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With Dong Xiaowan completely cured, Yi Yun felt a load taken off his mind.

He planned on continuing his seclusive cultivation in the coming days so as to solidify the results of the Azure Wood Divine Tree's growth.

As for the danger of the demonic servants wreaking havoc after escaping to Myriad City, it was beyond Yi Yun's control.

"I will need to enter seclusion for a period of time. Ru'er, take good care of Xie'er. Xiaowan, you can actually return to Jadewave Sect. Your father must be very worried about you," said Yi Yun.

He had already informed Dong Xiaowan that the Jadewave Sect had moved.

Dong Xiaowan shook her head. "Young Master, you just saved my life and now you are entering seclusion. Sister Xie'er needs someone to take care of her, so how can I simply leave? I'll make that decision when you are done with your seclusion."

Dong Xiaowan did wish to let her father know that she was cured as soon as possible. In order to save her, her father, Dong Shaoqing, had gone to great lengths.

"Young Master, I wish to send a message to my father to let him know that I'm safe and cured. I will not leak our location. Are you agreeable to that?" Dong Xiaowan asked.

Yi Yun nodded. He trusted Dong Xiaowan. The mountain valley he was currently hiding in was her personal lodge, after all.

"Go ahead and send the message," said Yi Yun.

"At once." Dong Xiaowan replied happily. She had an extremely secretive method of contacting her father.

While Yi Yun was in seclusion, a strange illness began appearing in Myriad City. No one knew when it began, but the moment one was infected by it, they became unable to cultivate. No matter how much effort they put in, their cultivation level would not increase one bit.

Furthermore, the strange illness was extremely selective. It only occurred in those with extraordinary talent and young warriors. Those who were mediocre or old were completely fine.

These talented geniuses were at the stage in their lives when their strength had the greatest room to grow. Time was especially precious but, after being infected by the strange illness, their cultivation levels did not improve at all no matter how much cultivation they did. Many treasures were used but to no avail. It seemed like an incurable disease.

Not only could they not cultivate, some even began to gradually weaken.

Si Shaoyu was one of them.

After Si Yusheng was maimed, Si Shaoyu had taken over Yi Yun's Yun Xin Loft. He was on the crest of a wave, with a high likelihood of taking Si Yusheng's empty spot, becoming the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor.

However, just as he was enjoying his newfound success, he suddenly realized that his cultivation level had come to a halt!

He was in charge of the Yun Xin Loft. When it reopened, he made large amounts of revenue every day. After he took his cut, he would purchase scores of cultivation pills. However, the ma.s.sive amount of resources did not give him the benefits he had expected.

In fact, his physique was gradually weakening. It left him in extreme panic!

If this carried on, not only would he fail to become the successor, he would end up like Si Yusheng. He would fall off his pedestal and become a cripple that no one cared for!

This thought was even more terrifying than death.

"Young Master…" A servant gingerly approached the door to Si Shaoyu's room. For the past few days, Si Shaoyu had shut himself in the room. He became irascible, and there was no shortage of maidservants that had been injured or crippled by him.

"What is it!?" Si Shaoyu's extremely gloomy voice boomed from inside.

"The Zhou family's Young Master Baifeng is here," said the servant.

Si Shaoyu was sitting in his room, surrounded by all sorts of pills and medicine. His eyes were red.

He constantly consumed medicine and cultivated, but his dantian was like a bottomless hole. No amount of medicine was effective

Under such circ.u.mstances, Si Shaoyu had no intention to receive anyone.

However, he remembered that Zhou Baifeng had offered the suggestion of luring Yi Yun out. His idea was reasonable enough that Si Shaoyu had ordered the plan to be executed.

"What is he here for?" Si Shaoyu asked impatiently.

"Young Master Baifeng says that it's of great importance. He demands that I inform you…" The servant felt sweat seeping out of his forehead.

After a while, the door opened abruptly. Si Shaoyu stood by the door as he said coldly, "Tell him to meet me in the guest hall."

"Yes." The servant stole a glance at Si Shaoyu. For some reason, the young man in front of him looked terrible. There were dark circles under his eyes and his footsteps appeared weak…

However, he was only a servant. He knew the price of a ready tongue, so he made sure to say absolutely nothing.

Soon, the servant led Zhou Baifeng into the guest hall.

When Zhou Baifeng saw Si Shaoyu, he looked as if a suspicion had been confirmed.

"Brother Shaoyu, you must have heard of the plague, right?" Zhou Baifeng asked.

"Of course I have."

Too many geniuses had been inflicted by it. Now, the illness was deemed a plague by the people of the city.

