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Qin Zhengyang was enraged. Although his son had not amounted to much, he was still his son in the end. Through his entire martial career, there was one woman he loved deeply. She had been pursued by Qin Zhengyang's enemies, and died because of her a.s.sociation with him. This matter had become an everlasting point of hurt for Qin Zhengyang. The son she left him might have been a good-for-nothing, but Qin Zhengyang still loved him and accommodated him.

Back then, Yi Yun had fought Si Yusheng for the sake of this son of his. He was saved then, but now he had been crippled by Skyfire Sacred Hands!

"Hahaha! Qin Zhengyang, Lord Demonspirit has left the Myriad Divine Territory in my charge. From this day forth, I will come visit Myriad City occasionally. Wait for me!"

As Skyfire Sacred Hands spoke, his body shot up into the sky like a blazing arrow. When he got high into the sky, his body transformed into dozens of shadows before dissipating. In a blink of an eye, he had vanished.

What sort of escape art was that?

Upon seeing this scene, Perfected Qianhua and Guiyuan Potian felt helpless. Although they were at first confident in their ability to suppress Skyfire Sacred Hands, what could they do if they couldn't even catch his shadow?

At that moment, Qin Zhengyang landed beside Qin Wufeng. As he looked at his son's shattered dantian and blood-covered body, Qin Zhengyang felt terrible.

"Father… Save… save me…" Qin Wufeng said with great difficulty.

He extended his blood-stained hands as though he was trying to grab onto something. His eyes were filled with hope and indignation.

Qin Zhengyang shook his head. Wufeng’s future was certain now. Qin Zhengyang knew his youngest son's character. If not for Skyfire Sacred Hands, he would have still ended up in this state sooner or later.

"In the future, live peacefully as a mortal."

After Qin Zhengyang said that, he shot a pill into Qin Wufeng's mouth.

"I…" Upon hearing Qin Zhengyang's words, the hope in Qin Wufeng's eyes turned to despair. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and, perhaps being unable to withstand the mental blow, he fainted immediately.

Qin Zhengyang sighed and fell silent.

"Uncle Qin." Princess White Fox appeared and quietly walked to Qin Zhengyang's side. During Skyfire Sacred Hands’s attack, she was still in seclusion while Qin Wufeng was fooling around with his maids. He was naturally the first to be attacked.

When Princess White Fox came out after hearing noises, it was already too late. Besides, she would not have been able to save Qin Wufeng either.

"Sorry…" Princess White Fox said guiltily.

"It's not your fault. Skyfire Sacred Hands is not someone you can stop at all. If there's anyone to blame, it's me. If he had a portion of your strength, he might have been able to last a little longer under Skyfire Sacred Hands's attacks, long enough for me to come to his rescue."

Qin Zhengyang had rushed to City Lord Manor immediately but it was still too late.

"Uncle Qin, I wonder who this Demonspirit that Skyfire Sacred Hands mentioned is. If he is under Demonspirit's orders to deal with the Myriad Divine Territory, it appears this disaster is not only limited to the plague…"

"That's right. Perhaps the entire Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven might suffer a calamity. I had been hoping to find Yi Yun, but now I wish that he would not appear. Yi Yun is too young and will not be able to withstand such tumultuous waves. Call your master back. I'll need to trouble her again…"

As Qin Wufeng spoke, he looked into the distance with his brows furrowed. The power struggle of the Myriad Divine Territory had just been settled, but after a few short years of peace, were they about to enter another bitter struggle…?

Cultivation knew no time. In the small world Yi Yun secluded himself in, there was still bright sunlight and lush vegetation.

Yi Yun sat cross-legged on a stone bed in a chamber. Beside him was a pot of spiritual aqua.

Over these years, the spiritual aqua had a.s.sisted Yi Yun while he made breakthroughs by providing him the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi he needed.

More than half the spiritual aqua had been absorbed by Yi Yun. What started as an immense spiritual aqua spring had now turned into a tiny stream.

At this moment, Yi Yun beckoned with his hand at the spiritual aqua. A few drops of aqua the size of beans floated up. Their essence began to condense and formed a hazy patch, allowing themselves to be swallowed by Yi Yun’s opened mouth.

