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Si Yusheng was completely infuriated with Yi Yun. He refused to let Yi Yun leave the zither recital unharmed.

"Si Yusheng, if you do anything untoward today, I will consider it an act of animosity against me. If you slice off my guest's hands, I'll slice off your arms!" City Lord Qin was furious. Si Yusheng actually intended to attack at his zither recital!

This was not only City Lord Manor, but also Myriad City. By law, Myriad City prohibited fighting.

"City Lord Qin, thank you. However, this matter is between me and Si Yusheng. Please do not force your hand into it," said Yi Yun.

He was already thankful for City Lord Qin's chivalry. Today's turn of events was a result of his actions.

Yi Yun looked at Si Yusheng and the people behind him. He knew that Si Yusheng had brought these people here to nab him.

Whether or not he signed the contract didn’t matter. If it wasn't signed, Si Yusheng planned to employ forceful means to bring him back to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Once he entered the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, by force or not, the outcome was obvious.

"Your Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Zuoqiu Haoyu came to provoke me, and ended up paying the price of his arms because he overestimated himself. One has to concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet. That is an unquestionable moral truth. However, you want to use that truth as an excuse act against me. Fine, I accept that, but you ended up scheming against Young Master Wufeng. Engaging in such despicable acts to threaten City Lord Qin is taking bullying to an extreme!"

Yi Yun continued:"If you want to settle the matter, that’s fine with me! However, I must ask one thing. If City Lord Qin were to stay out of this, will Young Master Wufeng be safe and sound?"

Qin Wufeng had fallen into a trap because of Yi Yun. Although Yi Yun did not know him, he wanted to resolve the matter for City Lord Qin.

"My friend, Yi Yun—" City Lord Qin stopped him immediately with a frown.

Princess White Fox's veil could not conceal the worry in her beautiful eyes.

"City Lord Qin, there's no need to speak further." Yi Yun glared at Si Yusheng and asked in a deep tone,"Did you hear what I said?"

"Hahaha!" Si Yusheng laughed out loudly."If City Lord Qin stays out of the matter, Young Master Qin Wufeng will naturally be treated with the utmost cordiality. When he is done having his fun, he will return. As for his debt, my Myriad Immortal Pavilion will pay it for him."

"Alright!" Yi Yun was not afraid that Si Yusheng would go back on his word. It was unlikely that Si Yusheng or the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would truly cross City Lord Qin.

"Young Master Yi, this Si Yusheng made a name for himself a long time ago. His strength is terrifying and he has the Myriad Immortal Pavilion backing him…" Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er looked worried.

"It's fine." Yi Yun said nonchalantly as his figure charged forward, flying from the boat to the lakeside.

"Take him away!"

Si Yusheng waved his hand, and his followers flew to Yi Yun's side and seized him.

One of the followers waved his hand and produced a pair of chains.

The chains were made of Deepsea Black Iron. There were nomological runes engraved on its surface that sealed off Yuan Qi. Once bound by these chains, one would not be able to use one's Yuan Qi, leaving them at the mercy of others.

"Chain him up!" The corners of Si Yusheng's mouth revealed a sinister smile.

Ka Ka Ka!

The chains were like a python. They coiled around Yi Yun and restrained him.

At the instant the chains clicked, a divine pattern flashed. The chains fused into one and completely restricted Yi Yun's Yuan Qi flow.

City Lord Qin's expression turned ugly. Si Yusheng was forcefully taking someone away from his City Lord Manor. Regardless of his child's safety, he could not permit such a thing to happen.

Just as he was about to take action, Princess White Fox, who was sitting beside him, had a change of expression."Uncle Qin, Yi Yun just transmitted his voice to me. He hopes that Uncle Qin will not take any action."

Princess White Fox was also worried about Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had transmitted his voice to her. He truly did not wish to involve City Lord Qin in the matter.

"The situation has developed to this stage. If I don't take action, must I really sit here and allow Yi Yun to be taken to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?"

As City Lord Qin spoke, Si Yusheng's minions had already escorted Yi Yun towards the exit of Cloud City Manor.

"Bring him to Myriad Immortal Palace." Si Yusheng waved his hand but, when he saw Yi Yun stone-faced and walking calmly, he was immediately displeased."What a tough guy. You barely qualify to fight me! When we reach Myriad Immortal Palace, I want to see how long you can last!"

Si Yusheng led Yi Yun all the way out of City Lord Manor. The people on the lakeside made way for them.

This young alchemist had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and was being escorted out of City Lord Manor. It was unknown what would happen to him. Perhaps the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would make him an indentured slave, forced to lead a life of servitude!

Upon considering the possibility, people could not help but sigh.

Qin Zhengyang wore a grim expression. Although Yi Yun had transmitted his voice to plead him to not take action, he could not simply sit idle and ignore the matter. Yi Yun had been taken out of City Lord Manor and he decided to follow.

