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Yi Yun did not understand the meaning behind Elder Mo's words. However, seeing as Huan Chenxue was determined to give him the sword, he accepted it.

As he slowly took hold of the sword's hilt, he unsheathed it gently.


The sword let out a clear sword hum, inundating him with a suppressive frost Qi.

Yi Yun unsheathed the sword completely. The sword's blade was like its scabbard, ice-blue in color. There were seven runes engraved on it, each the size of a baby's palm. They were arranged in a row from the sword's tip to its base.

Upon seeing these runes, Yi Yun's eyes lit up. He had seen such runes before!

Out of the seven runes, five of them were faintly lit. They sparkled with a brilliant l.u.s.ter while the remaining two were unlit.

Yi Yun sensed immense power from the five lit runes. However, the remaining two runes appeared like a black hole for Yuan Qi. Not only did they not emit any energy fluctuations, they sucked in any perceptive probes Yi Yun sent into them. No information could be obtained from them at all.

Yi Yun looked at the seven runes for a long time before finally recalling where he had seen them before.

He sheathed the sword and said, "Miss Huan, I have some memory of these runes. I once entered a small sect known as the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. They had a cornerstone treasure named the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword. There were seven runes on its blade as well. It was somewhat resemblant of this sword; however, the level of profoundness was far inferior.

Yi Yun had once used the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword. It possessed a sentient spirituality. Those that were not acknowledged by the sword would only feel like they were holding a hard piece of matter. But when held by one that had gained its acknowledgment, it was a peerless divine sword. It could render the skies asunder and be nearly omnipotent.

Back when Yi Yun was sparring with the sect, Jian Wufeng had lent the sword to Yi Yun. Back then, he felt that the sword had once suffered heavy damage. But even so, Yi Yun managed to activate the seven runes on the sword, displaying its formidable power.

Yi Yun had used that sword to defeat Jian Buyi, the Grand Elder of Clarity Pool Sword Sect, who had repressed his cultivation level!

Huan Chenxue seemed unsurprised as she said, "This ancient sword was once a divine weapon of the extreme Dao. In ancient times, refinement masters replicated this sword so it's likely that the replicas were left behind in the world for others to discover."

So that was the case. The Clarity Pool Sword Sect was Azure Yang Lord's descendants, while Azure Yang Lord and Bai Yueyin were somewhat related. It was understandable that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had managed to obtain a replica of that sword by chance.

However, it was a replica that had endured long periods of time and damage. Yet, it still possessed such power. That sword was way too astounding…

"Miss Huan, this sword is too precious. I cannot accept it."

Yi Yun felt that he did not deserve the gift. This was his first time meeting Huan Chenxue, so how could he accept such a gift? Furthermore, Huan Chenxue had no reason to give him such an important gift.

At that moment, Elder Mo sighed and said, "Since she has given it to you, just accept it."

Yi Yun looked at Elder Mo with an odd glance. Moments ago, it was Elder Mo that had turned anxious; yet, now it was the same Elder Mo who was urging him to accept the sword. What was going on?

"Follow me. I'll bring you to your residence so you can rest."

As Elder Mo spoke, he did not give any further explanations to Yi Yun. He turned and bade Huan Chenxue farewell and left.

As for Huan Chenxue, she smiled faintly at Yi Yun before returning to the bamboo lodge.

Yi Yun did not find it appropriate to follow Huan Chenxue into the bamboo lodge, so his only option was to follow Elder Mo.

With the divine weapon in hand, Yi Yun could not help but ask. "What meaning lies behind this sword? Might Elder Mo tell me?"

Elder Mo simply kept walking in front of him, and did not turn back or reply.

From the side, Yi Yun could see the corners of Elder Mo's eye. It seemed to be effusing sadness.

It was as though Huan Chenxue's bestowing of the sword had made Elder Mo recall something. The result was him having such an expression.

The duo walked quietly for a long while until Elder Mo brought Yi Yun to stop before an exquisite courtyard.

The courtyard was no different from the yard of an ordinary villager's house. From the looks of it, it had an aged wooden door with white walls and red tiles. There was a fenced off flower garden in front of the door.

Beside the garden, a watering jug and an elegant flower hoe were placed neatly.

Yi Yun felt that he had not seen such tools, the kind that mortals used, for a very long time. Warriors seldom grew flowers, instead they typically planted herbs. Furthermore, in such plantations, they would use their powers to water the soil. There was no need to use a hoe.

"This garden was tended to by Miss in the past. Why don't you stay here," Elder Mo said lightly.

He discovered that Yi Yun was still looking at the sword in his hand. He shook his head and said, "Regarding the sword, Miss instructed me to bring you here to rest after she gave it to you. It means she isn't willing to explain it to you. Since she doesn't want to talk about it, as her old servant, I naturally can't talk about it…"

After saying that, Elder Mo turned away, in preparation to leave. However, he could not help but turn his head after taking a few steps. He sighed and said, "Young Master Yi, Miss is a person with a hard life. That sword in your hand determines her fate. If there comes a day when you manage to unlock the seven sealed runes on the sword, my wish is that you are able to… help her… Sigh, I'm being overly talkative after all. Young Master Yi, have a good rest."

After Elder Mo said that, he rushed away, leaving Yi Yun somewhat in a daze.

Unlock the seven seals to help Huan Chenxue?

The seven seals must have been referring to the seven runes on the sword's body…

Five of the seven runes were already lit. Did it mean that they were already unlocked or had previously been unlocked?

Only the last two runes were not lit up!

Back when Yi Yun wielded the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, there were seven runes as well. He gained insight into the Heart of the Sword, unlocking them all at one go!

However, that sword was only a replica. It was a day and night difference from the real deal.

Elder Mo wished for him to unlock the seven seals on the sword. Although he did not know of Huan Chenxue's past or what she had experienced, he believed that the truth would be revealed once he unlocked the seven seals.

Yi Yun had an inexplicable feeling towards Huan Chenxue. If he could help her, he would naturally do his best to help her.

As he clenched the sword in his hand, Yi Yun realized that he had not asked the sword's name.

Such an ancient divine weapon might have been given more than one name in its long history. However, that was unimportant. Since Huan Chenxue bestowed it upon him and refused to speak further, Yi Yun decided to name the sword himself.

"Let's call you… Mirage Snow…"

Yi Yun unsheathed the sword once again as its blade reflected his face.

Yi Yun had named the sword for its previous owner, Huan Chenxue. It was crystalline, pure and, frosty in nature, as though it were a freshly-fallen snowflake. Just like the "Xue" character from her name. Yi Yun could also sense that eternal time was sealed in the blade in a way that resembled a jade or ice sculpture. This illusory sense of eternity made the blade a sharpened mirage, the "Huan." Thus, it was Mirage Snow.

At that moment, Elder Mo had returned to Huan Chenxue's bamboo lodge after taking Yi Yun away. He waited quietly for her instruction.

"Elder Mo… You ended up mentioning something about the past, didn’t you?"

An ethereal voice transmitted from inside the bamboo lodge. Elder Mo lowered his head and ashamedly said, "I could not help it. I only mentioned an inkling of it. Miss, I cannot believe that you have given such a sword away. Can that young man really unlock the seals of G.o.d…?"

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