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Chapter 122: Tao Yunxiao vomits blood too

To fall from hundreds of feet high, even a peak-Qi Gatherer warrior would die. A Purple Blood warrior might not die, but the outcome would be pretty embarra.s.sing.

But this girl, was walking on air and slowly approaching. It was as if there was an invisible hand gently holding her.

“This&h.e.l.lip; This&h.e.l.lip; She can fly!?” The people of the vast wilderness were shocked. They had seen people ride on eagles into the sky. That was impressive, but today, they actually saw a person fly in the sky with just their flesh and blood?

What sort of method was that!?

It was completely unheard of!

The commoners’ eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. But for the Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch and elders, they had a vague idea what realm this was.

In this world, when warriors reach a certain level, they are able to fly in the sky. And this realm was beyond their understanding.

At least, it was something that was impossible to achieve in the Purple Blood realm.

This girl&h.e.l.lip; she exceeded the Purple Blood realm?

But her age&h.e.l.lip; she’s just a teenager!?

To exceed Purple Blood as a teenager? How could this be possible!?

The tribal elders began to stand up one after the other. Although they knew that two wealthy people had come to their Tao tribal clan, they did not know a thing about their ident.i.ties. Today, they actually saw a teenage girl flying in the air!!

Heavens, who is this girl!?

Seeing this mysterious girl, the tribal elders felt an immense pressure. To such a figure, the Tao tribal clan was insignificant.

The girl’s white dress fluttered in the wind till she landed.

Tens of thousands of eyes were concentrated on the girl. They were extremely shocked.

These few days, they had been shocked too many times. First it was Yi Yun who had risen in prominence, overshadowing all the geniuses in the Tao tribal clan.

Next was this girl who was just a teenager, yet she could fly.

The slim girl stood there gracefully, like a fairy that fell from the sky.

She had a veil across her face, concealing her appearance. But even so, many could guess that underneath that veil was a stunning beauty!

In fact, Lin Xintong usually did not mask herself. But Lin Xintong did not want to reveal her face in front of tens of thousands of people.

From the time she descended from the sky to the time she found her feet, she did not take a single look at Yi Yun. It was as if she did not know him. Yi Yun rubbed his nose and wondered why. What was Lin Xintong doing down here? From Yi Yun’s impression, an extraordinary girl like Lin Xintong would not wish to show herself in public. Besides, it was just a medium sized tribe in the Cloud Wilderness, filled with ignorant ma.s.ses. Such an event was too low a level for her.

Apart from Yi Yun, the seriously injured semi-conscious Tao Yunxiao was also looking earnestly towards Lin Xintong.

Although he was seriously injured, he had not lost consciousness. The mental blow from Yi Yun had been too great for him, so with his sunken heart, he looked as if he had lost consciousness.

But now with Lin Xintong coming down from the airship, Tao Yunxiao suddenly woke up. He stopped coughing out blood; his eyes looked rejuvenated. He could even raise his head, and was even struggling to stand up.

Lin Xintong was a G.o.ddess Tao Yunxiao had been admiring! The G.o.ddess had descended; but his current state was too humiliating in front of her.

Tao Yunxiao was still not sure why Lin Xintong had come. He saw her wipe her left wrist’s interspatial wristband, taking out a white bottle from within.

Lin Xintong did not take a look at Yi Yun, much less Tao Yunxiao. For a toad like him who l.u.s.ted after her, Lin Xintong had no good feelings for him.

She flicked her fingers gently and the white bottle turned in a white flash before entering Zhang Tan’s hands.

Zhang Tan blankly caught the white bottle, but remained confused.

Lin Xintong’s lips moved slightly and transmitted some words. Following that, her body began to float as she headed back to the airship in the sky!

Under the red setting sky, her white figure made the scene even more beautiful&h.e.l.lip;

The people looked in a shock manner.

Was she human? Or was she a fairy?

Zhang Tan was still holding the bottle in his hands as if in a daze.

He pulled the cap open hesitantly. Two green elixirs rolled out and the fragrance a.s.sailed his nostrils!

Zhang Tan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. d.a.m.n, it was actually a green elixir!