When these water droplets entered Yi Yun's meridians, they slowly infused into Yi Yun's dantian and went deep into the Azure Wood Divine Tree's root network.

These days, Yi Yun would refine a tiny amount of aqua directly on a daily basis. The spiritual aqua had unknowingly been transported to beneath the Azure Wood Divine Tree's root network and become the spring that provided for the Azure Wood Divine Tree, nourishing its growth.

As for Yi Yun's cultivation level, he had just made a breakthrough to the fourth-floor Dao Palace realm not long ago.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly heard Xie'er's voice coming from outside the chamber—

"Brother Yi Yun, can I come in? I sense a group of people approaching."

"Oh?" Yi Yun was slightly surprised. All these years, he had chosen to seclude himself in an uninhabited place. So far, only tiny animals would approach the lake for water. It was truly rare for a group of people to come so deep into the mountains.

Yi Yun opened the door and saw Ling Xie'er standing by the entrance prettily. Her face exuded a healthy glow and the lifeblood in her was a lot more vibrant. Her body had condensed into a corporeal form and she seemed to be bursting with energy.

If he did not know that Ling Xie'er had an incorporeal body, he would definitely believe that she was a real young girl made of flesh and blood.

Speaking of which, ever since Ling Xie'er began cultivating, the power of her soul increased by leaps and bounds. Her cultivation talent was heaven-defying.

Then again, considering that she was an incorporeal body born out of the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, it wasn't exactly a surprise.

As Xie'er grew in strength, her body also began to mature. She was an inch taller and she looked about twelve years old instead of ten. She remained pure and adorable but there were hints of a teenage girl's beauty in her.

"Who are they?"

"They are warriors. They seem to be in a terrible state. A few of them are injured too."

Now that Ling Xie'er's strength had greatly increased, she had the capability to tour outside the pocket world spiritually. Xie'er had an active nature. As Yi Yun secluded himself for such a long period of time and she was alone, it was rather boring to spend a decade or so in a chamber.

She did not dare to venture out alone, afraid of exposing Yi Yun. Thus, she used the method of spiritual traveling to look at the valley's scenery. There, she watched deer drink water or bunnies chew on gra.s.s.

She wanted to have some fun today but saw a group of people escaping into the woods. They had set up a concealment array and looked like they intended to rest here for a few days. Hence, she decided to inform Yi Yun.

"They are injured?"

Yi Yun pondered for a moment before saying, "Then, let's go out and take a look."

"Out? Really?" Ling Xie'er felt delighted. She had been trapped in the Sun Burial Sandsea in the past. It was not easy for her to escape the ma.s.sive array with Yi Yun but she had been unconscious. By the time she awoke, she was accompanying Yi Yun in seclusion. All these years, she had never seen the external world with her own eyes.

"Yea. It's about time I came out of seclusion. It's been long enough."

Yi Yun stretched his body and got off the stone bed. When he cultivated into a trance-like state, time pa.s.sed without knowing. He himself did not know how many years had pa.s.sed.

In the recent years, Yi Yun sensed that there was a clear decrease in his cultivation speed. He knew that he was beginning to come into contact with a tiny bottleneck.

Warriors could not cultivate purely via seclusion. They needed to experience the outside world and battle. At times, by sheer luck, an epiphany could occur that was equivalent to a long seclusion.

Yi Yun had received many epiphanies in the past due to the opportunities he encountered. He lacked the time to digest them all; thus, he had chosen to enter seclusion for a long period of time. He could strengthen his foundations and, now that his goal had been achieved, he could naturally end his seclusion.

"Let's go. It's time we leave this place."

Yi Yun turned back to glance at the pocket world he left behind. He planned on leaving everything in there. He took all the important herbs and left the things that were not of much use to him such as cultivation jade slips, low-grade pills and relics, and weapons he had obtained.

In time to come, when his concealment array was drained of its energy, perhaps a young person would come here and find these things. It would be quite an opportunity for them.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun felt somewhat wistful. Once upon a time, he had relied on the light providence shined on him to enter ruins left behind by the ancients and received opportunities. Yet, unknowingly, he had now become a senior that could leave ruins and opportunities to others.

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