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As the various alchemists began diagnosing the plague, the red-dressed girl from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect came forward as well. She circled an infected genius as her beautiful brows furrowed slightly.

Previously, she had presented the alchemical formability of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. Now, she wanted to give the local doctors and alchemists another reminder of the difference in capability between them and the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect.

However, no matter how much she studied the infected geniuses, she realized that she could not discern the cause of the illness. She could only tell that their Yuan Qi was being absorbed away by a particular thing.

"Junior Sister, can't you find the cause?"

At that moment, the red-dressed girl's six-fingered senior brother walked forward. He pressed down on an infected genius's body with one hand as a special Yuan Qi immediately transmitted through his palm into the infected genius's body. The Yuan Qi began swimming through the genius's body.

The six-fingered man closed his eyes as though he was carefully investigating something.

Many people watched the geniuses from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. Zhang Xiaotian whispered, "Let's see if they can successfully find the cause."

Although they were skilled in alchemy, it did not necessarily mean that their medical skills were also superior. The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect was known for its expertise in alchemy and medicine, but alchemy was its mainstay.

The red-dressed girl had failed to make a diagnosis. As time pa.s.sed, many people began to realize that Six-Fingers probably couldn't make one either. They believed that he did not want to embarra.s.s the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect, so all he did was stand there with his eyes closed as an act.

If he could not tell at once, what difference would more time make?

But suddenly, Six-Fingers opened his eyes and, with a serious tone, said, "I sensed it."

He figured it out!?

Zhang Xiaotian was depressed. Did he really figure it out?

Many doctors present had similar reactions to Zhang Xiaotian’s. After all, they had made attempts themselves.

"My Yuan Qi flows through unimpeded through the patient's body, but once it enters the dantian, it feels like it sinks into the ocean, never to reappear."

The moment Six-Fingers said that, someone could not help but say, "There's no need for you to tell us that. Everyone knows that. If that’s all you managed to sense, didn’t you take a little too long?"

People still held a grudge with Six-Fingers for delegating a young junior like the red-dressed girl to smack all the faces of the alchemists and doctors present. Upon hearing that he had only figured out one simple thing after such a long period of time, someone was immediately ready to deride him.

Six-Fingers remained composed, as though he had not heard the remark. He continued saying slowly, "Yue'er, I believe you have sensed that too. You should have also sensed that something is sucking the Yuan Qi away."

"That's right." The red-dressed girl nodded.

"I also sensed a very sinister energy. There is likely an evil ent.i.ty inside this person. However, the specifics of the problem will have to be left to Master." Six-Fingers said as he bowed at Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Upon hearing this, Yi Yun stroked his chin. The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect was still rather skilled. For a junior to tell that it was an evil ent.i.ty… that was something only mighty figures in Myriad City could do. However, despite being able to diagnose the problem, Six-Fingers did not know how to cure it.

Six-Fingers's words stunned everyone present. And, at that moment, Pavilion Lord Si said, "As expected of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect. For a young genius to be able to tell that it is possession by an evil spirit. That's correct. I have done a diagnosis myself, and it is indeed the possession of an evil spirit."

At that moment, Zhang Xiaotian's expression changed completely. They had failed to beat the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect at alchemy, and now they were also inferior to them in medical skills. This feeling of being completely surpa.s.sed was terrible.

At that moment, the red-dressed girl clapped and said with a smile, "Senior Brother, you are truly awesome. I have only studied the art for eighty years, and it's truly not enough time to hone my skills. I'm nothing compared Senior Brother who has studied the art for nearly two centuries."

Although her words seemed to be aimed at herself, she had deliberately glared at the people present with a smug look. It was only normal that she could not make a proper diagnosis, having only studied for eight decades. However, there were many people present that had cultivated for tens of thousands of years, yet they were inferior to her senior brother.

"Skyfire Sacred Hands, since your disciples have managed to diagnose the problem, I believe you have long figured it out. Please begin the treatment." Pavilion Lord Si said to Skyfire Sacred Hands.

Skyfire Sacred Hands nodded, and he floated to the high stage.

Upon seeing Skyfire Sacred Hands about to personally take action, Si Shaoyu felt excited. He hurriedly said, "Sacred Hands truly has accomplished disciples, that no doubt owe their accomplishments to their great teacher. The Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect lives up to its name. For me to welcome Sacred Hands that day was my honor. I welcomed a savior to Myriad City."

Si Shaoyu yearned to be the first one treated. After Si Yusheng was maimed, he was the one with the highest talent in Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Therefore, his illness was the worst thing for the sect, and he was also the one that fell into the greatest despair.

Looking at Skyfire Sacred Hands, he felt he had finally seen the life-saving straw. He could not wait any longer.

Skyfire Sacred Hands glanced at him. This genius from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had previously described the symptoms in detail, so he naturally remembered him.

"In that case, let's begin with you." Skyfire Sacred Hands said.

Si Shaoyu watched with delight as Skyfire Sacred Hands walked in front of him. However, the latter did not even touch him. All he did was stand there as Yuan Qi automatically suffused, enveloping Si Shaoyu.

As the Yuan Qi fluctuated, Skyfire Sacred Hands nodded and said, "Indeed, it's as my disciples said. The reason why you are unable to cultivate and feel extremely weak is that there is an evil spirit within your body."

"Then, does Sacred Hands have any treatment he can administer?" Si Shaoyu quickly asked.

The people present p.r.i.c.ked their ears. For Skyfire Sacred Hands's disciples to successfully diagnose the cause, it was almost natural that Skyfire Sacred Hands had a cure.

Skyfire Sacred Hands pondered for a moment and said, "The evil spirit has already fused with your dantian. To remove it, there are two methods. First, we could temporarily suppress it, but that would require poisonous medicine. It would cause quite a bit damage to your dantian. Furthermore, this method might only suppress it for a few decades to a century or so. It doesn't cure the problem at its root."

"The other method is to do it in one go, but it is indeed a little troublesome."

There was indeed a cure! Furthermore, he had proposed two in one go!

People were excited. The plague had troubled Myriad City for about half a year. Nearly all the factions suffered from it. Now that there was finally a solution, how could they remain calm?

Even Yi Yun was interested. Skyfire Sacred Hands's ability to suppress the evil spirit was within Yi Yun's expectations. However, he was surprised that Skyfire Sacred Hands was able to remove the evil spirit in one go.

Yi Yun was able to destroy the demonic servants because the Azure Wood Divine Tree was their bane. As for Skyfire Sacred Hands, where was he to get an Azure Wood Divine Tree?

"Of course, it has to be done one go." Si Shaoyu repressed his feelings and said.

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