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"What is that?" Skyfire Sacred Hands was taken aback.

Back when Yi Yun treated the plague, Skyfire Sacred Hands did not even notice the existence of the divine tree. He believed that Yi Yun was able to eliminate the evil spirits through the use of his mysterious fire seed.

But now that he was half demonic servant, Skyfire Sacred Hands could clearly see the towering tree behind Yi Yun. The tree's crown reached straight into the firmaments as though it was a G.o.d that stood high and mighty, looking down at him indifferently.

An immense sense of repression immediately made Skyfire Sacred Hands, who was in the form of a flaming demonic black ball, stagger. It felt as though he had fallen into a mire.

And in front of the tree's crown, Yi Yun stood straight with the broken sword in hand. He looked coldly at Skyfire Sacred Hands.

"You thought that after becoming stronger, you would be able to harm me by using a trap. However, in the end, all you did was expose your weakness." Yi Yun's voice stabbed into Skyfire Sacred Hands's mind like a sharp needle.

The divine tree had taken root in the desolate mountain as numerous demonic servants were constantly being absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree amid wails. They transformed into stronger energy for the divine tree. Over the past twenty-five years, the Azure Wood Divine Tree had already grown into a lush and st.u.r.dy tree. It was why Yi Yun was so confident.

"Die!" Skyfire Sacred Hands roared. How could he be willing to suffer defeat in such a manner? He had nurtured the demonic servants for more than two decades. They should have become part of his strength, making Yi Yun face him in despair, unable to match him in any way.

Skyfire Sacred Hands suddenly let out a long howl as, beyond the ma.s.sive black ball, demonic flames burned fiercely. Then, like a meteor falling from the heavens, a black bolt of lightning streaked across the void, heading straight for Yi Yun!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground, mountains, and rivers beneath were afflicted by the black lightning as they began sinking! After this battle, the geological features here would undoubtedly change. The mountains would be flattened and the rivers would dry and change directions.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was fighting desperately for his life. He did not hold back at all. Even his intrinsic demon fire was burning. The flames that were burning beyond the black ball now suffused a fiendish redness amid the black.

He wanted to burn Yi Yun alive, boiling dry the blood and Qi within his body, as well as turn the huge tree phantom behind him to ash.

"Yi Yun, die!"

Faced with Skyfire Sacred Hands's attack, Yi Yun's eyes began to reveal killing intent.


The sword strike seemed like a dazzling and resplendent galaxy that crossed over distant s.p.a.ce. Wherever the sword beam pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce would shatter and mend itself. It was as though it created a river filled with black vortices.

And that river was gushing towards the flaming demonic black ball.

One strike to dictate life and death!

After Yi Yun cultivated in the Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon, he was able to fuse destruction and creation, as well as time and s.p.a.ce, together. The might of his sword became even more devastating and its trajectory was even harder to grasp.

Different laws constantly composed themselves as they condensed into different sword beams.


A terrifying explosion sounded that caused the distant Myriad City to quake violently.

At the moment the flaming demonic black ball clashed with the sword beam, it was as though a black sun had exploded in the sky.

In the bustling Myriad City, hundreds of miles away, millions of warriors, alchemists, mortals, and even people in a radius of thousands of miles away saw this scene.

They were momentarily stunned. What was happening over there?

They saw a mighty flame light up the sky as many warriors sensed the tumultuous Yuan Qi fluctuations. It was unknown how far away the terrifying aura was, but it still left their bodies feeling like they were being p.r.i.c.ked by needles.

Inside Myriad City, Fairy Youqin and Dong Xiaowan had already awoken. As they were still feeling weak, they did not follow City Lord Qin and company out of the city.

In fact, they had just learned of the recent happenings from Princess White Fox, who had rushed over to take care of them.

"It was Young Master that saved me…" Dong Xiaowan whispered to herself.

"It can only be him," Fairy Youqin added. No one but Yi Yun had such abilities.

Just as she said that, the entire City Lord Manor suddenly quaked. As the rumbling continued incessantly, Fairy Youqin felt alarmed. They quickly walked out the building and looked up. The sky appeared to be dyed by the black demonic flames. The land was constantly quaking.


