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"Yi Yun, is that you?"

When he was at the Guiyuan family, Yi Yun had disguised himself with the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book, but now he had restored his original looks. Princess White Fox was naturally able to identify him immediately.

Upon seeing Yi Yun, she was astonished but also worried. "Yi Yun, don't you know that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion has offered huge rewards for you? The entire Myriad Divine Territory is looking for you. Why did you come back to Myriad City?"

Fairy Youqin looked at Yi Yun with surprise as well. She vividly recalled Yi Yun dealing the devastating blow to Si Yusheng and matching Zuoqiu Bo. She had been present that day, and Yi Yun's alchemical skills and terrifying strength astounded her greatly.

Fairy Youqin believed that she would never see Yi Yun again, but here he was back in Myriad City. Furthermore, he had appeared in front of her so suddenly.

"Young Master Yi is truly talented and daring." Fairy Youqin said. Although she was ill, her words remained exultant and pleasant. She sounded like a beautiful zither tune that lingered around one's ears.

"Fairy, don't tease me." Yi Yun nodded at Fairy Youqin. Then, he said to the both of them, "There’s no need to talk about the Myriad Immortal Pavilion right now. Wuxia, how's your body?"

Princess White Fox noticed that Yi Yun was not concerned about the Myriad Immortal Pavilion at all, and was somewhat surprised. However, with Yi Yun inquiring about her body, she had no choice but to temporarily put the matter aside.

"You must have heard of the plague that is wreaking havoc in Myriad City, right? Both Youqin and I have been infected. Yi Yun, this is not a good time for you to return to Myriad City. Even forgetting the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, the plague is extremely strange. It only infects geniuses and it's unknown if it's contagious. It's extremely dangerous for you to return now," said Princess White Fox with concern.

"Thank you for the concern. I'm fine." Yi Yun's heart felt warm. After all, he and Princess White Fox went way back. Only someone that cared about him would consider the potential of him being infected.

"In fact, this plague is ineffective against me." Yi Yun glanced at Princess White Fox and Fairy Youqin's dantian. The moment the Purple Crystal's energy vision was activated, the demonic servant in Princess White Fox's dantian was unable to hide. However, he was rather surprised when he saw Princess White Fox's situation.

Be it Dong Xiaowan or Fairy Purple Rain, the demonic servants in their dantians had absorbed large amounts of Yuan Qi. They would gnash their teeth and become stronger. However, the demonic servant in Princess White Fox's dantian appeared to be repressed by Princess White Fox herself.

Although it had been absorbing some of Princess White Fox's Yuan Qi, it had failed to completely entrench and take over Princess White Fox's dantian.

When he looked at the evil spirit within Fairy Youqin's dantian, it too was partially under control. However, her situation was a little worse than Princess White Fox's.

Yi Yun withdrew his gaze and asked, "Wuxia, can you tell me about your situation in detail?"

Princess White Fox nodded and said, "After I was infected, I could no longer cultivate. However, I calmed my heart down and played the zither daily. I used a mortal's heart to appreciate the zither Dao and, from there, I gradually gained enlightenment in the Heart of the Zither. It could be considered a silver lining."

"Oh? That actually happened?" Yi Yun was taken aback. Princess White Fox was indeed talented. From the looks of it, one could repress the evil spirits as long as one's talent reached a certain realm.

Furthermore, Princess White Fox had come close to the Heart of the Zither despite being unable to cultivate. Through this insight, she was able to repress the demonic servant. There were few things geniuses couldn’t turn into an opportunity. The crux of the matter was if one could grasp it or not. As long as one had providence shining down on them and had sufficient strength, any calamity could be transformed into an opportunity.

"Young Master Yi, there is no need to worry about me. I can vaguely sense that after gaining insight into the Heart of the Zither, I can restrain the evil spirit bit by bit. I might even be able to purge it eventually. It might take a rather long time, but I would eventually be free," Princess White Fox said nonchalantly.

This process might take more than a decade or even several decades. However, Princess White Fox had sufficient confidence and patience. Zither Dao was something that required slow progress. It could not be rushed.

Yi Yun studied the speed at which the evil spirit was weakening and could roughly estimate how long it would take. He shook his head and said, "That's too long. It will take at least thirty years. That would be a waste of valuable cultivation time for you."

Although the Heart of the Zither was important, cultivation levels were more important. To absolute geniuses, their youthful years were extremely precious. It would be quite a pity to waste even half a year. To be delayed thirty years could severely affect their future accomplishments.

"There is no other option. I have to experience it myself." Princess White Fox gave a slight smile. Fairy Youqin sighed by the side. Her condition was worse.

Perhaps, Princess White Fox could purge the evil spirit in two to three decades, but she might need five decades or even eight. That would really be too long.

