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Si Yusheng said exactly what everyone was thinking. If there was a solution available that would fix the problem all at once, who would only want to suppress the evil spirit?

"It's impressive that Skyfire Sacred Hands has already devised a way to cure the problem at its source. It seems these treasures already have an owner. Skyfire Sacred Hands, please tell us about your method." Pavilion Lord Si said as he gave a faint smile.

The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect was specially invited by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, and it had not disappointed Pavilion Lord Si. After the matter was resolved, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would enjoy a great rise in reputation in Myriad City. Everything was heading in a direction that Pavilion Lord Si looked forward to.

He nonchalantly glanced at City Lord Qin, the Guiyuan family, the Paradise Chapter, and the Bai family. After today, he could become the sole voice of authority in the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. In time, he would annex these other factions and they would cease to exist.

At that moment, Skyfire Sacred Hands slowly spoke to the excited crowd.

"There's no hurry. Let me give it a try first," said Skyfire Sacred Hands.

He flipped his palm, revealing a red pill. It seemed to be suffusing blood.

Yi Yun took a glance and noticed that it contained rich Yuan Qi, but it had a very inflammatory nature. It was not necessarily easy to absorb.

He recalled the information in the divine alchemist's notes and confirmed that it was a Blood Yuan Pill.

The pill could stimulate one's life potential upon consumption, but it had substantial side effects. It would make a warrior extremely weak. If two were taken consecutively, they might even suffer a drop in cultivation realms.

As for warriors who lacked sufficient strength, they would not even be able to withstand the inflammatory Yuan Qi. Their fate would be death by explosion.

"Take this pill first." Skyfire Sacred Hands handed the pill to Si Shaoyu.

Si Shaoyu looked at the pill and could sense the strong inflammatory medicinal essence within. However, the moment he recalled Skyfire Sacred Hands mentioning that it could cure the problem at its root, he moved past hesitation and immediately took it, steeling his heart to swallow it down.

Once Si Shaoyu consumed the pill, his skin rapidly reddened. Even his eyes got red, as they began filling with blood. His body trembled involuntarily. Skyfire Sacred Hands wore a calm expression as he flipped his palm again, producing long needles that were formed from the Skyfire that beamed from his eyes.

Skyfire Sacred Hands stabbed the needles into Si Shaoyu's body, giving him a fright. Yet he did not feel any pain. Instead, the needles dazzled with a bright l.u.s.ter as the Skyfire contained within rapidly traversed all the meridians in his body.

The violent Yuan Qi of the pill was immediately attenuated by the Skyfire.

In a few seconds, Skyfire Sacred Hands had stabbed more than a dozen needles into Si Shaoyu's body. These needles were connected to the Skyfire and were controlled by Skyfire Sacred Hands.

He moved his fingers rapidly as they effused a faint l.u.s.ter. As for the violent Yuan Qi, it was directed to the dantian along with the Skyfire.

"This Skyfire of mine is the nemesis of evil ent.i.ties. It is a viable option for this particular problem," said Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Large amounts of Skyfire and Yuan Qi cascaded into Si Shaoyu's dantian, instantly making the internals of his dantian burn.

Si Shaoyu felt a burning in his abdomen, as though he was being constantly p.r.i.c.ked by needles. Large beads of sweat oozed from his forehead. Furthermore, the furnace within his abdomen only burned more intensely. Like a ball, it deflated and bulged.

"Sacred… Sacred Hands, is this… normal?" Si Shaoyu asked with great difficulty.

He was suffering from excruciating pain, and he could hardly withstand the pain from his dantian.

"This evil spirit is too stubborn. I have already provided you with great amounts of Yuan Qi through the pill so as to protect your dantian. There's no need to worry," remarked Skyfire Sacred Hands.

However, there was a sinister darkness coming from deep in his eyes.

The evil spirit had not died despite being burned by his Skyfire.

If he increased the power of his Skyfire he might be able to burn the evil spirit to death, but it would also result in irreparable damage to Si Shaoyu's dantian. However, he couldn't just give up there and then. Otherwise, all of his efforts until then would have been wasted.

Skyfire Sacred Hands snorted coldly as he resolutely strengthened the Skyfire. He refused to believe that he wasn't able to burn the evil spirit to death.

At the same time, Si Shaoyu's body turned completely red. His eyes protruded and blood began seeping out of his pores. He was clearly in great pain.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Si Shaoyu let out a tragic scream as his body convulsed violently. "I… I can't take it any longer… My… my dantian… is about to crack."

"So noisy!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands was already irrevocably committed and now, with Si Shaoyu wailing, he became fl.u.s.tered. He was certain that if he strengthened the Skyfire and maintained it for about half a minute, the evil spirit would definitely be consumed by it. But similarly, Si Shaoyu's dantian would likely be reduced to ash.

"Hmph! What a good-for-nothing!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands withdrew the Skyfire, as well as the flame needles, from Si Shaoyu's body.

However, the moment the needles were withdrawn, Skyfire Sacred Hands' expression changed. The instant he withdrew his flame, the evil spirit that had been repressed by the Skyfire and was on the brink of death suddenly had a resurgence. In a few seconds, it consumed all the remnant Skyfire in Si Shaoyu's dantian.

After consuming the Skyfire, the evil spirit clearly recovered some of its vibrancy. It also recovered more than half of the burn wounds from the Skyfire.


Skyfire Sacred Hands' expression stiffened. When he withdrew the Skyfire and needles, their effects were immediately halved.

