim that she did not know him.

This was too f.u.c.king embarra.s.sing.

Although I am in the robbery business, will you not shout about it?

It was out there for all to see that the master was a scalper that capitalized on illicit trading, while the disciple was a petty thief that robbed. The master-disciple duo sure was one of a kind!

Indeed, there were people who could not help but laugh. The gorgeously-dressed youth that had partic.i.p.ated in the Myriad G.o.d Ridge's test for seven times looked at Snake Girl with a teasing expression. He had planned on buying a scalped token, but now that there was an interesting development in the line, he was in no hurry. He could continue queuing in line.

"Old Man, darn you. I only have the bit of money I need for cultivation. How can I have any spare cash for you to go around squandering on vices?"

Upon mentioning that, Snake Girl turned infuriated. The old man was bent on being indecent. Although rearing a child was a tiring task, he had begun engaging in vices when she was in her teens. He did not do a single good deed.

Her cultivation all these years was arduous. She never had what she needed, and could only rely on herself to 'earn' it.

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