"Wuxia, let's go to Myriad Immortal Palace together. Si Yusheng is acting lawlessly and impudently. He may be unscrupulous in his deeds, but I'm interested to see if the Elders of his Myriad Immortal Pavilion would be as quick to toss aside decorum with me, Qin Zhengyang, as he was."

As Myriad City's city lord, Qin Zhengyang's status and personal strength made him an existence to be reckoned with for every major faction.

Qin Zhengyang wanted to meet with the upper echelons of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. However, he knew that they would likely not see him.

They had probably acquiesced to Si Yusheng’s desire to use extreme methods to resolve the matter.

Using his youngest son as a threat and seizing Yi Yun at the zither recital was a demeaning act for the upper echelons of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. However, Si Yusheng was young and reckless. Furthermore, he was well known to be flagrant in his deeds. No one would speak up when he did such things.

This was what worried Qin Zhengyang. He suspected that the few Grand Elders of Myriad Immortal Pavilion would hide away and not meet him when he reached Myriad Immortal Palace.

If that was the case, the matter would only get more problematic.

Upon seeing City Lord Qin about to follow Si Yusheng and company out of the manor, Ru'er felt unsettled. Dong Xiaowan held her hands and said,"Let's quickly follow after Young Master."

"Yea…Yea!" Ru'er jolted out of her daze and immediately nodded.

Upon seeing Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er rush out after the group, Fairy Purple Rain's maidservant beside her said, with gleeful schadenfreude,"Back then, if you had come out politely to welcome my mistress and become a distinguished guest of our Guiyuan family, would you have landed in such a dire situation?"

"This Yi Yun is rather loyal to his friends. However, the staunch decision to die on one's feet rather than live on one's knees is a foolish choice at times." Fairy Purple Rain said softly. Then, she stood up and said,"From the looks of it, City Lord Qin is headed for the Myriad Immortal Palace. This zither recital is probably finished. Let's follow and watch the show."

She cast her gaze at Princess White Fox, who was on the City Lord's boat. Then, she cast her gaze on another large and tall boat. Sitting in it was a figure that was like a thin cloud, concealing the moon while exuding a faint ethereal aura. She was none other than Fairy Youqin.

"That Yi Yun is Fairy Wuxia's friend. Fairy Wuxia will likely be going as well. Unfortunately, that means no duel between the two of them." Fairy Purple Rain smiled faintly as her figure flew swiftly towards the lakeside.

"Fairy Youqin," Princess White Fox said."It seems we must cancel today's zither recital. I need to accompany Uncle Qin to the Myriad Immortal Palace."

Sitting in Paradise Chapter's boat, Fairy Youqin sighed lightly. At their last duel, she had tied with Fairy Wuxia. She had been eager to have another bout with her, but she never expected that the zither recital would be canceled because of the conflict between the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and Yi Yun.

Fairy Youqin had also caught wind of Yi Yun's situation. She found him an impressive person after seeing him dare to offend the Myriad Immortal Pavilion today.

"Miss, since the zither recital is canceled, let's return." A maidservant with a lithe and graceful figure came forward and said.

Fairy Youqin shook her head slightly and said,"Probably more than half the people here will be going to see the commotion. Let's go as well. If the Myriad Immortal Pavilion wants to make Yi Yun its slave, I doubt the other factions will stand by."

As a genius alchemist without status or any backing, Yi Yun was like an ownerless gem on the street. Anyone that encountered him would naturally want to pick him up and claim him for their own.

And the only way for Yi Yun to survive was to seek an outlet in the cracks between these factions. He could not detach himself from everything. He had to eventually rely on a particular faction and compromise for the sake of everyone’s interests.

Fairy Youqin was right. Even City Lord Qin and Fairy Wuxia had left. More than half the people present had followed.

Outside City Lord Manor, there were many warriors. They knew that City Lord Manor was hosting a zither recital that day. Without an invitation, they could only linger outside the manor, hoping to hear the zither tunes from afar. When they saw the attendees, including City Lord Qin himself, leave the manor in a hurry, they were stupefied.

What were they doing?

Furthermore, they had seen that, right in front of the group, Yi Yun had his Yuan Qi sealed. He was restrained and being escorted out of the city.

And on careful observation, the person escorting him was the successor of Myriad Immortal Pavilion—Si Yusheng!

Si Yusheng was always in the limelight in Myriad City. He was the unspoken number one person of the younger generation. However, his vicious acts were widely known. Today, he was seizing Myriad City's most genius alchemist. The situation created quite a commotion.

"What's going on? Yi Yun has been captured!?"

"It must have to do with the vendetta between the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and Yi Yun. He is being escorted back now, so it seems the odds are greatly against Yi Yun!"

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