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With his business at the Grand Alchemical-c.u.m-Medical Meet concluded, Yi Yun returned to City Lord Manor. Over the next few days, City Lord Manor was bustling with visitors.

"All of you can go home now."

Yi Yun waved his hands at the ten-plus young elites in front of him as he spoke nonchalantly.

Over the past few days, Yi Yun had wiped out the plague. Starting with singular treatments, he eventually began treating ten-plus people a time. Many people were at a loss when they saw how Yi Yun treated the plague as simply as pouring water. It did not drain his stamina or mental strength at all. He made it look too easy.

"Young Master Yi, this is a little something from my Mystic Yang Manor. It's just a small token to show my appreciation. Young Master Yi, you must accept it."

A green-dressed girl came to Yi Yun and bowed gracefully. Her slender arms held a wooden box which opened to reveal a silvery-white bone.

Upon seeing the item, Yi Yun's brows p.r.i.c.ked up slightly. "This is the spine of a Green Water Snake?"

Yi Yun was well-versed in the divine alchemist's notes and was very knowledgeable. He could tell at a glance the origin of the white bone. As long as he handled it with the Desolate Heaven technique, he could refine supreme-grade relics—Green Water Lazurite— that would fortify his body and regulate his mind.

"Young Master Yi truly surpa.s.ses others in knowledge. This is the spine of the Green Water Snake! I'm really impressed that Young Master Yi is able to identify it immediately."

Yi Yun shook his head and said, "It's nothing impressive. You used Heavywater Wood to construct this box, which gave me some clues. The bones of Green Water Snake contain water-elemental essence. Without a box made of Heavywater Wood, the essence would be lost."

"Young Master Yi, you are right. My Mystic Yang Manor has been keeping this bone for many years and it seems appropriate to give it to Young Master Yi. For curing our juniors of the plague, our Manor Lord specially exhorted me to offer this spine bone to Young Master Yi. Please accept it."

The green-dressed girl's voice was gentle and soft. Just listening to her voice made one's bones turn soft.

"Then, I'll be thanking Mystic Yang Manor Lord."

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony. It was only normal for him to receive some benefits from administering his medical treatment.

When he received the jade box, he felt his palm itch a little. He glanced at the green-dressed girl oddly. She had stretched out her slender fingers and gently grazed his palm.

Realizing that Yi Yun had looked at her, she blushed slightly and whispered, "I'm Xuan Shui'er, a disciple of the Mystic Yang Manor. If Young Master Yi has the time, he should pay the Mystic Yang Manor a visit."

Having said that, the green-dressed girl rushed to get up and ran off quickly.

She left Yi Yun in a daze. This girl was truly too bold.

At that moment, a charming laughter was heard. "Young Master Yi sure has luck with romance. Even Xuan Shui'er is flinging herself into your arms."

Yi Yun turned to look when he heard the voice. He saw Princess White Fox and Fairy Youqin walking over.

For the past few days, Perfected Qianhua had left Fairy Youqin in City Lord Manor. She had become familiar with Yi Yun, so it was actually her that made the teasing comment.

"What does that mean? Fairy, are you familiar with Xuan Shui'er?"

"No, I just know of her. Young Master Yi, didn't you save Dong Xiaowan in the past? There was a ranking of the top women in Myriad City, and Dong Xiaowan was ranked nineteenth? As for this Xuan Shui'er, her background is far better than Dong Xiaowan's, so her ranking is rather high. I think it was fourth or fifth. That's quite impressive. And besides her, there are many of my friends who wish for me to introduce them to you."

As Fairy Youqin spoke, a faint smile suffused from her portrait-like beauty. Now, Yi Yun was enjoying great prestige in Myriad City. He was a top expert that could exceed a Divine Lord in the future, and had superb alchemical skills that destined him to be an alchemical sage. Any of these qualities would make large factions drool with envy.

If they could manage to be related to Yi Yun in any way, they would benefit forever.

Of course, to women, Yi Yun was the perfect man. Many were even willing to be his concubine.

"Yi Yun, this is something Uncle Qin wants me to hand over to you."

In order to prevent Fairy Youqin from teasing Yi Yun any further, Princess White Fox handed a jade box to Yi Yun. "This was obtained from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's treasury."

Over the past few days, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had been obliterated. Rats flee a sinking ship, so many Myriad Immortal Pavilion disciples had pledged allegiance to other sects or splintered off into smaller factions. Qin Zhengyang and company had obtained innumerable amounts of riches from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's treasury.