A dazzling golden beam tore through the black clouds and instantly cleansed the flaring black flames.

The golden light obstreperously emanated an ancient and mysterious aura.

"This is…" Fairy Youqin was somewhat perplexed.

"It's Yi Yun." Amid the powerful aura, Princess White Fox, who was closest to Yi Yun relationship-wise, was the first to sense Yi Yun's aura.

"Yi Yun is battling Skyfire Sacred Hands. From the looks of it, he isn't at a total disadvantage. In fact, he holds the upper hand."

Princess White Fox had a mixed expression on her face. She believed that her strength had increased tremendously after being recruited by her master, allowing her to, at the very least, approach Yi Yun. But now, she realized that she could only watch Yi Yun from afar.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was originally a Supremacy. He later cultivated in demonic methods, becoming even stronger, but Yi Yun was able to resist him. Such cultivation techniques and sword techniques were truly terrifying.

At that moment, beneath the desolate mountain, the flaming demonic black ball was cracking under Yi Yun's sword beams. It was reduced to countless black shadows.

"Yi Yun!" Amid the black shadows thundered numerous voices that belonged to Skyfire Sacred Hands. He was still planning on gathering together and burning all his demonic flames and blood essence to kill Yi Yun at the cost of his life.

Yi Yun exhaled. Although it was taxing on him, he was feeling delighted. When he cleaved apart the flaming demonic black ball with his sword beams, he could feel every insight he gained over the past twenty-five years of seclusion refining themselves into those sword beams.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was a testbed for him. Yi Yun fully understood his own strength.

If Skyfire Sacred Hands had cultivated normally to where he was, Yi Yun would not be his match. However, Skyfire Sacred Hands had taken the unorthodox path and bred thousands of demonic servants, all of which were perfectly countered by Yi Yun.

"It's time to end it." Yi Yun lifted the sword tip.

As the pure Yang broken sword trembled gently, the heaven and earth resonated immediately with a dull hum.

Golden beams of light surged outwards like a wave, and immediately following that, a sword beam plunged down from a high alt.i.tude like a radiant sun. It tore through the layer of clouds, s.p.a.ce, and the black shadows that were frenetically trying to gather together.

Instantly, countless holes bored through the black shadows as huge rifts opened up in the ground.

Everyone, including Guiyuan Potian, City Lord Qin, and people from the distant Myriad City, witnessed this scene of fiery rain.

"Ahhhhh…" Skyfire Sacred Hands's voice sounded like it escaped from h.e.l.l.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The tree veins thrust out, dispersing the black figures that were riddled with holes, enveloping and absorbing them.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree had absorbed large amounts of demonic servants, emanating an even stronger Yuan Qi fluctuation. All its leaves seemed to shake like they were dancing.

"He's dead…"

"Skyfire Sacred Hands was killed just like that. It was truly a clean death."

City Lord Qin looked wistfully at Yi Yun. After twenty-five years of not seeing him, Yi Yun had become a lot stronger. At that moment, he could not help but feel envious of Yi Yun.

Such talent insinuated that if Yi Yun were to successfully mature, he would be able to make contact with even higher martial paths, seeking the origins of life and the universe.

At that moment, Yi Yun was looking at the black shadows that were being absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree. After it absorbed all the demonic servants, it grew taller once again. Its leaves turned lusher as the root network became more developed.

However, at that moment, amid the layers of black shadows, an inconspicuous gray dot of light flew out silently. Like a ghost, it flew towards Yi Yun's back.

The dot of light concealed all of its aura. Even a Divine Lord might not be able to detect it.

However, Yi Yun possessed the Purple Crystal. Even after killing Skyfire Sacred Hands, he remained vigilant of his surroundings.

He suddenly felt a sense of unease. Without a second thought, he flew forward.

But the gray dot of light behind him was too fast. It ignored his protective Yuan Qi and directly tunneled through it.

When the gray dot of light entered his body, Yi Yun suddenly felt an aura of biting coldness and death. It made his heart rapidly palpitate.

It was clearly a power that did not belong to Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Yi Yun's heart leaped. Could the gray dot of light have been left behind by Skyfire Sacred Hands's master? And did that mean it had been residing inside Skyfire Sacred Hands's body all along!?

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