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"It's an ancient, evil race. They started by occupying the North Mystic Divine Territory, then they began infiltrating the northern borders of the Myriad Divine Territory. My Ice Lake Island happens to be in the region and was wiped out. Only a few of us managed to escape."

The middle-aged man replied respectfully. He suspected that the youth in front of him had been in seclusion for too long, and wasn’t informed of recent happenings.

"Ancient evil race?" Yi Yun p.r.i.c.ked his brows up. "What's that?"

"That's what we call them but we have no idea what they really are. Rumors say that about two decades ago, there was a sect named the Jadewave Sect that had dug open an ancient ruin and discovered a type of evil spirit that could possess geniuses, crippling them completely."

"From that moment forth, things got out of hand. Later on, a G.o.dly person known as Yi Yun provided a miraculous cure. He was able to easily dispel the evil spirits, but unfortunately, Young Master Yi vanished and the evil spirits spread once again."

"In the last few years, many of the possessed geniuses were completely replaced by the evil spirits, turning into monsters. We call these monsters the ancient evil race. They have wraith-like auras and are no longer human!"

The middle-aged man's face turned purple after saying so much in one breath. He was heavily poisoned and unable to cleanse it.

Yi Yun was alarmed when he heard that. He had guessed that the demonic servants from Jadewave Sect had only just started and that the calamity would eventually happen. After all, for a long period of time, the bronze giants had proliferated the entire 12 Empyrean Heavens and had countless servants. They could completely repress the other races.

However, the people in front of him were saying that the demonic servants had completed their possessions and completely replaced the geniuses. They had even taken control of the North Mystic Divine Territory. Yi Yun was alarmed. How could that happen so fast?

He flicked his finger and a pill shot into the middle-aged man's mouth. Before the middle-aged man could even react, the pill had naturally melted in his mouth and turned into a warm stream that infused into his organs.

The middle-aged man faltered slightly and was immediately delighted. He sensed that the poison in his body was being greatly repressed by the pill. As long as he spent a certain amount of time digesting it, there was a chance for him to be rid of the poison!

Who was this youth? How could a pill he casually produced be so miraculous?

However, now wasn't the moment to digest the pill. The middle-aged man could tell that the youth still had other questions to ask him.

"What about Myriad City? What happened to it?"

Yi Yun was most concerned with Myriad City, specifically City Lord Qin, Princess White Fox, Dong Xiaowan, and company.

"Myriad City? I haven't received any news of Myriad City for half a year. I believe Myriad City is still around since there are so many experts there."

"However, Myriad City isn’t so peaceful that nothing has happened there. A few years ago, a person named Skyfire Sacred Hands, who was apparently a mighty figure of the Candle Cauldron Divine Territory and also an alchemist, submitted to the evil fiends and had become one of the ancient evil race."

"He seems to hate Young Master Yi to the bone. As such, he suddenly appeared in Myriad City and destroyed Young Master Yi's Yun Xin Loft and planted the evil spirits in a few ladies. Now that I think of it, that lot are likely doomed."


Yi Yun felt reverberations through his heart when he heard him. Skyfire Sacred Hands had submitted to the demonic servants!?

These demonic servants leeched onto geniuses and, once they completely possessed the host, their strength would increase exponentially. And with Skyfire Sacred Hand already at the Supremacy level, his strength would be unimaginable after he was possessed by a demonic servant. If Xiaowan and Ru'er were attacked by Skyfire Sacred Hands, could they still survive?

"How long has it been!?" Yi Yun asked unsettlingly.

"Ah?" The middle-aged man did not react in time. He never expected Yi Yun's reaction to be so intense. "Are you asking about the ladies? I think it was four years ago… No, they were harmed by Skyfire Sacred Hands about five years ago…"

The middle-aged man did a count and from the first appearance of an evil spirit after the Jadewave Sect dug up the ancient ruin, it has been about twenty-six or twenty-seven years.

"Five years!?" Yi Yun drew a cold gasp. If evil spirits were planted in them for five years, could they now be possessed by the evil spirits?

"Do you know who were the ones harmed?"

"That… I'm not sure about that either…"

When he looked at Yi Yun's gaze, the middle-aged man felt a little afraid. Could it be that the youth had relationships with those few ladies?

At that moment, a youth beside the middle-aged man said, "Over the years, dozens of geniuses have been harmed by Skyfire Sacred Hands, one after another. Senior, if you asking about the ladies involved with Young Master Yi, I happen to know that it was only Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin. Fairy Wuxia had outstanding strength and her master protecting her, so she is fine."

When the youth said that, he looked curiously at Yi Yun. He idolized Yi Yun greatly, and so was well informed on matters regarding Yi Yun; therefore, he had paid attention to these stories. Thinking on how the youth had easily treated his martial uncle, and his age, while being worried about those women, he suddenly had a flash of brilliance. He asked, "Could you be Young Master Yi Yun!?"

The youth's sudden question left the disciples of Ice Lake Island dumbstruck. Yi Yun?

More than two decades ago, Yi Yun's name was everywhere. He was practically a legendary figure and was someone that would definitely become an alchemist sage or Divine Lord.

They had managed to encounter Yi Yun?

Yi Yun did not even bother answering. He had an ugly expression. Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin had suffered as a result of him. In doing so, Skyfire Sacred Hands was no doubt trying to lure him out. Especially when he thought of Dong Xiaowan, Yi Yun's heart was filled with murderous intent.

It had been five years. Even if he rushed back immediately, it might be too late.

He threw a pill bottle at the youth and without saying another word, he held Ling Xie'er's hands and flew into the sky!

In just a blink of an eye, Yi Yun and Ling Xie'er had tunneled through the void and immediately vanished.

The disciples of Ice Lake Island were stunned. What sort of techniques allowed them to tunnel into the void in mid-flight?

As for the Ice Lake Island youth, he was looking at the pill bottle in a daze. He curiously opened the bottle stopper and a fragrant medicinal aroma effused out.

These pills…

The youth swallowed mouthfuls of saliva. He did not recognize the pills but just from sensing the spiritual energy from it, he knew its value. Perhaps, even the best cornerstone pills of Ice Lake Island was not even worth a tenth of these pills.

He never expected that a casual answer would provide him such an opportunity.

That person was really Yi Yun!

Upon realizing this, the youth felt extremely excited.

"Listen, the news of us meeting Young Master Yi deep in the forest today is not to be leaked. Skyfire Sacred Hands has been searching for Young Master Yi in Myriad Divine Territory."

The middle-aged man said worriedly. As one of the members of the Myriad Divine Territory, he was naturally worried over its fate. Although Yi Yun was strong, he was unlikely the match of so many evil fiends. He could only hope that Yi Yun would be safe and lead the Myriad Divine Territory out of its peril in the future…

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