In a warrior's world, it was borderline impossible to have any plagues. Warriors were in great health, so how could they get sick?

But now, the truth was out for everyone to see. There were those that believed that certain evil ent.i.ties were running amok in Myriad City.

"I wonder if Brother Shaoyu thought of Dong Xiaowan? This plague seems to share similarities with the illness that Dong Xiaowan was inflicted with some time ago, such as the symptom of not being able to cultivate. Also, the people that are contracting the illness now are like Dong Xiaowan. They are extremely talented genius warriors," said Zhou Baifeng.

Si Shaoyu's expression was ashen. He had long thought of Dong Xiaowan.

"Back then, Dong Xiaowan's father, who is the Jadewave Sect's sect master, Dong Shaoqing, sought out famous doctors from all over. Eventually, he sought Huyan Cang to refine pills, spending all his money. In fact, during the public pill refinement, Zuoqiu Bo had given a similar pill to Dong Xiaowan. It wasn’t effective at all. Only the pill refined by Yi Yun had a beneficial effect," said Zhou Baifeng.

Si Shaoyu said coldly, "Brother Baifeng, go ahead and speak your mind."

"I heard that some factions are beginning to secretly search for Yi Yun. Their geniuses have been infected by the plague. Now, they have their sights on Yi Yun. Some have even gone to City Lord Qin to seek his help," said Zhou Baifeng. "Brother Shaoyu, is there any news on your side? If the Myriad Immortal Pavilion still seeks to capture Yi Yun, it might draw the ire of some factions."

Si Shaoyu glanced at Zhou Baifeng and revealed a sneer. "From the looks of it, Brother Baifeng is also ill? Why do you say these things? Are you thinking of getting Yi Yun to heal you?"

"Unfortunately for me, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion has a contentious relationship with Yi Yun. Why would he agree to treat me? Of course, it doesn't matter if he’s willing in the end. When we capture him, he will have no choice." Si Shaoyu clenched his fists. His red eyes turned redder from the blood flushing to them.

Zhou Baifeng shook his head with a somewhat wry expression. He had indeed fallen ill; if not, he would not have come looking for Si Shaoyu.

No one knew that Dong Xiaowan's illness was the beginning of a plague.

Noticing how Zhou Baifeng seemed to be wavering, Si Shaoyu said coldly, "Why? Is Brother Baifeng thinking of changing his mind? Are you hoping to ingratiate him so that he will treat your illness?"

"About that…" Zhou Baifeng forced a laugh. "Brother Shaoyu, you are overthinking things."

In truth, Zhou Baifeng had given the problem much consideration. His grudge with Yi Yun was not at the point of irreconciliation. If he gave some treasures and apologized sincerely, then perhaps Yi Yun would be willing to forgive him.

"Hehe!" Si Shaoyu chuckled insidiously. "Do you think that without you, I won't be able to accomplish something great? Furthermore, don't just believe that Yi Yun really has the means to deal with this strange illness. Back then, he was only able to temporarily awaken Dong Xiaowan. That punk even said that Dong Xiaowan was not fully healed. He too lacked the means to treat the problem at its root."

"All he did was refine a few Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that treated the side effects but not the underlying cause. Brother Baifeng, I think you are seeking medical help out of sheer panic! Hmph!"

Si Shaoyu did not believe that the plague could be resolved by Yi Yun. So many geniuses from various factions had fallen ill, yet none of their seniors could figure out the solution. Yi Yun was just a junior like him, so how could he possess such an ability?

However, once he captured Yi Yun, he could force him to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills of superior quality. It might not cure him, but it would temporarily slow down the effects of the strange illness. During that grace period, he would have more time to seek a permanent solution.

"Brother Shaoyu is right. However, this can't carry on forever. The time we have is extremely precious. If we delay for even a few years, we will waste our potential, effectively crippling the rest of our lives."

Upon hearing Zhou Baifeng's words, Si Shaoyu's eyes shimmered. He said, "The Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Circle of Elders have decided to hold a grand meeting of alchemists and doctors. An astronomical price will be offered to any alchemist or doctor that can treat the plague. The invitations have already been sent to the alchemists. In a few short months, there will be a grand event of unprecedented scale held in Myriad City. I refuse to believe that the combined efforts of this world’s best alchemists and doctors will fail! It's just a matter of time!"

"Oh? There will be such an event? That's great!" When Zhou Baifeng heard that, he finally felt relieved. He could be at ease knowing that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was coming forward and spending large amounts of resources to solve the issue. Solutions were definitely possible with the collective efforts of the entire city.

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