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After abandoning his pursuit of the demonic servants, Yi Yun went straight back to the mountain valley lakeside.

"Sir is back!" Ru'er exclaimed happily when she saw Yi Yun's figure suddenly appear in the pavilion.

Dong Xiaowan hurriedly came out of the house. "Young Master, why are you back so quickly?"

For Yi Yun to return so quickly, it was probably because he had noticed the strangeness of the ancient ruin and sensed its danger…

"It's good that you are back. Ru'er and I were worried for you," said Dong Xiaowan.

As for whether Yi Yun could gather any meaningful information from such a short investigation was of little importance.

Yi Yun smiled slightly and said, "I have found a way to resolve the curse of the ancient ruin. I will be entering seclusion for a few days. Xiaowan, prepare for it. Once I come out of seclusion, I will help rid you of your problem for good."

With that said, Yi Yun walked back into the house.

Dong Xiaowan was left standing in a daze. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

Yi Yun had spoken so nonchalantly, but it sent shocks reverberating within her.

Not only had Yi Yun fully investigated the ancient ruin, he had also found a solution to the curse in such a short period of time?

And also…

"Xiaowan, congratulations. You can finally be healed, thanks to Sir." Ru'er said while happily grabbing Dong Xiaowan's hand.

Dong Xiaowan still looked as though she were in a dream. Still in a daze, she nodded as the corners of her mouth slowly rose into a smile. "That's right… I still wonder if I heard wrong…"

After returning to his room, Yi Yun sat on a bamboo bed and studied the Azure Wood Divine Tree within him.

Having absorbed such a large number of demonic servants in the ancient ruin, he still had a large amount of energy within him that had yet to be fully digested by the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

As for the demonic servant energy that the Azure Wood Divine Tree did absorb, it became lusher as a result. It was growing at a discernible pace.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree's growth was connected to Yi Yun's growth. As he sensed the vibrant vitality of the Azure Wood Divine Tree, he couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

The demonic servants had been in slumber for an unknown period of time. If left untouched, they would have caused a catastrophe when they awoke by possessing the bodies of countless warriors. However, an unforeseen turn of events occurred when Yi Yun was able to obliterate them en ma.s.se.

"First I should enter seclusion to finish digesting the absorbed energy, then I can destroy the root of Dong Xiaowan's problem." Yi Yun breathed in lightly before gently closing his eyes.

Immediately, a Yuan Qi fluctuation effused from his body. At the same time, a phantom image of the Azure Wood Divine Tree suddenly appeared behind him.

The entire bamboo house was enveloped by a blue-tinted energy. The bamboo within the blue-colored energy that was dead or chopped off began to sprout.

A near-endless amount of bamboo leaves began growing in Yi Yun's room. With his Yuan Qi fluctuation wavering, the rich aura even spread out of the bamboo house and enveloped the entire island in the middle of the lake.

The spirit flowers planted on the island began budding before bursting into full bloom. The spirit gra.s.s also turned more luxuriant.

The island was turned into a conglomeration of splendid and beautiful flowers with a fragrance that inundated the olfactory senses.

"This seclusion of his is truly miraculous. Even I find my body turning lighter." Ru'er looked at the tightly shut door as she said wistfully.

After Yi Yun entered seclusion, Dong Xiaowan had also begun hers. In order to prepare for her treatment, she wanted to get herself into peak condition.

Now, in the bamboo house in the mountain valley lakeside, two people were in seclusion while another was in deep slumber. Ru'er was the only one awake.

She sat on the steps outside the house with her hands cupping her tiny face. She was watching the tiny flowers bloom by her feet with interest.

This scene continued for several days.

One day, a huge blue beam of light shot out from Yi Yun's room. The mountain valley lakeside, including all the vegetation in the mountain valley, instantly shook in response, as though prostrating in Yi Yun's direction.


Yi Yun pushed the door open and walked out. After being in seclusion for a few days, his eyes seemed to contain a divine light. His skin appeared like beautiful jade and his disposition was otherworldly. He was like an immortal that came down from the heavens.

The vegetation that was prostrating in Yi Yun's direction began bending their leaves as though they were bowing before a king.

Ru'er came running in joyful excitement, but immediately stopped when she saw Yi Yun.

She nearly didn’t recognize the figure before her as Yi Yun, but as an immortal that came from an alternate world with blooming flowers.

