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Chapter 119: Small Success stage of Minute Subtlety

The Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch was a sixty-year old man. For the ceremony, he wore a ceremonial dress for the Tao tribal clan’s ritual. However, due to his surprised reaction, the ceremonial dress became extremely messy.

“Patriarch, what’s Minute Subtlety?” Not every tribal elder knew of this realm, so they asked with uncertainty.

“By having Minute Subtlety, one can use the smallest action to avoid their opponent’s attacks. Warriors who understand Minute Subtlety are able to pull off many evasive maneuvers&h.e.l.lip;” A middle-aged man said. He was Tao Yunxiao’s father, the youngest peak-Purple Blood warrior in the Tao tribal clan.

“To have Minute Subtlety, not only would it be easy to dodge, but he would be able to stay close to the enemy. Hence counterattacking would be even easier! So opponents who know Minute Subtlety are extremely fearsome!”

“And even in Minute Subtlety, there are the introductory state, small success stage, large success stage&h.e.l.lip;Currently Yi Yun is borrowing the ‘force’ from Yunxiao’s attacks to avoid. This is considered the small success stage of Minute Subtlety!” The middle-aged man said with complicated expressions. He knew about the realm of Minute Subtlety because he had carefully studied Minute Subtlety many years ago. And it was because he had studied it that he knew how hard it was.

But now, a twelve year old, who demonstrated the small success stage of Minute Subtlety, was his son’s opponent. How could he not be worried?

The difference between Tao Yunxiao and Yi Yun was too great. Even by activating the female sword’s energy, he was still no match for Yi Yun!

At this moment, up on the airship, Su Jie saw Yi Yun’s movements and laughed, “This kid has Minute Subtlety, hehe! Xintong, the last time you sparred with Yi Yun, he had already gained the insight into Minute Subtlety, right?”

“Yes!” Lin Xintong nodded. “Yi Yun did not reach the Minute Subtlety realm that night, but he had touched the gates of Minute Subtlety. He knew how to dodge, but was unlike now where he has reached the small success stage, using the opponent’s ‘force’ to avoid.”

“In just a few days, Yi Yun’s progress can only be described with divine speed.” Lin Xintong deliberated on her words, giving Yi Yun an appropriate evaluation.

Even to a large family clan, and with the demanding standards of a genius, Yi Yun’s progress in his movement techniques was very fast.

To be able to gain new understandings in battle and quickly put it in practice, such an opponent was fearsome!

“Haha, I’m beginning to like this kid. Look at him, he’s not attacking Tao Yunxiao at all. He’s just dodging, enjoying the Minute Subtlety realm!”

Yi Yun was indeed enjoying it.

He was enjoying the insight into Minute Subtlety. This feeling was too wonderful. He felt his body lose its weight; he was like a light feather, easily dodging any kind of attack.

He even wished Tao Yunxiao’s attacks would be faster and more aggressive so that Yi Yun could gain further insight, consolidating his Minute Subtlety understanding.

But Tao Yunxiao was going crazy. He had really gone crazy, for no matter what he did, he could not touch Yi Yun!

The faces of the Tao tribal clan’s elders turned ugly. The crowd stopped their shouting.

They could no longer shout as they had discovered that Yi Yun was not fighting with Tao Yunxiao, but he was training his movement technique!

Yes, Yi Yun was purposely using the battle process with Tao Yunxiao to train his movement technique!

This was an absolute insult to Tao Yunxiao!

Tao Yunxiao had sacrificed his blood to activate the forbidden energy of the female sword to do battle. He had pushed his battle power to the extreme, but Yi Yun did not beat Tao Yunxiao, but he used the ultimate attacks of Tao Yunxiao to train his movement technique. He was too arrogant, and absolutely looked down upon others!

Very soon, they realized there was an even more arrogant matter.

The crazy kid Yi Yun had nothing he couldn’t do, such as&h.e.l.lip; while Tao Yunxiao was crazily attacking him, sending sword beams enveloping Yi Yun, Yi Yun actually&h.e.l.lip; actually&h.e.l.lip; closed his eyes!

Eyes closed?

The tens of thousands of spectators were stunned!

Such intense swordplay that they couldn’t see, Yi Yun had actually closed his eyes to dodge!? Is he mad?

But soon, they began to suspect that it wasn’t Yi Yun who had gone mad, but themselves. They actually saw Yi Yun easily dodge all of Tao Yunxiao’s attacks with his eyes closed. His movement was like flowing water!

It could be said that Yi Yun’s movements were even more fluid with his eyes closed.

How could this be possible!?

The Tao tribal clan’s people were shocked. They nearly popped their eyes out of their sockets!

Yi Yun had entered a strange state. Yi Yun had realized that to avoid Tao Yunxiao’s attacks, he did not need to rely on his eyes, but could rely on just perceiving Tao Yunxiao’s ‘force’.

Tao Yunxiao’s attacks had sword Qi and killing intent, and infused within the sword by Tao Yunxiao, was Heaven Earth Yuan Qi!

