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When Yi Yun made this proclamation, the thousands of people at the foot of Mt. Kunhua continued reeling in shock. Si Yusheng had brought with him four guardians, drawing lots of attention when he apprehended Yi Yun. Furthermore, he had the backup plan of laying a trap for Qin Wufeng, ensuring that nothing was amiss.

But now, one of the four guardians had been slain by Yi Yun. Yi Yun had easily escaped the restraints of the Black Iron chains and now proclaimed to make Si Yusheng pay the price.

What seemed like a dead end for Yi Yun had a shocking reversal, and in a manner that left everyone befuddled.

Why was Yi Yun so insanely strong? Did he actually manage to instantly kill one of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's guardians? Wasn't he just a warrior that had just entered the realm of Dao Palace?

If Yi Yun's cultivation realm and age were certain, then how high was his talent? It was completely unimaginable!

Moreover, Yi Yun was not only strong in combat, he was also an alchemy master. He was a genius that completely exceeded their own level of understanding.

Aside from the gathered strangers, even City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox were dumbstruck.

"Wuxia, you previously mentioned that Yi Yun's talent is extraordinary, but to think he has already reached such a phenomenal level!"

Princess White Fox shook her head and said, "I didn't know either. He was indeed impressive years ago, but not to this point."

Princess White Fox believed that she had already thought highly of Yi Yun, but she never imagined that, after only a few years, Yi Yun's strength would develop to such a terrifying level.

At that moment, Si Yusheng was facing Yi Yun, his eyes glinting. "Here I thought my trip would result in me capturing a dog to watch the house, but I never imagined you to be a wolf. Good! Very good! I have always loved taming wolves. I will bring you back to the Myriad Immortal Palace and pull out your wolf fangs, making you an obedient little dog, with no chance of rising up again!"

Boom! A terrifying aura blasted out from Si Yusheng. The sword that was slung on his back made an ear-piercing trill as it shot out with a sanguine beam of light, before being grabbed by Si Yusheng.

The number one person of Myriad City's young generation had an aura as large as a mountain, whose peak could not be beheld. It made it difficult for people to look up at him.

He had been deemed invincible among anyone below the Supremacy level a century ago, and now he was facing Yi Yun, who was a first-floor Dao Palace warrior. Even though Yi Yun had demonstrated terrifying combat prowess, Si Yusheng wasn't worried at all. His strength was beyond that of the four guardians.

"Si Yusheng is about to attack. Eighth-floor Dao Palace against a first-floor Dao Palace. The difference in cultivation levels is huge."

People could see that Si Yusheng had raised his aura to the limits. They watched intently, for perhaps this was the first time in Si Yusheng's life when he had to seriously face an opponent who was so much weaker.

Si Yusheng had always been the one fighting people above his level, so how unusual was it that he was on the opposite end?

"However, this battle is different. Yi Yun is too heaven-defying. Despite the huge difference in cultivation levels, I do not believe that this is a one-sided battle. Yi Yun being able to instantly kill the purple-clothed guardian indicates that he has the ability to face Si Yusheng in battle."

There were many experts in the crowd that numbered thousands. They believed that Yi Yun could create a miracle.

"Ability to face Si Yusheng in battle? Haha!" Zuoqiu Bo laughed out loudly. "It looks like our successor has been out of the public eye for so long that many people have forgotten how powerful he is. Yi Yun will definitely suffer an abject defeat at our successor's hands!"

Zuoqiu Bo was extremely peeved at the crowd’s speculations. How could Yi Yun's strength be comparable to Si Yusheng?

At that moment, Yi Yun had already pulled out his pure Yang broken sword. The ancient and simple looking broken sword was covered in rust. It wasn't l.u.s.trous in any manner, but with the Divine Alchemy Cauldron as a precedent, everyone knew better than to count out the broken sword because it didn't look particularly impressive.

"Yi Yun, I'll slice off your legs. As an alchemist, your arms are sufficient. Legs are just superfluous for you!"

As Si Yusheng spoke, he struck out with his sword. The land beneath him trembled as a gigantic rift appeared like the ma.s.sive jaws of a beast, slowly spreading in every direction!

Si Yusheng's sword was like a flood dragon that emerged from the sea as it charged straight at Yi Yun!

The might of the strike was too impressive. The surrounding s.p.a.ce crumpled and caved in as a result, forming a cage that attempted to restrain Yi Yun. At the same time, the sword Qi tore open the ground, wantonly spreading out. It left one's lifeblood in chaos as people retreated rapidly.

Heart of the Sword!

Si Yusheng had already gained insight into the Heart of the Sword!

Everyone was astounded. To go from Sword Intent to the Heart of the Sword was a qualitative change for a swordsman. Although it did not enhance one's cultivation level, the offensive power of the sword would be increased thousandfold!

For Si Yusheng to be deemed the number one person of Myriad City's younger generation, he naturally had to have some extraordinary ability.

While facing Si Yusheng's life-threatening strike, Yi Yun did not hold back at all. He intended to finish the battle as soon as possible!