Yi Yun sensed the changes within him, and was satisfied. After he absorbed all the demonic servants' energy, the Azure Wood Divine Tree had grown another ten feet.

The twenty-foot-tall tree was now thirty feet tall.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree needed to absorb ma.s.sive amounts of natural treasures to grow, but these demonic servants were in no way inferior to the natural treasures.

When he thought of this, Yi Yun felt a tinge of disappointment. He only knew of the one ancient ruin, located at the Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine. There might be other ancient ruins he did not know of.

If not…

"It doesn't help to bite off more than I can chew. I shouldn't think about such things right now." Yi Yun shook his head.

The demonic servants were extremely peculiar. Most people would probably avoid them out of terror. If these demonic servants were to know that someone was taking the initiative to seek them out, and with such antic.i.p.ation, who knows how they would feel?

At that moment, Yi Yun had converged his aura. The luxuriant vital energies were hidden within his body. The plants resumed their normal behavior while Ru'er finally snapped out of her daze.

She looked perplexedly at Yi Yun and said, "Sir, currently you are…" Although Yi Yun had converged his aura, his disposition remained elegant. It was a special feeling that he exuded.

"We'll talk about that in a while. Where's Xiaowan?" asked Yi Yun.

"Young Master Yi." Another door opened as Dong Xiaowan stood beautifully by it and looked at Yi Yun. "Young Master, congratulations on a successful seclusion."

Yi Yun nodded and said, "Alright, it looks like you are done with your preparations. Let's not delay any further. We shall begin immediately. Ru'er, stay outside and wait."

The demonic servant was still rather sinister. Since Ru'er lacked strength, Yi Yun was afraid of scaring her.

"Alright." Ru'er nodded obediently.

"Let us begin."

Yi Yun entered Dong Xiaowan's room and said, "Lie down first."

Dong Xiaowan obediently lied down on the bamboo bed as she looked at Yi Yun, who was standing by the bedside.

"Guard your Yuan Qi and do not send it to your dantian. Leave the rest to me." Yi Yun said as he gently placed his palm on Dong Xiaowan's abdomen. When he sensed her soft abdomen turn a little tense, Yi Yun glanced at her and whispered, "Don't be afraid."

"Alright…" Dong Xiaowan's voice was as fine as a mosquito's hum. As she looked at Yi Yun’ focused expression, she felt her ears turn somewhat warm.

She had not only let Yi Yun into her boudoir, she was even lying in bed before him. In addition, Yi Yun's warm palm touched her through a thin layer of clothing.

This was something Dong Xiaowan had never experienced before.

Yi Yun's palm was pressed on where Dong Xiaowan's dantian was. He activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision and immediately saw the ghastly-faced demonic servant lurking in her dantian.

The moment the demonic servant sensed Yi Yun, it immediately revealed a look of horror.

By this point, Yi Yun had already absorbed a large number of its kind. The Azure Wood Divine Tree had grown ten feet higher, so the fear it struck into the demonic servant was only more intense than before.

"Ah!" The demonic servant let out an ear-piercing howl as it tried to escape deeper into Dong Xiaowan's dantian.

"You still think of running?" Yi Yun pressed his palm down gently, injecting the Azure Wood Divine Tree's vital energies into Dong Xiaowan's dantian.

The refreshing energy made Dong Xiaowan's body turn limp. She involuntarily made a low moan but the energy was like an inferno to the demonic servant.


The demonic servant could not bear the excruciating pain as it finally escaped out of the dantian, hoping to flee. However, it was imprisoned by a spatial cage that Yi Yun had already prepared.

The demonic servant slammed around in the spatial cage. Because of this extreme situation, Dong Xiaowan could finally make out the demonic servant's existence. She immediately screamed.

"It's time you die." Yi Yun looked coldly at the demonic servant. As the Azure Wood Divine Tree phantom flashed, the demonic servant immediately screamed as it was reduced to points of light. The Yuan Qi it turned into was completely absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

Upon seeing the demonic servant completely dissipate, Yi Yun's expression relaxed.

He looked down at Dong Xiaowan and said with a smile, "It's over."

Dong Xiaowan stared at Yi Yun with unblinking eyes. She had believed that it would be an endless and excruciating process, but it was over just like that…

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