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After Ling Xie'er began her cultivation, Yi Yun entered another cultivation chamber.

The cultivation chamber was spartan. There was only a stone bed situated in the middle of a patch of spirit gra.s.s.

Yi Yun sat on the stone bed and spent a few days attuning himself, before finally coming out from the state of refining pills.

When his mind was completely calm, and it felt as though he was the only person left in the world, Yi Yun stretched his hand out and wiped across his interspatial ring, taking out a shiny piece of paper.

It was the remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon'!

This was given to him by his master, Felicitous Rain Lord, before they separated. Felicitous Rain Lord had once said that trying to learn the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' would be more harmful than beneficial if one lacked the strength.

Now Yi Yun was at the first floor Dao Palace realm, and was capable of escaping unscathed from Supremacies. He had the Azure Wood Divine Tree and Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed inside him, so he could now safely attempt it.

The stronger the cultivation technique, the faster it would be to cultivate. It would become immensely powerful after mastering it. The same attack would have a completely different effect if it was powered by a different cultivation technique.

The 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' was a supreme-grade cultivation technique of the 12 Empyrean Heavens. Countless people would go mad to grasp even a single remnant page of it. A b.l.o.o.d.y storm would be the only result.

Yi Yun placed the remnant page in his palm and gently moved it up.

Immediately, the remnant page flew up and floated in midair. Following that, it emitted a dazzling golden light, bathing the tiny cultivation chamber with the golden light.

At the same time, formulations began surging into Yi Yun's mind.

"The remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' is most suitable for the Fey, but I have a Heaven Devouring Wyrm bloodline. In addition, I have the three-legged Golden Crow and Nine Neonate as my totems. I can cultivate this cultivation technique!"

Yi Yun closed his eyes before suddenly opening them again.

In his eyes, there was a resplendent starry sky but it also seemed like a sun was rising.

Large amounts of Yuan Qi surged towards Yi Yun. Slowly, golden runes began to appear on Yi Yun's body. On careful inspection, these golden runes were nomological lines.

The laws swirled around Yi Yun and appeared on his skin, as though they were fusing into his flesh and blood.

Countless golden runes gradually filled the entire cultivation chamber. As they circled Yi Yun in a profound manner, they emitted terrifying nomological fluctuations.

And in the middle of all these laws, Yi Yun sat on the stone bed with his top completely destroyed. Throughout his body, on his warm-as-jade skin, there were nomological lines everywhere. They seemed to be another layer of golden skin that was extremely glaring.

Nomological runes flashed across Yi Yun's eyes in an indescribable manner.

While Yi Yun was enveloped by the fascinating nomological runes, time flowed away like rapids. Unknowingly, the Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate totems appeared. Even the Azure Wood Divine Tree's phantom image appeared behind Yi Yun's body.

The Golden Crow and Nine Neonate circled the Azure Wood Divine Tree in flight as they cried out with voices that could reach the highest heavens. The phantom image of the Tang Valley with Fusang emerged behind the Azure Wood Divine Tree as well.

A brand new world seemed to appear behind Yi Yun, and he was the absolute hegemon of all order in this world. He held the natural laws in his hands.

In his cultivation that had no inkling of time, Yi Yun seemed to enter a mystical s.p.a.ce. He had never experienced such phenomena when cultivating any other cultivation technique.

The nomological runes imprinted themselves into his skin, flesh, and blood. All of these were clearly reflected in Yi Yun's perception.

It felt more astonishing than being reborn into a new body.

Yi Yun immersed himself in cultivation, completely forgetting the external world.

The underground world was extremely safe. Ling Xie'er was also cultivating so there was nothing that needed his attention.

Myriad City.

After the tumultuous changes of a few years back, Myriad City had changed completely.

The only thing that didn't change was that it remained the central trading area of the Myriad Divine Territory. It was still flourishing immensely.

Warriors constantly streamed in from the various areas of the Myriad Divine Territory or even other Divine Territories.

The moment they came out of the teleportation arrays, they would eagerly enter Myriad City.

"I heard of a Yun Xin Loft in Myriad City that is extremely famous for the pills it sells. I'm here this time to buy some medicine."

"I'm not here to buy medicine. I'm only interested in taking a look to broaden my horizons. I heard that the true owner of Yun Xin Loft is Yi Yun. He was the one who led the destruction of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion."

"I know that too. That Young Master Yi is truly a legend."

Yi Yun!

Behind this group of people, a man wearing a hood came to a sudden halt when he heard Yi Yun's name.

He looked at the distant Myriad City's skyline and his eyes flashed with killing intent.

The hooded man did not enter Myriad City and instead appeared on a mountain not far away.

After ensuring that there was no one around, he removed his hood.

If Yi Yun was here, he would have immediately recognized this person to be Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Back at the Grand Alchemical-c.u.m-Medical Meet, Skyfire Sacred Hands had escaped but, after returning to his sect, he had been punished for losing the Soaring Serpent Skyfire and the loss of the Extreme Frost-ice Flame child flame of another disciple.

Even worse, he lost to a junior that had cultivated for less than a century in alchemy. Yi Yun had caused him to suffer immense ridicule. He felt that his confidence had been completely shattered by Yi Yun. With his Skyfire s.n.a.t.c.hed away, his strength and alchemical skills had dropped drastically. As long as Yi Yun still drew breath, he could not eradicate the mental demons that plagued him.

Yi Yun himself was only at the Dao Palace realm. Skyfire Sacred Hands had prepared a particular item to deal with Yi Yun. He was confident that even if he unexpectedly failed to kill Yi Yun, he would be able to s.n.a.t.c.h away Yi Yun's flame.

Yi Yun's special flame left him with a sense of yearning.

However, when Skyfire Sacred Hands rushed back to Myriad City, Yi Yun had already entered seclusion. He had spent several years searching for him, but failed.

Although Yi Yun's whereabouts were unknown, Skyfire Sacred Hands remained very patient. He believed that he would be able to wait until the day Yi Yun appeared.

"Yi Yun, you only managed to drive the evil spirits away and cure the plague because of that special flame! When I rob you of your flame, you will have nothing and I will further my journey towards becoming an alchemical sage!" Skyfire Sacred Hands muttered to himself with a heavy and sinister expression.

The humiliation he had suffered felt like it was about to erupt and explode. He needed to vent it. Yi Yun had become a legendary figure of Myriad City and everyone extolled him. As for him, he had become like a despised tramp.

But at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from behind him. "A very intense sense of hatred. Why don't you tell me in detail?"

Skyfire Sacred Hands's body stiffened.

Who had managed to silently appear behind him without his detection?

Skyfire Sacred Hands's figure immediately flew far away before turning around. He realized that there was a red-haired man standing in front of him only a few steps away.

The red-haired man looked at him apathetically. "I've been watching you for a long while. I have heard the name Yi Yun several times over the past few years. You seem to have a grudge against him? It's best you do not act foolishly. Although I have yet to recover to my peak state, you can still be easily defeated."

"Who… who are you!?" Skyfire Sacred Hands was overwhelmed by alarm. The person spoke strangely and his actions effused oddness!

In front of the red-haired man, Skyfire Sacred Hands felt his soul repressed. The man had followed him for several days without him noticing!?

"I will not repeat my question again. Tell me about Yi Yun!" The red-haired man spoke again.

Skyfire Sacred Hands had a feeling that if he did not answer him, the red-haired man would immediately attack.

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