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The news eventually reached the Paradise Chapter. It was decided to have Fairy Youqin's master come personally to sign the contract with Yi Yun.

And at that moment, Yi Yun was paying City Lord Qin a visit.

Needless to say, City Lord Qin stood on Yi Yun's side.

As such, the combined forces of City Lord Qin, the Paradise Chapter, and the Guiyuan family were ready to overpower the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

"Young Master Yi, the contract has been signed. Can you treat my disciple’s illness?"

Fairy Youqin's master was Perfected Qianhua. She was a woman whose age could not be discerned. She had a head of silver hair but her skin had a healthy glow, even more so than a sixteen-year-old.

There were few women in the upper echelons of Paradise Chapter. However, those few were typically pure and n.o.ble in their youth. After they got married and had children, they would have an esteemed bearing and stand aloof from the world.

After the Paradise Chapter received the news, they communicated with the Guiyuan family to confirm Yi Yun’s story. However, Perfected Qianhua wanted to witness Yi Yun's abilities in person.

"Of course." Yi Yun looked at Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox. "Both of you, please follow me."

Beside the meeting hall, there was a guest room. Yi Yun pushed the door open and entered before he gestured to the two to lie in bed.

"Yi Yun, you mean to treat them together?"

City Lord Qin was taken aback. Although he knew that Yi Yun could subdue the evil spirit, he never expected that he could do it to two people simultaneously. Was he being too overconfident?

"Young Master Yi, I heard that you’re going to weaken the evil spirit instead of purging it completely. The process will probably be quite complicated. There is no need to rush Youqin and Wuxia's treatment. It's better to do them one after the other…" Perfected Qianhua said as she stood to the side. She knew that after the evil spirits entered the bodies, they would latch on to the dantian. They would even begin vying for the soul of the possessed. Be it the dantian or the soul, they were extremely important to warriors. Therefore, treating things that ailed those areas required extreme caution to prevent collateral damage.

Yi Yun said with a smile, "Senior, you can rest a.s.sured."

After Yi Yun said that, he prepared to take action. In order to give the two women privacy, City Lord Qin left the room. However, Perfected Qianhua did not leave. She was unable to be at ease when it came to her beloved disciple.

Yi Yun did not mind either. He took his place in between Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox. Just as he was about to take action, his brows p.r.i.c.ked up slightly. At that moment, he sensed strange movements in Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox's dantians. The two evil spirits had suddenly awoken. They recognized him and, in their fear, took the initiative to abandon Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox. They rushed out of their dantians, each taking one side, hoping to rush out from different sides of the room!

"Trying to escape?" Yi Yun snorted coldly as he extended his hands to grab at them!

As Yi Yun stretched out his hands, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's phantom image manifested behind him. Two tender green veins that were condensed with Daoist charms shot out like divine whips!

"Pa! Pa!"

The two evil spirits were struck by the Azure Wood Divine Tree as they let out two tragic screams.

Immediately following that, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's veins wrapped around the spirits and pulled them straight back into Yi Yun's hands!

Of course, this whole scene was witnessed by Perfected Qianhua.

She had an extraordinary cultivation level and was able to sense the existence of the evil spirits, but only when she pushed her perception to her limits. If she was not in full concentration, she too would be blind to the existence of the evil spirits.

The evil spirits had suddenly escaped at the beginning of the treatment, so how could Perfected Qianhua react in time? All she could sense was two cold winds blow. Just as she thought to focus her perception and investigate the matter, it was already too late. The evil spirits had gone quite a distance.

But in an instant, Yi Yun employed swift methods to grab onto the two evil spirits. This observational ability and reaction speed, together with Yi Yun's strength, astounded Perfected Qianhua.

Furthermore, Perfected Qianhua was baffled. What were the two evil spirits afraid of?

Previously, many famous doctors had diagnosed Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox. The evil spirits ignored all of them, and it could be said that they looked at them with contempt.

But once Yi Yun came, the evil spirits ran away in fright before he even took action!

This meant that Yi Yun did not even need to go through the full process of his treatment. All he needed was to pose before Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox, and they would be healed?

This was way too ridiculous!

Upon realizing this, Perfected Qianhua no longer knew what expression to make. What would the alchemists and famous doctors that gave their all but failed think of this matter?