She was indeed worthy as Grandmaster Su Jie’s disciple. She was the pearl of the ancient Lin family. She was an extraordinary girl who could one day become the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Crown Prince’s wife&h.e.l.lip;

In one shot, she had given out two green elixirs. To use such precious elixirs to treat a physical wound was such a waste.

After the girl flew back to her airship, the people’s attention was now on the white bottle she had left behind. They had already guessed that there was some elixir within it. And the elixir had to be extremely valuable!

Just based on the girl’s strength and ident.i.ty, could the things she take out be normal? And Zhang Tan’s expression decisively confirmed this point.

An elixir that could change the expression of a Jin Long Wei’s Thousand Households had to be priceless!

The Tao tribal clan’s elders suddenly turned envious.

Without a doubt, the two pills Lin Xintong had specially flown down from her airship to give, was for the injured.

They did not know why Lin Xintong had done so. But there wasn’t time to consider it. There was no doubt about the price of the pill. If one out of the two pills was given to Tao Yunxiao, then he would be able to recover more quickly from his injuries.

Even the blood he had lost would be quickly replenished. As such, the after-effects of his injury would be reduced to a minimum.

The Patriarch and the grand elder was full of antic.i.p.ation.

They did not know how the pills would be distributed, but it seemed like each person was to be given one.

Why did the girl in white give them the elixir? Logically, Tao Yunxiao did not know the girl in white, so there was no reason for her to rescue him.

Besides, Yi Yun’s background was worse. He was just a poor kid from a small tribal clan, so he was less likely to know this extraordinary girl.

So, it was less likely the girl in white had specially left the pills for Yi Yun.

The reason had to be due to the kind nature of the girl in white. She had seen their nurtured seedling hurt, so she decided to leave the precious medicine for them to recover.

It was even possible that in the final battle, Tao Yunxiao may have lost, but in order to win, he had spent his own blood to fight valiantly. This action might have touched the girl in white, resulting in her giving the elixir.

The tribal elders came up with many ways of explaining in a short time, but they were not important. The important thing was the elixir was here, Tao Yunxiao was saved.

Lying on the ground, Tao Yunxiao gained hope. The fairy descended on this world to save me.

It’s too good.

With this elixir, I would be able to recover quickly. When that happens, I’ll work hard at cultivating. In a few months time, I’ll break through to the Purple Blood realm and defeat that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

I will make that kid pay the price!

Tao Yunxiao screamed in his heart. At this time, Zhang Tan was walking over to the arena with the pills in hand.

Zhang Tan was still puzzled&h.e.l.lip; What relationship does this kid have with Fairy Lin, for the fairy to favor him so? His hand was just slashed by a sword, although the wound was deep and had hurt his bones and tendons, for a warrior such a wound could be recovered in a few days with normal medicine. At most he would miss a few days of training.

To use a green elixir is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Unless, Fairy Lin has something to do with this guy?

This is so unlikely. He’s just a medicine child from a small tribal clan. Even if he had met Fairy Lin while picking herbs, they wouldn’t have much interactions.

After all, for a person of stature like Lin Xintong, not only Yi Yun, even Zhang Tan was considered a small fry. If it was not because he had a mission in the Cloud Wilderness, and to hand that letter over to Su Jie, he would never have had any interaction with Lin Xintong.

Even he could not get to know her, whatmore Yi Yun?

Regardless, Lin Xintong had given the green elixir to Yi Yun, which proved that Yi Yun was of extraordinary significance to Lin Xintong.

If so, I have to treat Yi Yun with greater respect!

Zhang Tan began to have foolish thoughts as he neared the arena.

Tao Yunxiao was by the corner of the arena, so Zhang Tan had to walk past him to reach the arena.

Tao Yunxiao gave an eager look.

Zhang Tan walked closer and closer. Tao Yunxiao’s eyes looked at the bottle in Zhang Tan’s hands without blinking. His breath sped up as he got more excited.

He could even smell the fragrance of the medicine. It felt like just smelling it refreshed him, making him feel much better!

This sort of medicine would not only replenish his blood deficit, but would make him go a step further!

Thinking he had a blessing in disguise, Tao Yunxiao was excited.

