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The various major factions of Myriad City had long known of the zither recital held in City Lord Manor. Everyone knew that both Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia would be there.

Back at the Paradise Chapter's Heavenly Treasures Arch, both fairies had played the zither in an exciting showdown. Those who were fortunate enough to witness it relished the memory of it. As for those that did not see it, they could only be filled with regret.

Today's zither recital was another chance to see the two beloved daughters of heaven clash once again.

The major factions that received invitations brought several youngsters along. In truth, this was not a mere zither recital between Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia, but a grand meeting between the young elites of the various factions.

As for a certain genius alchemist that was recently in the limelight and was also Fairy Wuxia's friend, many expected that he would be invited by City Lord Qin.

On a mirror-like lake at City Lord Manor, dozens of gaily-painted boats were floating on the surface. The biggest one even had a high platform, and that is where City Lord Qin sat.

In one of the boats, there were about a dozen zitherists playing the zither. There were more than a hundred dancers dancing above the lake's surface.

A gentle wind blew as the lake's waters shimmered. It was like a portrait from the heavens.

It was the first time Ru'er had been to such a banquet. She followed behind Yi Yun while her eyes darted around in wonder.

Dong Xiaowan was also following behind Yi Yun. Her bearing was elegant, so she caught the attention of many the moment she appeared.

However, people ultimately shifted their gaze to Yi Yun after seeing her.

"That's Yi Yun."

"Master Yi is indeed an accomplished youngster. However, it's because he's young that he’s arrogant."

"To think he dare comes to today's zither recital. I heard that in the past few days, he has offended nearly every major faction in Myriad City. Today's zither recital won’t be a relaxing time for him."

Ru'er felt a little uncomfortable hearing all the murmurs.


"It's fine." Yi Yun scanned these people. He knew that with his potential, he would only be repressed by the combined efforts of the various large factions if he did not join a single faction. Just today's zither recital alone did not have many that were friendly to him.

And sure enough, Yi Yun came across a few familiar faces.

"Young Master Yi, we meet again." The person who spoke was Zhou Baifeng. Beside him was Zhang Zhiyuan.

The two of them had been snubbed by Yi Yun so now, despite Zhou Baifeng being fine with it, Zhang Zhiyuan could not hide the coldness or killing intent in his eyes.

Zhang Zhiyuan silently touched the hilt of his sword. In City Lord Manor, he obviously was not allowed to draw it but it was a show of force."Yi Yun, I'd be rather interested to meet you in battle. I want to let you know that, although alchemists have elevated statuses in Myriad City, true control over Myriad City is dependent on strength," Zhang Zhiyuan said lightly. With the Zhou family backing him, he did not mind offending Yi Yun at all.

Zhou Baifeng only smiled at Zhang Zhiyuan's provocation. He did not attempt to stop him. At that moment, an alluring female voice was heard.

"You must be Young Master Yi. Today's the first day that I, Purple Rain, have the chance to meet Young Master Yi. My visit to Yun Xin Loft, unfortunately, coincided with Young Master Yi's seclusion."

A purple-dressed girl walked over leisurely. She was none other than Fairy Purple Rain from the Guiyuan family.

The moment Fairy Purple Rain appeared, even Dong Xiaowan lost her l.u.s.ter. When beauties reached the limits of beauty, it was hard to compare them. At that point, the comparison was determined by demeanor. Fairy Purple Rain's demeanor was truly like a misty or smoky purple rain that seemed to accompany an inundating breeze.

"I'm really sorry about that, Fairy Purple Rain. I had been in seclusion for too long. It's my honor today to be able to meet Fairy Purple Rain after coming out of seclusion."

Yi Yun cupped his fists and smiled. Although Yi Yun did not care to be solicited by the Guiyuan family, he would, on the surface, make efforts to avoid impertinent remarks that would offend others, as long as the other party was polite.

"Fairy Purple Rain, please excuse me. I have yet to greet City Lord Qin at today's zither recital."

As Yi Yun said that, he walked through a hall and flew to the biggest boat in the middle.

"City Lord Qin." Yi Yun greeted City Lord Qin with a bow.

He looked at Princess White Fox, who was beside City Lord Qin, and said,"Fairy Wuxia."

Princess White Fox smiled with a zither in her arms as she nodded gently.

"Haha, Yi Yun you came late. Here, drink as a form of punishment." City Lord Qin said with a jovial laugh.

With that, everyone noticed Yi Yun. They never expected Yi Yun to keep such a high profile even when coming here.

"This punk is fearless because we’re in City Lord Manor." Zhang Zhiyuan was feeling extremely displeased seeing Yi Yun fly to the boat from afar.

He had been able to enter the banquet only by accompanying Young Master Baifeng; however, he had no right to greet City Lord Qin. As for the graceful figure beside City Lord Qin, he could not even approach her.

Yi Yun cupped his fists and laughed. He drank a cup of wine, and was just about to say something when City Lord Qin suddenly frowned.

"Oh? People from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion have come as well…"

As City Lord Qin said that, a group of people walked in from the main entrance.

The person leading the group was Zuoqiu Bo.

Standing beside Zuoqiu Bo was a young-looking man. He was dressed in white and his black hair sprawled unbridled. On his back hung a sword.