Skyfire Sacred Hands was starting to believe that, through multiple sessions, he would be able to restrain the evil spirit for decades or even more than a century. But from the looks of it, the evil spirit would completely recover from a treatment after a few months! Even if he did conduct multiple treatments, there was no way to curb its growth. It might even be that, before the evil spirit was killed, the human vessel would first be crippled.

The problem was this tough?

Skyfire Sacred Hands' expression turned ugly. In a moment, with the Skyfire suddenly vanishing, Si Shaoyu's dantian went from turmoil to tranquility. The change was so drastic that he could not adapt to it. With a tragic cry, he fell to the ground. Sweat mixed with blood as both seeped out incessantly from his pores.

The thousands of people present had been paying full attention to this scene. Many members of the upper echelons of large factions had the ability to detect the existence of the evil spirit. They could clearly sense that, although the evil spirit had weakened slightly, it was still far from being exterminated.

As for Si Shaoyu, he felt nearly half of his life burn away in an instant. During the treatment, he had experienced unfathomable pain.

"Sacred Hands, how effective was the treatment?" Pavilion Lord Si asked with a heavy heart. He had a guess but he asked anyway, hoping that he would be given a pleasant surprise.

"This evil spirit is extremely stubborn. Although I attacked at its weakest point, your esteemed sect's disciple has too low a tolerance. He is unable to withstand the power of my Skyfire," Skyfire Sacred Hands said coldly, pushing all responsibility on Si Shaoyu.

Although Si Shaoyu had slumped to the ground, he was still conscious. Upon hearing Skyfire Sacred Hands's words, he could not help but feel a bitter pain.

He had a low tolerance? He first consumed an inflammatory pill that stimulated his life's potential, then had Skyfire directly burn his dantian. Even Supremacies would probably peel off a layer of skin from the pain, much less him!

Was he really to blame?

Pavilion Lord Si frowned slightly. He believed that Skyfire Sacred Hands would be able to resolve the matter easily. But now, from the looks of it, no solution had been found.

If Skyfire Sacred Hands could not resolve it immediately, was there any hope for these infected geniuses?

"Skyfire Sacred Hands, about this…"

Skyfire Sacred Hands fell silent for a moment before saying, "It doesn't matter. For there is another reason why the evil spirit isn't burned to death by Skyfire."

"Oh? What is that reason?" asked Pavilion Lord Si.

Skyfire Sacred Hands said, "The reason why the evil spirit cannot be killed is that the source of the problem isn't the evil spirit itself. To put things right once and for all, one has to treat the problem at its source. Young Master Si Shaoyu, I heard you mention before that the plague of Myriad City started from one person, named Dong Xiaowan. Dong Xiaowan had entered a ruin and brought out the evil spirit, spreading it to the geniuses of Myriad City. Isn't that so?" asked Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Yi Yun was still curious as to how Skyfire Sacred Hands would be able to find a solution, but upon hearing what he had to say, Yi Yun immediately frowned. His cold eyes landed straight on Si Shaoyu.

"That's right! It's her! If not for her, why would there be a plague?" Si Shaoyu was in such great pain that he could not speak. Another infected genius of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion shouted in anger.

Below the stage, many factions began engaging in a flurry of discussion, especially the infected geniuses.

Upon hearing such talk, Yi Yun's gaze turned colder.

Skyfire Sacred Hands raised his hand to stop the discussion. He said calmly, "Dong Xiaowan is the origin, since she brought the evil spirit out. The evil spirit must be just like the Extreme Frost-ice Flame of my Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. It can give birth to many other evil spirits, and those ended up possessing other Myriad City geniuses."

"The most viable plan at present is to seek out Dong Xiaowan and then extract the evil spirit from her body. By using that evil spirit as the princ.i.p.al medicine, we can refine a cauldron of pills for the infected. Then, the illness will be cured!"

Skyfire Sacred Hands's voice resounded throughout the tiny world.

The moment his voice faded, the crowd broke into a tumultuous uproar. As they happily discussed, Yi Yun's face flashed with killing intent. Finding Dong Xiaowan and using the evil spirit within her as princ.i.p.al medicine? This method most certainly did not end with Dong Xiaowan's life being preserved. Skyfire Sacred Hands had failed to eliminate the evil spirit, so he likely did not have any means to extract the evil spirit without harming the human vessel.

"Skyfire Sacred Hands, you’re right. However, that s.l.u.t, Dong Xiaowan has been brought away by a man. Capturing her won’t be easy." Someone from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion spoke out.

Pavilion Lord Si sighed slightly. He said coldly, "A monk may run away but not his temple! My Myriad Immortal Pavilion will send troops to capture Dong Shaoqing and force him to tell us his daughter's whereabouts."

Although Jadewave Sect had moved, how could a sizable sect move without being seen by others? The new location of the Jadewave Sect could be found with a simple investigation.

"Third Elder, Fifth Elder, Seventh Elder, take some people and storm the Jadewave Sect. Capture Dong Shaoqing. It doesn't matter if he's crippled, but he has to be alive."

Pavilion Lord Si gave the order. At that moment, a few Elders immediately stood up to carry out the order. They acted without delay, for they wanted to take action to prevent Dong Shaoqing from hiding after hearing the news.

Seeing as the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was about to besiege the Jadewave Sect, Yi Yun could no longer watch idly by the side. He stood right up and walked straight to where the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect were.

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