These combined together formed an ‘force’. By perceiving this ‘force’, Yi Yun could easily avoid Tao Yunxiao’s attacks.

This way of dodging was faster than using the eyes!

To use the eyes to track an enemy’s attack, it had to be transmitted to the brain. The brain would then send the command before the body could avoid it. This made it one beat slower.

But for a body, to feel the attack’s ‘force’, it could be conditioned to subconsciously evade. By using this ‘force’, the dodging would be faster.

Because of this, a layman would think that Yi Yun did not dodge Tao Yunxiao’s attacks, but was pushed away from Tao Yunxiao’s attacks.

It was clear which of these two ways of dodging was better.

Since Yi Yun understood that he was using the perceived ‘force’ to avoid the attack, he decided he might as well close his eyes!

When the chaotic sword beams disappeared from his sight, Yi Yun’s concentration became more focused, and his perception of the ’force’ became even more sensitive.

As such, no matter how Tao Yunxiao crazily attacked, he had no way of touching Yi Yun’s sleeves.

In the airship, Su Jie touched his fat jaw that formed a double chin. He said with glee, “This kid Yi Yun sure isn’t nice. He’s clearly bullying others! Just because he has Minute Subtlety, he’s bullying others&h.e.l.lip; This isn’t right, but then&h.e.l.lip; I like it!!”

Lin Xintong who was beside Su Jie chuckled. She knew that what Yi Yun had learned today would do great things for Yi Yun’s future. So it was best to partake in that feeling as long as possible. But if this carried on, he would demolish Tao Yunxiao’s confidence.

Lin Xintong did not think nicely of Tao Yunxiao. In the few times they barely met, Lin Xintong noticed that Tao Yunxiao’s eyes at her were those of exploitative aggression.

Lin Xintong was not angry because of this. In fact, for such an insignificant small fry like Tao Yunxiao, he was not worthy Lin Xintong’s attention. Lin Xintong was speechless because the so-called young masters of the Cloud Wilderness did not know the vastness of the world. They did not know what it meant to be a frog in the well. They did not know how far away they were from the ancient family clans. Tao Yunxiao’s aggression towards Lin Xintong was something to be laughed at.

Since time immemorial, backwardness and ignorance were a pair of twins that never left each other’s side. The Cloud Wilderness&h.e.l.lip; was like that too.

If Tao Yunxiao knew Lin Xintong’s thoughts, he would have fallen apart.

He was an extremely proud person! Because of his youth, he had never seen the outside world. In Tao Yunxiao’s dictionary, the word “no” did not exist.

But then he met Yi Yun, a young man, younger than him by two years, but Yi Yun was stronger than him.

Tao Yunxiao did not want to lose; he had spent his blood and took on the danger of sliding backwards in his cultivation just to activate the ancestral artifact’s forbidden energy, but the outcome he received in return was his opponent using him to train his movement skills!

This shattered Tao Yunxiao’s tremendous pride!


Tao Yunxiao let out a frantic roar. The veins on the hand that held the sword bulged. His sword was waved to an extreme, but still, he could not hit Yi Yun!

In front of everyone’s eyes, in front of the tens of thousands of people of the Tao tribal clan, in front of his father, grandfather and the upper echelon of the Tao tribal clan, the upper echelon of the Jin Long Wei, he was teased by a child two years his junior with no way of retaliating.

He was really going mad!

He was pressed to strike Yi Yun, to strike Yi Yun, he was willing to give up twenty years of his life!

But, reality is cruel.

Yi Yun’s movements was as fluid as water, and Tao Yunxiao could feel his strength getting weaker!

The female sword was a sword that fed on blood. The power gained from the blood Tao Yunxiao sprayed onto the sword had been exhausted!


Tao Yunxiao let out a heart-tearing cry. His heart felt like it was bursting open. Two streams of blood flowed out from his nostrils like a winding snake.

Firstly, he had hurt his heart due to the anger. Secondly, due to the blood ritual from earlier, he was hurt, making his blood flow unstable.

Tao Yunxiao stopped. He was breathing in deeply while the blood gurgled out from his nose!

In his entire life, Tao Yunxiao had never embarra.s.sed himself like that!

“Yi Yun, do you dare take a direct strike from me?!”

Tao Yunxiao’s eyes were blood red. He did not attack for he knew it had no effect!

But Tao Yunxiao did not want to concede defeat. He wanted to directly attack Yi Yun once. If not, today’s experience would forever become a lingering demon in his life!

As a last resort, he had to goad.

Currently, the hand Tao Yunxiao used to hold the sword was trembling. He angrily stared at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun still had his eyes closed, he still was immersed into the insight he had previously gained.

For his movement to go from the introductory stage to the small success stage of Minute Subtlety, Yi Yun had a lot of things to digest and understand.

He was still immersed in his own world, and did not hear Tao Yunxiao’s words. In fact, everything that happened around him was no longer important.

He had entered a ‘No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me’ trance-like state.

But in Tao Yunxiao’s point of view, Yi Yun’s response was that of absolute contempt!


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