This group of people flew and landed onto a boat freely. Then, they sat down. The long-haired young man picked up a cup of wine from the table and greeted City Lord Qin from afar,"City Lord Qin, I'm Si Yusheng. Please accept my toast."

Si Yusheng?

Yi Yun did not know the person. Dong Xiaowan whispered,"Sir, Si Yusheng is Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor to the role of Pavilion Lord. The biggest family clan in Myriad Immortal Pavilion is the Si family. As for the Zuoqiu family, they were initially distinguished guests of the Si family. Later on, the Si family produced a peerless figure that slowly brought them more power, allowing them to establish the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Pavilion Lords have always been descendants from the Si family, while the Zuoqiu family slowly became the second biggest family in Myriad Immortal Pavilion. They also entered the inner circles where power is held. But in truth, the Zuoqiu family has relied on the Si family to progress."

Yi Yun nodded. He could tell that Zuoqiu Bo treated the white-dressed man differently from how he treated Zuoqiu Haoyu. Zuoqiu Haoyu was only a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, while the white-dressed man was the successor apparent.

"The person beside City Lord Qin is Yi Yun, the one who sliced off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms. His alchemical skills are impressive." Zuoqiu Bo said to Si Yusheng via voice transmission.

"So that's him. Haoyu and I grew up together. We are practically brothers. Haoyu's problems are my problems. As for Yi Yun, he is standing against my Myriad Immortal Pavilion because of Qin Zhengyang's support. If we ignore this matter, aren’t we saying that my Myriad Immortal Pavilion can be bullied by anyone? People might even think that we are afraid of Qin Zhengyang."

"Look at these people. They are waiting for our reaction. I know that both the Zhou family and Fairy Purple Rain from the Guiyuan family have been rejected by Yi Yun." Si Yusheng said coldly.

Although City Lord Qin had raised his cup in response to Si Yusheng's toast, he did not immediately down it. He only looked at Si Yusheng and said leisurely,"I'm very pleased that Young Master Si came to see me, but I don’t seem to recall sending Young Master Si an invitation?"

For this zither recital, City Lord Qin had not sent an invitation to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion since he was inviting Yi Yun. He wanted to prevent an awkward meeting of the two.

Si Yusheng had come uninvited. This made City Lord Qin feel that a tense situation was brewing.

"Haha, City Lord Qin, you indeed did not send me an invitation. But you see, yesterday at Myriad Immortal Palace, I happened to meet Young Master Wufeng from your esteemed lineage. It was Young Master Wufeng that invited me."


Upon hearing Si Yusheng's words, City Lord Qin frowned slightly. Qin Wufeng was a young son of his but also one of his most unaccomplished sons.

As for Myriad Immortal Palace, it was a land of lavish enjoyment ran by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. It was similar to the Heavenly Treasures Arch but, because it was built outside Myriad City, it was not restricted by the rules of Myriad City. This allowed warriors to be more unbridled in their promiscuous pleasures. They would mistreat the female slaves, engage in gambling over fights, take hallucinogens…As long as one had runes, they could completely indulge in whatever hidden fetishes they had.

How could Qin Zhengyang be at ease knowing that his young son had gone to Myriad Immortal Palace?

At that moment, Si Yusheng's figure turned into a dissipating shadow before appearing in City Lord Qin's boat, right behind Yi Yun.

Upon seeing Si Yusheng appear next to Yi Yun, Young Master Baifeng smiled as he waited to see what happened next.

"It will probably get interesting now."

It was not only Young Master Baifeng. The young geniuses that had been rejected by Yi Yun revealed looks of schadenfreude when they saw Si Yusheng and Yi Yun appear on the same boat.

Si Yusheng was not like Zuoqiu Haoyu. He rarely mingled or tried to build up social relations with others; however, he was extremely famous. This was because of his extremely terrifying cultivation speed and astounding martial talent, as well as his status as the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor!

Si Yusheng maintained a high-profile att.i.tude and was even somewhat domineering. Any who provoked him would end up paying a terrible price.

People had no doubt that if this was not Myriad City, Si Yusheng would have immediately killed Yi Yun.

Of course, this was the City Lord Manor. Si Yusheng could not do a thing to Yi Yun in front of City Lord Qin.

Upon seeing Si Yusheng come onto his boat, City Lord Qin frowned slightly. Si Yusheng came with malicious intentions.

Yi Yun turned to look over. He knew the person was here for him.

However, what could that person do in such a situation?

"You must be Yi Yun, right?" Si Yusheng looked at Yi Yun as a sneer suffused his lips."You cleaved off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms and tarnished the reputation of my Myriad Immortal Pavilion. I should settle the score with you."

"How do you plan to do that?" Yi Yun's brows p.r.i.c.ked up. Was he going to attack him in front of City Lord Qin?

"Actually, my preferred method is to capture people that offend the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, like you, and throw them into the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's dungeons before torturing them to death."

As he said this, his tone changed. He followed up,"But…I, Si Yusheng, think highly of people with talent. Young Master Yi's ability impresses me. Furthermore, City Lord Qin is watching here today. On his account, I happen to have a perfect way to settle the matter."

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