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Myriad City, Guiyuan family—

Ever since the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was destroyed twenty-five years ago, the Guiyuan family thrived. So the mood at the Guiyan family should have been a joyful one. Unfortunately, over the past few days, the Guiyuan family was being enveloped by a depressive mood.

In the Guiyuan family's backyard, there was a room that had black cloth and white lanterns hanging everywhere. In that room was a deeply unconscious youth in a bed.

The family patriarch, Guiyuan Potian looked at the youth with a heavy and silent expression.

"Elder Mo is still unwilling to do it?" Guiyuan Potian asked the woman beside him.

The woman’s eyes were red, and it was clear that she had been weeping. She shook her head and said, "I have already implored Elder Mo countless times but he remains unmoved. He won’t even agree to meet with me anymore."

Guiyuan Potian sighed and said, "Every time Elder Mo takes action, he needs an Ice Silkworm Heart. I have scoured the canons, but can't find any records of it. I have no idea how to obtain it. Since Elder Mo is unwilling to help, that is Li'er's fate. At midnight, if there are no signs of improvement, let's euthanize Li'er…"

Guiyuan Potian felt helpless when he said that.

Over the past couple of years, many people had been infected by evil spirits. They were killed before they were completely possessed by the evil spirits.

Once the evil spirits completed their possession, the vessel that hosted the evil spirit would become a puppet. Instead of a person, they would become a monster that did not recognize anyone. All it could do was kill in its bloodl.u.s.t. And those that killed these evil spirits would be possessed by new evil spirits, running the risk of becoming a monster.

If this continued, Myriad City would be destroyed. Therefore, no matter who it was, as long as it was determined to be irredeemable, others would bear the pain of killing them.

Once the person died, the evil spirit would lose its protection, making them easy to vanquish.

Over the past few years, Guiyuan Potian had already given the order to kill numerous members of the Guiyuan family. However, when it came to Guiyuan Li, Guiyuan Potian could not steel his heart to do so.

Guiyuan Li was Guiyuan Potian's great-grandson, and also one he doted on greatly. When Guiyuan Li was young, Guiyuan Potian had personally guided his martial path.

Guiyuan Potian had a second thought, and said, "Prepare the carriage. I'll be visiting Elder Mo…"

Elder Mo was a miraculous figure who had suddenly appeared in the Myriad Divine Territory. Everything about him, such as his sudden appearance to his origins, was mysterious. His cultivation techniques and martial path were completely different from the usual found in the Myriad Divine Territory.

Three years ago, when a Paradise Chapter genius fell seriously ill, Paradise Chapter's chapter master had prepared two ancient Fey bones but failed to get Elder Mo to take action. He was barred from entering for a second visit. Guiyuan Potian did not hold any hopes of being able to entice Elder Mo into taking action.

Furthermore, Elder Mo's cultivation realm was unknown and his whereabouts were uncertain. Guiyuan Potian even had a feeling that Elder Mo's strength far exceeded his.

With the carriage readied, Guiyuan Potian planned on setting off when suddenly, a voice transmission charm flared in front of him. It was a light purple halo that came from City Lord Manor's voice transmission charm. Furthermore, it was one used personally by Qin Zhengyang.

"Oh? Qin Zhengyang has something urgent to tell me?"

Guiyuan Potian was puzzled, but when he heard the contents of the voice transmission, he felt trepidations through his entire being.

Yi Yun! He has come out of seclusion!?


Guiyuan Potian was overjoyed. Yi Yun, who had vanished for twenty-five years, had appeared once again in Myriad City!

In the days with Yi Yun nowhere to be seen, Myriad City had suffered greatly. Only then did Guiyuan Potian realize how lucky Myriad City was to have encountered Yi Yun more than twenty years ago.

"Patriarch, the carriage is readied," a steward-looking elder said.

Guiyuan Potian immediately waved his hand and said, "There's no need!"

Guiyuan Potian did not even bother taking the carriage. His body flashed immediately as he charged into the sky!

Myriad City banned flying but, in his anxiousness, Guiyuan Potian ignored the rule. He flew straight for City Lord Manor.

"Yi Yun, you are finally back."

Upon seeing Yi Yun, Qin Wufeng heaved a sigh of relief. Qin Zhengyang's sons were good-for-nothings, so other than his youngest son, Qin Wufeng, his sons did not suffer any turmoil. Yet although City Lord Manor was fine, the rest of Myriad City was in chaos. Qin Zhengyang was utterly exhausted from the work that required him over the past few days.

"City Lord Qin, I want to meet Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin. Are they still alive?"

The moment Yi Yun saw City Lord Qin, he did not bother with the niceties. He directly asked, but he knew in his heart that the odds were against the two women.

Five years was just too long for them. It was impossible for them to have waited it out.

"You even know about it?" Qin Zhengyang was taken aback. From the looks of it, Yi Yun had learned of the situation of Myriad City after coming out of seclusion. "You should be the one telling me. Their conditions are rather complicated…"

Qin Zhengyang led Yi Yun and pa.s.sed through a corridor in City Lord Manor. In the backyard, there were two Dao Palace realm guards manning a large door. There was a strange lock hanging on the door.

"Yi Yun, there was an elder with the surname of Mo that came to Myriad City a few years ago. Do you know him?"

"Mo?" Yi Yun thought about it before shaking his head. "I do not know him."

"Oh? That's odd." Qin Zhengyang looked surprised. "I originally thought that Elder Mo was your friend or that he had been sent by you."

"Why do you say so?" Yi Yun was baffled.

Qin Zhengyang said, "After Elder Mo came to Myriad City, he only did one thing. It had to do with you. Back then, Miss Dong and Fairy Youqin were almost dead. Then Elder Mo suddenly appeared. Well, see it for yourself…"

Qin Zhengyang waved his hand at the two guards. Upon receiving the order, they took out a key and inserted it into the lock. With the guards twisting the key, the lock produced a hazy golden light. Runes began flashing out of the void.

The runes were ancient and mysterious. Following that, the door opened. A cold gust of wind that struck deep into the bone rushed out.

Despite cultivating in both Yin and Yang, Yi Yun, who was proficient in pure Yin laws, could not help but quiver when he felt the cold wind. What sort of cold wind was this? It was extremely crisp and extreme Yin in nature. It drilled deep into the bone marrow but it did not make one feel uncomfortable. Even if a mortal were to come here and stand amid the cold wind naked, they would not be frozen, much less a being like Yi Yun. In fact, there was a refreshing feeling for both Qi and blood.

The idea that frost Yin laws could be cultivated to such a stage left Yi Yun alarmed.

And after he entered the room, Yi Yun was even more astounded. In the tiny room, there was an isolated distorted s.p.a.ce. Inside were two azure-blue blocks of ice.

Both blocks of ice were as tall as a human. Two women were sealed inside the ice.

They were none other than Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin.

Although they were sealed in ice, their complexion was ruddy. Their lifeblood was in abundance and it felt like that they were only sleeping.

Across the layer of ice, Yi Yun could clearly sense that they were alive. Furthermore, there were no signs of the soul fire in them weakening at all.

"This is…" Yi Yun was stunned.

"It's the work of Elder Mo. He fed the two girls Ice Silkworm Heart. Using frost-ice laws, he then sealed them into such a state. However, I do not know what Ice Silkworm Heart is. From the moment they were sealed in ice, the evil spirits in the two girls' ceased to grow any further. Their lives were temporarily preserved. However, my real question is why would Elder Mo only do it to the two of them?"

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