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Faced with the man's interrogation, no one spoke a word. There were many people gathered in the vicinity of Yun Xin Loft, watching the sudden turn of events.

Ru'er was in the backyard and rushed out when she heard the commotion. However, she was held back by Dong Xiaowan. "Ru'er, go back. Don't come out!"

In terms of strength, Ru’er was the weakest.

"So it's the two of you. I know you. You are Dong Xiaowan, the princ.i.p.al herb. You are in charge of the management of Yi Yun's store."

"And you, you must be Fairy Youqin. You were also involved in the destruction of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion."

The cloaked man's voice was harsh on the ears. He clearly knew a lot about Yi Yun.

At that moment, Fairy Youqin's gaze penetrated the shadows of the man's hood and saw half his face.

It was an extremely pale face that suffused blood specks. The blood looked like it had oozed out beneath the man's skin, giving him a gruesome and horrifying appearance.

Fairy Youqin's heart tightened. The face looked somewhat familiar!

"You… You are… Skyfire Sacred Hands!?"

Although he had changed drastically, the contours of his facial features had not changed much. He was undoubtedly Skyfire Sacred Hands!

Upon hearing Fairy Youqin's words, the man guffawed.

"To think someone still remembers me. Hahaha! It feels great being remembered!"

"You are right. It's me!"

The man removed the hood and his pale, blood-speckled face left people tingling.

Was he really Skyfire Sacred Hands!?

There were many people present that had witnessed the Grand Alchemical-c.u.m-Medical Meet two decades ago. Back then, Skyfire Sacred Hands looked high-spirited. Many of the major factions of Myriad City had to treat him with absolute respect. Later on, Skyfire Sacred Hands had faced failure in the form of Yi Yun and was robbed of his Skyfire. However, his status remained lofty and unreachable to ordinary people. Who could have imagined that he would have transformed into such a state after two decades?

"You… cultivated in some heretic technique? Or…"

Fairy Youqin could tell that not only had his aura and appearance changed after two decades, Skyfire Sacred Hands's strength had also greatly increased. To increase his strength in such a short period of time to such a state was definitely not something accomplishable through orthodox means.

"Although Yi Yun did rob you of your Soaring Serpent Skyfire, you did not lose everything. To seek revenge on Yi Yun, you turned yourself into this thing that's neither man nor ghost. Was it worth it?"

Fairy Youqin questioned him with a forceful tone. She could even sense a cadaveric aura from within Skyfire Sacred Hands's body.

Skyfire Sacred Hands immediately laughed out loudly. "Yi Yun!? What a joke! Is he worth my actions? The only thing of worth is unlimited power!"

"I am glad I made this choice years ago. Now that I have finished my seclusion after nearly two decades, my lifespan has been extended by ten times and my strength has increased exponentially. All of this is beyond what you ants can imagine!"

"I only want to kill Yi Yun to rid myself of mental demons. That is all! By the way, the Myriad Divine Territory will be mine. From the moment I came out of seclusion, your destruction was already destined!"

As Skyfire Sacred Hands spoke, he glanced at Yun Xin Loft and a sinister smile suffused his lips. "This store is such an eyesore. I'll start by demolishing it!"

As Skyfire Sacred Hands spoke, he swiped his hand, causing Yun Xin Loft to vibrate vigorously. It looked as though it was about to collapse.

"You!" Dong Xiaowan turned anxious. This was a medicinal clinic that Yi Yun had left her to manage. She had put twenty years of time and effort into making it flourish. It had now become the biggest medicinal clinic of Myriad City.

Although Dong Xiaowan did not mention it, deep in her heart, she always remembered what Yi Yun said before leaving. She knew that Yi Yun would return to take a look and yearned for that day to come. She wanted to show him a completely different Yun Xin Loft when he returned. Despite knowing that Yi Yun was not overly concerned with this estate of his, she wanted to do her job well, satisfying him.

But now, her twenty years of hard work was about to be destroyed by a casual strike from Skyfire Sacred Hands!


Yun Xin Loft began collapsing as large pillars began falling, smashing into the shelves. Pill bottles crashed to the ground, shattering upon impact.

Upon seeing this scene, Dong Xiaowan felt her heart bleeding!

She knew she could not stop any of this. She looked furiously at Skyfire Sacred Hands with a stare that seemed to penetrate him!

"La.s.s! I sense immense killing intent from your eyes. Against my strength, you, a mere Dao Manifestation warrior, can actually produce killing intent. Good, very good!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands grinned hideously when he said that. "Since you are Yi Yun's subordinate and Yi Yun can remove the plague, I'll plant a new demonic servant in your body. Let's see if Yi Yun can remove it or not!"

As Skyfire Sacred Hands spoke, he struck Dong Xiaowan with his palm!

The strike seemed to shroud the entire world. Instantly, dark clouds shrouded the sun as demonic aura surged. People could see an evil spirit howling from Skyfire Sacred Hands's palm!

It looked like a human face that was squirming in pain as though it wanted to devour everything.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

When the demonic wind pa.s.sed through her body, the Yun Xin Loft behind her exploded completely, blasting apart into endless rubble! People that were close to it were injured by the flying shrapnel. They collapsed to the ground amid cries.

Dong Xiaowan was in the middle of all of this. She received the full brunt of the howling evil spirit!

She stood still, not because she didn't want to dodge but because she knew it was impossible for her to do so.


The evil spirit entered her body as she grunted painfully. Her body retreated rapidly as the color in her face drained.

An evil spirit had entered her body before so she was very familiar with the feeling. However, the evil spirit in her body now was more than a hundred times more powerful than before!

"Evil spirit! You can control the evil spirits! As a disciple of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect, you are actually willing to degenerate yourself, selling your souls to the evil spirits!?"Fairy Youqin shouted. She had sensed a familiar aura from Skyfire Sacred Hands's body, and now she realized it was the power of the evil spirits!

"Sold my soul to the demonic servants? What a joke!" Skyfire Sacred Hands looked at Fairy Youqin. "You are very interesting. In your dantian, it seems like there are remnants of a demonic servant. Why? Was Yi Yun unable to completely remove the demonic servant in your dantian, or did he deliberately leave some of the demonic servant's strength behind, allowing you to raise your strength by refining it?"

"Well done, very well done. Since you have such spirit to use the demonic servant as a grinding stone for your strength, let me give you a pleasant surprise!"

As Skyfire Sacred Hands spoke, he struck down at Fairy Youqin with his palm!

The strike contained the same terrifying demonic powers as before. It sealed the void and, even with Fairy Youqin's strength, she was unable to dodge it!

Fairy Youqin grunted painfully as she took several steps back. Her brows furrowed as she felt a grinding pain in her dantian that was absolutely unbearable.

Skyfire Sacred Hands had implanted an evil spirit in her that was a lot more powerful than the one she previously had. It was completely incomparable to the one from two decades ago.

"Enjoy the feeling of being devoured by the demonic servants!"

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