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Yi Yun found City Lord Qin's explanation somewhat puzzling. He was certain he did not know a person called Elder Mo. Forgetting the name, he would have remembered a person with such formidable frost ice laws.

Regardless, he was grateful towards Elder Mo. If not for him, Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin would probably be long dead.

Yi Yun did not continue thinking over the matter. He would know why this was done when he met Elder Mo. He was more worried about Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin. He could sense that the evil spirits were still within their bodies but were a lot weaker because they had been sealed by the frost ice.

At that moment, Qin Zhengyang said, "Elder Mo said that the evil spirits within Miss Dong and Fairy Youqin are much stronger than typical evil spirits. Therefore, he could only temporarily put them in check. Now that you are back, you can use your pure Yang flames to melt the frost ice and cure them of their illnesses."

"I understand." Yi Yun nodded. He touched the frost ice as blue frost beams flashed across the surface of the ice.

"This ice…"

Yi Yun's heart stirred. The ice in front of him wasn't easy to melt.

Yi Yun could sense that the laws contained within the two blocks of ice were intricate and complex. Blindly using pure Yang flames to burn the ice would not only fail to melt them, but might also hurt the two women in the ice.

Yi Yun knew that Elder Mo definitely had the means to melt the ice, but since he had already instructed him to melt it with pure Yang laws, he was likely leaving everything to him. Could it be a way of testing him?

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun sat down solemnly. He silently sensed the laws within and rationalized each bit he encountered before using pure Yang laws to neutralize them.

This was a tedious process but by using Yin and Yang to neutralize it, Yi Yun realized he gained a lot more insight on the frost Yin Dao that Elder Mo used.

The more Yi Yun tackled the problem of melting the ice, the more astonished he became. He began to feel that Elder Mo was deliberately guiding him, allowing him to learn a lot of things from the ice-melting process.

Although Yi Yun dual cultivated in both Yin and Yang, his pure Yin laws were much weaker than the pure Yang laws. Through this short period of practice, Yi Yun gained quite a bit of insight.

What sort of person was this Elder Mo?

"City Lord Qin, is Yi Yun inside?"

Guiyuan Potian had rushed to City Lord Manor in a painfully anxious manner. However, when he learned that Yi Yun was busy melting the ice, all he could do was continue suffering from anxiety.

He was not what one would consider very familiar with Yi Yun. Since he needed a favor from Yi Yun, he naturally had to wait respectfully.

Yi Yun was a person who could casually destroy evil spirits. In the past, Yi Yun had done it so easily that large numbers of infected geniuses were brought in front of him. With a wave of a hand, he resolved their problems in batches. It caused the gratefulness towards Yi Yun to appear not as immense.

However, ever since Elder Mo came to Myriad City, he tended to be reclusive and seldom left his residence. Pleading for him to take action was an impossible task. Furthermore, he did not thoroughly save the infected. All he did was seal them in ice and let them wait for Yi Yun to finish the healing process.

Since Elder Mo rarely took action, it caused the people who came to implore him to become even more respectful.

Compared to Yi Yun, Yi Yun was a lot more approachable. Therefore, Guiyuan Potian constantly reminded himself to absolutely not treat Yi Yun as a junior.

This went on late into the night before Yi Yun finally cracked the layers of frost ice left behind by Elder Mo. He saw layers of golden runes fly up into the sky from amid the frost ice before dissipating into dots of light and disappearing. At the next moment, the two ice blocks seemed to lose the intermolecular forces binding them and instantly melted.

As the cold water flowed across the ground, Yi Yun waved his hands and beckoned both Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin into his hands. Despite being sealed in ice for nearly five years, the two women's vitalities had not decreased at all. Instead, they had been nourished by the frost ice and enjoyed greater vibrancy.

However, they remained unconscious.

And at that moment, in what seemed like an ordinary thatched cottage outside of Myriad City, an elder walked out. He was dressed in azure-colored clothes. His pupils effused a light purple color as they looked in the direction of Myriad City. A smile spread across his lips.

"Six hours to resolve the frost ice laws I left behind. You have really surprised me."

The elder muttered to himself as he took a step forward. As his footsteps tapped across the void, he walked towards Myriad City.

"Although I have melted the frost ice, the frost Qi runs deep in Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin's limbs and core. It's still nourishing their bodies. This Elder Mo is truly an impressive figure."

Yi Yun placed Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin flat in front of him. He probed their dantians and noticed that the evil spirits entrenched in them were a lot stronger than the ones before. Despite being weakened by the frost ice laws, they were still energetic. Now that the frost ice had disappeared, they seemed to be gathering strength to make another resurgence.

"Skyfire Sacred Hands sure is diabolical. If this were twenty years ago, dealing with these evil spirits would be tough, but it's a lot easier now."

The Azure Wood Divine Tree in Yi Yun's body had grown to a towering three-hundred-foot tree. The divine tree's veins shot out and with the room he was in as the core, the surrounding vegetation began growing vibrantly in a beautiful and splendid manner.

About thirty seconds later, the evil spirits residing within Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin's bodies were eliminated. They dissipated completely and transformed into energy that was absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

At the instant the evil spirits dissipated, more than fifty thousand kilometers away, a man with a face covered in dry and pale skin that was spotted with blood patches grunted as a trickle of black blood oozed out the corner of his mouth.

This person was none other than Skyfire Sacred Hands.

The two demonic servants he had left behind had been nourished by him using a portion of his blood essence. If the two demonic servants successfully completed the possession, they would become his loyal subordinates which he could easily command. However, if they were eliminated, he would lose that bit of blood essence. This was naturally an unpleasant outcome for Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Skyfire Sacred Hands stood up with an ashen expression. After five years, his complexion looked even more sickly.

This terrible complexion was the result of giving large amounts of his lifeblood to nourish demonic servants that were intrinsic to him. Skyfire Sacred Hands had already nurtured more than a thousand intrinsic demonic servants.

Once these intrinsic demonic servants returned to him, the lifeblood that they had devoured would be fed back into him, greatly increasing his strength.

"Yi Yun, it appears that you have come out of seclusion. Then, it's finally time for me to rid myself of this mental demon!"

After Yi Yun exterminated the evil spirits, Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin woke up one after another about five minutes later.

They were somewhat lost. They had fallen unconscious for five years, and were completely unaware of anything that happened during that time.

At that moment in City Lord Manor, all the important figures that should be there were there.

Guiyuan Potian, Perfected Qianhua, Paradise Chapter's chapter master, the Zhou family's patriarch, every important person was gathered!

Now, despite not holding any position in Myriad City or having built up any faction, Yi Yun's status and prestige meant that every word he said carried weight. No one could override him.

"Young Master Yi, my great-grandson, Guiyuan Li, has been brought here. I wonder if you could…" Guiyuan Potian said respectfully.

But at that moment, Yi Yun felt something and turned his head. He looked towards City Lord Manor's door as an azure-clothed elder with light purple pupils slowly walked over.

He seemed to walk very slowly, but also seemed to come from another dimension. It made Yi Yun's heart palpitate.

He was now a lot stronger. He could even vaguely sense the cultivation realms of some mighty figures. He could clearly sense that although the elder's aura was converged, his strength was actually unfathomable. It gave Yi Yun the feeling that he was even stronger than his master, Felicitous Rain Lord.

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