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The demonic servants that Skyfire Sacred Hands planted were intrinsic demonic servants he had painstakingly nurtured. Once these demonic servants entered the body, even Fairy Youqin, who had experience refining the demonic servants, would be unable to withstand it. They were like sitting ducks.

"Since Yi Yun is hiding, I'll plant these demonic servants in you. I wonder if he will stand back and watch all of you die."

Just as Skyfire Sacred Hands said that, his expression suddenly changed. He sensed a few mighty powers rushing towards him from three directions.

They were the experts of Myriad City!

Skyfire Sacred Hands sneered and did not panic. He stood firm in midair and waited for them to arrive.

Within moments, an azure-clothed middle-aged man had appeared in front of Skyfire Sacred Hands like a wisp of azure-colored smoke.

Upon seeing this person, Skyfire Sacred Hands suffused a smile.

"City Lord Qin, how have you been!?"

Skyfire Sacred Hands had met City Lord Qin two decades ago. Back then, he was naturally greatly lacking when compared to City Lord Qin. Today, however, he was composed and relaxed.

At his present cultivation level, he could clearly see City Lord Qin's realm. He was, in fact, only considered to be at the quasi-Divine Lord level. He was still slightly short of the Divine Lord level, much less having obtained the Divine Lord Royal Seal.

Following closely behind City Lord Qin were Paradise Chapter's Perfected Qianhua and the Guiyuan family's Guiyuan Potian. Perfected Qianhua had been in seclusion, but when she received word that her disciple was in trouble, she stopped her seclusion immediately.


Perfected Qianhua's face turned as cold as frost when she saw Fairy Youqin's pale expression. "It's you!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands looked at Perfected Qianhua indifferently. "Perfected Qianhua, is it? Twenty years ago, you could lord over my life and death, forcing me to flee. Twenty years later, here we are, meeting in Myriad Divine Territory again."

"Release Qin'er or you will lead a life worse than death!"

"Hahaha!" Skyfire Sacred Hands laughed out loud. His body gradually turned ethereal and became a blurry black shadow. He looked somewhat similar to the demonic servants' true form!

"Life worse than death? You can try it. The demonic servants planted in them are intrinsic to me. If I were to die, things won’t look good for them! Hahahaha!"

"These two are only a warning! Every day that Yi Yun does not appear, more people will be implanted with evil spirits. Eventually, the entirety of Myriad City will cease to exist!"

Amid jarring laughter, Skyfire Sacred Hands's black figure instantly shot into the sky and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

As for Perfected Qianhua, City Lord Qin, and the others, their expressions were frozen in an extremely ugly way.

They were alarmed by Skyfire Sacred Hands's appearance. He was able to transform into such a form?

"This Skyfire Sacred Hands has almost become an evil spirit. He can be anywhere and possesses tremendous speed. Even if we had taken action, it is unlikely we would have been able to retain him." City Lord Qin said with a frown.

Now that Skyfire Sacred Hands possessed such power, he had no qualms about doing anything. As for them, they moved too carefully, afraid of causing collateral damage.

Skyfire Sacred Hands had come to Myriad City to embark on an arrogant rampage but all they could do was watch helplessly as he fled.

"Qin'er!" Perfected Qianhua rushed to Fairy Youqin's side. She enveloped her with Yuan Qi and probed her dantian.

The glint in Perfected Qianhua's eyes darkened the moment she probed. She revealed a pained expression.

"Qin'er, don't worry. I will not watch idly as you get devoured by the evil spirit." Perfected Qianhua infused a bout of Yuan Qi into Fairy Youqin's body but it was like a rock sinking to the bottom of an ocean.

Fairy Youqin's expression was pale. She shook her head and said, "Skyfire Sacred Hands's return is most likely connected to the plague in North Mystic Divine Territory. I thought that there was someone pulling the strings behind his back. This time, he attacked me and Miss Xiaowan in order to force Yi Yun out…"

Yi Yun was the only one that could treat the plague the other time. Fairy Youqin knew that Skyfire Sacred Hands’ aim was not only revenge, but also to wipe out the only person that could deal with the evil spirits.

Under such circ.u.mstances, how could she implicate Yi Yun for her own sake?

Dong Xiaowan felt the same, but much stronger. She had feelings for Yi Yun and would rather die than put Yi Yun in any danger.

"I…" Just as Fairy Youqin went to say something, the remaining color drained from her face and her body turned limp. With a stumble, she fainted.

"Qin'er!" Perfected Qianhua hurriedly caught Fairy Youqin in her arms. At the same time, Dong Xiaowan had collapsed too. She was being held up by Ru'er.

"This…" Perfected Qianhua looked anxious. The possession in the past would not result in unconsciousness so quickly.

"The evil spirits planted by Skyfire Sacred Hands are too overbearing. Dong Xiaowan won't be able to withstand it. As for the evil spirit in Youqin's body, it's even stronger. Furthermore, she already had an evil spirit inside her, so the two stimulated each other, making it difficult for her to endure their combined effects." City Lord Qin said after an immediate probe.

The two women had fainted. Yun Xin Loft was now a ruin and Ru'er was carrying Dong Xiaowan, nearly bursting into tears.

What were they to do? Were they going to watch Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin die?

Ru'er had followed Yi Yun for quite a period of time. She believed that this was absolutely not something Yi Yun would want to see. However, how were they to find Yi Yun?

But at this moment, City Lord Qin's expression changed. He turned his head abruptly and looked in the direction City Lord Manor. There were dark clouds above City Lord Manor as though a fiendish G.o.d had appeared.

"No good!"

City Lord Qin's expression changed. Ignoring Dong Xiaowan and Fairy Youqin, he transformed into a beam of light and flew for City Lord Manor.

Perfected Qianhua clenched her teeth and followed closely behind.

The dark clouds were made of dense demonic gases, and were clearly the work of Skyfire Sacred Hands. He had not left but instead made a feint before appearing at City Lord Manor!

City Lord Manor, which had tight security, appeared uninhabited in front of Skyfire Sacred Hands. He wantonly laughed in an ear-piercing manner.

"Father! Father! Save me!"

A painful cry sounded. Following that was Skyfire Sacred Hands's maniacal voice—

"Qin Zhengyang, is this your son? This trash that even a demonic servant couldn't be bothered to possess!?"

Qin Zhengyang rushed there just in time. From afar, he saw the dense demonic gases transform into a thick and large demonic arm. It grabbed at a youth who was none other than his youngest son, Qin Wufeng.

In the past, Qin Wufeng had gone to Myriad Immortal Palace to gallivant and was tricked into a fighting gamble by Si Yusheng. He bet his arms and nearly had them amputated. If not for Yi Yun's compromise, Qin Wufeng would have been maimed.

From that moment onwards, Qin Wufeng was grounded by Qin Zhengyang for a very long time and forced to reflect on his faults. However, Qin Wufeng remained prodigal. His cultivation level improved slowly as all he focused on was pleasure and women. Whenever he had the chance, he would secretly visit Heavenly Treasures Arch.

"Hahahaha, since no demonic servant is willing to possess this piece of trash, I'll cripple him. City Lord Qin, consider it me taking out the trash for you!"

As Skyfire Sacred Hands spoke, he struck at Qin Wufeng's dantian. Qin Wufeng cried out in pain as his body plummeted like a kite that had its string cut!

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