Yi Yun was not interested in the riches, cultivation manuals or enchanted artifacts. Naturally, they were split among the other factions. As for the top-grade natural treasures, especially treasures that could enhance one's cultivation level, Qin Zhengyang would deliver them to Yi Yun.

Although these treasures were great, Qin Zhengyang had already reached the acme of his cultivation. It was unlikely he could raise it higher, so leaving the treasures to Yi Yun ensured that they were put to good use.

"City Lord Qin really is generous. This is already the twentieth box or so. And every one he delivers is especially precious."

Yi Yun estimated that Qin Zhengyang had delivered the majority of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion’s top-grade natural treasures to him.

Although these things were only an extremely tiny portion of the immense wealth the Myriad Immortal Pavilion possessed, they were very important to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony and took the jade box. He knew that while besieging the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, City Lord Qin had kept a lot of cultivation manuals, enchanted treasures and a portion of the pills for himself. Many of them were useless to City Lord Qin but were used as rewards for juniors.

City Lord Qin was probably intending to build up a faction of his own.

Before this, Myriad City's City Lord was not supposed to have his own faction. But now, with City Lord Qin's high prestige and Yi Yun's formless support, no one would stop him from establishing his own faction. Yi Yun was very willing to see this happen.

"Young Master Yi, with the sacking of Myriad Immortal Pavilion, the Guiyuan family and the Paradise Chapter have become the new powerhouses. Now, the businesses in the central district have been carved out anew. My master had deliberately kept the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic and intends to gift it to you, as one of your estates."

Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic?

Yi Yun faltered for a moment. His first thought was to reject it, since he would eventually leave the Myriad Divine Territory. Even if it was a store in prime real estate, he wouldn’t get much use out of it.

But on second thought, Yi Yun changed his mind. He said, "Then, thank you, Fairy Youqin. I'll accept this store."

As he spoke, he extended his hand and a tiny paG.o.da appeared spinning out of thin air. It was none other than the G.o.d Advent Tower.

"Ru'er, Xiaowan, come on out."

As he spoke, Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan were transported out of the G.o.d Advent Tower. Yi Yun had already obtained all the materials needed to refine the Hollow Soul Pills, and so no longer needed Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan to take care of Ling Xie'er. However, he wanted to leave the two girls a respectable home.

"Ru'er, Xiaowan, I have a store which I want you two to help me take care of. In the future, if I ever come back to Myriad City, I'll be sure to visit."

Owning a piece of land in Myriad City was quite nice. Besides, the revenue it received would be immense.

"Ah? Store?"

Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan were still unaware of what had happened in Myriad City. They were at a loss, for they were still under the impression that Yi Yun was being hunted by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

"Young Master, this place is…"

Dong Xiaowan was astounded when she saw Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox. Could this be Myriad City?

"Follow me."

As Yi Yun spoke, he led Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er out of City Lord Manor.

When the two woman saw that they were coming out of City Lord Manor without any disguises, they were somewhat dumbfounded. Had the Myriad Immortal Pavilion rescinded its pursuit of Yi Yun?

However, as they walked, they saw that many of the pedestrians on the streets recognized Yi Yun. Not only did they not tip off the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, they were even extremely polite to him.

This left Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er flabbergasted. What had happened in the span of a few months?

"Up ahead is the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic."

Fairy Youqin said with a smile. They were already in the busiest district of Myriad City.

The magnificent Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic towered in the middle of Myriad City. However, its plaque had been removed, and replacing it was Yi Yun's 'Yun Xin Loft'!

Upon seeing the words 'Yun Xin Loft' hanging high above, Yi Yun felt a mix of emotions. Back when Ling Xie'er's soul suddenly weakened, he was in dire need of a Soul Restoring Relic. He had borrowed eight hundred thousand Myriad Runes to buy the medicine from Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, yet he had been schemed against by Huyan Cang and Zuoqiu Haoyu. As things were made difficult for him, Yi Yun had no choice but to leave. He only managed to save Ling Xie'er by expending half of a Soul Returning Root.

And now, Yi Yun was back here, as the new owner of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.

The way things changed in the world really left one sighing.

Fairy Youqin clearly knew of Yi Yun's experience at the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. She said softly, "Young Master Yi, as a member of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Zuoqiu Bo has been disposed of. As for Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, Huyan Cang was in cahoots with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion from the start. Now, with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion destroyed, he has long surrendered. However, due to his grudge with you, my master was worried about him. She made him sign a slave contract and, as long as you refine the master contract, Huyan Cang will be loyal to Young Master Yi for a tenure of a hundred thousand years."

"He will be at Young Master Yi's disposal, and can serve the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic— Oh no, I mean serve Yun Xin Loft."