Meanwhile, Yi Yun was using the divine tree's veins to restrain the two evil spirits. He raised them in front of him and threw out a few slaps, followed by an incessant beating.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

Perfected Qianhua could even hear the sounds of the evil spirits being slapped. Despite having incorporeal bodies, Yi Yun was throttling them as he pleased. The two evil spirits kept screaming until they were close to death.

These weren't some evil spirits that left people ashen. They were more like two chickens that had just been slaughtered in preparation of a meal.

Perfected Qianhua gaped as she watched this. She was rendered speechless. She could clearly sense the evil spirits' aura rapidly decrease. The sinister and cold aura was no longer a tenth of what it was in the past.

And at that moment, Yi Yun produced dozens of marks, sealing them within the evil spirits' bodies. They directly restricted the evil spirits' motion.

Following that, he held Yuan Qi in his hands and pressed down on Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox's abdomen, sealing the two evil spirits into their dantians.

Instantly, a warm energy surged into the two women's bodies, flowing to their limbs.

This energy came from the vibrant force of the Azure Wood Divine Tree. It was filled with an immense vitality that could nourish the body and lead to immense comfort.

Princess White Fox was fine but Fairy Youqin's face suffused a red blush. Tiny drops of sweat seeped out of her forehead.

Their bodies that had been suffering a drought for such a long time suddenly received such intense, nourishing energy. It was both comfortable and somewhat stimulating.

Yi Yun's pressed his hands down on their dantians for two and a half minutes before he slowly moved them away.

The refreshing feeling went from high intensity to a gradual calm. By the time Yi Yun retracted his hands, the feeling left profound significance.

"It's done."

When Yi Yun said that, Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox exhaled. They attempted to circulate the energies within their bodies and discovered that they had recovered their energies. However, compared to their peaks, they were still a little weaker.

Yi Yun explained, "You’ll notice that the sealed evil spirits are still leeching from a small portion of your dantian. It prevents you from using all the strength within your dantian but that's fine. As long as you cultivate with a peaceful mind and gain insights to the Heart of the Zither, allowing you to use your willpower and Yuan Qi to refine the evil spirits, this will turn out to be a decent opportunity for the both of you."

When Fairy Youqin heard Yi Yun's words, she did not know how to respond. What did he mean by 'a decent opportunity'? If she could gain insights to the Heart of the Zither, it would be an immense opportunity for her.

She said, "Thank you, Young Master Yi. But…without your future help, can this evil spirit recuperate and build up strength, causing another relapse?"

Yi Yun shook his head and said, "No, they have been sealed by my energy. Not only are they unable to take over, they can't even escape Fairy Youqin and Wuxia's dantian. All they can do is wait to be refined."

Upon hearing Yi Yun's mild response, Perfected Qianhua and Fairy Youqin were left speechless.

Such a feat was more than a hundred times harder than treating an illness!

These evil spirits sure had some terrible luck meeting Yi Yun. They had attempted to escape when they saw Yi Yun but ended up being caught. Then, they were forcefully sealed within Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox's dantians and used as a well for improvement.

At that moment, the door opened. City Lord Qin and company walked in.

City Lord Qin looked at Yi Yun and hurriedly asked, "Young Master Yi, how's the situation?"

He did not use his perception to probe. Although he knew Yi Yun was capable and that everything was likely smooth-sailing, he was still a little worried.

Just as he asked the question, he noticed Perfected Qianhua's odd expression. "Qianhua, what happened? Did something go wrong?"

"It was very successful…" Perfected Qianhua said, stunned. Successful was an understatement.

She recounted the situation through a voice transmission. City Lord Qin also found it ridiculous when he heard the recount. Yi Yun actually had such ability?

"Wuxia, how do you feel?"

City Lord Qin asked Princess White Fox.

Princess White Fox nodded. "Uncle Qin, indeed, I can cultivate now. Furthermore, I can also sense the evil spirit's existence. I think in less than a year, I can completely refine it and use it to empower my Heart of the Zither!"

"Good! That's great." City Lord Qin heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Yi Yun. "Yi Yun, now that the Paradise Chapter, the Guiyuan family, and I are backing you, there should be a plan to attack the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. What are your plans, exactly?"

"Yes, let’s discuss the plan. Let's begin with the Grand Alchemical-c.u.m-Medical Meet that will be held in three months." Yi Yun said as a glimmer flashed in his eyes.

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