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Upon seeing Yi Yun take all the treasures, Pavilion Lord Si glared at him in shock. Although the protections were cast upon the treasures in pa.s.sing, they should not have been so easily destroyed. One would need deep nomological insight to remove them. The middle-aged man was a doctor, but did he really understand the laws so deeply? How did he manage to just sweep up all the treasures in such a simple manner?

"Hold on! The patient's condition has not been ascertained. Isn't it too early for you to claim all the rewards!?" Pavilion Lord Si shouted with a deep voice.

Each and every treasure had been painstakingly acquired by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, but now they had been swept away by Yi Yun. Not a single Myriad Immortal Pavilion genius had been treated, so how could this be allowed?

"You are free to ascertain the results. I'm not stopping you."

Yi Yun did not mind. Even if Si Shanhai was unwilling to give him the treasures, he had truly found a cure for the plague. There was no reason for anyone to have a bone to pick with him.

Pavilion Lord Si could not say another word. He did promise in front of everyone that Yi Yun could take the treasures if he could cure the illness.

Given the development, Pavilion Lord Si could only attempt to beat Yi Yun at his own game. He exhaled and calmed down. He said to Yi Yun, "I never expected Mr. Lin to have such impressive skill. However, a single cured person isn't convincing enough. It cannot fully prove Mr. Lin's medical skills. Perhaps, for the sake of furthering my understanding, you prove it again?"

After Pavilion Lord Si said that, he turned his head to the infected geniuses of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion without waiting for Yi Yun's response. He signaled to them with his eyes.

"I… I'll do it…"

Si Shaoyu endured the excruciating pain from his dantian and shouted through clenched teeth. He knew that Pavilion Lord Si had deliberately said those words to get the Myriad Immortal Pavilion geniuses treated. If there was a chance to free himself from the evil hold of the illness, how could he not grasp the opportunity?

Although he had mocked Yi Yun moments before, it was not the time to bother with such matters.

With Si Shaoyu announcing his desire to be treated, the other Myriad Immortal Pavilion geniuses could only fall silent. After all, Si Shaoyu enjoyed a status higher than theirs. Letting him go first was only right.

"No hurry. That Lin-fellow isn’t going anywhere. It's not like he can run away. We will be treated in time."

"That's right. Let's let Si Shaoyu go first."

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion’s infected were in no rush.

Si Shaoyu came in front of Yi Yun and took a deep breath. He wiped away the sweat that had oozed out his forehead due to the pain. He said, "Heal me. If you successfully heal me, I'll believe that you have the ability to treat the plague."

As he looked at Si Shaoyu, the corners of Yi Yun's mouth suffused a curve. "Heal you? Sure!"

Yi Yun nonchalantly agreed and extended his finger. Si Shaoyu's body floated up and was laid horizontally in midair.

At this moment, everyone was staring at Yi Yun intently. Previously, the crowd did not believe that Yi Yun was capable of healing the plague, so they had not paid him much attention. Now that they knew he was capable, they were all eyes.

Yi Yun pressed one hand on Si Shaoyu's abdomen. The Azure Wood Divine Tree's energy began circulating through and instantly, the evil spirit sleeping within Si Shaoyu's dantian was awakened!

It naturally recognized Yi Yun. It was scared out of its wits and turned to flee. However, Yi Yun had taken that opportunity to deliver the Azure Wood energy by moving his fingers. He sealed Si Shaoyu's dantian, causing the escaping evil spirit to be imprisoned within the dantian!

The Azure Wood energy was the natural nemesis of the evil spirit. It was obvious how seized by terror the evil spirit was when it felt trapped by the Azure Wood energy. It wailed incessantly and slammed around in Si Shaoyu's dantian in a bid to escape. However, how could Yi Yun permit it to do so? As he produced more Dao runes, the prison became more secure!

The evil spirit struggled desperately, and in doing so it caused Si Shaoyu to suffer. His dantian became a battlefield.

He convulsed as sweat rained down his forehead. He felt all the blood drain from his face. As he had been enervated of his Yuan Qi, his body was frail. The suffering he underwent left him nearly half-dead.

"Is… is it not done…?"

Si Shaoyu was in unbearable pain. He felt as though his dantian was about to explode.

"What's the rush? Your illness is a little tricky. It won't be cured as quickly as the other one," Yi Yun said casually as a barely detectable teasing tone suffused the corner of his lips. If he allowed the evil spirit to flee, wouldn't Si Shaoyu be healed without any treatment? That wouldn't do. Therefore, Yi Yun decided to imprison the evil spirit, preventing it from ever escaping Si Shaoyu's dantian.

"Evil sp.a.w.n! Listen up! There is no way you can escape the prison I set up. You are quite lucky that you possessed someone that disgusts me. You can have a feast in this dantian and, if you satisfy me, I will release you."

Since the evil spirits were demonic servants, they naturally had some level of intelligence. Yi Yun had used his soul to transmit his thoughts; however, he wasn't sure if the evil spirit could understand him.

Moments later, the evil spirit stopped struggling and no longer attempted to break through the Azure Wood energy restrictions.

And following that, there was a temporary calm. But suddenly, the evil spirit began wantonly lashing out within Si Shaoyu's dantian.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The evil spirit let out ghastly wails and there was an immediate and strong sinister squall. It released its malevolent strength, stirring up a storm in Si Shaoyu's dantian.


Si Shaoyu cried out tragically as he crashed to the ground and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun laughed in his heart. The evil spirit was quite remarkable. It knew what to do.


Si Shaoyu gaped his mouth but could not finish a complete sentence. He pointed at Yi Yun as his nose and ears bled. At that moment, the pain made him wish he would immediately die.

"What's the matter, Mr. Lin? I asked you to treat my grandnephew, but why did this happen?"

Seeing Si Shaoyu in such a state, Si Shanhe turned anxious.

Yi Yun threw up his hands and said, "Pavilion Lord Si, there is not much I can do. I’m not the only one who’s attempted to treat your grandnephew. His dantian has already been severely damaged by Skyfire Sacred Hands's treatment. Although my treatment methods are good, they require an intact dantian to withstand them. Now that your grandnephew's dantian is filled with holes like a beehive, it cannot withstand the energy I use to remove the plague. I apologize for my inability. I must also add that the evil spirit has become easily triggered because of Skyfire Sacred Hands's pill. I recall that Dong Xiaowan had taken a Body Cleansing Pill, but not only did it not cleanse the evil spirit, it triggered it, causing her life to be at risk. Your grandnephew seems to be in a similar situation."

In a few words, Yi Yun had pushed the blame onto Skyfire Sacred Hands.

As for Si Shaoyu, he was a tragedy. He was rolling on the ground in pain. He was also feeling horrified. The problematic spot was his dantian. If the evil spirit were to lose control, his dantian would be destroyed and he would be maimed of his cultivation!

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