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Unlocking the seven divine seals was easier said than done. Especially the last two seals, their difficulties far exceeded Elder Mo's imagination.

He did not believe Yi Yun could unlock them.

At that moment, the door to the bamboo lodge opened as Huan Chenxue walked out. There was a perplexed look on her beautiful face.

"Miss, that is your family clan's ancestral sword. To give it away, it's too… it's really…"

"Family clan…" Huan Chenxue shook her head gently and said, "The population of that family clan has been reduced to a bare number by my generation. Let's not even talk about protecting the sword, there are enough problems continuing the bloodline."

"The Fey G.o.d Sword has a sentient spirituality to it. In order to unlock it, one needs to first gain its approval. Even geniuses might not accomplish that, much less I, who has a curse on my bloodline. Despite having a divine body, I can't cultivate and so am unable to unlock the sword's seals. If Yi Yun were to unlock the seals, it would be his good fortune too."

As Huan Chenxue spoke, Elder Mo frowned slightly. "Miss, if Yi Yun does unlock the divine seals, then the powers sealed within the Fey G.o.d Sword would belong to him. But you would need the powers of the Illumination flames to act as the catalyst for your rebirth. Are you…"

Elder Mo stopped speaking when he reached that point.

The sword that Huan Chenxue gave Yi Yun was named the Fey G.o.d Sword.

The sword's exterior looked crystal clear and beautiful but in fact, sealed within the sword was one of the twelve Fey G.o.ds—a wisp of Extreme Yang Illumination's soul essence!

Among the twelve Fey G.o.ds—Extreme Yang Illumination, Extreme Yin Nether Glow, Empress Earth Dao Tree, and the rest—Extreme Yang Illumination was ranked first!

It was the beginning of the twelve Fey G.o.ds, first to be born after Chaos transformed into Yin and Yang. It was also the apex of pure Yang, and could be considered as Chaos Pure Yang!

This wisp of soul essence was sealed within a frost ice sword. This secret was something very few people outside of Huan Chenxue's family line knew.

Using the Illumination's flames to be reborn was the only way Huan Chenxue could escape her curse.

However, Huan Chenxue had given the sword to Yi Yun. It was the same as handing over the Extreme Yang Illumination soul essence to him.

The power belonged to the person who unsealed it.

And for one to unlock the divine seal, they needed perceptivity and immense talent to resolve the bloodline curse. Although Huan Chenxue possessed an ancient divine body, she was unable to cultivate due to the bloodline curse.

This resulted in a vicious cycle.

Now, only Yi Yun could break that vicious cycle.

Huan Chenxue sighed and said, "Elder Mo, the Fey G.o.d Sword has been handed down the family for an unknown period of time. Despite a reincarnation every ten million years no one has been able to break the curse. Instead of being content with the status quo, why don't I take a risk? The family clan has always been looking for the fated one, but perhaps the fated one was never meant to come from the family…"

Huan Chenxue's voice was calm, leaving Elder Mo filled with mixed emotions. He had lived for millions of years and had witnessed Huan Chenxue's growth.

He knew very well that by giving him the sword, Huan Chenxue was handing everything to Yi Yun, including the fate of the family clan itself…

"Miss, why don't you tell Young Master Yi all of this? I have this nagging worry that even if he were to refine the Extreme Yang Illumination's soul essence, he might not help you. Furthermore… the chance of him even obtaining that power is just too low." Elder Mo felt worried. He now knew that when Huan Chenxue first sent him to find Yi Yun in the Myriad Divine Territory, she had already made up her mind to hand everything over to Yi Yun.

"What would happen if I did tell him? If he thinks of this as a form of grace, then I'm only adding to his burdens. If he thinks nothing of it, he will only care about the benefits this will bring him and ignore whatever I tell him. However… I believe that my read of his character is right. I'll leave everything to fate…"

After saying this, Huan Chenxue returned to the bamboo lodge.

At that moment, Yi Yun had already settled down in the tiny compound Elder Mo had arranged for him. He naturally wasn't aware of the conversation between Huan Chenxue and Elder Mo.

There were a total of four rooms in the compound. In the middle of a yard was a stone table and beside it was a White Lunar Tree. It was not a rare breed, but one that could be commonly seen in the mortal world.

There were all sorts of facilities in the rooms, and it was kept simple, tidy and elegant. From the layout of the area, it looked like… it was a house a girl used to live in?

However, overly feminine features such as silk curtains had been removed.

Could this be where Huan Chenxue used to live…?

Yi Yun could not help but have such a thought. The yard was not very far from where Huan Chenxue lived. And the only person who could have stayed there was Huan Chenxue because the people who lived in Mirage Sea Realm had never been there in all their lives. They had mentioned that they had never once seen the owner of Mirage Sea Realm.

Yi Yun did not think on it further. He sat on the bed but did not instantly bother with Mirage Snow. Instead, he took out the envelope Huan Chenxue gave him.

When he asked her for any information regarding the mastermind behind Skyfire Sacred Hands, Huan Chenxue had given him this envelope. Inside the envelope was a place Huan Chenxue recommended him for cultivation.

The red-haired man had planted a seal within Yi Yun's body. Although it was being contained by the Azure Wood Divine Tree, it would be quite difficult to completely refine it away.

As such, he would have to face the red-haired man sooner or later.

Besides, Yi Yun had a feeling that there would come a day when he might even face Bai Yueyin. If he found dealing with the red-haired man to be excessively strenuous, how was he to face Bai Yueyin?

Yi Yun opened the envelope, finding a piece of paper and a thin jade slip inside. When he infused his perception into the jade slip, he saw that the jade slip contained a map. It indicated several spatial nodes, as well as detailed information on how to traverse these spatial nodes.

As for the piece of paper, it was a letter. On it was text that Yi Yun had never seen before.

The font was beautiful and elegant. He figured that it was possibly written by Huan Chenxue. Despite being very well read, Yi Yun had never seen such a language in books.

This was clearly not a letter for him. Perhaps he needed to hand it to someone when he reached the cultivation grounds.

This was what Yi Yun thought. The jade slip did not elaborate on the cultivation ground. He would naturally know once he went there.

There were time restrictions on the opening of the spatial nodes. The spatial nodes were closed at the moment, so Yi Yun put the letter into his interspatial ring and settled down peacefully in the house.

He meditated in cultivation every day, taking out Mirage Snow for cogitation. However, no matter how much he tried, only five seals lit up. The remaining two were still dim.

"Perhaps, it needs an impetus. It cannot be rushed." Yi Yun gradually calmed his fl.u.s.tered feelings.

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