“Heaven still treats me well. That mysterious girl is a blessing from the Heavens. I must cherish it well. Since I have met such a G.o.ddess, I must grab this opportunity&h.e.l.lip; She may not have saved me because she was fond of me, but out of convenience. But no matter what, I will remember this kindness. In the future, when I’ve grown in power, I’ll be sure to treat her well&h.e.l.lip;”

Tao Yunxiao had all these thoughts. The depression and pain of having lost to Yi Yun had been swept away.

The surrounding tribal elders were also full of antic.i.p.ation.

With two pills, it was reasonable to think that each person would get one. But, Yi Yun’s injury did not need such good medicine. But Tao Yunxiao, his injuries were more severe and he had expended his blood. Those two pills should be used on Tao Yunxiao; as for Yi Yun, the Jin Long Wei’s normal medicine would do.

As the elders were thinking this, Zhang Tan was only five feet away from Tao Yunxiao and was steadily approaching.

Four feet&h.e.l.lip; three feet&h.e.l.lip; one feet&h.e.l.lip;

Because of his injuries and pain, Tao Yunxiao had a twisted expression. He forced himself into a smile and with great effort, held out his hand while looking at Zhang Tan, hoping to receive the bottle within Zhang Tan’s hands.


Zhang Tan arrived at Tao Yunxiao with the bottle in his hand. It was as if he was thinking of something. He did not lower his head one bit, and neither did he slow his pace&h.e.l.lip;

He just&h.e.l.lip;walked past Tao Yunxiao.

Just walked past like that.

Walked past like that.

Past like that.

Like that&h.e.l.lip;

Tao Yunxiao outstretched hand froze in midair. The smile he had squeezed out with difficulty completely solidified.

Tao Yunxiao felt his ears roar. At that moment, it felt like a hundred people had stuck their feet forward, and with a hundred shoes, mercilessly stepped on his face!

All his blood surged to his face! He was already severely injured and his condition was in trouble. Now, from the shame and anger, his vessels had enlarged, causing him to nearly faint.

But Tao Yunxiao still had hope that Zhang Tan was just giving one pill to Yi Yun, and would hand him the other pill when he came back. He endured his anger and looked at Zhang Tan’s back.

This is going too far! Just because Yi Yun has a great future ahead, you treat him better by giving the pill to him first?

The surrounding tribal elders all had terrible expressions on their faces. When Zhang Tan had completely disregarded Tao Yunxiao by walking past him, they felt like they had been slapped in the face hard!

They realized that things were not going as they had thought! Could those two pills be for Yi Yun? What’s that? He just has a superficial wound, why would he need such precious medicine!?

Many tribal elders and people of the Tao tribal clan, including Tao Yunxiao, watched helplessly as Zhang Tan walked to Yi Yun’s side. He then handed both pills to Yi Yun. The originally stern and unsmiling Zhang Tan suddenly showed a friendly smile!

Zhang Tan had a friendly expression never seen before. With an amiable tone, he said to Yi Yun, “Little brother Yi, these are green elixirs. They are good medicine. Miss Lin ordered that, from these two pills, to eat one pill and ground the other with water and apply it to your wound. Before tomorrow, your wound will be completely healed. Also, slowly digest the potency of the medicine. It will do good for your cultivation.”

Zhang Tan’s words were like a curse echoing above the arena. The tribal elders all had great hearing, so how could they not hear it.

Two pills, to eat one and ground the other with water and apply it to your wound!!

He had just been cut by a sword on his fist. Such extravagance was absurd!


Not far from the arena, Tao Yunxiao, whose heart had been weakened by the loss of blood, suddenly vomited out a mouthful of even more blood!

His vision went blurry as his brain hummed. With that, he went weak and fell to the ground.

The heavy medicine box filled with lucidum and knotweed was knocked over by Tao Yunxiao. All sorts of hundred year old herbs scattered to the ground.

In Tao Yunxiao’s mind, he could only think of Lin Xintong’s beautiful figure as she slowly flew down from the airship.

This time, Tao Yunxiao really fainted.

He had hurt his heart due to his anger and fainted. The injury due to the loss of blood became even worse!


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