If that happened, she would at most progress to the point of the beginning stages of Supremacy.

Yi Yun said, "Wuxia, I actually have the means to purge the evil spirit within your body, allowing you a full recovery."

Yi Yun's words shocked Fairy Youqin and Princess White Fox. Mighty figures had personally checked their condition, and many famous doctors had examined them. They had consumed copious amounts of natural treasures and naturally knew how incurable the illness was.

Yi Yun could give them a full recovery?

Princess White Fox naturally trusted Yi Yun completely. Since Yi Yun said he could cure the illness, it meant that he was absolutely capable of doing so.


Princess White Fox considered for a moment before saying, "Although this illness has harmed me, it has also pushed me to the boundaries of figuring out the Heart of the Zither. I cultivate in zither Dao and in the soul. This illness is a way of hardening myself."


Yi Yun felt wistful when he heard such an answer. Only Princess White Fox would continue to maintain such an unperturbed and elegant composure against an illness that left many distraught. Not only did she not wallow in despair, she thought of using this experience to harden herself. Such resolve indeed left others in the dust.

"How about this: I weaken the evil spirits a little. This way, you can continue hardening yourself but it will also reduce the time it takes. In half a year or so, you will be able to completely vanquish the evil spirit," said Yi Yun.

"It can be…weakened?" Fairy Youqin looked at Yi Yun with her beautiful eyes. Purging the evil ent.i.ty was already a miracle, but to weaken and not kill it was even more difficult than purging it completely.

She felt that Yi Yun was veiled in mystery. Be it his strength, alchemical skills, or his sudden demonstration of his medical skills, he always left people astounded.

Such talent meant that he was a peerless elite. It left elites of the same generation like her to bemoan their own inadequacy in front of him.

"Yi Yun… I really do not know how to thank you…" Princess White Fox said sincerely. Lin Xintong had once saved her life and now, Yi Yun had saved her once again, turning this calamity into an opportunity for her.

"You have never asked for anything in return when you helped me in the past," Yi Yun said with a gentle smile.

Princess White Fox hesitated for a moment before stealing a glance at Fairy Youqin. She looked back at Yi Yun and said, "Yi Yun, I have a presumptuous demand. I wonder if…"

From Princess White Fox's att.i.tude, Yi Yun knew what she was about to say. Now that she and Fairy Youqin were close friends, she naturally wanted him to save Fairy Youqin. She just could not force Yi Yun to do so.

Yi Yun said with a smile, "Actually, even if I did not encounter Fairy Youqin today, I would have gone to Heavenly Treasures Arch to visit you in the near future."

Fairy Youqin had the Paradise Chapter backing her. Alongside the Guiyuan family, Yi Yun wanted to ally with the Paradise Chapter.

"Young Master Yi, is there something you need from me?" Fairy Youqin asked puzzled.

"I will not only cure you but the other geniuses of Paradise Chapter that have been infected by the plague," said Yi Yun.

Fairy Youqin's beautiful eyes blinked as she looked at Yi Yun with a baffled look. Immediately, she realized something and asked softly, "It looks like Young Master Yi has some conditions?"

"Fairy Youqin is truly pure of heart and spirit. Indeed, I do have some conditions. Just as you know, I have a vendetta with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. My condition is for the Paradise Chapter to ally with me by signing a soul contract. We will fight against the Myriad Immortal Pavilion together. And so you know, I just came from the Guiyuan family. I have already signed a soul contract with them," Yi Yun said calmly.

Fairy Youqin listened in silence before nodding her head slightly. "I never expected the Guiyuan family to agree to it. Indeed, be it Young Master Yi's ability to treat their geniuses or your future, they demand that one puts serious consideration into the matter. However, I still need to inform my master of this matter. I need her to make the decision."

"Then, I'll be troubling you," said Yi Yun.

Fairy Youqin immediately took out a specially created voice transmission charm and recorded the details into the charm before sending it out.

There was no need to fear that such secretive voice transmission charms would leak out any information. The alliance with the Guiyuan family to deal with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion together was a matter of great importance. The news could not leak.

Yi Yun watched patiently as the flames of the voice transmission charm burned until they extinguished. He surmised that the Paradise Chapter needed at least two to four hours to discuss the matter. It was even possible that Elders from the sect would be sent to probe him before they made a final decision.

With regards to this, Yi Yun was in no hurry.

At that moment, Fairy Youqin said, "Young Master Yi, actually, I have an additional request. There is no need for my illness to be completely healed. I too want to gain insights into the Heart of the Zither with Wuxia."

"That is definitely possible." Yi Yun replied outrightly.

The two women had firm and resolute hearts. They would willingly endure the pain of the illness to harden themselves and gain insights. Compared to the duo, Fairy Purple Rain was quite inferior.

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