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"Is…is what you said true?" Fairy Purple Rain took a deep breath. She could not hide the quiver in her voice. At the moment when she could not see any inkling of hope, Yi Yun had suddenly spoken such words. She was afraid that she would end up getting excited about nothing.

"Of course it's true. In fact, Dong Xiaowan has already completely recovered," said Yi Yun.

"She has recovered?" Fairy Purple Rain was stunned. However, she had no reason to doubt Yi Yun. Yi Yun had come to Myriad City with the intention of roping in the Guiyuan family and other factions as his allies. Of course, he wasn’t bluffing. In fact, this was likely the only card he had in his hand.

If that was the case, was she about to be cured?

She felt like she had finally seen a glimmer of light in the endless darkness.

"Grandpa." Fairy Purple Rain cast eyes filled with antic.i.p.ation at Fourth Elder.

When Fourth Elder heard Yi Yun's words, he felt a jolt through his heart. He was somewhat doubtful. He had sought famous doctors from all over but to no avail. Even the Patriarch was helpless on this matter. Yet, this youth had used such a nonchalant tone to claim that he could cure the plague. How could anyone easily believe him?

However, as long as there was a minute possibility that Yi Yun was telling the truth, the Guiyuan family would not ignore it. Their young geniuses and all the talented ones had been infected. This was no doubt a serious blow to the Guiyuan family.

Yi Yun’s proposal was too alluring. Furthermore, he indeed had the capability to ally with the Paradise Chapter at this critical juncture. The various major factions were originally in contention with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. If they formed an alliance with Yi Yun, the Guiyuan family would indeed end up reaping the greatest benefits.

This made Fourth Elder seriously consider the proposal.

"Young Master Yi, please wait." Fourth Elder cupped his fists and left the room, leaving Yi Yun and Fairy Purple Rain behind.

Instantly, the room turned silent. Yi Yun gently held up the teacup. In the amber-colored tea, the tea leaves swirled and emitted a billowing tea fragrance.

Yi Yun was in no hurry and seemed to be completely confident.

He knew that Fourth Elder had likely left to discuss the matter with the executive arm of the Guiyuan family. He was not afraid that the Guiyuan family would shrink back. After all, there was no need for him to rely on the Guiyuan family. There were many factions in Myriad Immortal Pavilion that were in contention with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

After one hour, Fourth Elder returned to the room. He glanced at Yi Yun and said solemnly, "I have already informed Patriarch. If you can really cure the Guiyuan family's younger generation of the illness, and form an alliance with the Paradise Chapter, or even more factions, then my Guiyuan family is willing to sign a contract with you!"

There was no need to worry about being betrayed by a friend of a friend, even if they were enemies, with the contract in place.

"Alright. In that case, I'll heal Fairy Purple Rain after the contract is signed," said Yi Yun.

From the looks of it, the Guiyuan family was rather daring and resolute.

Although they had a history of overt and covert conflicts with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, they had never completely abandoned decorum with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. But by signing a contract with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's archenemy, Yi Yun, they were basically acting to completely dissolve whatever relationship they had with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

The one that was most pleased by this turn of events was Fairy Purple Rain.

When Yi Yun came to treat her, she felt like she was in a dream.

"Let me cure you. Lie down first." Yi Yun said after coming inside her room.

Fairy Purple Rain hesitated for a moment. As one of the most esteemed daughters of the Guiyuan family, many men attempted to court her. Not only did she never reciprocate, she did not even give them a chance to approach her.

But now, in front of Yi Yun, she did not appear bashful as she laid down for her treatment.

Fairy Purple Rain's maidservant was accompanying her by the side. Back when Fairy Purple Rain went to invite Yi Yun to be their distinguished guest, this maidservant had accompanied her.

She once thought that Yi Yun would be delighted beyond measure, but she never expected him to directly reject her. She had remarked that Yi Yun did not know what was good for him.

But in an ironic twist of fate, Yi Yun had become a valued guest of the Guiyuan family. Even her mistress had to obey his orders and treat him with respect.

Therefore, the maidservant appeared rather embarra.s.sed in front of Yi Yun.

"You can leave the room." Yi Yun said as he took a glance at her.

He barely paid the maidservant any mind, so he had no idea that she was feeling an upheaval of emotions.

"Yes." The maidservant replied obediently. She retreated out of the room before gently closing the doors.

"Just relax," said Yi Yun.

With the experience of helping Dong Xiaowan remove the demonic servant, Yi Yun was already adept at the procedure.

In the Purple Crystal energy vision, he instantly detected the demonic servant hiding in Fairy Purple Rain's dantian. It was in a half-slumber state, but it was suddenly jolted awake when it saw Yi Yun. It naturally recognized Yi Yun and it was scared out of its wits.

Fairy Purple Rain's body was its best shelter, but to Yi Yun, it was nothing but an empty sh.e.l.l.

"Don't try to put up a meaningless struggle." Yi Yun directly injected the Azure Tree's energy into Fairy Purple Rain's dantian.

Fairy Purple Rain's body quivered slightly. She originally believed that the treatment would be an excruciating process, so why did it feel somewhat… comfortable?

This feeling that enveloped her left her unable to control herself. Although she knew her entire body was trembling, so much that Yi Yun would definitely sense it…The moment such a thought came to her, Fairy Purple Rain's cheeks were flushed with red.

As for Yi Yun, he was completely focused. He used the Azure Wood Divine Tree's energy to force the demonic servant out. Immediately, he used a spatial cage to imprison the demonic servant before allowing the Azure Wood Divine Tree to rapidly absorb it.

The demonic servant had absorbed a great deal of Fairy Purple Rain's Yuan Qi, but now it was a source of great nourishment for the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

Yi Yun rapidly resolved the matter and then looked down at Fairy Purple Rain. Noticing her face so flushed with red, he was immediately taken aback.

Fairy Purple Rain was indeed very pretty. She looked delicate and, if anyone were to see this scene, they would have thought that Yi Yun had done something. It would be something that could not be explained away.

"You can get up," said Yi Yun.

Fairy Purple Rain was somewhat puzzled when Yi Yun followed up with the statement, "You are already fine."

Fairy Purple Rain was astonished. That was it? It was that simple!?

She originally believed that it would be a long process that would cost Yi Yun a great deal of his mental strength. She never expected it to be done in less than five minutes.

She hurriedly circulated her Yuan Qi to sense her body. Perhaps her dantian had been inactive for too long, but when she suddenly circulated her Yuan Qi, she felt pain in her abdomen. But soon she was delighted to discover that pure Yuan Qi was truly flowing out of her dantian in increasing amounts. This made Fairy Purple Rain completely forget the bit of pain that came from her dantian.

After her meridians had been left in a drought for so long, the feeling of being nourished by Yuan Qi once again made her overjoyed.

She had really been healed!

Only after losing her strength and obtaining it again did she realize how precious it was.

Fairy Purple Rain looked at Yi Yun and felt complete disbelief. The strange illness that had troubled her for so long to the point of despair had been easily cured by Yi Yun's hand.

Those famous doctors had been helpless, yet Yi Yun had treated her in such a casual manner. He did not even use any pills or array techniques.

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