After finished her explanation, Fairy Youqin shouted, "Huyan Cang, come out."

The moment her voice faded, a reverential-looking Huyan Cang rushed out. He gave Yi Yun a bow and said, "Young Master Yi, greetings from this old slave, Huyan Cang."

Typical warriors would rather die than sign a slave contract; however, Huyan Cang was no typical warrior. He was a person that preferred life to dishonor. All he cared about was riches.

It was better to be alive than dead. At least he could still be an alchemist at Yun Xin Loft. The contract was a hundred thousand years, and Huyan Cang had quite a bit of lifespan left in him. After the hundred thousand years, he could regain his freedom.

"A hundred thousand years sure is long."

Yi Yun secretly clicked his tongue. To a warrior that had cultivated for less than a hundred years, a hundred thousand years was exceedingly long. However, to many old freaks, a punishment of a hundred thousand years wasn't considered long. It was truly quite pressing on that old man.

Yi Yun took the master contract from Fairy Youqin and casually pa.s.sed it to Ru'er. He said, "Ru'er, refine the master contract. From today, you and Xiaowan will help run Yun Xin Loft. I'll come back from time to time to take a look."


Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er widened their eyes. They were already stunned from seeing Huyan Cang run over to bow at Yi Yun while calling himself old slave.

Now, with them knowing that Yi Yun had handed them a store to run—the number one store in Myriad City—with one of the grand alchemists as a slave to Ru'er, it truly shattered their worldview.

"Young Master, what's the meaning of this!"

"That's right. How can we do a good job with you leaving such a big store to us?"

The two girls were in somewhat of a panic.

However, Yi Yun did not mind. He said, "Just try it out. If there are any difficulties, you can seek City Lord Qin's help. As for what happened over the past few days, Myriad Immortal Pavilion has already been obliterated. Now, there has been a power reshuffle in Myriad City. This store was actually claimed by the Guiyuan Family and the Paradise Chapter, but they have left it to me."

Yi Yun casually informed them of the recent happenings, leaving Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan somewhat in a daze. They were not dumb, so they knew the cost of the store. For him to receive it meant that he had played an important role in destroying the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. If not, he would not have been given such remunerations.

It was completely unbelievable. Myriad Immortal Pavilion, the hegemon of the Myriad Divine Territory, was a ma.s.sive behemoth to the two girls. A few months back, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had offered great rewards for the pursuit of Yi Yun but now, it had been destroyed…

"Young Master Yi truly has great foresight to leave such a store to sisters Xiaowan and Ru'er. Sisters, you sure are lucky. If you encounter any problems while running the store, it’s not just City Lord Qin, but my Paradise Chapter would be willing to help as well," Fairy Youqin said sincerely.

She knew that many charming women in Myriad City wanted to acquaint themselves with Yi Yun, and many of them were more excellent than Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er, yet they did not get such a chance.

The two girls were truly lucky. Although they were only helping Yi Yun run Yun Xin Loft, with most of the profits going to Yi Yun, they were still helming a high position. And with Yi Yun backing them, their statuses in Myriad City would only rise. They would become members of the upper echelons of Myriad City and could truly be depicted as sparrows turning into phoenixes.

Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan knew that Yi Yun's ultimate goal was not in the Myriad Divine Territory. With all said and done, Ru'er began refining Huyan Cang's master contract.

Upon seeing this scene, Huyan Cang's face looked like a bruised eggplant. He was fine being Yi Yun's slave. After all, Yi Yun could break through to become a Divine Lord in the future or become an alchemical sage. It wouldn't be as shameful in that case; however, Yi Yun didn't even want him. He casually left him to a maidservant beside him.

Upon thinking how he had to be a slave to a young la.s.s for the next hundred thousand years, it was obvious how depressed Huyan Cang felt.

In the next two weeks, order in Myriad Divine Territory was reestablished. Yun Xin Loft was opened again and Yi Yun had casually refined a few cauldrons of pills. On the opening day, the crowd nearly busted down the doors.

Ignoring the fact that these were the quality pills refined by Yi Yun, people would fall over each other to buy even the ordinary pills. There was no reason other than because it was Yi Yun's brand.

Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan busied themselves with the business. Simultaneously, Yi Yun was bidding farewell to City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox.

He did not plan on leaving the Myriad Divine Territory just yet, but he was planning on entering a long, seclusive retreat. During this seclusion, he planned on refining the Hollow Soul Pills to save Ling Xie'er.

Once Ling Xie'er was awoken, the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed would have a spirit. It would greatly enhance Yi Yun's combat strength and alchemical skills.

Now, he was in dire need for growth.

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