With the pure Yang broken sword in hand, Yi Yun slashed out and, in an instant, the light of the world seemed to be devoured as a ma.s.sive black vortex appeared out of nowhere. It was as if it was connected to infinite Chaos.

Yi Yun's strike seemed to have opened up a brand new world.


The black vortex came crashing down as it met Si Yusheng's blood-red sword beam. The two different energies clashed violently!

But there was no terrifying explosion, or a well-matched clash between the two forces as one might imagine. When the black vortex met the blood-red sword beam, a scene that shocked everyone occurred. The black vortex directly overcame the blood-red sword beam and began devouring it!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The sound of explosions rang as Yi Yun's strike crashed down like a wheel of fate. Its target was none other than Si Yusheng!


Si Yusheng's expression changed drastically. He never imagined that his extremely confident strike would suffer a crushing defeat in such a manner.

Facing the black vortex, he felt like he was against the entire Universe itself. This was not how facing a junior at the Dao Palace realm should feel. The terrifying pressure made Si Yusheng feel like he was fighting a monstrous old senior.


With his life on the line, Si Yusheng roared as he burned a mouthful of blood essence without any hesitation. As he retreated rapidly, he spat out a tiny green sword.

The sword was about the length of a human palm, but it was crystalline. It seemed to possess intelligence, and everyone could tell from a glance that it was not ordinary.

The tiny green sword was clearly Si Yusheng's trump card.

However, the black vortex was too fast. The sword attack that fused Destruction and Creation into one resulted in absolute repression from Great Dao laws. There was no way it could be withstood.

Si Yusheng had just conjured his tiny sword when his body was enveloped by the vortex.

His body turned so cold that he couldn’t even feel it. At that instant, he was sure that he was exceedingly close to death. It scared Si Yusheng out of his wits!

He was a proud son of heaven, invincible among anyone below the Supremacy level. How could he possibly be defeated in a single strike by Yi Yun?

Si Yusheng refused to believe it, while Zuoqiu Bo wore an expression like he had seen a ghost. He had predicted that the battle would be completely one-sided, but he never imagined it to be Yi Yun crushing Si Yusheng in such an indomitable fashion!


Si Yusheng's sword beam completely shattered as the tiny emerald-green sword was entirely devoured by the black vortex before it could even demonstrate its might!

Just as Si Yusheng's body was about to be ripped apart by the vortex's power, Si Yusheng bellowed hysterically.

"Yi Yun! You are mad. I'm the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor. If you kill me, you are definitely dead. No one will be able to protect you!"

However, his only answer was a grim smile on Yi Yun's lips. "How could I kill you? I will at most hurt you."

With that said, Yi Yun thrust his sword downwards!


The Destruction vortex suddenly shrank in size due to Yi Yun's strike as it directly sank into Si Yusheng's dantian.

There was a clear explosion sound as the Destruction laws suddenly exploded in Si Yusheng's dantian!

Si Yusheng felt as if his abdomen was being struck by a ten thousand pound sledgehammer, as an excruciating pain bore right into his heart.

He let out a painful moan as his body flew backward, slamming heavily into Mt. Kunhua's cliff!


The cliff that was a hundred meters tall collapsed when met with Si Yusheng's ma.s.sive impact! Si Yusheng was bleeding from all his orifices as his body trembled. The Yuan Qi within his meridians began leaking as he felt his body deflate like a rubber ball.

"You… You… You…"

Si Yusheng's face was as white as a sheet. He looked no different from a corpse that climbed out of a coffin.

Yi Yun's strike had penetrated his dantian. Si Yusheng's connection with his dantian was completely severed, making him feel like he had plummeted into a deep abyssal h.e.l.l.

"My dantian! My dantian!"

Si Yusheng held his abdomen crazily. His dantian had been destroyed by Yi Yun in one strike!

A dantian that was destroyed through Destruction laws was irreparable. And once a warrior lost his dantian, he was basically maimed of his cultivation level. From that moment forth, Si Yusheng would lose all his cultivation!

To warriors, losing cultivation was more miserable than death!

The scene that suddenly unfolded left the thousands of people watching completely speechless. They looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. Their mouths were slightly agape, unable to close even after a long time.

People originally believed that this would be a match between young geniuses of equal caliber. However, they never imagined that the battle would end so quickly.

One strike! Only one strike was needed, and victory was determined!

Si Yusheng, who had been crowned first in Myriad City's younger generation, had his dantian obliterated!

Yi Yun was a junior without any faction backing him, yet he dared to destroy Si Yusheng's dantian!?

And the most terrifying aspect was Yi Yun's strike. It seemed to slash open an entirely new world.

It was a law that people found hard to describe. It had exceeded their comprehension.

"Is it Creation and Destruction…?"

Qin Zhengyang recalled the strike that he had just seen. The strike had seemingly slashed at his heart. It was a scene he would remember all his life.

Qin Zhengyang never imagined that a strike from a junior at the Dao Palace realm would remain etched in his heart for the rest of his life.

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